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May 16, 2011
New Zealand
Well, this posting is something special for several reasons.
New topics, new technique, less color, etc..
I am really curious what you think about it...View attachment 135961
I like the way that this drawing hints at some of their features with posture and shading rather than being explicit. This is the sort of drawing that I will like more and more each time that I see it. The rolls on her sides and the way that he's pinching the flesh of her arm show the softness of her body. They both have bellies. We can only see a glimpse of her belly but her posture shows that it must be quite big. I like the way that she has he arms around his belly and she's resting her head on it. I notice that his breasts must be quite big and soft. Despite its lack of optical colour, this is a picture full of warmth. Of all your drawings, I like this one the most.