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Dec 26, 2005
SSBBW, SSBHM, Extreme Eating, ~XWG – male student and his girlfriend gains both

by Anonymous

(This story has been edited, reformatted and migrated from the Weight Room Anonymous Alcove archive)​

September 20th was the day I moved into the dorm; that was also the first night I had a chance to try out the buffet in the dorm. Now, before I get into this story I should probably tell a little about me. I'm blonde and blue eyed, 6'3" and weigh about 185 pounds, up from 170 pounds at the beginning of the summer. During high school I played basketball and kept myself in really good shape.

All through my first 18 years my dad was always very critical of anyone who was overweight; because of this I was at the gym all the time since I was just 14 years old. I also never let myself eat anything that would make me gain weight. At the end of my junior year in high school I stumbled upon the Dimensions website and realized that weight gain really excited me. At first it was only seeing weight gain in women that turned me on, but then I read some male gaining stories and realized that it turned me on even more. I started to wonder what it would be like to gain some weight.

However I was too scared to actually try it because of how critical my dad would be; instead I just found old pants that were too small and put them on and imagined that I was getting fatter and making my clothes tight. This continued for a while, but then I just kind of put it in the back of my mind and tried to forget about it. I kept working out and was in the best shape of my life for my last two years in high school.

Near the end of my senior year I was on the Internet, looking at female weight gain sights, and I stumbled onto a site about guys getting fat; all of a sudden all the desires of getting fat that I had kept inside for the last two years came pouring out, and I had a sudden urge to start eating.

So I did start eating; I ate as much as I could as often as I could. I would eat at least three bowls of cereal, two eggs and some bacon every morning, then I would snack on cookies and ice cream all day until lunch. At lunch I would eat two Famous Star meals and whatever I could find to snack on around the house, then again for the rest of the day I would snack on chips or any other fattening snacks I could find. Then at dinner I would eat whatever dinner my mom made, then I kept eating all night long; I always ate a big bowl of ice cream right before I went to bed so that it would turn straight into fat.

My hope was that I could start to gain a lot of weight. Unfortunately my metabolism was very fast and in the first month I only gained one pound. Needless to say I was very disappointed. Now it was summer, though, and since I had saved a lot of money in the last two years I didn't have to work. I kept the same eating schedule, and, not only that, I probably ate more, plus my lifestyle became very sedentary. After three months of summer my rock hard abs had lost all definition and were starting to pooch out a little; my butt had also gained a fair amount of soft jiggly fat. My jeans were becoming tight, and I became out of breath a lot quicker than I used to.

If anyone were to look at me with clothes on, they probably wouldn't be able to tell that I had gone from 170# to 185#. This is when the story starts to get very heavy (sorry I had to). As I said, I moved into my dorm, and the dining hall was a very good buffet. Since all my meals were included in the cost of my dorm I was basically forced to eat three meals a day or else waste money. So, of course, I ate all three meals everyday, plus lots of snacks in between. I had heard of the freshman 15, and I was hoping to turn it into the freshman 50+.

My first week was a very good start; every day I went into the dining hall and ate until I was totally stuffed, then I ate some more. By the end of the week I had added another five pounds of pure fat onto my body. This gain had spread itself fairly evenly over my whole body, so my gain was still not getting to many comments. That would be changing very soon, however, for the next month I kept up my buffet gorging, and it was definitely starting to pay off; I gained another 10 pounds and was up to 205, still not that big for someone 6'3" but I have a small body type and I had totally stopped working out so I was getting very very soft. My belly had the slightest roll over my pants and most of those pants were not fitting very well anymore; there was also the faintest hint of a double chin forming. My bubble butt was getting very soft, and if I walked around naked I could feel it jiggling. In the shower I would rub my hands all over my expanding body and be amazed by how great it felt.

In the middle of my third month at college I met a great girl named Tracy, she was smart, funny and stunningly beautiful (blue eyes, light brown hair, 5'6", and 126 pounds in all the right places). She had noticed my gaining weight and lucky for me she was extremely turned on by it. She told me it had always been her dream to be with a guy who was skinny and becoming fat, although I was not quite skinny any more (my constant bingeing had boosted me up to 218 pounds) I was definitely gaining.

Now with a beautiful girl at my side encouraging me to eat and gain more I started to pack on the pounds even faster.

Tracy had received a lot of scholarships, and so she always stocked my fridge full of fattening treats. In the morning we would wake up and go to the buffet for a big breakfast, then we both had class during which I would eat five or six candy bars that Tracy had given me; for lunch we would usually order a giant pizza and eat that with a bag of chips or whatever other calorie rich food we could find. Then more classes and more snacking, and finally dinner where I would regularly put down 5000-6000 calories of food. Then in the evening we would go back to Tracy's apartment and burn off a few of those calories. Before she would allow me to leave for the night, though, she made me eat a pint of Haagen-Daaz ice cream.

Naturally being with Tracy was wreaking havoc on my waistline. By Christmas break it was obvious to everyone that I had been gaining weight, a lot of it. There was no way I could hide the 71 pounds of fat that had accumulated on my body since June, 28 of it in the two months since I had met Tracy. My gut now hung way over the top of my pants and jiggled like jello every time I moved; my breasts had also gotten a little bigger. My butt now quivered at any touch and my love handles had spread way out to the side;; my thighs had also grown very fat and my chin was starting to have a lot of company. I had moved from a size 32 waist to somewhere around a size 40.

With everyone's attention directed at me no one really noticed that Tracy had also been putting away a little more than her fair share of extra calories. She had a very fast metabolism, but it was slowing down from lack of exercise and overabundance of calories. It was nothing near the expansion my body was going through, but in bed I noticed her bubble butt being a little softer, and her love handles becoming a little more to hold on too; her once flat stomach had also developed nicely into a small but noticeable pooch. Her bras had also started to become very tight along with all the rest of her clothing.
In fact, her now 137 pounds were getting her a lot of approving looks from the opposite sex. I on the other hand was also getting a lot of looks, but they were not very approving, in fact I was getting a lot of very negative comments from all kinds of people. I got all kinds of comments ranging from, "it looks like college life is really agreeing with you (followed by a tummy pat)" to, "I can't believe how fat you've let yourself get; you've really gone to pot." However, none of these comments discouraged me and they actually were turning me on quite a bit.

Then I had to go home for Christmas; I dreaded going back and having to face my dad's scrutiny. The only good part was that Tracy was coming along with me; I told her that I might not eat as much as she was used to seeing me eat because of my dad's criticisms; she said she understood and had a plan for making me feel more comfortable. Apparently her plan was to eat so much food that my dad would direct some of his attention towards her and would not hassle me as much.

Well, her plan worked; during the two weeks we were at my house she ate like a women who hadn't eaten in years. When my mom brought out fudge, she would eat half of it before I had a chance to grab any, at dinner she would go back for seconds and thirds before everyone else was done with one serving. During the whole time we were there I don't think I ever saw her without some fattening treat in her mouth or her hand. My parents were amazed, then my dad told me he needed to have a talk with me. He told me it was disgusting how fat I had gotten and he couldn't believe that a beautiful girl like Tracy would ever want to be with me; he also told me, "If she doesn't watch out she's going to pork out just as much as you have." As he said this he grabbed one of my massive love handles.

By the end of the two weeks, this was starting to become true; all of the nonstop eating and sitting around were really taking a toll on Tracy's once lithe frame. After one of her big meals she had bent down to grab a cookie off the floor and the strain on her pants was too much; they ripped right across her beautiful expanding rump, so all she wore around the house now was sweatpants. Her bras were extremely tight now, and fat oozed out the sides of them, and they dug into soft fat on her back. The once angular features of her face had softened and she was getting a very cute double chin.

When we left to go back to college my parents gave both of us disapproving glances and told us we should really try to get back into shape. Tracy and I loved each other's shapes though and vowed to make them even more pleasing. When we got to Tracy's apartment, the first thing we did was jump on a scale to see how much damage had been done. We both stripped down and it was amazing to see Tracy's new body, she had always been curvy and all those pounds made those curves all the more appealing, the number on the digital scale showed her weight at 151 pounds, a 14 pound gain in two weeks!
She clapped her hands together and jumped off the scale causing all of her new soft fat to jiggle so much that I couldn't contain myself. I went and grabbed her expanded rear, feeling the squishiness in my hands; we started to make out but she said, "Not so fast buddy; we still have to see how Christmas treated you." I had paid so much attention to Tracy's eating on our trip that I didn't pay any attention to what I was eating. I told her I didn't think I had gained much, but she playfully grabbed my belly and told me she wasn't so sure.

She was absolutely right; I had gained another eight pounds on our trip and was now up to a hefty 253 jiggling wobbling pounds. That night's lovemaking was the most incredible thing either of us had ever experienced; our fat encased bodies melded incredibly well together and it was five am before either of us got any sleep.

The next day we went out to buy new clothes, as we were both literally bursting out of our old ones; even Tracy's sweatpants had become incredibly tight. I bought a few pairs of size 50 pants because I knew my gain was not going to be slowing anytime soon. Tracy's bra size was now up to a 36D from a 34C when I first met her. I joined her in the dressing room to make sure everything fit properly. We each made a New Year's resolution to gain 100 more pounds, putting me at 355# and Tracy at 256# (we had each put on a few since getting back from my parents).

We figured this would be a much easier task if I moved in with Tracy. Her apartment was very nice and was located right next to the buffet dining hall, which we made full use of. Tracy was also an incredible cook and with the combination of her cooking and unlimited seconds at the buffet neither of our waistlines stood any chance. Although I ate a lot more than Tracy, her gains were outpacing mine because of how many more calories I burned. By the end of March she had managed to add another 27 pounds of bouncing fat to her frame, while I had only put on 20. Her small pooch had now turned in to quite a good sized pot belly, and her boobs had grown one more cup size. However, her butt was where the largest share of the excess calories went; she was definitely sporting a ghetto booty, and I loved to tease her about it as much as she loved being teased.

She was disappointed, though, that I wasn't gaining as much weight as her; she told me that from now on I would have to eat twice as much food as her at every meal, no matter how much she ate. This made our dinners even more interesting. She would eat as much fattening food as could possibly fit in her expanded stomach, and then force-feed me until I had eaten double of it. This arrangement pushed both of us to gain even faster than we had before.
By the time August rolled around it was obvious that my having to eat twice as much as her was nowhere near fair. We got naked again to weigh ourselves and I was amazed by not only what I saw in the mirror but also what I saw on the scale. I was up to 346 pounds and my body was incredibly transformed from where it had been a year ago.

Where once there had been a flat hard stomach there was now a huge and hanging gut that reached to my knees when I sat, where at one time there were toned thighs and arms there were waves of jiggling fat; where once there was a hard angled face there were now jowls and multiple chins; where once there had been a small but round butt that fit well in any kind of pants there were now two huge flabby globes of fat. I had gained 71 pounds since we started our arrangement while she had only gained 51, putting me only nine pounds away from my goal while leaving her 22 pounds from achieving 100.

Don't get me wrong, Tracy looked amazing with her toned rock-hard abs replaced by an amazing pot belly, her once well-shaped breasts replaced by huge boobs sagging down to her stomach, her well shaped bubble butt that made any man drool was now an immense spread of fat that covered any seat she sat in and made it nearly impossible to find pants that fit. Finally, her once-taut and toned thighs were replaced by huge trunks that made it impossible to walk without waddling.

All of this was great, but at the rate we were going I would pass my 100 pound barrier far sooner than she would. So we made a new arrangement: she would have to eat 20% more than me at every meal. At first, she said that was too much, but I told her it was only until she caught up. By this time our meals had become what many people would classify as an incredible feast. The first night I ate a whole lasagna, a huge salad with lots of dressing and four glasses of whole milk. Then Tracy had to eat that much plus 20%.

After the salad and 3/4 of the first lasagna, she said she couldn't eat anymore. I told her a deal was a deal and I had gone a little easy on her tonight because it was the first night and I could have ate a lot more; she told me I would have to force-feed it to her. This was not a problem. I force-fed her the rest of the lasagna and 20% of another lasagna and six glasses of whole milk.

She was totally stuffed and couldn't even move; I massaged her stomach, as well as some other places for a while and we moved into the bedroom. After a 2-hour session in there, I asked her if she could eat some more; she said she was still pretty full but she had a little room for a small dessert. That small dessert turned out to be a whole pie with thick whipped cream on top; I didn't even have a chance to eat my 80%.

This same sort of thing went on for three months, and by this time both of us had far surpassed our goal. I had gained another 28 pounds, putting me 19 over my goal for a total of 374 pounds of wobbling mounded fat. The plan to make Tracy gain faster had also worked as she had gained another 45 pounds and had outdistanced her goal by 23 pounds and was now up to 279. When I saw her standing naked on the scale she looked absolutely gorgeous. Her belly, which had always just stuck out, was now starting to turn into an apron and hung down to just barely cover her pubic area, and her butt and
thighs were immense with just a beautiful hint of cellulite.

We decided to give up the arrangement we had going and to just eat whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. This went on for a while and after Thanksgiving, where each of us ate a whole turkey and all the stuffing plus two pies apiece, she was at 305# and I was only up to 380#. Where my weight had slowed down almost to a halt, hers had only slowed down a little. After thanksgiving we went on a 10-day cruise to the Caribbean. It gave me a chance to show her off and gave her a chance to show me off.

We looked like quite the couple strolling the decks of our cruise ship in our swim suits. She was wearing a bikini swimsuit that she had bought three months earlier, and I didn't think it would be able to hold all of her in. The suit made a valiant effort but it was unable to keep its cover; the bottoms kept disappearing and the tops were so squished into her fat that the fat was enveloping them. Some of the passengers on the ship complained about this sight; the ship told us if we stayed in our room they would bring us free room service anytime we wanted and they would refund the money for the cruise. We figured free food and cruise were not a bad deal and the bedroom was not a bad place to spend all of our time. Every minute of the day was either spent making love or eating. We kept the room service people very busy eating lobster's, steak's, desserts, basically the most fattening and delicious food we could find. Tracy ate almost nonstop. Whereas I would eat a lot and stop for a while, she would eat a lot and not stop. It was incredible how big her appetite was. I told her that if she kept eating like this she might get fat; she laughed and said there's no way that can happen; my metabolism is too fast, and anyway you aren't exactly starving yourself either.

It was true: the more she ate the more I ate, so that by the end of the trip neither of us could fit into any of our clothes anymore. When we got home we wanted to see how much damage the cruise had really done. Fourteen more luscious pounds for her and eleven more for me: 319# and 391# were our respective weights now. By this time neither of us was trying to gain weight anymore; it just happened. I knew it had to stop somewhere, though; by the time February rolled around I had almost completely stopped gaining. I was up to 415 pounds, but sixteen of that was from Christmas gorging and only one pound had come in the last two weeks.

Tracy, on the other hand, still hadn't hit a plateau; she wasn't gaining as fast as before but it was still a fairly steady gain. When we weighed ourselves in February she was up to 369 and didn't look to be stopping; it still turned me on to see the numbers on the scale go up every week. She told me that she didn't like being the only one gaining, though, but she said she couldn't stop. Being the good boyfriend that I am, I told her I would try my hardest to start gaining again.

For the next three months we force fed each other all day long and into the night until we could not move. It turned out to be a very effective way to gain. We bought an industrial strength scale and I tried it out first; I looked at my naked body in the mirror and still couldn't comprehend how immensely obese I had become. My belly covered my genitals and more, and my butt sagged to where my mid thigh used to be. The numbers finally stopped spinning at 470 pounds; my size 65 pants were now getting tight and I loved to put my belly fat over the top of them and see it hang down.

Next on the scale, of course, was Tracy, and what a sight she was! Her belly hung to her knees and her thighs were absolutely immense mounds of soft jiggling wobbling fat. Her boobs were huge and sagged around her immense stomach down to her navel. She waddled onto the scale, and the numbers came to rest on 429 pounds! I asked her to marry me right then.

We set the date for September 3rd and started to make all the plans. It would be a huge wedding. We did something a little unusual for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, however, since we didn't want to look to huge next to them we told them they all had to gain 50 pounds by the wedding. They all balked, but they saw how happy we were and decided they could do it.

All of my groomsmen were athletic guys who had stayed in pretty good shape; with the bridesmaids' help though, that became of thing of the past, they were fed and fed fattening foods and snacks every day leading up to the wedding. Ted started at 185 pounds and at 235# his 32 waist had jumped to a 38, with a nice beer belly; Andy went from 200# and 36 inch waist (he was the biggest already) to 255 and 40; Nick went from 165#, 31, to 207#, 36, and Mike went from 170#, 33, to 235#, 40. All of their bellies looked fantastic, pushing against the too-tight tuxes (some of them had gone over their 50 pound limit).

As for the Bridesmaids, all three of them looked like they could be models at the Beginning. They were fed mountains of food every day until they could not move. Sharon went from 125#, 33-24-34, to a voluptuous 180#, 36-34-39< and was bursting out of her dress at every possible point. Nikki went from an anorexic 110#, 24-22-24, to a buxom 167#, 39-27-30, and finally Joanne went from an already slightly plump 140#, 35-32-36, to a very plump 205#, 40-40-42.

When I saw Tracy waddle down the aisle, probably only a weeks' worth of binging away from immobility I knew I was the luckiest man in the world. I had a beautiful wife who loved me and I had lived out my fantasy of becoming incredibly fat. Now three years later both of our weights have settled, Tracy at 545 pounds, and now wonderfully immobile and me at 607 and nearly immobile myself. All of our friends have continued to gain, and now the lightest of the six of them weighs 367 pounds. They're still gaining and love their new fat lives. My wife and I still love each other as the day we first fed each other and still eat as much fat as we possibly can.


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Nov 7, 2006
The vast majority of women would still be mobile at 545 lbs and 5'6". Just some information.

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