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Jul 6, 2009
~BHM/~FFA, ~Romance, ~Sex - Two twin BHMs, who are different in both personality and looks, go out on a double date with two FFAs who are best friends, but are equally different.

Double Date
By xxeell

Part One

Amber was in a hurry. All she wanted was to get home to her apartment, then maybe hang out with her best friend Pamela, or Pam as Amber called her. Her apartment was perfect for her. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Not to mention, the bills were easy to pay thanks to her new job. The only downside to her new job was that her boss sometimes required her to work late, which Amber hated to do.

Now her feet were aching thanks to her high heels. Walking was not an option. The bus would have to do. Amber walked to the bench where the bus usually stopped to pick up pedestrians. Her watch read 6:00, which was when it usually showed up. Amber sighed as she sat back on the bench. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a rather large man walking in the direction the bench was. As she watched him, she crossed her fingers hoping he would sit his big plump body on the same bench she was on.

Much to her surprise, he did. Amber smiled a bit as she saw him out of the corner of her eye. He was absolutely gorgeous. He wore blue jeans a mite too small for his body. He also hsad a white, black sleeved T-shirt that looked like it would rip around the belly area any second. She had to try to make conversation.

"Where is this bus?" She turned to look at him.

He answered "I don't know. He was late yesterday too."

Amber smiled as a whole lot of thoughts went through her head. Mostly, dirty ones. Amber loved the fact that he replied right away. She was not very appreciative when it came to shyness. Her best friend Pam was very shy. It often made Amber wonder how they became friends. But then she would remember that they both shared one not-so-common interest that separated them from other best friends. They both shared the, weird to some, attraction to large, obese men. Just like the one sitting next to her.

"So, you rode the bus yesterday?" Amber said as she stared at his stomach with her bright blue eyes.

"Yeah, Me and my brother." His cheeks would jiggle with each word he spoke.

"Well,...I guess I'd better walk home," she said to him with a wide smile. Amber hoped he would get the hint that she wanted him to walk with her.

"Are you sure that's a good idea. I's late out. I wouldn't something know." He said to her. Unlike her, his eyes were light brown. A common color, but he still had beautiful eyes. Perhaps, he was a bit shy. That was okay. He definitely did not seem like the shy type.

"I think you're right. Why don't you walk with me?" She wore a big smile on her face. One almost as big as the one he had on. Before he even answered, Amber knew what he was going to say.

"OK. I'm Chris." he said with a smile that exposed his teeth. He definitely brushed often.

"I'm Amber." Amber giggled a bit as she introduced himself and shook his hand.

Amber's apartment was not very far from the bus stop to begin with. Walking and talking with Chris made it a whole lot shorter.

"Well...this is me." She said as she pointed at a large building.

"Yup, I guess I'd better get going before something bad happens to me in these streets." he said with a giggle. Amber laughed along, even though she didn't feel any humour.

"Call me when you get home. I wanna make sure you get home safely," she said with a smile.

"How am I gonna do that?" he answered, hinting that he had not received her number.

Amber pulled out a paper and pen out of her purse. After writing a few numbers, handed it to Chris. She smiled and waved as she entered the building. After watching his big plump backside walk away through the see through door, she turned around and smiled, wondering how she could be so lucky to meet a guy like him. As Chris walked, he took a look at the paper Amber had given to him. "Amber." After smiling and laughing a bit he kept walking.

(Continued in post three of this thread)


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Jul 6, 2009
Part two

Pam was siting on her couch. 7:00 o'clock was late and close to bedtime in her book. All she wore was her bra and panties. That and a T-shirt left by her ex-boyfriend. Her ex was a whole lot bigger than she remebered. The shirt covered everything all the way to her knees and elbows. Everything in her apartment was winding down. Absolutley no noise was in her apartment, except for the sound of the TV and the sound of the cereal crunching in her mouth. Everything would remain quiet, or at least that's what she thought. Her apartment was so quiet the banging on the door echoed through the living room.

"Coming!" She hollered from the living room. She usually put on shorts or jeans, something that would not embarass her in front of company. However, she was never embarassed in front of her friend Amber. Which was why she checked the see hole on the door to see who it was. As she expected, it was Amber. As always, Amber wore her buisness yet revealing suit. Pam stepped to the side and held the door, she was used to the way Amber rushed in rudely. Pam did not mind, after all they were best friends.

"You won't believe what just happened to me." she said with anxiety.

Before Pam could answer, she yelled with with a slight squeal, "I just met the hottest guy in the world!"

"Oh, really?" Pam said with a smile. It was not the first time Amber had squealed those words to her. She was always meeting guy who were 'the hottest in the world.' Deep inside, Pam wished she could be like Amber, meeting guys left and right. Pam had not been out on a date since she broke up with her last plumpy boyfriend. Her last plumpy relationship had ended almost three months ago. Just when she was about to ask about 'the hottest guy in the world,' Amber surprised her with a sentance Pam had never heard before.

"And guess what?" she said with a smile that almost reached her ears.

Before Pam could answer, she continued with more laughs and squeals "He's got a brother! A twin brother!"

Pam's eyes widened.

"You're going on a date with two guys at the same time?!" she answered with her eyes widened and mouth open. Pam noticed Amber's smile was gone and her squeals had stoped.

"No! I'm not that big a slut!" She said with a frown.

Amber was too excited to be angry at Pam, "When he was walking me home, I know I'm the best, he mentioned he had a brother. A twin brother who was really shy. So I thought, 'who better to go out with my shy best friend other than a another shy person.... with a massive belly. Chris, he's so hot, said his brother had just gotten dumped by his girlfriend. That was when it hit me, Double Date!? What do you think?"

The giant smile, that seemed to reach her ears, had reappeared on her face.

"What do I think? I think you're nuts," she said with a pretty big smile of her own. The only differance between Pam's smile and Amber's was that Pam's giant smile was usually because of nervousness or embarassment.

"Oh, Pam! C'mon!" The smile had once again disappeared. "You haven't been on a date since you broke up with that scumbag, Ralph. C'mon. He's probably just as shy as you are, if not shy-er. As a matter of fact their probably having the same discussion we are." Amber pleaded.


Nathan. The shy one. Christopher. The out going one. Even though Chris and Nate are twins, they're about as different as day and night. Chris is to Amber as Nate is to Pam. Chris was born exactly two minutes before Nathan was. In school, Chris was successfull in everything he did. He was all state in football. He had total of 51 sacks and 21 fumbles his senior year at the defensive end position. Chris was the popular jock in high school. Every girl wanted him and every girl hated him at the same time. Even now, as an obese mechanic, Chris does not struggle went it comes to women, but now it's usually his personality that attracts women other than his looks. Before Amber anyway.

Nate, on the other hand, is much, much differant. When born two minutes behind Chris, Nate struggled to survive, for he was born with a weaker immune system. In time, the immune system grew to be as normal as Chris'. When it came to women, in the end, it was Nate the ended up with his heart broken. Nate was also into football. However, he was not as skilled in it as Chris was. In fact, their football coach only allowed Nate to play in the game when Chris was tired. Playing them at the same time would be the smart thing to do.

Chris always begged their coach to play Nate at the same time. Chris was never one to leave his brother behind. Even when he was offered a football scholarship, he refused. Leaving his brother behind was never an option. He always introduced Nate to women. And still, Chris looks out for Nate. Still, he wants him to have fun. And still, he tries to set him up with the beautiful of women.

"Hey Nate! Guess what?" Chris hollered out. Chris and Nate owned their own buisness. "Chubby Boys Mechanics." One of the Chubby Boys, Nate, had a fever ths morning and stayed home. Chris and Nate, unlike Amber and Pam, shared an apartment. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room.

"What? Why are you so late?" he hollered as he walked into the living room, where the front door is. Nate was feeling much better, aAs if he hadn't had a fever to begin with.

"All questions you may have will be answered in the following explanation: Ok, So I'm walking to the bus stop right? I sit down. There's this girl waiting on the same bus as I am. We start making small talk. Anyway, she says she's gonna walk home. So I, the generous one, tell her it's late and dangerous around these parts. And she says 'Why don't you walk with me?' "

When Chris said that he started to whoop and laugh. Nate simply smiled. Not because of what Amber had said to him, but because he had no idea why Chris was whooping. "Anyway, so we start walking and talking. I swear I've never met anyone like her. When we get to her apartment building she gives me her number and says, 'Call me when you get home. I wanna make sure you get home safely,' "

Chris started to whoop and laugh and smile once again. Nate just chuckled to himself.

"Good for you, Bro!" He said with a smile.

"Whoa, whoa. I haven't even told you the best part," he said with anxiety.

"She actually has half a brain, unlike the other girls you've dated?" Nate said with a smile.

"That too, her apartment also lives her best friend. Who is very shy and just broke with her boyfriend a few weeks ago." Chris said with a smile and his eyes staring at Nate.

"Oh, so it's a three-some?" he said as he nodded his head.

"No! Shy girls aren't my type. But I do know a guy who's a shy guy himself. And I bet he and this girl would have great chemistry." He said nodding his head.

"Who's that?" Nate asked with an expression that showed he had no idea who Chris was talking about.

"You! You retard!" he said with a frown.

"What?! No! What?! No! " Nate said as he tilted his head to each 'What!' and shook his head to each 'No!'

"Why not you pussy!? Ever since that one girl dumped all you've done is sit around here after work. It's time for you to get back out there. I knew you wouldn't do it on you're own so 'we' took the liberty of you hooking y'all up." He said with a frown.

"Who's we?" He said with a frown of his very own.

"Who else? The love of my life. Amber." he said as he smelled the piece of paper which contained her phone number.

"Listen. I won't force you to go out with us. But I gotta tell ya' I got great feeling about this. Trust me." He said giving a set of puppy eyes.

"Fine! You jerk!" he said with frustration in his voice.

"Ok. I'm gonna call her. You go take a shower. And hurry up Cuz I gotta take one to." he said waving his hand.

"Wait. I understand why you have to shower, but why am I. I didn't go out today." he said confused.

"Nate. The night is young. We're going out with these girls tonight! So go wash that fat ass!" He said before hollering, "Woo!"


Once, Amber had convinced Pam to go, she was sitting on her couch watching what Pam liked to watch. Amber was bored out of her mind. She felt like she would kill herself if Pam did not change the channel. Luckily, she heard a ringing coming from her purse.

"Uh Oh! I wonder who that could be!" She said in the most sarcastic way possible.

"Hello." Amber spoke with a smile. "Who is this?" She said as if she didn't already know.

"Hi. This is Chris. Is this Amber?" he said with a smile of his own.

"Oh, hey! What are you doing?" She said as her smile grew bigger and bigger.

"Oh, nothing. So I'm wondering if you and your friend were doing anything tonight?" His smile had dissapeared.

"No. We're free. What d'you have in mind?" she said with a smile and a wink at Pam.

"Well, we could come by? Order pizza? Watch a move?" he said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Hmmm. That sounds good. You bring the movie. We'll order the pizza. OK?" She said as she winked at Pam again.

"Sounds good. See you in a little bit." he said with a smile.As they hung up, they both gave an exhale. For Chris, it was a sigh of relief. For Amber, a sigh of anxiety.

(Continued in post five of this thread)


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Jul 6, 2009
Double Date: Part three

Amber and Pam had both showered and gotten dressed. Amber wore a yellow top that did not cover her shoulders. Also, a skirt made of the same material as Pam's jeans and low heels the same color as her top. Pam wore jeans that did not go all they way to her ankles. They were small enough to reach just below the knee. Pam wore a blouse that was similar to Amber's. The only differences was that it was pink and was not as revealing. After showering back at her place, Pam returned to Amber's apartment.

"Wow!," Amber said with a smile, "If I didn't know better I'd say I was the shy one."

Pam was definitely a lot shorter than Amber. And Amber wasn't tall to begin with. Pam wore high heels and still Amber was almost a full head above her.

"Thanks. You don't look so bad either." She said with a smile.

"OK. Chris is the really hot one. Oh, wait they look alike. We should be able to recognize them by their personality's. If Nate's as shy as Chris described him we should be fine." Amber said with excitement.

"I'm so nervous," Pam said with a half smile and half frown.

"Don't be. If things go wrong, I'll pull out a kitchen knife and throw 'em out," Amber said with a few giggles. Even though Amber was being sarcastic there was a touch of truth in her statement.


Chris and Nate had both showered. They definitely liked to dress to the best of their ability. Nate wore a black U.S. Polo shirt. Black, because it was said that the color black made you look thinner. He wore blue jeans that were a tad too small for his body. In fact, he struggled for a few minutes before finally buttoning his pants. Chris, on the other hand, dressed a whole lot different. His jeans were not much more different than Nate's, but the shirt he wore made his obesity really noticeable. It was as if he did not care if the women thought he was fat. Perhaps, that was the difference between the two.

"You ready to go?" Nate said in a dull way.

"Heck yeah! I don't think you are though." He said as his smile went down to a worried expression.

"What?! Why not?" he said confused.

"Well, don't look a tad bit excited." He said with a frown.

"That's because; I'm being forced to go," he said with a bit of aggressiveness.

"Hey, I told you! You don't have to go if you don't want to!" he yelled back.

"And make a bad impression on these girls....I don't think so!"

"Then it's settled. Let's head out. Don't be nervous. If things don't turn out good we'll leave. It's that simple." Chris always had a way of convincing his brother to do things. It was a gift. He somehow made Nate comfortable with everything; his dates, his job, and the most common one, his looks. Usually it was just about his weight.

Chris and Nate turned to look at each other as they stood before the apartment door. Hopefully, the girls would look better than the ugly, teal colored door in front of them. Room 450, fourth floor. Ironically, Chris and Nate both weighed somewhere near 450. Chris could here two women inside talking.

'Here goes nothing,' he thought to himself as he knocked on the door.

Chris and Nate had brought a DVD of their choice. A six pack of beers was considered before they came over, but they believed that would not be a good a impression. Much to their surprise, Amber and Pam had a thirty pack sitting on the kitchen counter, right next to a stack of pizza boxes.

"Pam this is Chris, Chris this is Pam." Amber said as she waved her hands back and forth.

"Nice to meet you. Nate this is Amber, Amber this is Nate." Nate's attention was on Pam, just like her attention was on him. Both would give frequent glances at each other, before breaking eye contact, blushing, and looking at the floor.

"Well...." Amber said as she noticed they were having a good first impression, "I hope you're hungry," she said before giving Chris a seductive smile. She placed a box of pizza on the table. Already, she was turned on by his pudgy stomach; she wondered how turned on she will be when he devoured pizzas.

Each of them took a seat on the rectangular table, ready to eat and watch them eat until they could eat and watch no more. Nate and Pam had not said a word to each other. It was as if they were communicating with smiles and big red cheeks.

"So Nate..." Amber said trying to break the ice between Pam and Nate, "What do you do for a living?"

"Well..." Nate said as he swallowed whole the pizza he was working on.

"Me and own our own business." Nate said as he wiped his mouth clean with his napkin.

"What's it called?" Pam said just before her cheeks turned the same color as the pepperoni.

Nate smiled. He was beginning to feel really comfortable around her. "Well...uh...its called....We're machanics...and it's"

"Chubby Boys Mechanics." Chris said as he turned to look at Amber.

"I like the name. Don't you Pam?" She said smiling at her.

"'s uh...really great." She said smiling at Nate.

Amber and Pam both had been shivering the last couple minutes. The apartment was not cold. Watching Chris and Nate devour pizza after pizza after pizza, beer after beer sent chills down their spines and desire to their bodies. In no time, all three pizza boxes were empty and sitting near the trash. Amber had eaten two slices while Pam ate one. There was no way they could compete with the 'Chubby Boys' when it came to eating pizza. However, beer was a different story. Pam and Am were quite the drinkers.

"There's no way I can eat any more." Chris said as he laughed and sat back in his chair, making his stomach stand out. Amber stared.

"Let's watch this movie." Amber said as she broke the stare. Nate did not say anything about being full, but Pam could tell that he could eat no more.

"Pam. Let's go to the bathroom. You guys go ahead and get comfortable." Amber ordered.

"I'll be right back." Pam whispered to Nate. When he heard her say that, his smile grew the biggest it had been in a long time. Once the women were out of sight they proceeded to the living room. After taking the liberty of playing the DVD, they both flopped on to the couches. The one Chris sat down in was a smaller than the Nate was on. It faced the TV, while the other faced the kitchen.

"So was this a good idea or what?" Chris said to Nate. Nate did not answer he simply nodded. He hated to admit his brother was right even though he usually was.


After a few minutes of 'freshening up' in the bathrooms, Pam and Amber proceeded to the living room, each one taking a seat next to the one they preferred. Immediately after Amber had sat down, Chris raised his arm and placed it over her shoulders. Amber simply smiled, she loved a man who made the first move. Chris' big flabby arms made a perfect pillow. Amber was very comfortable. Now that they were sitting dangerously close, Amber had a good full view of his stomach. His shirt looked like it had shrunk thanks to the pizza. Amber had become lost in the view of his stomach. She did not even notice that Chris had noticed her look at his stomach.

"You like what you see?" Chris said with a smile. For the first time ever, Amber had become embarrassed. She did not reply to what he said, she simply tilted her head upward as he tilted his downward and kissed him on the lips.

Nate saw and admired his brother's work. The opening credits had not even began and already they were paying no attention to the movie. It was time to throw the shyness out the window, he thought. Nate did exactly what Chris had done. He raised his arm and placed over Pam's shoulders. Except he did it in a real timid way. Pam smiled when she felt his flabby arm on her shoulder. She saw that he was still feeling timid.

Trying to make him feel more comfortable, she turned her body and looked at him in the eyes. His big brown eyes. She placed her hand on his stomach. Her hand swayed in a circular motion, still not breaking eye contact. Her body got goosebumps with each sigh of pleasure he gave out. It was a good thing she turned the lights off before sitting. She would have been too embarrassed to do what she doing in the light. Still keeping her hand on his stomach, she tilted her head just like Amber had done. They kissed for what seemed like hours. Not aware of anything that had happened during those long minutes of kissing.

Once Amber pulled her lips from Chris she smiled and whispered, "Wow."

"I was going to say the same thing." He did not whisper, but he did speak low enough to make it as loud as a whisper.

"Looks like they're having fun," he said as he used his to point at Nate and Pam, not wanting to remove his hands from her body. Amber turned to look. He was right they definitely looked like they were enjoying themselves.

"Looks like we've got nothing to worry about," she said right before she merged her lips with his. Amber had seen how Pam was rubbing Nate's swollen stomach. Amber had been inspired to do the same, except she would take it to the next level. She then reached and untucked his t-shirt. Chris, not wanting her to stop, sucked his stomach in trying to help. Once his shirt had become completely untucked, he breathed out and allowed his stomach to reach its full potential. Amber found herself reaching under his shirt. She rubbed with passion each part of his body; his chest, his breasts, his love handles, and her favorite, his stomach.

Chris was not one to look and not touch, he then placed his hand on her leg. He rubbed her thigh, up and down, and in and out of her skirt. She loved how his fat, stubby finger felt on her skin. Amber found herself feeling uncomfortable. She removed her hand from his stomach. Not removing her lips from his, she lifted her leg and moved it across to the other side of his body. She was now sitting on his lap, her hands around his neck and head, kissing his lips. Both of his hands on her thighs, moving them up to her back. He pushed her back, moving her closer to him. She could feel his stomach up against hers, just like he could feel her perky breasts and erect nipples up against his chest.

Chris could not take it anymore. He stood up with her still in his arms. Her legs and arms wrapped around her body, holding herself up, not removing her lips from his. He walked with his eyes closed, placing his hand up against the wall, looking for a door knob. Once they entered Amber's room, Chris placed her on her bed. She did not let him go. So he had no choice, but to lay on top of her.

Pam pulled away from Nate. She saw that Chris and Nate were proceeding to the bedroom. After turning and smiling at Nate said, "We'd better give them privacy. C'mon. I'll show you my apartment."

"OK." Nate said in the most nervous way. Pam had stood up. She grabbed his hand and pulled him as she walked. With their hands held they walked to Pam's apartment. Pam opened the door and allowed Nate to enter first. Once she got the door closed, Nate turned around and was surprised. She had thrown herself at him. Caught off guard, he took a few steps back until he felt the wooden kitchen table on his behind.

"Bedroom?" He asked in a way that sounded a like half a sigh and half a whisper. After a few seconds, she pulled away and started to walk towards the bedroom, pulling his arm as she walked. Nate sat at the edge of the bed and kissed her as she stood before. After a while Nate sensed something was wrong. He pulled away and looked into her eyes.

"Nate." she said in a beautiful, soft way.

"Yeah." Now he was feeling glad the lights were off.

"You won't do it?" she asked.

"Do what?" he investigated

"Break my heart. You won't do it. Will you?" She knew she would be risking their relationship, by asking this.

"I'll move heaven and earth to avoid breaking your heart." he said to her. Though what he said was impossible, he would definitely try. Pam was so emotionally taken back, she could not resist. She kissed him as she removed his shirt.


Meanwhile, back in Amber's apartment, love was in the air. Amber lay at the edge of the bed with Chris bending over on top, but still standing. Kissing her passionately. He stood straight up and removed his shirt. Once Amber got a full view of his shirtless stomach she could not resist. She stood up before he could lay back on top of her. She started with his neck, then his shoulder, then finally his stomach. She stroked his manhood as she kissed and caressed his stomach. He gave out a groan that sent shivers down her spine. She stood back up, effortless, she removed her top exposing her perky breasts.

Chris kissed her passionately once more before moving downward. He kissed her neck, her shoulder, then sucked on both of erect nipples. After a few seconds she slid both her skirt and panties off. They kissed once more. Amber began to unbutton his pants. He sucked in his stomach. A sigh he gave out, his jeans were to small for his body. Once Amber had removed both his jeans and his boxer briefs, she pulled him onto the center of the bed. He now layed on top of her, worried he would smother her with his weight. She was not worried, in fact, using both her arms and her legs, she hugged him and pulled him closer. He grabbed hold of his penis and inserted it inside her. She let out a loud gasp as he let out a groan. Each time he inserted it back in came a louder moan from Amber. She sunk her nails into his back as she moaned with pleasure.

"Oh! Don't stop!" She would tell him. With each thrust the pressure built up inside them both.

"Oh my!" he yelled out before exploding into her and kissing her once more.

Pam had taken off her jeans and her shirt. She wore nothing but pink panties and bra. He had taken off his shirt and pants. His penis erect. She kissed him passionately with her hands around his neck and his hands around her waist. She pushed him onto the bed. She removed her bra and panties before crawling into the bed and climbing on top of him. They kissed passionately. Not removing her lips from his, she removed his underwear. She lifted her body up and took a hold of his penis. She gave out a moan that sounded more like a yell. She truly hadn't had sex in long time. He kicked his underwear off his ankles. With his hands on her hips, he guided her up an down, up and down. Her breast would bounce with each insertion.

"Nate. Oh... !" She said with her hands on his chest. She had a volcano inside her. A volcano that would erupt any second. She collapsed on top of his great big belly.

To Be Continued....
Apr 23, 2007
can´t wait for more this was such a nice and sexy encounter and i sooo liked your lovely details durning their lovemaking :)

please more :wubu:

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