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Extreme Makeover: Weightloss

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Well-Known Member
Sep 29, 2005
Did anyone see the show about the 21 year old woman who lost 160 lbs down to 208 lbs in one year?

There are three things about the show I want to comment on:

1. Psychological issues:
A. The trainer dealt with some family issues that were getting in the way of her weightloss goals, such as having fattening foods in the house when she would come home. This was good.

B. But also it appeared that the trainer ignored many of the issues this woman encountered as she went down in weight (and if dealt with would ensure long term weightloss success). If the psychological issues are ignored or treated lightly, how long would it take until she returns to old habits and regains much of the weight lost.

2. Bribing someone into loosing weight is not the best way to achieve long term weightloss. On the show she was told that if she lost a certain amount of weight (forget the exact amount but I think it was 80 lbs) in three months the trainer would pay for her to take a trip to Greece. Bribery is not the best way to long term weightloss success. You are motivated to change to achieve the bribed item (i.e. trip). There is more to change for it to be lasting.

The last one made me angry.

3. At the end of the show it was stated that after loosing 160 lbs she has now started dating and is hoping to find love. Is dating and love only for those who are not morbidly obese? Was her love life on hold until she was thin. Fat people date and find love!

Has anyone else seen the show? What are your thoughts?

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