Fairy Godmother Enterprises: Growth Spurt by Anonymous (~BHM, Magic, ~XWG)

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Oct 12, 2005
(~BHM, Magic, ~XWG – a young college student checks into a motel with magical room service.)

Fairy Godmother Enterprises:
Growth Spurt

By Anonymous​

(Migrated with a few small tweaks from the Weight Room Anonymous Archives.)

Chris was an eighteen year-old guy moving off to college; he just hoped that college would be better than high school. You see, Chris was a chubby little kid who no one wanted to be around. He didn't want college to turn out that way.

Chris knew he could work out and drink protein shakes, but it wasn't going to do anything about his height. Chris was only 5'8" and really wanted to be one of the "big guys" who always got the girls. With no recourse left, he just waited until college would start.

About a week before he went off to Taft University, a package arrived at the door addressed to him. He hadn't ordered anything, so he had no idea what it was. The box was a cube about six inches on each side. The only markings on the exterior were his address and the company it came from, "Fairy Godmother Enterprises." There was no address, and it seemed like a rather odd name for a company, but he got a knife and started to open it.

Inside of the box were Styrofoam peanuts and a large cylindrical container. It looked like a gainer shake mix bottle. The label read, "Super Size Body Enhancer." The label also said it was a free sample and had some nutritional information and instructions, but that was about it. He noticed the claim of a dramatic increase in body size with every dose, but he was a bit skeptical.
He placed it on the kitchen counter and started to walk away. He stopped, though, and looked back; something about that bottle attracted him. He didn't know why, but he had to try it.

He opened the bottle and took out one of the pills. The pills were huge; he wasn't sure if he could swallow them. But he managed it without too much difficulty. He put the lid back on the bottle and walked off to finish packing up for his trip to school. His parents had also paid for him to spend a few days at a nice hotel that was between his parents' house and the university.

He would only be spending three days there since it took a day to drive to the hotel and another to get to the college. He liked the idea of a nice hotel to relax in before going off to school; it would at least give him a chance to build up his self-esteem a little.


After he said his goodbyes and his mom cried her eyes out, he was on the road. He brought the bottle with him, but he didn't know why; it wasn't like it was working.

He became hungry the first time he saw a fast food sign; it was for McLardold's. He was starving. He couldn't resist pulling over. He ordered three Big Quadruple Bypasses with cheese, three Super-Duper-Sized fries and a Super-Duper-Sized Cola. He had never ordered so much food in his life, but he couldn't resist it. He immediately dug in and lay waste to the meal for three in about three minutes.

He leaned back against the chair and felt a tightness in his jeans; he looked down, and there, staring straight back at him, was a huge belly. He was absolutely shocked. The belly didn't hurt, though, for some reason; in fact, he kinda liked it. He touched it just to see if it was real, and it was! There wasn't any pain or tightness, just a round smooth belly with no stretch marks. Amazingly enough, the more he looked at his belly, the hungrier he got. He ordered five more series of his first order until he realized that he needed to go or else he wouldn't make it to the hotel until late.

He got back out on the road and continued ahead. Oddly enough, there wasn't any traffic, and he was making great time. He saw a Burrito Barn on the side of the road and had an impulse to stop and get as much food as he could and still meet his schedule. He ordered two family burrito meals and a cola. He loaded it into his car and continued along his way, eating as he drove. His belly got bigger and bigger, but never full.

When he got to the hotel he could no longer button his pants, and his belly stuck out under his shirt. He put on a coat, even though it wasn't cold, and covered up his gap. He entered the lobby and walked up to the receptionist. She was an old lady in a light blue pantsuit with gold star earrings and an ascot with sparkles on it. "What a strange old lady..." Chris thought.

"Here is your room key, Mr. Acer," she said as she handed me a gold key with a light blue star on it. Inscribed on the star was the number "7."

Chris was a little shocked, "How did you know my name?"

"At Godmother Inn, we make it a point to know all that we can about our customers."

Chris walked slowly away from the smiling old lady and headed towards his room; he just hoped his room didn't know his name, too, or he was out of there.

The room was pale blue and so were all the furnishings. He definitely noticed a pale blue scheme here. He also noticed that the ceiling was probably twelve feet tall, and the bed was almost twice the size of a standard king.

Everything about the room seemed oversized, which just made Chris feel small.

After he finished putting away his things, the doorbell rang; he quickly put his coat back on and answered the door. There was an old lady there dressed identically to the one in the lobby; she had three carts full of food and drinks and led them into the room. She walked back out and said, "Goodnight."

"How much do I owe you for the room service?"

"Room service is complimentary, sir," her voice faded as she went down the hall.

Chris stepped back inside and looked at the food; it was incredible. All his favorites piled high on gold platters. Chris tore into it and finished it all in an hour. Chris' gut was so big that Chris couldn't reach his arms all the way around it. It still didn't hurt, nor did it feel full.

He fell asleep on the oversized bed and dreamed peacefully.


When he awoke the next morning, he noticed something different, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He turned on the light in the bathroom and washed his face. He stopped and looked in the mirror with his face still dripping. He was huge! He had to be over six feet tall, and he had muscles, too! What the hell happened?

"The pills!" he exclaimed as he unpacked the bottle. He then proceeded to take the dose for the day. He then went back and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked irresistible; any girl would want him.

The doorbell rang; unfortunately, the only things he had that still fit him were his briefs and his coat. He answered the door, and the same lady came in with four carts of food and a cart of clothes she put into the closet.

Chris was puzzled that she didn't even notice he was only wearing a coat and underwear. He was equally puzzled that she bid him farewell and left.

Chris let the food stay there a bit while he looked at the clothes. They looked just like the ones he had packed except they were larger, much larger. He then glanced over at the food. He wanted it so bad. He dove right into to it and demolished the whole meal. He caressed his belly and muscles and took a shower. He put on a nice casual pair of pants and a collared shirt.

He then started to walk around the hotel and look for other guests, but he only saw one; she was a six foot two inch blonde girl down at the pool sunbathing. She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. She was incredibly slim and athletic. She didn't look like a sickly waif like on some magazines you might find. She was a lean, healthy girl with golden hair.

He wanted so badly to walk over and say hi to her, but he couldn't do it - not today; he needed another day before he thought he could be man enough for her.


He noticed that the hotel had a large dining hall just to the side of the lobby and it was always filled with food: a rather odd thing, but food none-the-less. Apparently everything in this hotel was complimentary. He attacked the buffet head on and demolished the whole thing. He sat on a chair and gazed at his belly; it was gigantic compared to yesterday. He went back to his room and fell asleep. It must have been the turkeys he ate that made him so tired.

When he woke up he felt different; he knew he had changed and ran to the mirror. He had to be at least seven feet tall. He was covered in thick muscle, too.

He posed in the mirror for himself and thought about all the women who would want him; he also thought about the girl that was sunbathing. He was sure he could impress her now. Especially since everything was "bigger." His nap had ended at five in the afternoon, so he still had plenty of time to go down to the pool and meet her.


He walked out to the pool in a Speedo that somehow had found its way into his closet. He tried to strut and look all cool, but she just got up when the sun was gone and jumped in the pool; she didn't even pay attention to him.

Chris felt hurt; he always thought that all he needed was a "hot bod" and girls would be all over him. He walked off the deck with as much dignity he could muster; he then went to the dining hall and drowned his sorrows with root beer floats. He felt so bad; he just completely let himself go.

When there wasn't a scrap of food left out on the table he stalked back up to his room, balancing his gut with his arms. Then he heard a voice, "Hey, my name's Stephanie. I guess you're the only other person I have to share this hotel with. I like your belly; it's really sexy."

Chris looked at her; he thought she was mocking him, but she was serious. She really liked his belly.

She leaned over and rubbed it gently. Chris was rock hard instantly. She was great; she loved his belly, not his body. What a great person. He smiled a little and talked to her naturally, "Hey, want to get something to eat?"

"Sure, I don't eat much; I just like to watch other people eat, though."

"Where do you want to go?"

"How's room service sound?"

"I love that place!" Chris said with a big smile.

"So where are you going after you leave here, Chris?"

"Taft University, what about you?"

"That's where I'm going!"

"No way..."


Downstairs, the lobby was empty, all except the two old ladies. After receiving the latest order from upstairs, the receptionist spoke to the bellhop. "And what is the moral of today's story, Gertrude?" she said, considering the changes that were still ahead for the newest recipient of fairy godmother services.

"The moral, Stella?" the bellhop groused, as she started toward the kitchen. "The moral is that I should get lightweight food carts; my back is killing me."

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