Farewell to Nichelle Nichols

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Sep 30, 2016
Coamo, Puerto Rico, USA
As a homage to Nichelle Nichols, here is a scene of Star Trek: The Animated Series where Lieutenant Uhura take the command as Acting Captain to save the crew of the USS Enterprise from the menace of a group of alien women in the first season episode titled The Lorelei Singal:


A fact about Uhura's character in Star Trek: The Animated Series:

"Filmation [Associates] sought further casting cuts, suggesting that James Doohan and Majel Barrett provide the voices of Sulu and Uhura. [Leonard] Nimoy stepped in for his fellow cast members, threatening to abandon the project unless Takei and Nichols were given their roles. Preach."

Source and more facts about TAS:

12 fascinating facts about 'Star Trek: The Animated Series'

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