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    There was a request for a story with this plotline. I hope it is the correct one.

    Fat for Teacher
    by maltesefalcon

    (reposted by request)​

    Chapter 1

    Principal Edwards called the staff meeting to order. “Before we start the official agenda, I would like to make a brief announcement. It’s been three weeks since school started; but we have a new member on staff who I’d like to officially welcome to the team. Katherine Collins will be taking over the Latin department, for now. Let’s give her a big hand!” Once the applause died down he added, “This is your first teaching job. It’s been a while since we had a “freshman”; so I will remind one and all that you will be expected to help bring her up to speed. So, Miss Collins, do you mind if we call you by your first name? We are a bit informal here. What do you prefer, Katherine, Kathy?”

    Caught by surprise, the object of his attention held up her hand, to indicate she was still finishing a bit of the donut she had been eating. Her third, in fact. “Ip ish uh hmmm. If it’s all the same, I prefer Casey as in K.C., sir.”

    Mr. Edwards smiled and added “Casey it is. And call me Sam. Just not in front of the students.”

    The niceties dispensed with, the meeting continued. Alice Jarvis, the home economics teacher glared at the new staffer, rolling her eyes from time to time. This did not escape the notice of Mr. Edwards.

    Near the end of the agenda, Casey reached for a fourth donut and Alice could stand it no more. “Better hurry dear, if you’re not careful, someone else might get one of those.” The embarrassed young woman blushed and stared down at her notebook, for the duration of the discussion. Upon conclusion of the meeting, Sam sidelined Alice. “Would you mind staying behind a moment? Some items need your attention.”

    “As you wish, sir.”

    Once the room had cleared “Sam” got right to the point. “Alice I couldn’t help but notice the disapproving looks you were shooting at Casey. She done something to you?”

    Alice shrugged. “No sir. She just doesn’t seem to fit into the mould of a typical teaching professional. See how she dresses.

    She’s a knockout, but all those tight clothes and short skirts... Face it Sam, she looks like a hooker. Acts selfish too, hogging all the food.”

    Sam nodded. “Well you know she is only 21. Not much older than the senior class. As for the donuts, I would expect her food budget is a bit tight. Just out of school, loans to pay off etc. Not only that, she is only part time. However, from what I hear she is a very bright and conscientious teacher. It is up to us to help her adjust.”

    Alice waited for him to keep talking. When nothing happened she figured it out. “By us you mean me, right? Great. I don’t have enough on my plate.”

    Actually, corrected Sam, “I think I can help you. How’s the wrist?” She had broken it last winter in a fall in her driveway.

    “Fine” she reported. “Pretty well healed.”

    “Hmm”, Sam contradicted. “Don’t think so. You need to put your brace back on and I am sending you a helper.”

    Alice gasped. “Oh sir. Please not her…”

    Sam held up his finger to pause the conversation. He picked up a yearbook and showed her a picture. “This is me. My first teaching job, 1986.” Alice snickered at the pasty faced young man; who stared back at them. “I remember now. You were so terrified, I didn’t think you would last a week.”

    Sam nodded. “See? Now I’m the principal. But I wouldn’t laugh too hard, if I were you.” He picked out another. “Here’s a gem from 1973.” It was Alice’s portrait.

    She gasped. “My word, has it been 35 years?”

    “Yes” he said. “Notice anything different?”

    “Well I’m a bit grayer, and I’ve got a few more wrinkles. So do you sunshine, so watch what you say.”

    “What else?” he probed. Then she got the message.

    She patted her prominent pot belly. “You’re talking about this. If this is your way of telling me I’m fat you’d better choose your next words carefully. Had three boys and besides I’m a Home Ec teacher. Kind of goes with the territory. So…?”

    “Relax I’m not saying you are fat, just that there is a danger that might happen to…someone else. You might say that anyone who works there would be so inclined.” Sam added, “Alice I’m not blind. I know that anyone that voluptuous will attract the wrong kind of male attention. So if we put Casey in there to help you maybe…”

    Alice balked, adding “If you are asking me to fat..”

    “Stop right there. No one is asking you to do anything, to her at least. That would be unscrupulous. Just provide an opportunity to take her attitude down a peg or two. I’m asking you to keep an open mind and allow her to grow… professionally.”

    Now Alice grinned slyly. “For you, I’ll give it a try. Want me to talk to her?”

    Sam said. “No I will. Best if she thinks it’s her idea. That’s all for now. Oh and by the way. This conversation never took place.”

    As she moved out the door Alice whispered “What conversation?”

    “That’s the spirit.” Sam buzzed his secretary. “Winnie could you page Miss Collins to my office?”

    Half hour later Casey appeared.

    “Sorry sir. I was in a class. Don’t get too many, but no one said it was urgent.”

    “Relax” said Sam. “It’s fine. How are things going for you?”

    “Oh it’s great sir. I love teaching, and the staff and kids are great…”

    Sam anticipated “But…”

    She continued “But I’m not getting enough hours to survive, on what I make. Got a job offer, in the library downtown. Lot less per hour, but it’s full time. I need to be honest sir, I’m tempted…”

    “First, can the sir stuff. I know it’s hard, but Latin just is not popular anymore. Pre-med and archaeology is all its good for now. I have something else for you, though. It’s a bit of a favour actually.”

    “Oh how’s that?”

    “Well, Alice Jarvis has been our Home Economics and Family Studies department head, for years. She’s nearly retirement age and frankly, she’s slowing down a bit. Broke her wrist last year too. She’s great with the programs, but the effort is becoming too much for one person. Long story short, I wonder if you would be interested in being her…teaching assistant. It would give you more hours. Full-time in fact. I think we can stretch the budget a bit.”

    Casey frowned. “Well thanks, but I don’t know the first thing about being a Home Ec teacher.”

    Sam assured her “Oh you don’t need to. Just help her with the physical stuff. She will show you what to do.”

    “One more thing. You can get a few free meals there too. In fact, the job will require you to sample some of the student’s projects. That should ease the budget a bit.”

    Casey paused, agreeing, “ I’ll give it a try. When do I start?”

    Smiling he added “Go see her in the morning. But don’t let on we are doing it to help her. She might feel threatened. Make out like it’s for your benefit.”

    “Mum’s the word sir.”

    As Casey left, Sam rolled back in his chair and very pleased with himself, muttered “Well now to let nature take its course.”
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    Chapter 2

    Morning rolled around and Casey reported to Alice, as directed. She did not seem pleased to see her, but after looking her up and down asked her to bring them both a coffee as she sat at her counter.

    “Sure where is it?” as Casey looked for the pot.

    Without looking up from her papers Alice said “Stuff’s all there-just make two cups.” Then Casey realized she was being asked to make it. It also occurred to her that this was a bit of a test. She crashed around for about ten minutes, while Alice marked her papers; trying her best to stifle the laughs at her “assistant’s” expense. Finally Casey showed up with two coffees and the cream and sugar. “Sorry, I don’t know how you like it.”

    “Well I’d like it today, first of all. Let’s see how you did.” She added the cream and sugar and then gave it a taste. Alice swallowed grimly and said “It needs something.”

    Tentatively Casey asked “Oh what’s that?”

    “An antidote. That was the worst cup of coffee I’ve ever had.”

    Casey tasted hers and had to agree. “Sorry ma’am I’ve never made coffee before.”

    “Never? Do you drink it?”

    “Sometimes, but I just get Star…”

    “..bucks” Alice finished. “Oh boy. Tell me something. Can you cook anything at all?”

    Casey giggled “Does toast count?”

    “No. Don’t be fresh. This is not for your amusement.”

    Sobered Casey replied “Then I would have to say no, ma’am.”

    Alice said nothing but to herself thought, “Some assistant she will be.” Then scanning her skin tight attire, she remembered the other part of the plan and cheered up.

    “Never mind we’ll get you up to speed quick enough. Just don’t let the kids catch on.” Then she looked more carefully at Casey’s choice of outfit.

    Casey caught her staring and asked. “Something wrong, ma’am?”

    Alice said “Umhmm. Everything pretty much. Can I offer you some professional advice?”

    Casey shrugged “I guess.”

    “First let’s stop with the ma’am stuff. Call me Alice. Makes me feel older than I actually am, already. Maybe I’m not “cool” or anything like that, but I was young once you know. That being said, these kids will not respect you, if they think you are one of them. You’re not their friend or big sister. Right now you are dressed for a rock concert, not a classroom. Casey you are a very beautiful young woman, but you need to tone it down a bit. If that skirt was any shorter it could qualify as a belt. And your top is so tight I can count your freckles.”

    Noting the pout forming on her junior colleague’s face she continued “Who you trying to impress anyway? The boys will like it, but trust me when the PTA mothers see you, there will be hell to pay. As for the men we work with; well just don’t give them a reason to think they have a chance. If you get a reputation, deserved or not, you can pretty well kiss your teaching career goodbye.”

    Looking down at her wardrobe Casey began to cry. “It’s all I have. Good clothes cost money, and I’m just getting started.”

    Alice shushed her and put her arm around the young woman’s shoulder for comfort. “Don’t cry I didn’t mean to offend. Matter of fact, I can help you if you like. Come with me.”

    They went into the sewing area and Alice rooted through a big box of skirts, blouses and dresses, getting a pile of items. Then she dragged Casey into the dressing room. “What size are you? Four?”

    “Two. Petite, actually.”

    “Two. Petite actually” Alice muttered to herself trying to recall when if ever, she had been a size two. Now her own size eighteen skirt was feeling snug, as she picked through the pile, finding her young protégé a grey wool skirt, light blue blouse and matching cardigan. “Let’s try this.”

    Casey stared at her. Alice rolled her eyes. “Look honey, it’s not going to go on overtop. Get that off! There’s just us here and unless there’s something you’ve not told me, you haven’t got anything that I haven’t seen before. Now hurry up! We have work to do.”

    Casey stripped down and Alice got a look at her. Although she was quite fit, she still had a very womanly shape, her buxom proportions sticking out in all the right areas. “My you certainly have a nice figure, dear. The boys must love you.”

    Casey beamed “38D-22-36! Same as Jessica Simpson.” She did voguish spin for emphasis, adding “They do like it, but I’m too busy for a boyfriend right now.”

    Eyeing her flat, muscular belly, Alice thought to herself, “This will be more difficult than I thought; she would still look pretty in a flour sack.”The chosen items fit fairly well, just with more freedom of movement than Casey was used to.

    The clothing rearranged, Alice looked at her hair. “Now, we can do something with this. Long hair gets in the way, when we are in here.” Alice spent the next ten minutes pinning it up and stood back to examine her. “Almost” she said. “This makeup is atrocious. Subtlety is the key. Right now, you could audition for Pretty Woman. Your mother didn’t do a very good job on teaching you.”

    Casey’s expression changed. Alice asked “What…”

    “Oh it’s okay.”

    “Come on girl, I upset you. If we are to work together, we need to be honest. Spill.”

    “It’s just I never really knew my mom. She left when I was three.”

    “Oh” Alice said, somewhat taken aback at her gaffe. “Well you turned out alright, dear. Let’s see…”

    Alice cleaned her face, adding just a hint of blush and some neutral eye shadow and light lipstick. Then she looked in her desk drawer. She pulled a strand of fake pearls out and placed them around Casey’s neck.

    “There” she said. “That’s much better. Let’s have a look.” Casey stood in front of the mirror and gasped. “My God, I look like June Cleaver. I’ll be a laughing stock like this.”

    Alice contradicted “Oh, don’t over react. You look very professional, and that’s the point. In this job, at your age, you need to appear a bit older. You dress like Britney Spears on your own time.”

    Casey looked again. Despite herself, as the shock wore off, she had to admit she did look nice, in a Sunday School kind of way . “Where did this stuff come from, anyway?”

    Alice added “Oh some stuff made by students. Some donated by stores, for practice alterations. Only a few go home with the kids. Unlike us, they wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Here you take the rest home for now. Now, what classes do you have?”

    “Only three a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday at ten. Other than that, I’m all yours.”

    “Good. Seeing it’s Tuesday, you are all mine for the day. Put an apron on and follow me.”
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    Chapter 3

    She followed Alice to the kitchen and was handed a list. Alice explained. “I didn’t have much notice, but I came up with a list of duties for you. We can amend it as required.”

    Among the items:

    Follow up purchase orders with suppliers.

    Clean kitchen daily.

    Fill sewing kits weekly.

    Food preparation as per daily list tba.

    Assist in grading/evaluation of student projects.

    Casey nodded as she read and on the final item asked “What exactly do you mean by grading?”

    Alice smiled “Glad you asked. Let me give you an example. Go to the fridge, top shelf. Take everything out and lay it out on the counter.”

    Casey removed the three trays of lemon meringue pies from the cooler.

    Alice instructed “Cut a piece from each and put it on a plate.” While she cut the 20 or so pies, Alice went and got one herself.

    “All done.”

    “Good. Now this is one I made myself.” She cut a piece and slid it next to the others. “Okay, first we look at texture, colour and presentation. Assume this one is ideal and grade each one from 1 to 5.” In a minute or two the task was complete. Alice reviewed her notes and made only two changes.

    Now, any that are three or above, we taste. “Try mine first. Then compare.” Casey did as she was told, sampling each. She tried Alice’s four times to refresh her memory. Her mentor noted this, but concealed her delight.

    “All done? Okay, here’s how it works. Top one gets an A. Next two get B. Everyone else who was three or up gets C. Rest get an incomplete.”

    Casey smiled. “That was easy.”

    “Really? Well tell me that again in twenty years.” And twenty pounds she thought to herself. “You need to do this every day. This was pie, 11th grade pie. Wait till you have to sampletwenty helpings of grill cheese from the 9th graders. On that note. When they are here, keep an eye on them. They are keen, but don’t get too far from the fire extinguisher. Bottle of Maalox comes in handy too.” She rubbed her paunch for emphasis.

    Casey belched softly and said “I know what you mean. Some of that was terrible. I need something to wash the taste out. Besides coffee.”

    Alice said “Well it’s a special day. Tell you what, I’ll make you one of my world famous shakes. Sit down.”

    In two or three minutes she had literally whipped up a treat. Two scoops of strawberry ice cream, two banana pudding cups, a cup of whole milk, two tablespoons of orange juice and a dash of Grenadine for colour. She poured some into a large glass and handed it to Casey. “Try it.”

    After the first tentative sip, Casey commented “Wow this is incredible.” Gulping it down, she realized that her companion had pushed the rest of the mixing cup her way.

    “Oh, not joining me?” Alice begged off. “No dear I made it just for you. It’s way too fa... er …frosty for me. I have dental work.” She blushed at her near-gaffe. Sam would be furious, if she gave away the plan on the first day.

    Casey shrugged and downed a second helping; oblivious to the fact she had just ingested 1200 calories, not counting the pie. That, totalled another 1000.

    Snack complete Alice said “Okay get ready. We have a class in 10 minutes. Here’s the menu.”

    It was a grade nine class. There were to make a cheese omelette. Some did quite well, but at least half the results were disgusting. One girl burned hers so badly, they threw the pan out.

    Casey got into the groove, watching Mrs Jarvis as she prepared the meal and helping her charges, if they made an obvious error. So far at least, no one had caught on that she had no idea what she was doing. Since the food was best served hot, the evaluation was done on the fly. Alice reviewed her notes and added. “Good job. I think you know what to look for, at least. Let’s see how you do.”

    Casey said “What, me?”

    Alice nodded. “Who else? Got to start somewhere. Besides, you need to know how to do this.”

    Casey was terrified, but once under way, she remembered most of what Alice had shown them.

    Pouring her efforts on to a plate she tasted it. “Not bad” she said “if I do say so myself.”

    Alice said, “Sorry if I don’t take your word for it.” She tasted it too, and said “You’re right. It is pretty good. You may not have training, but you have talent for this.” Alice had the glimmer of hope that this just might be a more pleasant experience than she had bargained for. At least, for herself. Casey was another story. She was not really here to enjoy herself. Alice would see that her real reason for being here, was adhered to. When he gave his Home Ec teacher this assignment Sam had no idea that this was a special talent of hers, one that she took seriously.

    On that note she offered “Tell you what, you might as well finish it and I’ll clean up.”Casey tucked into the eggs and before they knew it; it was time for the next class.

    Six weeks pass. Alice made sure she kept up her end of the bargain. She turned the lion’s share of the marking over to her assistant. In addition, she would con her into sampling dozens of “new recipes” and often made little treats for her to nibble on during the day. Most days she got her breakfast and dinner there as well.

    Long story short, the young teacher was being bombarded with food all day and she seemed oblivious the effect it was having on her figure. Not for long.

    Having a few full pay checks under her belt, Casey decided to splurge on a new outfit. She would surprise Alice by showing up with something she had picked out herself.

    Cruising the racks, she found a nice pink chiffon business suit, but they didn’t have one that would fit her. The sales girl approached offering assistance. “I like this outfit, do you have it in my size?”

    The girl said “I think so, go undress and I’ll bring one in from the back.” In due course, she handed one over the top and Casey struggled to get into it. No matter how much she tried she could not get the zipper on the skirt up. It was too tight, but she wanted a second opinion. After they both tugged on the zipper without success for ten minutes, the salesgirl agreed. “Sorry, ma’am I guessed wrong.”

    Patting her soft behind, Casey laughed uncomfortably. “It’s okay I think I may have put on a few pounds.

    My new job has me overindulging a bit. Looks like my size two days are over for a while.” She was putting on a brave face to save embarrassment; but was concerned over this turn of events. Not as concerned as she would be a moment later.
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    Chapter 4

    The salesgirl looked puzzled. “Size two? I don’t think so. I’m afraid you’ve put on more weight than you realize. That’s a four. Looks like you are a six, ma’am. I’ll get one.”

    Casey returned to the dressing room and was mortified to see the label. It was a four. Then she looked more carefully at her figure. Lately, she thought had noticed a slight midriff bulge, but downplayed it. Now, it was impossible to ignore. Standing in front of the mirror she pinched the skin of her belly, revealing a 1 inch thick layer of new flesh. Her face was looking fuller too now that you mention it. Even her arms had swollen out-just a bit, but noticeable.

    The salesgirl returned and stared a moment as Casey finished her “inventory” pinching her upper thighs and buttocks and poking the belly once again. The replacement outfit, size six, as predicted fit her much better. She strode out and the salesgirl smiled. “That’s better. Let me see.” She tried to fit a finger in the waistband and added. “The jacket fits fine, but the skirt is a bit tight for work clothing. It fits, but if you want comfort; you might consider an eight or even better, a mature fit. Using her hands to pinch in the blobs of fat just above her hips she offered “A higher waistline will minimize that muffin top. The jackets are looser cut too, a Queen fit. You have pretty big boobs for your frame size and it will be more comfortable. It’s popular with women like you; who are getting back to the work force after.”

    Now intrigued Casey asked “After what?”

    The salesgirl looked at her with a puzzled expression. “Well, you just had a baby right? Otherwise, you’d already know what size you wear. Don’t be embarrassed, I see it all the time with post-partum women going back to their old jobs. They think they can go back to their old clothes, too. For most it will never happen.” She snickered, as she whispered in a conspiratorial tone “You should have seen the one last week…”

    The manager’s glare from the front of the store helped the salesgirl to remember her place. “Present company excepted, of course. Trust me, by next week you’ll have forgotten this whole thing and concentrate on work. It’s only a size or two anyway. You`ll get used to it ma’am.”

    “Ma’am? Mature? Post partum?” That was it. “FYI girlfriend, I am not coming back from parental leave. And stop calling me ma’am. Just how old do you think I am?”

    The girl looked her over “I don’t know, thirty maybe?”

    “I’m 21”, was the retort. Then the salesgirl blushed “Oh, I’m sorry. Hey, I’m 22; I’m older than you. Sorry but I thought…”

    Casey thought for a moment that Alice’s efforts to make her look more mature, had worked better than expected. But that was quickly forgotten, for more pressing issues. “Excuse me do you have a scale?”

    “Sure, in the back corner. Help yourself.” Casey jumped on, looked at the numbers and was horrified. “125 pounds!” If that was correct, she had gained 15 pounds since taking on her new duties.

    The salesgirl saw the look of dismay on her face as she asked “Is this thing right?”

    The other young woman jumped on and when the numbers stopped it read 100 exactly. “Yup it’s right. Sorry.”

    Casey knew in her heart it was true and was fighting back her sobs. This constant nibbling had to stop or she would get fat. Once more she poked the soft belly bulge, still hanging a bit over the larger waistband of the skirt. Who was she kidding? She already was fat, but a second opinion was helpful. But not from a 100 pound airhead. She was wiping the tears from her eyes as the salesgirl returned. “Ma’am-er miss, do you still want the suit?”

    Casey had collected her emotions enough to respond “Depends. Do you have a size two?”

    “Oh yeah but...”

    “But nothing. I’ll be back for it in a few weeks. I’m not buying a size six, that isn’t going to fit by then.”

    After a restless night, Tuesday morning could not come fast enough. She marched into the Home Ec room and found Alice busy making coffee. “Oh, hi dear.” Then she saw the look on Casey’s face. “Everything okay?”

    Casey dropped her purse on the counter and slumped onto a stool. “No, everything is considerably not okay. We need to talk.”

    Alice braced herself. “What’s wrong?”

    Alice lifted her blouse and patted the plump belly pooching out underneath. “This is what’s wrong. I figured out your little deception, by the way. Thanks a lot.”

    Alice began to apologise. “Casey I don’t know how to begin to say I’m sorry. Believe me I feel bad…”

    Then Casey confused the issue “Huh? Why should you? I’m grateful.”

    Now Alice was confused. “Are we talking about the same thing? I thought you were angry.”

    “Oh I am. At myself. Since I started working with you, I have been doing nothing but eat and I’m blowing up like a weather balloon. I’ve gained 15 pounds, and now I realize, you noticed it too. Those clothes had no labels so I couldn’t tell I’ve gone up two sizes. Well cat’s out of the bag now. But thanks for trying. Anyway it’s been fun but I think I better…”

    Alice cut her off. “Look before you go any further I think you better go see Sam. He was here a few minutes ago and asked me to send you right in.”

    “Oh-oh. Sounds serious. Am I in trouble?”

    “Not that I know of. Done anything to feel guilty about?”

    Casey rubbed her belly again. “Well gluttony is a sin right?”

    Alice scoffed “Don’t be absurd. It’s probably nothing, but just in case…want me to go with?”

    Casey thanked her “No it’s alright. I’ll fill you in later.”

    She was escorted right into the conference room where Sam asked her to make herself comfortable. “Coffee?”

    “No thanks.”

    “ Oh want a muffin or something?”

    “ No I’m good. More than good, actually.” She rubbed her belly bulge, which rumbled in protest.

    “Okay” Sam began. “I’ll get right to the point. I have bad news and maybe some good news. Bad news first. I am afraid the Board has cancelled the Latin program. We only had ten students, and they were from four grades. Not enough to justify keeping it on.”

    Casey nodded. “I was afraid of that. What about the current students?”

    “Don’t worry about them. The program has been combined in one school. We will either bus them to Central for the class or they can transfer over.”

    Casey nodded. “So they will be fine. And me?”

    Sam pursed his lips “Ah yes. Well here it is, in a nutshell. We all like you and want you to stay. Despite the fact the program was cancelled; we still have the funds in our budget for you for this year. That being said, we can’t pay you for doing nothing. Luckily, you have another option.”

    Sensing the truth, she asked anyway. “And that is…?”

    “That’s the good news. We formalize our little…arrangement. I have spoken to Alice and she is willing to keep you on. Don’t tell her I said so, but she spoke very highly of your…progress so far. Actually, she seems quite fond of you. Anyway, please consider staying on. For this year, anyway.”

    Casey sulked a bit but realized she had few options. “Okay I’ll do it. And thank you. Oh and for what it’s worth, I think she is wonderful. But it’s our secret right?”

    “Mum’s the word. Now if you’ll excuse me, we both have work to do.”

    Casey shuffled back to the kitchen where she found Alice getting ready to evaluate yesterday afternoon’s 10th grade baking. This time it was Devil’s Food cake. Alice was just about to taste the first and Casey blurted. “What are you doing?”

    A snort in response. “Marking these desserts, why?”

    “Alice you know very well that’s my job, and don’t pretend you didn’t know what Sam wanted. Looks like we are stuck with each other, like it or not.”

    The older woman crossed her arms in a futile attempt to look forlorn.”Yep. Shame.”

    Casey tried to stifle her smile and failed as gloriously as her superior.
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    Chapter 5

    Carefully Alice suggested “Look, we have a few minutes to the next class. Come out back and we’ll have a look at you.” Casey stripped down to her undies and Alice was pleasantly shocked by how much the little conspiracy had changed her. So far. The muscular abs were gone, masked by a soft plump paunch already folding down the waistband of her panties.

    If her now blossoming backside got any bigger those same panties would no longer be an issue anyway. They would simply burst under the strain. Alice noticed that her upper half had received a boost as well, the contents of her bra cups were pouring out in all directions. Despite this she gave her protégé the once over and coyly asked “So what’s the big fuss?”

    Casey patted her pot belly and said “Look it’s right there. I’m fat! You’d have to be blind not to notice.”

    Alice squinted and crept close as if her subject was microscopic. Then she patted Casey’s belly and smiled. “Oh is that it? Well let me assure you; that you are not fat. You look good in fact. I wish I had a figure like that when I was your age.” That part was true. Even with the extra weight, Casey was still stunningly beautiful, the extra curves actually making her more desirable. Alice knew her work was far from over, but the next few minutes of conversation would be critical to success.

    “Really? You aren’t lying to protect me?”

    “Really. Let me put it this way. What did you weigh when you started?”

    “120 pounds, size 2.

    Alice foresaw the next word and beat Casey to the punch, adding “Petite”.

    “And when you were eighteen?”

    “About 100. So?”

    “So you gained weight then, right? What’s the problem?”

    Casey saw her point but continued “Yeah, but I was still growing then.”

    Alice countered “Exactly. Well you are still growing, now. You are becoming a young woman. Don’t forget you are only 21. Not all of us get our adult curves in our teens, you know. It depends on hormones and heredity. It’s normal. I’m not trying to get all clinical, but your body is preparing for the rigors of motherhood. It’s natural for woman your age to put a few pounds on her hips and thighs. It just makes you more feminine.”

    “Okay I buy that but look at this belly. It’s hanging over my waistband!”

    A nod from Alice in agreement. “Of course it is. That’s because you have the wrong size on. You youngsters insist on applying your clothing with a spray gun. It doesn’t even allow for your monthly bloating. Will you take my advice again?”

    “Of course. You haven’t steered me wrong so far.”

    Smiling, Alice sensed victory “First sensible thing you’ve said today. Get this old underwear off, and I’ll show you.”

    As Casey doffed the garments, she looked down, poked her own belly and laughed. “Getting ready for childbearing eh? I look pregnant already. I just hope this “growing” is finished.”

    Alice was more concerned about certain other aspects which were growing as well. She was correct in the larger deposits on Caseys hips and thighs, which so far had avoided the dreaded cellulite cratering. But her breasts especially had been beneficiaries of the increased intake, indicating a tendency to top-heaviness. If she was not careful, they would attract the wrong sort of attention and undo the efforts so far.

    The increased breast content was overflowing into her armpits and her cleavage had puffed up most unnaturally overtop. “Your bra is too small dear. You better get properly fitted for a new one. Something sturdier or they will pop out.”

    Casey smiled “I know these things are growing like crazy. It’s the only good part of all this.”

    That was not a good sign. “Oh.You like that?”

    “Of course. Boobs are what makes you a woman right? Bigger is better in my book. Guys like them too.”

    That brought Alice back to Earth. “Well you get something to hold them properly. Meanwhile we need to dress you better.”

    The knit skirt and oversize sweater Alice selected made Casey feel better. It disguised her belly and she felt fashionable. Meanwhile the loose top camouflaged her growing bustline, which had threatened to upset the whole plan.

    Both women satisfied, for now the crisis averted.

    “Now ready to go back to work?”

    Sure. Then when she tasted the first piece of cake, Casey gagged and said “Oh my God what’s in this, wallpaper paste?” She got the worst over with and then tucked into a fairly good one. Then another.

    She closed her eyes and sighed. Ever since I was a little girl, chocolate is my Achilles Heel. I bet I could eat every one of these if I tried. “Duly noted” Alice thought.

    As she continued with her evaluations Alice used the distraction to make her another shake. Taking advantage of her charge’s newly admitted weakness, she used chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate pudding. For a coup de grace, she even added a cup of leftover cake frosting.

    “Here drink this before you try mine.” Still thinking of her waistline Casey declined. “I have to eat this but I think I better start cutting out the extras. That’s not part of the job.” Alice looked hurt. “I made it specially for you. Least you could try a sip to see if I got the recipe right.” Casey took one sip and smiled. “Wow this is good. Decadent in fact. You’re spoiling me! Is it fattening?”

    Alice shrugged “Name one thing that isn’t bad for you, somehow. It’s okay I’ll dump it. I just wanted your opinion...”

    Casey watched as Alice took a sip and said. “Not bad, even if I do say so myself. Then as the cup tipped to dump its precious cargo Casey said “Wait. No sense wasting it. It was pretty good.” Alice teased a bit and said “No I’d better not. Just let me…”

    Taking on a stern tone Casey interjected” You dump that shake and you’ll be wearing that brace on your arm again…”

    Shocked, Alice looked up and Casey said “Oh my God the look on your face!” Alice slid it over to her junior colleague who by now was roaring with laughter. Wiping the tears from her eyes she used it to wash down the rest of the samples and sat back to make notes.

    Alice placed another entire cake in front of her. “Who made this? asked Casey.

    Alice replied “I did actually. I think I outdid myself with that one. I may have a piece myself” Once she tried it, Casey agreed and before long the two women had eaten the whole thing. Casey needed another shake to help wash it down. Alice felt guilty letting her have the second one. Casey forced her hand so she couldn’t reveal that the added frosting made each one nearly 3000 calories. Alice would have to be careful not to overdo it. Another few sizes and she would be just right. She wanted her to go from babe to butterball, but not turn her into a blimp.

    Perhaps that would be easier said than done. She looked at Casey using her finger to greedily police up the crumbs of the cake. She slurped the last of the shake and handed out the cup, in spite of her earlier trepidation, asking for a third helping. “Those are addictive. You should patent the recipe.”

    Alice brought her back down to Earth. “Not now. You need to pace yourself. We have all day you know.” “If you knew you just drank the equivalent of two pounds of butter, you wouldn’t be asking for more my dear”, she mused to herself.
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    Chapter 6

    After work, Casey rushed to the boutique. The same young salesgirl was there and recognized her.

    “Oh hi. Back already? I still have that suit….”

    Casey stopped her. “No it’s okay. I know it won’t fit. Because I am getting a bit curvier though, I will need some new underwear. Bras especially. Got anything nice?”

    Relieved the girl offered “Oh sure come on back and I’ll measure you up.” Once down to her dainties again she sized her up quickly. She picked out a nice pink 41DD and they tried it. “Perfect fit” she said.

    Casey looked in the mirror as she hefted the increased weight of her frontal globes and said “I’ll take three of these. And the matching panties.” Her bum had swollen to match, now taping at 38”.

    The salesgirl said sure “Anything else?”

    Casey said “Yes but…”

    “But what?”

    “I don’t know what to get. I’ve never really bought decent clothes before. Never had the need, not the money for that matter.”

    Casey was assured by the now-professional tone of her new fashion advisor “Relax. I know what to do. First what is the stuff for?”

    “Work. I’m a schoolteacher. They like me to dress a bit low key. That’s probably why you thought I was older.”

    The salesgirl blushed. “About that. We got off to a bad start the other day. My fault. I’m so…”

    Casey cut her off. “Don’t worry about it. I was just having a bad day cause I thought I was starting to get, you know…fat.” Twirling back and forth, she admired her new purchases as she added. “My boss steered me right, though. Just hormones. Actually now that I’m getting used to it, I think I like the new me. ”

    “Riiiight” the girl said picking up the cue. She was no genius, but knew enough that the right turn of phrase could earn her a nice commission. “Look miss, I don’t think you’re fat either. You have a nice voluptuous body. I’d like to have boobs like that especially. There is a downside to being this skinny.”

    Casey smiled at that. “Let’s can the Miss stuff. Makes me feel old. My name is Casey.”

    The other girl reciprocated. “I’m Jelly.”


    Rolling her eyes her new friend explained “My real name is Angelica Belladonna Frangione. The kids in school used to call me Jelly Belly for short. Now it’s just Jelly.”

    “Jelly it is. Aren’t you going to get some stuff for me to try on?”

    Casey was there right till close and the two girls became friends as she tried on item after item, totalling nearly $1500.

    As she escorted her new friend out the door, Jelly asked. “How did you plan to get this stuff home?”

    Casey mused “Oh I didn’t think of that. Subway I guess.”

    Jelly shook her head. “I got a better idea. I’ll buy you a coffee and then take you home. I have my dad’s car today.”

    Casey smiled “You’re on.”

    Once inside Jelly ordered for both of them.

    She returned to the table with a plate of Danish and two Frappacinos.

    Digging in, Casey tasted her drink. “Mmmm this is good.”

    Jelly’s eyes widened at that revelation. “Oh my God. You’ve never had one?”

    “No not really. Guess you like it right?”

    “Oh yeah. But I’ll just nibble on the Danish. Too close to dinner for me. Mom gets mad if I don’t finish.”

    Jelly smiled as Casey wolfed down four of the six Danish and downed the rest of her drink.

    Sipping her drink and nibbling on one corner of a Danish, Jelly had the glimmer of an idea. “Want another? You might as well have the last Danish, too.”

    She slid the plate over and when she returned, noticed that not only had Casey finished her own Danish, but the remaining half of her companion’s.

    She passed the second drink to her new friend, who asked, “Only one?”

    “Oh I still have left. Besides they are very fa… fashionable, so they are expensive.”

    Now Casey blushed. “Oh and I’ve made a pig of myself. Here, let me pay.”

    Jelly shook her head. “No, really it’s okay. I made a good commission from this sale.” Then she smiled as Casey sipped away. Jelly looked at her indulging her appetite and thought to herself. She was about to say If you keep stuffing yourself like that, you will probably need to come back for a refit. Then she realized maybe she would lose another commission. Besides, she was lonely and something about this girl made her think they could become friends.

    That night as Jelly dropped her off, Casey thanked her and said “See you soon.”

    The two young women did become close friends, as Casey made regular visits to update her wardrobe. As she gained, her need for bigger clothes followed. By Thanksgiving, she was up to size 8.

    Having outgrown the clothes in Alice’s “Lost and Found”, Casey was spending more of her salary on “upgrades”. She met Jelly at the store, who measured her up once again. First she fitted her for a new selection of bras, this time in 43E. Jelly advise her that she need to go for sturdier styles now, to prevent stretch marks and keep their increased mass in check.

    Hefting them in their new fabric prison, Casey agreed. Guess this is the trade-off for getting up to 140 pounds. It’s worth it, though. You should see the guys gawk, as I walk down the hall these days. My boss, Alice tries to get me to act more demurely, but there’s no hiding these babies. Caught Coach Watson staring the other day. He walked right into an open door. Got a black eye and told his wife it happened in basketball practice.”

    Both enjoyed a laugh at this. Intrigued Jelly probed further as she continued to measure up her client.

    Hmm Hips 41, Waist 28. She noticed a faint hint of cellulite forming on the back of Casey’s thicker thighs. Not only that, despite her best fitting efforts; the young teacher was developing a pronounced set of back boobs. No more bikini cut panties, either. The bubble butt she had developed need “full coverage”. Of course she knew better than to tell her. It wasn’t just the financial risk now. Casey was a genuine friend, and her feelings were important to her.

    Casey rubbed her plump belly, now impossible to downplay, as it stuck out more than 4 inches further than her first visit here. It rumbled in protest, so loudly that Jelly heard it too. She blushed adding “Guess I’m overdue for a fillup. Say you wouldn’t have anything to nibble..”

    Jelly smiled. “Way ahead of you. I got four éclairs up front, just in case.” Returning she offered the entire box, but Casey took only two. “You have the other two.” Then more sternly, “I insist.” Jelly began to munch away not willing to admit she had actually bought a six-pack and eaten two already. After the first bite, she was lost in the moment and forgot the lingering after effects of the calorie laden sweet.

    Once Casey had chosen her purchases, she offered. “I’ve noticed lately you’ve been dressing a bit different.”

    She was right. The short skirts and tight tube tops had made way for looser, heavier dresses. Once Jelly even came to work in sweats, but she got in trouble from the manager for her appearance.

    “Is everything okay? Maybe I could buy you something…”

    Jelly smiled. “More than okay thanks. Maybe you’ve noticed it’s also getting colder out there. See anyone else in tank tops or shorts today?” The whole truth would come later, but this was not the time.

    On that note however she pressed. “Think you could have dinner with me. I’d like to talk.”

    Concerned about her only real friend, Casey said “Sure.”

    Jelly said, “Store should have closed an hour ago. Get your stuff and I’ll drive. I know a good place.”

    It turned out to be a local Buffet. “Over her third plate of prime rib, Casey finally asked “So spill, what’s on your mind?”

    Jelly nibbled on her salad. “I’m not sure how to ask, so I’ll just blurt it out. It’s about this”, as she pointed to the massive pile of beef, potatoes and gravy. “When we first met you were worried about getting…bigger. Now, not so much.”

    Casey rubbed some gravy of her chin and asked “What’s your point?”

    Jelly pressed further. “Has anyone teased you about it, or given any negative feedback.”

    Swallowing another mouthful Casey explained “Nah sho fah. Gulp. In fact, Sam the principal says I look very elegant. Alice says I’m getting more beautiful every day.” She stuck out her chest and added “At the risk of being immodest, I’m inclined to agree.”

    Jelly did too, but added nothing. Casey misinterpreted her silence, adding, “My boss showed me some research. The average woman is size ten, not size two. Besides, beauty is not related to size. Alice is a large woman and is still quite attractive for your age. From what I’ve seen of your boss I could say the same thing.”

    Jelly nearly scoffed but asked “You think Francine is pretty?”

    Casey pushed her empty plate aside, rising to get another helping. “Stunning, actually. I’m getting dessert. Going to join me?”

    “Uh sure.” The conversation gave Jelly pause to reflect. It would change both their lives.
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    I will have to carry this on tomorrow. Two of the chapters are too big to post so I will have to parse them and break them down.
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    Chapter 7

    The winter season approached and with it Christmas. The Christmas party was on December 7 and it was a semi formal affair. Despite the fact she had no date, Casey was determined to go and mingle with her new colleagues. She had nothing suitable and as usual, went to her favourite boutique.

    Asking for Jelly, the sales manager asked “You mean Angelica? She’s off today. Can I help you?”

    “No it’s okay, I know where everything is. I’m a regular.”

    The manager smiled, offering “All right, just call me if you need me.”

    Casey went by her instincts and picked out a leather skirt and brief silk top. She poured herself into a size 8 and stood in front of the mirror to survey her new look. It looked great to her but she could barely breathe, the outfit was so tight.

    The senior saleswoman came over and asked. “That’s a different look for you, dear. Special occasion?”

    Casey smiled “Yes, actually school Christmas party.”

    The manger nodded. “So where do you go to school? What are you taking?”

    Her customer blanched at that. “What, no I’m not a student. I’m a teacher. Home Ec. But thanks; most people actually think I’m older. Probably the way I dress. I’m tired of the librarian look; I need to feel sexy again, especially with this extra baggage.” She stroked her bulging belly as she looked at how her breasts nearly popped out of the skimpy top. “This should raise some eyebrows, at least” she said.

    Francine raised a critical eyebrow. “Hmm. I agree, but not for the right reasons I think. Look dear, I’m 45 years old, can you trust my years of expertise in this business? I think you were going for sexy. That’s not it, I’m afraid. Sexy means alluring with understated elegance. There’s nothing understated about this outfit. In fact if I may be so bold, it just looks cheap on you.”

    A bit insulted Casey began to cry and said, “Cheap. Then why do you have it?”

    Francine shrugged “Well because it sells, obviously. Casual customers, or one offs, I don’t really get to know what fits their lifestyle. You on the other hand are a preferred customer. Besides I don’t want a friend of Angelica’s to be hurt. Will you trust my judgement?”

    Casey said “I guess so. Do I have a choice.”

    “Good. We close in an hour. Why don’t you get something next door and come back at six. I’ll lock us in and we’ll do it right.”

    Wiping her eyes, Casey said “Sure. Thanks.”
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    Casey found something to do in the hour. Three Frappacinos, six éclairs and a slice of Black Forest Cake later, she rolled into the store and the manager locked the door, hustling her out back.

    Before they started, the manager introduced herself as Francine. “I’m Casey.” Was the reply

    “I know. Okay we need to start from the inside out. I think I picked out the right sizes. Let’s get started. Take it all off. Used to the routine with Alice, Casey stripped right down. First let’s try a nice evening bra.”

    Sorting through the garments, she produced a black lace number. “Here we go. A girl your size needs a little support up top. Besides your old one was too small anyway. The wired 45EE half cups, in black lace made a welcome change from her normal Plain-Jane items. Her boobs were enormous already, but propped up on display like this, they looked even bigger. Then the matching panties. Finally, a very sheer black lace camisole, which hugged her figure, but covered up most of the cleavage she had just revealed.

    She was about to protest when Francine said “Wait till we are done.” Semi-sheer black panty hose and some three-inch black heels came next. Finally, overtop a black velour wrap dress, which fit her like a glove. There she was in long sleeves, skirt past the knee, the deep cut cleavage masked by the thin lace camisole.

    Francine clucked “That looks good. Let’s try some accessories, to finish the effect.” First a wide contoured cinch belt with a rear buckle, to draw attention away from the swell of her ever-growing belly. An extra long strand of pearls knotted in front, trailed over the centre of the camisole, and tucked into the front of the dress. Thus, it was suspended over and drew attention to, the chasm of her cleavage beneath. Pulling out her makeup kit, she worked wonders, especially on her plump cheeks giving the illusion of tight cheekbones. Finally, Francine let her long red hair down and said “Take a look. Tell me what you think”

    In spite of herself, Casey gasped. “It’s fantastic. I’ll take it all.” She was about to rip off the price tag; when she blanched at two of the figures. This dress was seven hundred dollars, way over her budget! Even more appalling, it was a size 10 and fit her perfectly, maybe even on the tight side. She really was getting bigger, faster. Although she was comfortable with the current shape of her body, enough was enough. This gaining had to stop. She was going on a crash diet. Right after Christmas, of course.

    Francine noticed her unease, asking “You okay?”

    “Oh yes. It’s..beautiful, but I’m sorry. I should have set a budget for this. I’ve wasted your time. Francine, I can’t afford this. A junior schoolteacher’s pay only goes so far…”

    Francine pursed her lips in thought “Ah. That’s a shame. It looks good on you. Sexy in fact. That outfit will have the desired effect. Do you agree that women our size can look good too?” She patted her own paunch which was even bigger.

    “Oh yes. Actually I told Jelly that a long time ago”

    Francine offered a puzzling reply. “I know. She told me the same thing right after you did. Made my day.”

    Then a shock. She reached for a pair of scissors and cut the label off. “Okay take it off and I’ll wrap it. I’ll throw the accessories in too.”

    Now Casey protested. “Look you aren’t listening. I can’t pay for this.”

    Francine smiled. “In a way you already have. I was teasing you a bit earlier. I know more about you than you think. Angelica never stops talking about how beautiful you are and how much fun you have together. She needs that and your friendship more than you can imagine. As for the items, I own this store. Just think of it as my Christmas gift to you, in return for your contribution to her well being.”

    Casey sensed there was more to this story. “You seem fond of her.”

    “Of course. She’s my only child.”

    Despite the revelation, Casey said “This is too generous. There’s something else you are not telling me.”

    Francine countered “Actually not as generous as you think. If you knew what the mark-up is on this stuff you would never shop again. But your instincts are right. There is more. Jelly had an eating disorder in her late teens. She was quite fat as a child and the kids…”

    Casey rolled her eyes as she realized “Of course! Jelly Belly.” It wasn’t a nickname, at least one she would take delight in.

    Her mother pleaded “Oh please, don’t call her that. She was traumatized and she went anorexic. It was hard just getting her to stay at a hundred pounds. She had been going to a clinic for treatment but your friendship and positive attitude have snapped her back to reality. She was actually delighted to tell me she had gained ten pounds since you two met. She said it was to look like me, but I think you are her real role model. I sent her on a bit of cruise with her dad as a reward. I’m hoping for good news…”

    Casey blanked for a moment. “Oh I bet she gains a bit more.” Then she realized that was why she had been dressing with bulkier clothing. She was trying to hide her gain-even from her.

    “Look Casey you are the first real friend she has had in years, and you seem well adjusted to your...figure, which is stunning by the way. Just be a friend and realize she is in a fragile state. Best if you don’t say anything about her weight, but if you do, make sure it’s positive. I owe you big time if there is ever anything else I can do…”

    Then, Casey did her best Brando impression. “One day, and that day may never come. I may ask you do do me a service.”

    Francine slapped her butt. Now get out of here. I hope you make an impression.

    Casey was pleased with the outfit, but the size change bothered her. At home, she weighed herself and was shocked to see the numbers stop at 155 pounds. She looked down at the swollen belly making a major contribution to her now 32 inch waistline. Rubbing it gently, she spoke down at it, as if it was another person. “Keeping you full is getting to be a habit. But after Christmas I’m taking over again.”

    As if in protest it rumbled loudly. She actually scolded it now. “No sense arguing. I really am getting too fat.” Then she strolled into the kitchen and all was forgotten as she took out a couple pieces of chicken from the family sized bucket and heaped a mound of fries on them. By the time she passed out on the couch an hour later, all the fries and all but one of the ten pieces of chicken made their contribution to soothing the pangs inside. In a battle of wills, her belly was winning, and it signalled its victory by popping the button from her slacks as she slept.

    Francine was right that she would make an impression. Impression was the understatement of the year. Casey was an instant hit. Although her increasing voluptitude was well known; the staff were now used to her dowdy look and the contrast was stark. Unsteady on the heels,she wiggled just enough for all her curves to jiggle at the same time. A couple of drinks later she realized that none of the husbands were repelled by her fuller figure. Her inhibitions reduced, she began to flirt with some of them. The wives looked daggers at her, as they were repeatedly deserted by the men of the crowd; in hopes for a better look and perhaps a dance.

    This was not lost on Sam, who took Alice aside “Looks like your little plan has backfired a bit.”

    Alice frowned “You should talk. I saw you talking to her earlier. You were practically drooling. But don’t start getting singular on me. This plan was all your idea. A plan which you said not to talk about; by the way.”

    Sam held up his hands. “You’re right, I surrender. Now what? If the PTA sees her like this, she’s done for.”

    Alice frowned. “That’s not fair. She’s a good girl and she can’t help what she looks like. Especially since I was the one who fat…”

    “Don’t say it. What can we do?”

    Alice scoffed. “Well judging by the way she’s been flaunting those boobs around a diet is out of the question. Plan B I think.”

    “And plan B is?”

    “Same as Plan A. Just more of the same. Probably a lot more. Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem to mind, at least so far. Lucky for us she doesn’t have a clue what I’m doing. I will need your support for the next phase. If we do this right she’ll never know what hit her.”

    Understanding, Sam said. I’ll leave it to you. Maybe you better get her in a cab though. I think her evening is nearly over. Casey had little tolerance for liquor, so it was not long before she was ready to go home. The only damage to her professional reputation was a bit of a hangover the next day.
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    Chapter 8

    December 21. Last day of school before Christmas break. Casey came in and made sure all the ingredients were there for the freshman Christmas party. The girls had been working hard to bake goodies all week. The boys of their class would be the guests and they were eager to please.

    Alice came in and caught her nibbling on fruitcake. “Hey that’s for the kids.”

    Casey jumped. “Oh sorry. Just couldn’t resist.” Then she looked down at the growing paunch, now with another inch of projection. She couldn’t resist much these days. Hopping on the scale this morning she was discouraged to find she was up to 162 pounds. Another seven pounds in two weeks! Even the size twelve skirt she had fished out of the garment box, had felt a bit snug around her waist. She would be wearing size fourteen soon, if she wasn’t careful.

    Thinking of that, she was about to return the slice she had picked up; but her rumbling belly called out and overruled her will power. As she started to munch away again, Alice smiled in satisfaction, “How is it?”

    “Naw bad ashually.” She grabbed two more pieces and walked over to her place at the counter.

    Alice scolded her mockingly with a smile. “I told you that’s for the kids. I got something for us.” Then to herself, “For you actually. This will fatten you up if if can convince you to try it.” She produced a whole Black Forest cake and pushed it over. “I know you like this. Help yourself. It’s all yours.”

    Casey scoffed.” I’m not eating that by myself. Even if I could finish it, I need those calories like I need a hole in my head. I weighed myself today. I’m over 160. This job is turning me into a fat pig.” She was unconvincing, staring longingly at the rich treat and licking her lips. Alice needed little effort to convince her.

    “Oh psssh girl. Sure you’re a little bigger, but it looks good on you. You carry it well and besides I still see the men staring at you. You could do with a few more pounds.”

    Casey was reassured. “Why not, it’s Christmas. Maybe a little won’t hurt me. Cutting down can be my New Year’s resolution.”

    Alice smiled in victory. “That’s the spirit. Indulge yourself. Everyone else does this time of year. Get started and I’ll make you a shake.”

    Alice spun on her heel , hoping there would be no argument. She breathed easily as she heard “Mate it shokolah. Excuse me, chocolate. Better make a double batch. This is a lot to wash down.”

    It was all Alice could do not to gloat. “No problem dear. I think we have enough.” Stifling a chuckle, she returned with the fattening shake, which helped her assistant to wash down her 14,000 calorie breakfast snack.

    Casey was puzzled “Aren’t you going to join me?”

    “ No time, it’s all for you. I need to lay out some more plates. You just keep eating. We don’t want the kids to see that or they’ll want some.”

    Once again her reply assured Alice that her “project” was under control. “No danger of that. They aren’t due for half hour. It’ll be gone by then.” Then a slurp as the straw sucked bottom. “Oh. Think you could…”

    The ever helpful boss was all too eager to please. “Coming up. Eat up my dear. I can almost hear you growing fatter by the minute.”

    She returned with another double batch to see the cake was half gone already. Greedily her assistant began to slurp down the thick mixture. Alice was taken aback when Casey asked for the recipe. “They are really addictive, and so good. I’d like to make some at home.” Then she added. “I bet my best friend Jelly would like them too.”

    Alice blushed at first but Casey bought the explanation. “Sorry love, old family recipe. You want them, you need to come to me.”

    Casey shrugged. “It’s okay I guess. It would be a nice bedtime snack.”

    Re-thinking a potential lost opportunity Alice offered. “I could make some to take home if you like. If I freeze the mix, just two minutes in the micro and blend it, its just like fresh.”

    Casey nodded as she sucked greedily on this one. Alice would have liked to know how much she had added to her adipose layer on this one meal alone. Didn’t matter, in the long run as long as she kept up the momentum. Alice pondered that for a while; as Casey and size twelve inexorably drifted to different horizons.
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    Chapter 9

    Once the party was over and class was dismissed Alice asked. “You have plans for Christmas dear?”

    Casey looked down at her empty plate and softly offered “No, nothing special.” Then silence.

    A bit taken aback, Alice pondered for a second, then noticed the look on the young woman’s face. Instantly she realized that she really was going to do nothing. She had no family around and Alice was afraid to pry for fear of shutting her down.

    Instead a request. “Oh, that’s lucky for me, I guess. I have a special guest coming this year and I want to make a good impression. If you aren’t going to do anything, maybe you could give me a hand.”

    Casey shrugged. “Sure. To do what?”

    The bait taken Alice expanded “Well I have a most of my baking yet to do. It’s a lot of work and frankly I’m way behind. Normally I’m better prepared but this year I got sidetracked.”

    “Oh me, right?”


    Casey blushed “Well I feel guilty now.”

    “Don’t. I was glad to do it and you have been a delight. But I could use some help, to get things ready. Besides it will be good training. Your baking skills still need work.”

    Casey nodded. “I know. Just say when.”

    “I’ll pick you up in the morning.”

    December 22and 23 she helped Alice make all kinds of goodies she had never heard of. The two women enjoyed each other’s company immensely, despite their age differences. Casey must have made and eaten at least thirty different kinds of cookies cakes and pies. Alice made sure she was actually learning something , but also kept a steady flow of shakes coming her way to wash everything down. The extra attention and family environment was something she was new to her.

    On the second afternoon over lunch Alice reached into her purse and handed a small strand of pearls to her. “Here dear, I’d like you to have these, as a token of my appreciation for all your help. You can stop wearing those fake ones.”

    Casey welled up a bit and said, “I can’t accept payment from you for this. I was glad to help.”

    “I know. Then consider it a gift, friendship, Christmas or otherwise. I got three boys, but no daughters. Indulge an old lady and let me spoil you a bit.”Both of them hugged and failed in their attempt s to hide their tears.

    Frank broke the mode as he strode in. I’m going to the liquor store for some wine. Need anything dear.

    Alice shook her head, and asked “Maybe you can drop Casey off on the way.”

    The young woman collected her stuff, said her goodbyes and was on her way. It made her a bit sad when she went home to an empty apartment. She didn’t bother to check but the nibbling over those two days added yet another three pounds. At least her stomach was happy. It didn’t last. After a brief nap she got up around midnight and gorged herself, on an entire lasagna. On top of that she added a Sarah Lee cake and a quart of the shake mixture she had brought home with her.

    Next morning around 11:00 she was still having her breakfast; when a knock at the door disturbed her. Munching away on her toas,t she opened it to reveal an attractive woman, about 30ish.She smiled and said “You must be Casey.”

    Swallowing Casey asked “And you are?”

    Offering her hand she explained “Jeanine, Alice’s daughter in law. I’m your ride.”

    Puzzled Casey asked “Ride where?”

    “Where do you think? Get dressed and don’t argue you are coming with me.” Casey finally caught on. Alice’s special guest as she put it, was her.

    Now she protested “Oh no I couldn’t impose…”

    Jeanine was more emphatic “Look, you can be all embarrassed about it; but in the end it boils down to two things. You come with me….”


    “Or I move in here, with you. You’ve met Alice right? I’m not going back empty handed.”

    The two women laughed together. “You’d better come in. I’m just having a lazy day. Had breakfast?”

    Jeanine held up and open palm. “Oh yeah. Twice actually.” Patting her belly she sighed. “Sometimes I swear that woman is trying to fatten me up. So far, she’s failed. Good thing Steve and I live so far away.” As Casey moved into the bedroom to change, she hollered out “Sorry for the mess. I wasn’t expecting company.”

    Jeanine looked around and said to herself “Guess not.” The dining room and kitchen were absolutely littered with dishes and empty packages. She certainly wasn’t much of a housekeeper.

    The door closed and Casey doffed her nightwear, pondering a wardrobe selection. Standing naked in front of the mirror she took a hard look at her 45EE-31-43 figure. Her arms were swelling up so much that she took to wearing puffy sleeved sweaters to hide them. Each of her thighs now topped out at twenty inches and they were starting to dimple with the two inches of cellulite that covered them. Already she was unable to stand with both feet together. There was just too much flesh in the way. Her bum had kept pace. Turning sideways she kneaded the ballooning cheeks, which were so soft and jiggly now, they usually stopped moving about five seconds after she did. No more pants either, each side of her waistline had a three inch lovehandle, combined with an eight inch pot belly. The effect was an unflattering muffin top. Trying to fit it all into the waistband was like trying to stuff a marshmallow into a piggy bank. As usual her breasts had gotten the lions share of the growth. She cupped the EE orbs but noticed that they had started their losing battle with physics. Gravity had already induced tiny stretch marks, and to minimize this she even wore a bra to bed. Her face had puffed up too. The three strands of pearls would at least draw attention from her double chin. Makeup would have to do the rest. She picked out a nice sweater set and a loose wool skirt. The pearls and matching ear rings were the finishing touch. Packing a bag just in case, she emerged ready to go.
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    With nothing better to do, the visitor had cleaned up the mess and did the dishes just in time for Casey to appear. She was mumbling “I just want to clean up my breakfast dishes before we…Oh. You didn’t have to do that. But thanks. I didn’t want to come home to a messy place.”

    Jeanine was reassured that the mess really was recent. Most would not have believed a person would make that much food for one meal. Now out of the loose pajamas, Casey’s bulging figure was a testament to this.

    “Good plan. I see you packed a bag. You won’t see this place till new years I imagine.”

    “You clean up real nice, girl. Alice said you were pretty.” Jeanine smiled as she saw the pearls around her neck.

    “Those are nice. Where’d you get em?”

    “Oh, Alice gave them to me yesterday. Sort of a Chirstmas gift I guess. Look I still feel funny about this. This is a time for loved ones to get together. Alice is just my b…”

    Jeanine stopped her “She get them from her purse?”

    “Yes how did…”

    “She carries them around, but hardly ever wears them, for fear of staining or losing them . They belonged to her mother, and she treasures them. I think she thinks more of you than you realize.” Then to herself as she surveyed the vast expanse of her companions body “And I think I know why.”

    Christmas week went quickly. Casey really enjoyed meeting Alice’s family but asked. “I thought you had three sons.”

    Alice explained “ I do. Jimmy is on a trip for work. He is at a Microsoft convention in Maui.”

    New Year’s day. Casey is just finishing her third dessert exclaiming “Oh that was good. I think all I did was eat this week. I want to thank you all for your generosity.” They had done a last minute shopping spree on her behalf, so she would have something under the tree. All the outfits she got were size fourteen, but she would just exchange them next week, so no one’s feelings were hurt.

    Alice smiled “I’m glad you enjoyed everything. Since you made the dessert I’ll wrap up the rest to take home.”

    Casey held up her hand “Ah that won’t be necessary. She stood and smoothed her dress over her belly. I think I need to cut down a bit and lose some of this weight. This was my last binge. New Year’s resolution, I’m going on a diet starting tomorrow. Maybe I’ll join a gym.”

    Jeanine looked at Alice for some sort of protest and she just said “Whatever you want, dear. You did say tomorrow, though?” She spooned another helping of plum pudding and ice cream and slathered the works with brandy sauce. Handing it to Casey she giggled. “Might as well go out with a bang right?”

    Casey stared at first. “But…”

    Jeanine piped in. “No point in arguing. Here I’ll share it with you. Then I’ll take you home.” To herself “Before you burst! Good grief Alice can’t you see what’s happening to her.” She shook her head in amazement as Casey finished it all herself and had another piece of apple pie a la mode to boot.

    Alice gave her the rest of the pie to take home. Jeanine was surprised that she didn’t start eating it in the car. Actually it had occurred to Casey, but without a fork it was impractical.

    Once in the apartment Jeanine asked if they could talk a bit. “Sure, coffee?”

    Her guest declined.

    “Oh, something stronger, perhaps. I have a nice bottle of wine in the fridge.”

    “Perhaps a soft drink, not diet though.” She touched her belly as she said that and the way she did it gave the secret away. “I’m…”

    “pregnant.” Casey finished her sentence and the blush from her companion confirmed it.

    “Look it’s early days but I need to tell someone and I’m pretty sure you can keep a secret. Only six weeks so we didn’t want to announce yet.”

    “I have just the thing. She remembered the other shake mix in the freezer. In a jiffy she returned to the living room with a drink for each of them and a slice of warm pie.”

    Expecting a polite refusal, Casey was delighted when Jeanine took a sip. “Wow. This is amazing. What’s in it?”

    “You’ll need to talk to Alice about that. She’s never made one for you?”

    “Actually that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. She seems to love you and I can’t get the time of day from her. Maybe this baby will bring us closer. Any advice.”

    Casey pondered a moment. “Well she talks about you all the time. I think she misses you and resents that you live so far away. Maybe if you were closer to her you could be closer to her. Get it?”

    Puzzled, Jeanne countered “Not really.”

    “Well she’s off all summer, and by then you’ll be too big to work. Why don’t you ask her if you can spend the summer here with her.”

    Jeanine nodded. “Not bad. Neither is this. Got any more.”

    Casey nodded. “Enough for one each. After that “Go ask Alice” as the song goes.”

    A puzzled look was all she got in return. The conversation went on for about half an hour and Casey finally begged off to go to bed. As Casey watched her new friend amble toward the elevator she had no way of knowing what she had set in motion.

    Casey was so tired she wanted to go right to bed. But she noticed there was a phone message. It was from Jelly. So were the other ten. The last one said “Oh my God where are you? Call me as soon as you get in we need to talk.”

    She phoned her friend who simply said “Finally. I’m coming over.”
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    Chapter 10

    About twenty minutes later she arrived and it took ten minutes for her to calm down. First it was the trip, then the Christmas break. Taking off her ski jacket she showed off her new clothes. Jelly snorted “Daddy sprung for a new wardrobe.”

    Casey nodded.”Nice look on you actually.” Then another look. “Oh my God you got implants, didn’t you? That’s why you went away.”

    Jelly cupped her breasts and jiggled them up and down. “Nice eh? Only B cups but they’re real. I’ve been hiding this from you until I was sure this was what I wanted to do. When I saw how much prettier you were with a few extra pounds, I decided to give it a try. All those snacks and lattes with you; I’ve gained twenty pounds since Thanksgiving. The cruise added ten more. I’m up to 130; but now I don’t mind. For the first time I feel like a real woman and it’s all thanks to you. You were my inspiration, but don’t tell mom. She thinks it was down to her. On that note got anything to eat here. I’m starving!”

    Casey sat rooted to her spot “There’s something else. Spill.”

    “I met someone. He’s a vendor for one of our big lines. I automatically assumed he was gay because he didn’t seem interested in me. Turns out he wasn’t, but that was the old me. Once I started to fill out a bit; he started to flirt. Then he asked me out a few times for coffee. We hit it off right away. I can vouch for the fact that under the covers he is allman.”

    “What does he think about your…transformation?”

    “Oh he loves it. Actually he wants me to gain a bit more, but I don’t know.”

    Casey smiled. She went to the fridge and got the leftover pie. She cut a large slice for each of them and they got up to date. Having finished her third piece, Jelly was disappointed to discover the pie was gone. Apparently, she had less resistance to putting on weight than she was letting on.

    That was Casey’s cue to push her out the door.

    Getting up the next morning, she started to change for work and her new size 12 skirt wouldn’t fit. Forget about doing up the zipper, she couldn’t even slide it up over her hips, fastened or not. Panicking, she weighed herself and found it read 178-a fifteen-pound hangover to a week of holiday gluttony. That was it! The new regime started tonight. But what to wear? The new items she had gotten for Christmas!

    Sorting through she found a stretchy top and skirt, both size 14. They fit her, but only just. Measuring herself she found she had expanded to 48F-36-46

    Scanning her figure before she left she came to a realization.

    Big boobs or not, this had to stop. She was beyond voluptuous now. She was determined never to wear a size sixteen and she never would, but not for the reasons she hoped.

    Reporting for work, she took a moment early in the day to look through the yellow pages, for gyms. She also began to cut back on her food intake, only tasting the smallest morsels for marking and not snacking at all.

    At first, she expected Alice to make some comment; but was pleased that her boss stayed out of it.Then the other shoe fell. Just before 11th grade baking came in, Alice produced a sheaf of documents and handed them to her.

    “What’s this?”

    Alice explained “Good news. Something I’ve been working on for a bit. Long story short, both I and the school board are happy with your…progress. So much, that they have decided to offer you a bit of an incentive.”

    Intrigued the younger woman probed “Oh what’s that?”

    “Well I can only teach you so much during the day. You need some more in-depth training. So they’ve approved to pay for some night classes for you.”

    Casey looked at the schedule. Cooking three nights a week and beginner sewing on the other two.

    She was dismayed. “This is from 6 to ten every week night. What about my social life?” It was a stretch-she didn’t really have one, other than Jelly.

    Alice said “Well you need to work around that.”

    Casey asked further “How will I get to class.”

    “Oh that will be easy. They are here, so you can stay here if you want in between. By the way if you complete the courses successfully, the board will give you a raise. One full pay grade.”

    Casey thanked her, but now wondered how she would find the time for her workouts. Her career came first I guess. The extra money would come in handy too.

    That Monday as the students filed out she found herself with 2 ½ hours to kill. She decided to go into the gym and watched the cheerleader practice. A young girl was sitting on the bleacher doing her homework all alone. A tiny little thing, she looked so sad sitting there.

    Next day, same thing. Then on Wednesday, she couldn’t resist. Going over Casey said “Mind if I join you?”

    A warm smile in response. “Sure.”

    “I’m Miss..”

    “Miss Collins. I know. The Home Ec assistant.”

    Taken aback by this she asked “Oh are you in one of my classes?” It was a bit of a joke, as this girl obviously was in Grade School.

    The answer threw her a bit “No ma’am I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. Too bad. I’ve heard good things about you.” There was not a hint of sarcasm here. For some reason this pleasant little girl was a student here.

    Looking to find out more, Casey stuck out her hand “Pleased to meet you…”

    “Robin. Robin Reynolds.”

    Casey smiled “So why are you hanging out here Robin-Robin Reynolds? Got a thing for cheerleaders?” She laughed at her joke but she could see that her companion was not amused.

    “No ma’am. I tried out but I didn’t make the team. They said I was too small. But my big sister did. I wait for her so she can walk me home.”

    “Oh” said Casey realizing that this young girl was perhaps a victim of bullying. “Tell you what; I have some free time here every night till six. You can come keep me company if you like. Maybe help me make some cookies.”

    She smiled and said “I’d like that.” Casey went over and talked to the cheerleader coach and Robin’s sister.Then the two left hand in hand, with Robin beaming from ear to ear.

    Once Casey had ensured the homework was complete; they did make some cookies and when her sister Rose arrived, they took a dozen home.

    Robin showed up Thursday and Friday for more of the same and the two were becoming friends. Friday Robin said “Miss Collins, I need to tell you something. You keep calling me Robin-Robin Reynolds. I think I said it wrong when I introduced myself. It’s just Robin, actually.”

    Casey laughed “I know sweetie. It’s just a little joke. Tell you what. if you don’t tell anyone as long as we are in here, you and only you can call me Casey. I’d like that.”

    Robin said sure and just as Rose popped in the doorway Robin gave her a big hug and said “If not for you I would have gone back to my old school. You are the best Casey. Bye! Have a nice weekend.” Rose smiled and wiped a small tear from her eye before she turned to go.

    “You too Robin-Robin Reynolds.” The two girls left not a moment too soon, as Casey burst into tears herself.

    Monday Robin brought company. Two of her classmates asked if they could join in. “We need a place to study.” Then a week later, three more. Casey was delighted that she was so popular; but worried that she might overextend herself.

    When Robin’s sister came to pick her up the next Monday, she made a point of thanking Casey for her extra effort. “Miss Collins you don’t know how much of a difference you have made in her life. I was really worried high school would traumatize her. She’s only just twelve and small for her age.”

    “Twelve?” No wonder she was so small. It had never occurred for her to ask.

    Rose nodded “Oh yeah she skipped two grades; she’s brilliant actually. Anyway you are all she talks about at home.”

    Casey understood. “Funny, when she’s here all she talks about is you. She looks up to you a lot.”

    Rose shrugged “Well, she has to. But thanks. Look Miss Collins you’ve made my job a lot easier. If there is ever anything…”

    “Well actually now that you mention it. Will you do me a favour?” Then Casey outlined her plan.
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    Chapter 11

    One morning, a couple days later Casey comes in and Alice confronted her. “ Don’t get comfortable.” There was a note from Sam “Please see me soonest”

    Sensing the truth Casey asked “What’s this about?”

    Alice was cryptic “You’ll find out. I’m going with you.”

    Off they went and Sam began. “Casey it has been brought to my attention that you have formed a little after school club.”

    “Not so much formed sir. It just kind of happened all by itself. These girls…”

    Sam cut her off. “Don’t worry you aren’t in trouble. It’s just that any club or activity, has to be sanctioned by me. We can’t have things off the books.”

    Casey said “Oh, sorry.”

    “Anyway” he continued. “I found out that you have more than 12 girls involved already. That is way too much for you to do alone. I realize that you are donating your time but I can’t ask...”

    Casey brightened up. “Way ahead of you there. I thought maybe we could do a mentoring program, with the senior girls helping out a bit.”

    Intrigued, Alice asked “Have anyone in mind?”

    “Yes actually. The cheerleader squad.”

    Then Sam scoffed. “Those are the alpha of alpha girls. They’d never agree to that. I think you’d be wasting your time there.”

    Casey countered. “They are supposed to be the inspiration for school spirit. I thought they’d be perfect mentors. So did their coach. As for wasting my time...” She produced a list of volunteers and showed it to Sam. All but one signed up. Casey smiled. Rose had had a lot to do with it.

    Pleasantly surprised, but worried Sam said “I don’t know…”

    Casey looked at Alice and said. “One of my girls, Robin Reynolds was only in the 6th grade last year, and her sister says she is having trouble fitting in. Of course she is, she was still playing with dolls last summer and the girls in her class are becoming young women. Did anyone take that into account or provide any support for her? No they just dropped her in this class and expected her to cope because she is smart.”

    Now she was on a roll. “This course we teach is Home Economics and Family Studies right? This isn’t the fifties. A lot of these girls come from single parent families.” Now it was Alice’s turn to be on the receiving end. “On my first day with you, you said I shouldn’t be their big sister or friend. Well somebody has to be, for some of them at least. If not us, who?”

    Chastened, Alice said “She has a point. Rose and her sister especially need our help. Their mother had a stroke two years ago. Rose stayed home for a year to help nurse her back to health. Now she is going to graduate in the spring, but she feels her sister needs her at home. She’s smart too, but I think we may lose them both if we don’t..”

    “I surrender” Sam nodded . “Tell you what. We’ll give it a month and meet again.”

    As she stood to leave, Sam said “Oh one more thing. This meeting was for the record because I had to. Unofficially, I am very proud of your achievements. Keep it up.”

    The new routine took its toll. Casey did her normal job during the day, consuming an average of 3000 calories. This alone would have caused her to gain 2 pounds per week. On top of that, she packed in the meals she cooked three nights a week at night school, the snacks from the after school club and an occasional weekend meal with Jelly. By April, she was more than fifty pounds heavier, at 230 pounds.

    The men had stopped leering. Although she was even more busty at 55G, the 46 inch waistline and 52 inch hips that came as a package deal, weren’t to the taste of most. She was well liked by her students so no one made fun of her new size, even as she waddled down the hallways, with an ever-present snack in hand.

    Sam had become alarmed at this turn of events and summoned his co-conspirator. “Alice I’m worried about Casey. She’s really starting to fill out, to the point we can say “Mission Accomplished”. Think maybe you are overdoing it a bit?”

    Alice scoffed. “Bit late for second thoughts isn’t it? Changing someone’s behaviour patterns isn’t like throwing a switch. Besides, we didn’t do anything to her did we? Or have you forgotten already?”

    Sam blushed at the admonishment.

    Alice continued. “Relax Sam. Your secret is safe. I have cut down on her intake, at my end. She’s doing this to herself for the most part. Can’t really tell her she’s too fat now, after telling her the opposite for so long. Leave her to me.”

    Sam nodded. “Well at least we don’t have to worry about the effect she will have on the boys and male teachers. She’s out of danger now.”

    Alice patted her own paunch and glared at him. “You saying a big girl can’t be attractive? I was fifty pounds lighter when Frank married me. He still tells me he loves me every day.” “And proves it in bed twice a week” she added to herself. “Trust me that girl is a knockout and any man would be lucky to have her.” Her dander up, she spun on her heel and stormed off.

    “Well, that’s me told” he thought. No matter. The situation is under control and that was what counted. At Christmas fuelled by one drink too many, he had seriously considered a clandestine affair with her. At least now that temptation was gone. Scoffing as he entered the office, his last thought on the matter was scepticism at Alice’s remarks. In retrospect he felt bad for what they had done. Casey would be lucky to find a man, any man. And at the rate she was growing, it better be soon.
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    Chapter 12

    So the weeks wore on as the cheerleaders took turns interacting with their junior colleagues. Even some of the habitual truants and borderline dropouts took an interest. It turned out the program worked so well, they actually had the occasional visitor from the board and other schools looking to copy Casey’s model. Obviously Sam was delighted and provided a small budget for supplies and refreshments.

    Robin helped with that. One day Casey was mulling over some forms and receipts and cursing under her breath. “What’s the problem?” she was asked.

    “Oh I’m in charge of inventory and supplies. The invoices and stock reports are new to me. I’m a liberal arts major, not a bookkeeper.”

    Robin offered “I’m pretty good at math and I’m done my homework. Maybe I could help?”

    Within a week she had streamlined the process , revealing that the company Casey bought most of her sewing supplies from; was double shipping orders and not honouring their price agreements. Obviously Mr. Miller was taking advantage of Casey’s youth and inexperience.

    Casey said “I’d better tell Alice. We need to get him in here to fix this.”

    Robin offered “No need. I already sent him an email. He thinks I’m some kind of auditor for the school board. Now he is worried about getting fired, so will credit our account and give us some deals to make up the “errors”.”

    Casey snickered and thought “Wonder what he will think when he finds out our “auditor” is a twelve-year-old student.

    Two months in and they had a visitor. Allison Forrest stood in the open doorway, with her cheerleader outfit in her hand.

    Casey recognized her, realizing that the cheerleader captain was the lone holdout from the squad. “Hello dear come to join us.”

    Allison scoffed and said “As if. I was just hoping you could help me with this.”

    She showed Casey the waistband on her uniform skirt which had ripped slightly.

    Casey pondered a moment. “Mmm can’t do that. Maybe one of the girls would help you. Robin’s getting pretty good. Maybe she could…”

    Then she saw the look on Robin’s face. She was genuinely frightened as she said “Um Miss do I have to?”

    Casey said “When we started this what were the two rules I set out?”

    Robin replied “Everyone is welcome.”


    “We stick together and help each other.”

    “There you go. Now as for you, perhaps if you asked nicely. Can’t you see she’s scared of you.”

    Allison blushed. “Sorry ma’am. Robin can you help me. Please.” A silent nod in assent.

    “There that wasn’t so hard.” Casey grabbed Allison’s hand and pulled her into a chair beside Robin. After a few minutes the tension relaxed and Robin quickly made the repair. Allison stayed for a visit, even having a snack.

    Mid-May. The senior class was getting ready for prom and most were excited. But not all.

    Casey found out that 10 of the senior girls were not going; not because they were dateless, but because they had no money to buy a decent prom dress.

    Casey wondered what to do. “Then, an idea.”

    She phoned Francine. “Are you ready now to do me that service?” Once Francine had stopped laughing she said “How can I refuse Don Corleone.”

    Casey outlined her request and Francine said “Meet me at the store on Saturday.”

    She did as requested and Francine handed her a big box. “Here take these. Some bridesmaid dresses, end of line and alterations no one picked up. There’s 10 or 15 there, assorted sizes. Start with those.”

    “Thanks. Where’s Jelly? I haven’t seen her for awhile.”

    Francine said “Out somewhere with Tony. If I know her, likely not too far from a restaurant. I think she took this new look seriously. She told me she wants to be bigger still. Bigger than you even.”

    Casey blushed at that “Hey. Watch it. You’re not exactly Twiggy yourself there.” She hugged her friend who said “You come see me once in awhile too. You’re like a second daughter to me, you know.”

    Casey stifled a tear and grabbed the box. She took a cab back and the after school group expanded to include the potential recipients.They were all laughing, as the dresses were quite hideous as delivered. Many would need extensive repairs or alterations, to render them the least bit suitable.

    Rose came over and said “It’s okay Miss Collins, you tried.” Then she saw Allison standing at the doorway again. Once again her outfit had ripped. This time, it was more apparent why. Everyone could see she had put on some weight lately. Considerable weight, in fact.

    She strolled in and grabbed a couple cookies. As she munched away, she handed Robin the skirt and said “You think you could help me again. Please?”

    Rose offered “What’s the point. You’ve only been out once this month. You’re out of shape and out of practice.

    Giving her butt a playful swat she kidded “You’re getting too much junk in your trunk, girl. That probably explains why your skirt is ripped. Again.”

    Casey was about to admonish Rose for her rudeness but Robin stepped in. “It’s okay I’ll help you. Come sit down.”

    “Thanks I owe you.”

    Instead of sitting, Allison looked around and asked Robin what was happening. “Oh we were trying to turn these into prom dresses but…”

    Allison picked on up and said “Who is this for?”

    Kelly McDowell said. “I liked it but its way too big and too..”

    Allison said “It’s too everything You can’t wear this, you’ll be a laughing stock.”

    Rose was getting angry. “It’s easy to criticize; we’re trying to help. Can you do better?”

    Without a word Allison grabbed a sheet of paper and made a few sketches based on the dress in front of her. “How’s that?”

    Kelly said “Wow, it looks good on paper but…”

    Allison closed the door. “Put it on.”

    Kelly shrugged as Casey nodded, intrigued.

    Once on, Allison went to work. She cut the skirt and used the extra material for a shawl and pinned the dress to fit, with a more youthful and stylish shape.

    Everyone was impressed, including Kelly who said “You are good.”

    Casey looked at the sketch again. “This is more than good. It’s brilliant. You have a lot of talent. Thought of this for a career?”

    Allison smiled and blushed a bit at the compliment. “Thanks, I can draw and I know what things need to look like. I just can’t sew.”

    Smiling Rose offered her another cookie. “Peace offering? We can sew them. We need someone like you to show us what to do. You are drafted, girl. Robin, lock the door. No one is leaving until we sort this out. Like it or not, you are one of us.” Then Rose gave her a hug and added “Again.”
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    Chapter 13

    Now the centre of attention, Allison whipped up series of designs for each girl, based on the dresses there.

    Casey said “This is really good.”

    Then Allison countered, “But these dresses... Some of them are stained and the materials are just worn out. I know your friend meant well, but they really are only good for modelling and trial fits. We almost need to start from scratch.”

    Robin challenged “Then why don’t we?”

    Casey explained “Materials cost money. Money we don’t have.”

    Robin offered “If Allison will help me with a list of the stuff she wants, I bet can get it free. I think the textile guy Mr Miller is scared of me.”

    Allison laughed at that. “She said well if anyone else picks on me about my weight, I’ll call on you to fix them. She had just made a new friend.”

    Over the next few weeks, the projects were complete. The girls looked stunning and Allison admired her handiwork in spite of herself.

    Casey said “Just think, next year it will be your turn.” Then the smile disappeared from her face. “Oh right.”

    Casey went in the back room to put some of the materials away; but was just within earshot. Rose said, “You better lay of the junk food though. You’re really starting to fill out.

    You’ll be as big as Miss Collins if you aren’t careful. Boy she is ever getting fat, eh? Someone needs to have a serious talk with her.”

    Casey ignored the second comment as she came in, just in time to see Allison run out the door into the hallway. Rose looked hurt. “I’m sorry Miss. I wasn’t being spiteful. It just came out wrong. She really is filling out though…”

    “It’s okay. You take your sister home. I will talk to her.”

    In a few minutes Casey had calmed her down enough to bring her back for a chat. “Honey, Rose feels bad. She is just worried about you and frankly so am I. You have put on some weight. . Look at me. If anyone would understand it would be me.” It was true. Now she was up to 260 pounds, with no end in sight. Even the size 22 clothes she now wore, were getting tight.

    “Is there something you want to talk about?”

    “No. I can’t.”

    Casey took her hand and said “You can tell me. It’s okay.”

    Allison thought about it for a moment and then placed Casey’s hand on her abdomen. “I’m not gaining because of a junk food addiction. I’m 6 months pregnant. I’ll probably be finishing my junior year but I won’t be graduating. Oh Miss Collins what am I going to do? I’ve already been held back twice in grade school, and now I won’t even have a high school diploma. I’m only eighteen and my life is over.”

    Pregnant!Casey suspected as much but did not let on. “Do your parents know.”

    She nodded. “I told them a couple months ago.”

    “What about the father?”

    “He’s a freshman at State. Once his parents found out, they got him out of town. I’m on my own.”

    “Not if I can help it” thought Casey.

    She saw Allison to the door and soothed her “Don’t worry it will be fine.”

    Next morning, she confronted Alice about something else. “Can I ask you a question?”

    “Sure dear.”

    “ One of the girls made a comment about my size yesterday. Tell me honestly, do you think I’m fat?”

    Alice was caught off guard. “Why, no dear. You are just voluptuous.”

    Casey did not really believe her; but had other things to worry about. Allison had not come to school that day and she knew why.

    That night at the after school club, she took the senior girls aside towards the end for a little chat.

    “Look” she said “I need to tell you something. I could lose my job for this: but Allison needs our help. That’s more important.”

    Rose asked “What’s wrong?”

    “She’s pregnant. Six months. She’ll have to keep it now.”

    Rose nodded. “I should have known. We used to be close, then right after Christmas she shut down. Why are you telling us?”

    “Because we are going to help her. Here’s what I had in mind.”

    It took a few days, for Casey to get all her ducks in a row. Allison had not been to class in those few days, so Casey was going to go to her house on the weekend.

    Friday night at the after school club she was surprised, as Allison showed up carrying a small package.

    Now that the cat was out of the bag, she was wearing a maternity top and it emphasized her growing figure. Casey smiled and said “Come in, I was going to come see you. You just saved me a trip.”

    A polite smile “I can only stay a moment. I just wanted to bring this in.”

    Rose asked “Oh what’s that?”

    “It’s my cheerleader uniform. I can’t wear it anymore.”

    Robin offered, “Oh. If it’s too tight I can…”

    Allison said “It’s okay. Mrs. Ferguson said I can’t participate in the cheers, anymore.” Patting her belly she explained “Not safe for the baby. Besides, it’s seriously too small now. I learned a bit from you guys, so I made a few alterations to it myself. There’s only one person here, it will fit now.” She walked over and handed it to Robin.

    Robin looked at her sister, whose eyes were already misting over. She opened the box and there it was, a now-miniature cheerleader costume.

    Rose said “How…”

    Allison explained “I know you were heartbroken Robin when you didn’t get on the team, but you were just too small. We felt it wasn’t safe for you. Well year is nearly over and you won’t be able to do the physical stuff; but you can be sort of an honorary member, a mascot like.”

    Robin came over and hugged Allison and her sister and said “Oh my gosh what am I going to do?”

    Casey wiped her eyes and suggested “You could try it on. I need to talk to the seniors for a minute. Maybe the rest of you could all go help her.”

    Off they went and Casey changed the subject. “Allison I looked at your transcript and you are a good student. You only have 1 year left here and we all feel you deserve a chance.”


    “Umhm. All the senior class has signed a pledge.” She handed the petition to Allsion.

    “The senior girls have all signed up to donate a week of their time next year, to stay home with the baby so you can come to school. Some of the boys have offered to go with them. Shop kids are making a crib and high chair too.”

    Allison was shocked and began to cry. “Oh my you would do this for me? Will you get permission?”

    Casey nodded. “More than permission. Mr Edwards thinks it’s a great idea. If it works well, it will be compulsory.”

    “ What better way to have practical family studies than with a real baby?” Casey thought. It may give them second thoughts about having one themselves.
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    Chapter 14

    Just as school was ending, she met with Jelly and Francine. Jelly looked radiant in her knit jump suit. She had gained 25 more pounds since Christmas, bringing her up to 155. Her womanly curves were poured into the outfit for all to see. The 38D-34-45 proportions differed markedly from her friend at the same weight. Casey hoped Jelly’s beau liked pear shaped women, because that was what he was getting.

    “Where’s your mom? Out back, why?”

    Francine came out and she said “Hello dear. Can I help you?”

    “Maybe. I think I can help you too.”

    Francine said “Jelly you are on. Going for coffee.”

    “Okay mom, bring me something.”

    Then the two women sat down.

    Francine began “What’s on your mind?”

    “Remember you were having trouble with your inventory and accounts?”

    “Yeah my books are horrible and Jelly is trying, but the place is a mess too.”

    “Well one of my students worked wonders for me and I think she could do the same for you.”

    Now intrigued, Francine probed further “I’m interested. How much would it cost?”

    “Oh not much you’d be doing her a favour, actually. She’s easily bored.”

    “Sounds good. If you recommend her she must be okay. Send her over I’ll give her a try.”

    Casey smiled. “There’s one more thing. Her dad will need to bring her-she’s only twelve.”

    Francine laughed then said “Oh-you’re serious. Look I’m not babysitting a…”

    “Trust me she’s brilliant and very well behaved. I’m more worried about her taking over here, than being a bother. You could get her to spend some time with Jelly to get her up to speed a bit.”

    “Oh all right what have I got to lose. Now sorry love, I need to get back to work. I need to get something for Jelly first.”

    Casey offered “Let me. Hmm one brownie to go, please.”

    Francine scoffed. “You really need to spend more time here. Scratch that.Six eclairs.”

    Casey looked at her with a glazed eye. “What? One’s for me. Now you go home or she’ll expect to come back here with you too.”

    “Actually there’s more. I want to come back and say goodbye.”

    Francine looked shocked. “You’re leaving? Jelly will be crushed. I’ll miss you too.”

    “Relax. It’s only for the summer. Because of the programs I started last year the PTA took up a collection. Long story short, they have offered to pay for me to go to college upstate. I can get my credentials and be a fully qualified Home Ec teacher.”

    That set a different tone. “You go. I’ll explain to Jelly. It will be easier coming from me.”

    Casey relaxed on the cab ride home, knowing that all her ducks were in a row. Not only that a summer away form Alice’s temptations would help her to get some of this weight off.

    If only that were true.
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    Chapter 15

    Summer was nearly over and Casey was back in town. She called Alice at home and was told she was at school tiding up the classroom a bit to prepare for school next week. Casey cabbed it over for a surprise visit. Surprise was an understatement. Alice was genuinely shocked at what she saw. “Hello dear. How was your summer?”

    “It was okay. Look what 10 weeks of cooking school does to you though.

    All I did for the whole time was cook and eat. I’m over 320 now, size 26. Compared to that, this will be a breeze. So what’s new?”

    “Couple things. First I have a new grand daughter.” She reached into her purse, offering up a picture. Casey waddled over and examined it.

    “Nice picture, but they cut your head off.”

    Alice corrected. “That’s not me holding her. It’s Jeanine.”

    Casey looked at the picture once again. The massive body bore no resemblance to the slim young woman she had met at Christmas. Casey smirked and said. “Let me guess. She spent the summer at your house.”

    Alice looked shocked. “How did you know?”

    “Wild guess”, as she rubbed her now empty belly. “How are you getting along?”

    “Oh, I’ve never felt closer to her. She’s like a real daughter to me. So are you I might add. Come over a give me a hug.”

    The hug gave Alice an opportunity to feel first hand how much bigger and softer her protégé had gotten. Then without warning a huge rumbling started I Casey’s now massive belly.

    “’Scuse me. Guess I need to eat something.”

    Alice seemed to read her mind. “I miss you. Why don’t you come over to ours for dinner tonight? I’ll make your favourite.”

    Casey laughed “Look at me. Everything is my favourite. But sorry, I can’t. I need to finish unpacking and try to set up my computer. My email isn’t working.”

    “Oh? Maybe Jimmy can fix it.”


    “You know, Jimmy my son. He’s pretty good at that stuff. I’ll send him over.”

    “You sure?”

    “He won’t mind. I’ll call him right now.”

    “Alice offered how ‘bout a snack?”

    Casey said “Let me and served out two massive pieces of apple pie and ice cream. Know what I’d like one of those shakes you make too. It’s all I could think about while I was away.”

    “Sorry I don’t have the stuff. You’ll have to wait till next week, or come by the house.”

    The two got reacquainted as they demolished the entire pie. With difficulty Casey rose and bid her boss adieu until next week.

    She decided to stop by the store and see her two friends. When she got there she spied Robin was up front arranging a sign. At least she thought it was Robin. She was two inches taller, and with the nice clothes she had on was beginning to look more like a high school girl. “

    “My word you look more grown up now. This experience has obviously been good to you. But what are you still doing here?”

    “Oh just cleaning up. This is my last day. Jelly doesn’t have as much time now. She’s going back to school you know. Our school.”

    “Really. That’ll be nice. Is she at home?”

    Robin pointed “No ma’am she’s right there in the back somewhere.”

    “With her mom?”

    “I’m not sure. Just go back, you’ll find her.”

    Casey saw the familiar corpulent shape of Francine pulling a couple items from the rack. Wow she had put on a bit of weight this summer, too! The enthusiastic way she was munching away on a bag of donuts demonstrated the reason. Judging from the way her dress was overstretched on her now larger form, she was shopping for herself. Casey was about to tap her on the shoulder to say hello when she turned and smiled. “Hey you’re back. How’s it going? We need to go out tonight, I have so much to tell you.”

    It was Jelly. A whole new version.

    “Really?” said Casey. “Good Lord” she pondered.” I thought she was Francine. She had to have gained at least 100 pounds over the summer!” Once again Jelly had a belly and it was sticking out nearly a foot. Casey pretended not to notice for fear of setting her off.

    “Just getting my new wardrobe for school. Guess you didn’t notice I put on a few pounds, over the summer.” She patted the massive belly adding, “I’m up to 250.” As she popped the last donut in her mouth she added. “What do you think?”

    Dragging her to the dressing rooms Casey asked. “Wait a minute. Are you getting fat on purpose?”

    “Sort of. It’s for my Tony. He likes bigger women. I told you that before.”

    “Jelly there’s bigger and there’s bigger. Well he’s certainly getting his money’s worth. I hope this is really what you want.”

    Jelly scoffed.” You should talk. You didn’t miss many meals over the summer I’ll bet. You’re fatter than me, girl. Besides I’m older. LOL.”

    “Touche” said her friend. “Look can you fix me up. I need some stuff for school, too. How about measuring me up?” The tape revealed her new dimensions at 65-64-61. Her boobs were massive and again threatened to break out of the J bra. Jelly whistled. “Whew those are out of control. We have some extra large ones on hand. Just so you know, there’s nothing bigger than J-cup off the rack. Or on it, for that matter. Get it?” She laughed at her own crude joke, but noticed her friend saw little humour in the situation.

    “Sorry about that. Anyway, they’re big bucks but I’ll give you a deal. Say you got anything nice that might fit me? I can take more off if you trade in. Mom won’t care.”

    Between them they picked out a good selection of items for work and casual wear. Jelly packed them up and offered. “Make you a deal. If you let me pick up your old stuff I’ll drop this off tomorrow.”

    “Sounds good to me.” Casey didn’t drive yet. She was too embarrassed to tell even Jelly that no driving school would take her now. She was too fat to fit in their tiny cars. She would need to buy an SUV or van first.

    Jelly brought her back to Earth. “Hey I got my dinner break. Come with me? I’m buying.”

    With no better offer, Casey agreed. They went across the road to the local Burger Shack. The sales clerk recognized her asking “Usual?”

    “No I’m going out later so just make it oh… two triple burgers, two super fries and two large chocolate shakes.”

    Casey smirked a bit as the clerk asked. “Anything else?”

    Jelly blushed as she added “Ooops I forgot I’m not alone. She’ll have the same.”

    The pair had to sit at a large table, to accommodate all the food. Casey needed most of her share to accommodate the projecting shelf of her bosom. No matter where she placed her meal, it was either out of sight, in the way or in imminent danger of being crushed by the massive mams.

    Jelly noticed this Wish I had what ever it takes to pump these up a bit more. Mind you 42DD is not exactly flat is it? It’s just that most of this is going to the south pole now. My ass is up to 62 now.

    Casey had no reply, as unfazed by her concerns Jelly attacked her food. Before Casey had finished her first burger, Jelly was done. She started to pick at Casey’s fires prompting the question “You always eat this much?”

    “No usually eat more but Tony’s taking me out tonight. This is just to tide me over.” Then without a word she disappeared returned a couple minutes later with another two burgers and shake.

    Casey had nearly finished now and Jelly munched away Casey probed. “Are you really getting fat just to please a man?”

    “Yup.” Between Mouthfuls she added. “So far so good. Look at his belly. 55 inches of pure delight. Takes a lot to keep it full now.” Casey noticed it stuck out more than a foot already, making her look pregnant.

    Then she snapped. “Jelly, maybe there’s another reason. Big belly, big appetite…You’re not…

    Jelly snorted. “Preggo? No, we’ve been careful. Nope, nothing in here but pure USDA prime, girlfriend.” Patting it for emphasis, she added, “More where that came from. I hope”

    Casey shook her head. “But why?”

    “Well, first because I saw how beautiful you were with some more curves. Plus, I’d been denying myself for years. Face it, I’m my mother’s daughter . You know how big she is. Bound to happen to me sooner or later. When I found out Tony was an FA there was no going back.”

    “A what?”

    “FA. Fat admirer. You know guys who like their women on the larger side. He wants me to get up to 350. We’ll see.”

    “You’re joking right?”

    “No joke. Don’t tell me you’ve never heard of this. You’d be surprised at how many of them are out there. He showed me some web sites. Believe me, we are small by their standards.”

    Casey let that sink in and added. “So what if he breaks up with you?”

    Reaching into her cleavage, Jelly pulled out a small gold chain. On the end was a diamond engagement ring. “I’m not wearing it, cause it’s a surprise for Mom. We have another cruise to Acapulco for Christmas week. It’s all arranged, we’re getting married there. Don’t make plans by the way. You’re going too.”


    “Of course, silly. Who else would I ask to be my maid of honour?”

    Both began to cry and they stood up and hugged. Jelly said “Look I need to get back. Robin is there by herself. Which reminds me. I better get something for her.”

    They left with Jelly carrying a bag with two more burgers, onion rings and another large shake. Casey knew that Robin hated junk food and enjoyed their family dinners. “Robins meal” would be lucky to make it to the curb.

    Had she hung around another ten minutes Casey would have had the satisfaction of being proven right. Not only that, Jelly stopped at the bakery and picked up another bag of donuts to tide her over to dinner, a scant two hours hence.
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    Chapter 16

    That night around six. Casey was vegged out in a housecoat front of the tv eating a snack. The door rang and she answered it. The young man said “Hi you must be Casey.”

    She blanked for a second, saying nothing.

    “My mom said you needed some help. With your email…”

    Then she remembered. “Oh I forgot. You must be Alice’s Jimmy.” She stuck out her hand in greeting.

    He laughed. “I haven’t been Jimmy for a long time. It’s Jim, please.”

    She showed him in and then realized she was in her housecoat and pyjamas. “Computer’s in the spare room. I’ll just change.”

    He laughed “Don’t change on my account.”

    While Jimmy worked on the computer Casey rushed into her bedroom, embarrassed at her appearance. On such short notice she only threw on what she had, a size twenty four jean skirt and a loose turtleneck pullover. The sweater was fine but the jean skirt was considerably too small and protested as she squeezed her massive behind into it.

    Casey returned to find him sitting on the couch watching tv. “That didn’t take long.”

    “It was easy. Just reset your POP server. Good to go now.”

    She went to get her purse. “How much do I…”

    “Don’t be silly. It only took five minutes. If it makes you feel better, let me buy you dinner.”

    Casey countered. “Well I should be making that offer. Tell you what, I could make something.”

    Jimmy balked at first. “I don’t want to be a bother.” Then he gave her the once over and began to have second thoughts.

    Casey smiled. “It’s no bother, in fact it will be good for me. I’ve spent all summer learning how to do this. I just made a tray of manicotti, and an apple pie. All I need to do is pop them in the oven.”

    He looked right at her belly and said, “Learning? What am I your Guinea Pig?”

    Realizing she was being sized up in more ways than one, she began to feel self conscious. “No one has complained about my cooking. Your mom likes it, and she is not easy to impress. Besides it will be nice to have someone else to feed.”

    Then she patted her softened rump and said jokingly “The more you eat the less will end up back here. I’m getting as big as a house.”

    Jimmy said “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You look…fine. Better than fine, actually. Sorry I came across wrong. I am just a bit shy around pretty girls. I’d be honoured to have dinner with you.”

    They got acquainted as Casey waddled back and forth in the kitchen getting stuff ready. Out of the corner of her eye she caught him staring intently at her butt, on more than one occasion. It made her uncomfortable, but for now she said nothing.

    She had really already eaten; but took a normal serving of the main course. Jim had seconds and then she served the pie. He looked hurt when she didn’t take one for herself, so she did. She was hungrier than she thought and wolfed it down.

    Jim began to feel at ease with her and cutting another large piece looked up. He waited for approval and she said ”Go for it.” He scooped out the slab and deftly placed it on the plate. Her plate. Then he took one for himself.

    She feigned anger but began to eat. “You trying to make me fat…ter, or what? You are as bad as your mother.”

    Jim blushed at that. “I think you are already quite pretty. Another few pounds would be even better. Maybe you could spend the summer with my Mom and see what she’s really like. No one is as bad as her.”

    Curiosity piqued she demanded “Perhaps you’d better explain.”

    “Well, my sister-in-law Jeanine, for instance. Mom hooked her on those shakes she makes, telling her they were low-cal protein drinks. By then end of the summer, she had gained nearly 150 pounds. You don’t want to know what’s in them.”

    Casey tried to downplay the urgency in her voice. “I do actually, just for the sake of argument.”

    He told her, and as he added “I think they are around 4,000 calories a cup. Why?”

    “Oh, no reason.” Alice would have some serious explaining to do next week. Blast her.

    After dinner, they talked for hours. Casey yawned a bit and Jimmy said. “Oh man, it’s 11:00. Sorry if I kept you up.”

    “S’okay” she said. “It was nice to have company. I enjoyed our little talk.”

    Jimmy headed for the door, as she thanked him she said “So my computer is ready to go? You won’t need to come back or anything…?”

    He took the hint. “Well those POP servers can be tricky. I could probably fit you in…”

    She cut him off. “Don’t be coy. Six pm tomorrow. Don’t be late if you know what’s good for you. I’ll make steak. Bring red.”

    Jimmy said “Red?”

    “You weren’t going to come empty handed were you?”

    Once he had left, Casey was left alone with her thoughts. She went into the bedroom and stripped down.

    She surveyed the damage of the last year. By now her face was unrecognizable. Triple chins and puffy cheeks both blended and sagged to distort her features. Her arms were as big as her legs had been before, and she would need either sleeveless or loose cut tops from now on. The boobs were a given, but now their combined weight was giving her backaches. She still liked them though, and would have kept them, if someone could just get rid of the rest. Ah, the rest. Her belly, now projected out 18”. More properly she should say bellies, as it now had three distinct folds. If someone untied her shoes she would not have know it. She had not seen her own feet in a month and a half. Her hips and thighs were now fully cellulite, eight inches thick. Armchairs were a memory now also. She got stuck in several over the summer. Now she even would have trouble getting between the desks in a regular classroom. She’d deal with that when the time came.

    Throwing on her dressing gown she thought about Alice and how she had missed the signs of her fattening intents. “This was all her fault”, she mused, simultaneously consuming the other half of the manicotti and the last two pieces of pie. “Yep all her fault”, as she swallowed the last. Before she drifted off to a well earned sleep, she had an urge for one of the killer shakes, despite their caloric content.

    Next morning, she woke up in a bit of a mood. She was still a bit miffed at her bosses actions, but more important for now was why? She had a theory and decided to put it to the test.

    At 6:00pm Jim showed up and as requested, showed up with red. Red roses ,that is.

    Casey looked a bit taken aback.

    Jimmy said “What.”

    “S’okay I meant red wine. But this is better. I think I have a bottle of wine in the cupboard anyway.”

    He looked at her, noticing she was still in her dressing gown. “Am I early…”

    “Don’t know much about girls do you? I’ve been ready for awhile. I just didn’t want to get stains on my clothes.”

    She pretended to fuss with the belt. “Sorry, looks like I tied the knot too tight. As she stared down over her own bosom she added, “Can’t really see what I’m doing either. Maybe you could…”

    He needed little encouragement and lingered just slightly over the task. She made sure to press her belly and boobs into his hands a bit to gauge the reaction. He smiled and offered “There. It’s loose, you’re good to go.”

    Going was the furthest thing from her mind. She slipped the kimono off and it dropped to the floor. Waiting for a reaction and sensing none, she was worried that she may have been wrong, after all. She turned slowly to face him and he stood eyes riveted on her and mouth agape.

    She had got Jelly to help. Between the two of them, they managed to squeeze her into a patent leather strapless/sleeveless minidress. It was two sizes too small and very uncomfortable. However it was beyond sexy, and it displayed all her curves to maximum effect.

    On the verge of panic now, she blurted. “Say something. Anything. Please.”

    He got control of himself saying only “Do that again. Slower this time. Little more shimmy.”

    Casey smiled, knowing she had been right. He was one of Jelly’s FA’s. I guess it made sense coming from the family he did.

    She did as requested, her confidence now boosted. She did another pirouette and heard him moan with excitement. “Jimmy like?”

    Now he had found his wits. “Oh yeah. Jimmy like all right. I think I need to sit down, actually.”

    Casey suggested “Try the dinner table. Lets’s eat. I’m not sure how much longer this outfit will last. It’s pretty tight.”

    Jim sat there and Casey took great pleasure in serving him, knowing he was watching her every movement.

    As they munched away Casey looked over at the flowers and asked “Do you know what red roses mean? It’s a bit presumptive for a first date.”

    He knew exactly what they meant, but dodged the issue. “Oh is this a date? I thought this was a reward for my hard work. The whole time, he was staring at the twelve-inch cleavage the dress provided.”

    She threw a bun at his head and said “Don’t be obtuse.”

    He laughed and said “Sorry I’m only teasing. Can we start over? I don’t want to tell our grandchildren we nearly broke up on our first date.”

    He offered her a third helping of cherry cheesecake. “Come on, might as well finish it.”

    She confessed “I’d love to but I don’t think this outfit can take the strain. I’m going to change into something more practical if you don’t mind.”

    She gauged his expression and he showed the correct amount of disappointment at that development.

    That prompted her to ask “My girlfriend had to help me with the zipper to squeeze into this. I can’t do it myself. You mind?”

    He quelled his disappointment as she shied away. She stood at the end of the hall, waiting for him to follow. “What are you doing he asked?”

    He really didn’t know much about girls after all, she thought. Time for the first lesson.

    “Oh, the light’s better in the bedroom. Hurry up before I change my mind.”
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    Epilogue-Some years later.

    Ten to nine. The parent/teacher night was nearly over. One last young woman wandered in and asked “Excuse me I’m looking for Mrs. Jarvis, the Home Ec teacher.”

    A polite smile. “I’m Mrs. Jarvis can I help you? You don’t look old enough to have kids going here? You a former student?”

    The young woman shook her head. “No, my mom was.”

    “Oh, what’s your name dear?”

    “Danielle. Danielle Grier.”

    A shrug.” Name doesn’t ring a bell. There have been a lot of students over the years. Sorry dear”

    Reaching into her bag, the young woman produced a tiny Christening dress. “You made this for my mom. For me actually, when I was a baby. Surely you would recognize it.”

    She handed it over for a brief look and then the lights came on. “Your mom… Allison… but it wasn’t Grier.”

    “No. Grier was her married name.”

    A sudden change of heart. “Was?”

    Then Danielle looked down. “She passed last year. But everything she was and did, she owed to you and your assistant. She finished school and got a good job. Put me through college, too.”

    “Umhmm. So why are you giving me this?”

    “Well I think her idea was to give it my first child, but now she’s gone, I’d like you to have it, Mrs. Jarvis. You made it, after all.”

    Her companion went over and locked the door. She produced some coffee and a huge chocolate cake.

    “Why don’t you sit down and we can catch up? Join me?”

    “I’ll have a coffee, but cake’s off my list. I work at Denny’s and it’s hard to resist the extra calories as it is.”

    “One of my star pupils made this and I guarantee it’s a lot better than Denny’s. Just taste it.”

    Danielle tried a forkful and said “Oh my, that is good. Go on then, just a small piece.” Next thing she knew, there was an enormous slab in front of her. As she ate she commented. “You haven’t changed much, from the description my mother gave me.”

    Her companion mumbled “Oh I’m a lot fatter than when she was here. I got up to 500 pounds for a while, but once I got out of here I managed to drop down to 350. Still a size thirty though. This isn’t helping.”

    Danielle nodded. “Well you certainly have aged well.”

    A brief laugh. “That’s probably because I’m not who you think I am. I am Mrs. Jarvis. Katherine Jarvis. I prefer Casey. Alice was my mother in law. She retired 15 years ago.”


    Casey nodded. “Two years ago. She had a rich full life, though. She was the mother I never had. I think she’d like to know you too. Anyway, changing the subject. How’s life at Denny’s?”

    “Sucks, thanks for asking, but college graduate or not, I need a job. I need to eat too.”

    She let that sink in, then put another piece of cake on the plate and said “Good idea. Dig in.” Jelly’s daughter had made two, just in case. It was a good thing, because her mother had eaten one before it left the house. Time had not diminished her appetite, or her for that matter. Now, she tipped the scales at over seven hundred pounds. Good thing she owned a custom boutique. There was no clothing on the planet that would accomodate her now-95 inch posterior.

    Casey got back to the subject at hand. “What was your major, dear?”

    “English, with History minor.”

    “Hmm. Ever considered teaching?”

    “Funny you should ask. I did actually but I don’t have a certificate.”

    Casey waved her off. “You can do that at night. Look, I have a proposition for you. I am not really the Home Ec teacher, any more. I’m actually the principal now. Our regular Home Ec teacher, Mrs. Williams went on parental leave. I have to fill in till we get a replacement. But I need help. Maybe you would be interested?”

    Danielle thought about it and said “I would actually.”

    “Good. Can you cook?”

    “Not really.”



    Casey said “Don’t worry about it. I couldn’t do it either, when I started. But I turned out okay.We will need to work on your wardrobe dear. You can’t come to school dressed like that.”

    Then she looked over Danielle’s well toned figure. Taking her plate she dropped the remainder of the cake in front of her and said “You might as well finish this. I need it like I need a hole in the head.”

    Danielle balked adding, “That’s too much I couldn’t.”

    Casey held a forkful up to her mouth. “I’m your boss, now. You need to learn to follow instructions. If it will help, I can offer something to help wash it down? I make a mean shake.”

    A nod in assent as her new assistant munched away on the cake. Despite her initial protest, it was obvious she had a sweet tooth.

    Casey rose with difficulty and waddled over to the counter, hidden from view. As she put the ice cream, pudding and milk, and frosting into the blender Casey said “Besides don’t worry about taking more than your share. There’s more where that came from.”

    As she poured the shake into a glass she smiled, noticing the cake was half gone already. “Yes a lot more.”

    The End
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