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New Member
Nov 19, 2020
North Carolina
Heya, this site is super inactive all-though I do enjoy the forming of it, and the kind words I've got from the people here! I have not yet figured out how to delete my profile as I am not on here often enough to try to continue to stay up to date. However I do still want to send my offerings out to some of the lovely feeders here in joining me in my growth journey! There's so much I have to update, and talk- about. I'd also hope to experiencing and sharing the fat with someone too, so before I go I'll leave my social media where you can message me, which is Kik (mobile app) my username there is Thighrolls

Hope to see ya soon! Peace love and blessings. :) I'll be somewhere tugging on my fat rolls LOL!

*I wont respond to messages here as I am never really on here.*

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