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Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

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Justin Bieber of Dims
Jun 19, 2008
i've been meaning to make this thread for a super super long time.
I want everyone, EVERYONE, who's a feedee to say it. Right now.

No seriously. I mean it.

I think there are a lot more of us than some people realize, and um, the same 4-5 of us can't keep being the only ones going into threads and defending what we do.

I've talked to quite a few ladies through instant messengers and I have to be honest... having a conversation about it, and knowing that other people think the same things as you... it makes you feel really... not weird.
So please. Make this helpful, and serious. i.e. no stupid pictures of cats/cake

Feel free to ask HONEST, sincere questions. I put this on the weight board so it's protected because as we all know, topics about feeding get hairy.

I know we've had a few threads about feeding, but I want this one to be feedee-specific. If you're a feedee, it's time to say it fo' realsies... I think this might actually be a good way of bonding... someone mentioned sisterhood in another thread on another board, and I guess that's what I'm attempting right now.
I know that as a younger person who's just getting into it, I like having the 2-3 people on my AIM buddy list who when I do something, or think about something, I can message and say "HAVE YOU EVER DONE THIS, OMG" and they can be like, "yeah it's cool."
I think that's something we need more of.

So basically.
If you're a female feedee, holler. If not, then show your support, or move on.

Oh. and you. stop jacking off. you know who you are :p

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