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Female Fat Padding

Dimensions Magazine

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Active Member
Aug 17, 2007
Are any other women into padding their clothing to look fatter, especially for a role play?

I concede it is an off fetish or hobby. It started as a young girl being fascinated with the body changes during pregnancy. I would stuff a pillow under my nightgown some times to look pregnant and sleep that way. I found myself doing it again in my twenties after I learned I had a birth defect that produced a misshaped uterus making it impossible to have children. I would dress pregnant to try and get a feeling of the sensation. I started getting more detailed padding hips and but and thighs to more accurately reflect the weight gain. Gradually I became fascinated with the metamorphosis in weight gain and found myself padding outside the context of being pregnant. I especially like doing a progression over time increasing size and watching clothing get too tight. I am fascinated by the sensation of feeling encased by the fake fat, and the physical challenges of a larger size and higher weight.

My padding can get pretty involved. I use balloons of different sizes (some as large as 36" filled with a gel substance called "Base Gel" that is used to fill the base of basketball nets and the base of outdoor umbrellas. You can get it at sporting goods stores. I also use some water filled balloons and a lot of fiber filling or batting that you can at a sewing or craft store to fill pillow and comforters.
I use all this to try and sculpt a realistic looking body with belly, butt, hips, breasts, thighs, even fat rolls for my back. I will even do upper arms and calves. I hold it all together with several different pieces and layers of shape-wear. The gel and water add weight and jiggles. The batting adds volume and can fill in around balloons to make it all look like one body. I love the feeling of being weighed down. Especially because I am not accustom to it, so there is more struggle at first to do everything and bumping into furniture and door jams.

I like doing progressions when I have time. I start at my normal side and progress over the course of a long weekend getting into character, eating and living the size I am padded to. I have gotten as large as 60-55-64. I need larger shapers and cloths 5X and larger to go bigger.

I don't mean this as an insult to anyone. I don't go out in public this way. It is just a sort of self exploration. I have gained weight over time. I have put on 25 lbs over the past year from a combination of a back injury, medication side effects from Zolof and the binge eating during the roles playing. I am not actively looking to gain, but so far am not entirely apposed to it. I am fascinated by the world of SSBBW's, I love to visit it in my little way. I am just not sure I want to take up permanent citizenship just yet. But I fully respect and admire those women beautiful women who do.

I would be interested in any feedback, especially form other women. I would love to have a conversation with women who have lived the metamorphosis and learn how I can make my experience more real.

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