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FFA's: What's your ideal sized man?

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What is your ideal sized man?

  • 200-300lbs

  • 300-400lbs

  • 400-500lbs

  • 500-600lbs

  • 600lbs +

Results are only viewable after voting.


Beauty is Relative
Mar 18, 2007
I'm sure this has been asked... but it's been a while and there are new people... so it might as well be asked again.

What sized guy do you tend to find yourself gravitating towards? (no pun intended, haha.)

I know that it all depends on the guy... and that body type greatly affects weight... but lets put all the technicalities aside and vote.

Us FFA's love fat men all throughout the size spectrum, but it'd be interesting to see just what weights are within that spectrum.

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