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Jul 28, 2014
Flying On Up
By Tinuviel

Part One: A Change is Due

As a pilot, my life was pretty bland. Not in a bad way, but when your soaring at FL320 with the most picturesque view of the Canadian Rockies, its hard to justify putting things in your home. Ever since I had been a child I had wanted to be a pilot, and now the dream was a reality. My parents insisted that I try “real” school first, so after secondary school I went to the University of British Columbia and got a bachelors in Urban Studies. Well that and my private pilots license.

I spent most of my time not at the UBC campus on Point Grey, but at Boundary Bay airport practicing my patterns and touch and go - and I’ve got the love life to prove it. Did I miss out on the best of college? Maybe. But I found a career that I love, and I followed my dream. It’s not as if there was no one in my life. I made some friends in flight school, and I did have a fling or two at UBC.

Aviation is unfortunately a male dominated industry, and with my particular tastes I just never found the right girl. There were a few younger women in flight school. Some could even be considered attractive in a traditional definition. But to me, they looked like sticks that could snap in half at the slightest move. I was beyond uninterested. It’s not as if I couldn’t have if I wanted to - I got more than a few comments about my bright green eyes.

After graduating, I got a job flying small charter flights to the interior of British Columbia. It wasn’t a bad gig - I would take tourists out to the mountain airports and lead them on hikes. Sort of a complete wilderness exploration. It paid the bills, introduced me to new people, and to top it off was a good workout. Of course, I’d rather be flying over the mountains at 30 thousand feet than hiking up them. As much as I love the outdoors, I’d rather be perched above the vast expanse of British Columbia’s forests than on a path looking at one tree.

That’s not to say that I’m lazy. Since graduating I’ve kept a reasonably trim physique. I’m 6 feet tall and about 170. Eventually I’d paid the charter gig enough lip service to have a decent shot at the big leagues: Air Canada. My dream job. I applied, went through training and got the job on my 23rd birthday. I was beyond excited - I even got to keep Vancouver as my home base.

With the added income from my new job I moved out of my crappy college apartment and got a place in Yaletown, walking distance to the Skytrain station. I figured that if I wasn’t leading 10 mile nature hikes every day I should probably try and work some amount of exercise into my daily routine to stay in shape. And what a routine it was. I mostly flew Vancouver to Calgary or Edmonton, spending untold hours staring at the grandeur of the Rockies.

For about six months my life continued that way: Wake up, jump in the shower, put on my suit, and catch the first train the YVR. Then I’d check the plane, find out who I was flying with, and who was on the crew. We’d fly to Calgary, take a breather and fly back. We’d usually do two round trips. Then back onto Skytrain, maybe have a drink with the crew, and be in bed by 10 to get ready to do it again the next day.

I never really clicked with any of my coworkers. During those six months I did have some good times and I got to know a few people. But the short haul flights are populated by the rookies in the company, and its a bit of a rotating door. Just when you have another pilot and cabin crew that you get into a comfortable groove with, someone either decides it’s not for them or manages to snag a longer more consistent route. I can’t really blame them - that was my goal too.

I had a few flight attendants express some interest in me, but I couldn’t see anything serious with them ever developing. I’d usually just try and ignore the situation until one of us ended up on a different flight. And, that whole time I never had a female pilot on the flight deck with me.

Its important to understand that in this day and age, planes mostly fly themselves. The pilots program the auto pilot, take off, and put their feet up while making sure that nothing goes wrong. Theres another part of it too - you are locked in a room with the other pilot for the entire duration of your flight. Its amazing how long or short the hour and a half from Vancouver to Calgary can feel depending on who is imprisoned in that flight deck with you.

Needless to say, I didn’t like some of my coworkers. On the other hand, some of the people I met in those six months continue to be some of my closest friends. Take James for example. He was in his early 30s, and had retired from the Canadian Forces as a CF-18 pilot. We all called him by his callsign, Womp Rat. Story has it he had nailed a few targets and some of his buddies painted his fighter to look like a T-16 from StarWars.

James taught me a bunch of what I know about the industry. I ended up getting to know his family, in a way that only pilots understand. First you hear about them for hours in the air, and then you finally meet them and have to pretend you don’t know any of the embarrassing things you can’t push out of your mind.

James has two kids and a lovely wife, Jen. They lived in Richmond and James would frequently invite me for dinner after our flights on my way home. The college kid in me is strong and free food is still pretty hard to turn down. Besides, James was a great cook, and looking at Jen you could tell she enjoyed his cooking.

Jen is about 5’2, and when I first met her she was pushing about 170. I never really saw her in public, but at their house she wore yoga pants and a too short tank top that left very little to the imagination, her bloated gut spilling out of the gap between her shirt and her pants. And the rolls… oh the rolls. When Jen sat down she had three solid rolls of fat that just stuck out there for the world to see. While I would never do anything with one of my best friends wives, Jen could certainly put that to the test.

James talked to me about Jen’s weight once. Well, not exactly, but the conversation turned in that direction and we reached a somewhat unspoken understanding about our mutual preferences. We had been talking about my bachelor status and I mentioned that I just needed to find the right woman. He tried to suggest that I ask out Christina, one of the flight attendants who was a regular on our route. Now Christina is very beautiful… but just not for me. She's blond, blue eyed, 5’4” and probably about 120. When I told James she wasn’t my type, he pushed me a little on it.

See, when it’s up to you and one other person to keep a tin can full of people suspended in the air, theres a level of trust that you develop with your copilot. So even though I don’t talk about my preferences with anyone, I told James that I preferred a girl with a little more meat on her bones. James nodded, and told me that Jen was once about Christina’s size when they started dating. We both looked at each other knowingly, smirked, and changed the subject. That was the cementing of our friendship. After that we always tried to schedule ourselves on the same flights.

After six months what happened? Well, James ended up getting transferred to Toronto to fly long distance to Europe. I hated the crew revolving door of the short haul flights. I needed a new co-pilot and I longed for a consistent flight crew. I still remember texting with James asking for advice on how to find a co-pilot I could stand. He told me it’s like finding a wife and then reminded me that I’m a bachelor whose been looking for love in all the wrong places. Little did he know how right he was.

So I put in to change my route. I still didn’t have enough seniority to get a reliable run on an international flight, or even a good transcon to a place like Toronto or Montreal. However, I found that I could get my pick of the routes on the Vancouver to Winnipeg run. I went for it.

I’ll be honest. The first run sucked. I ended up stuck on the flight deck with Bill, a 50 year old washed up pilot who reeked of cigarettes and jet fuel. I was not impressed, and when we got back to Vancouver I sprinted towards our managers office to try and get my old route back.

I never made it. Instead my life took a sudden change.

In my mad dash for sanity, I wasn’t looking where I was going and ran into another pilot, sending all of our things to the ground. As I was picking my things up off the ground I looked up to apologize. At first nothing came out.

“I’m sorry.” I eventually stammered. I couldn’t believe it. In front of me was a beautiful woman… wearing an Air Canada pilots uniform. She was a pilot. and beautiful. and I had just made an ass of myself right in front of her. She was about 5'3”, and had all the right curves in all the right places. Personally I could have used a few more curves, but I thought about what James said about Jen when he first met her. And her smile. It was utterly radiant.

She laughed. “It’s okay. We’re always rushing in this business.”

“Yeah, I shouldn’t have run into you. I wasn’t looking where I was going. I’m so sorry. Where are my manners - I don't think we’ve met. I’m Michael.” I replied. I looked down at the papers I had picked up off the floor and realized I had her manifest and flight plan. The flight plan had ACA 296 written on it - my next flight. Shit. My mind raced - I had just ran into the most beautiful pilot I’ve ever seen, made an ass of myself, and now I was going to be sitting next to her awkwardly for 2 hours and 35 minutes.

“Uhh… so this is awkward, but I think we're on the same flight.” I added sheepishly. She giggled and looked straight at me with her brilliant blue eyes.

“Lets start over. Hi, I’m Ashley.” she said with a smile that melted my heart.

“Hi Ashley.”

To Be Continued in Part 2(and more)


Jul 28, 2014
Part 2: Meeting Ashley

We decided to go to the Tim Hortons in the airport because we had some time before our plane would be ready to preflight.

“Are you hungry? We could get some Timbits?” I asked as we waited in line.
“I’m not sure… I might just get coffee. This job is unhealthy enough.”

“One or two wont kill you.” I guess she didn’t need much pushing because that did the trick. We got our Double Doubles and 20 Timbits and sat down. As we were sitting down Ashley took off her coat, giving me my first real good look at her. She was wearing the traditional white button up shirt and black pants that have come to define pilots, but on her they looked a step above.

Her C cups slightly tugged at the gap between the buttons of her white button up shirt. Not enough to say that the shirt was too small, but just enough to show that she was indeed endowed. Her black pants caressed the soft curve of her thighs and her not quite juicy rear. She wasn’t in pawg territory, but it was certainly something to look at. While her stomach was pretty flat in the shirt, I noticed the nearly imperceptible budge of budding love handles poking above her pants.

She was curvy but far from fat, plump, or even chubby. But there was something irresistible about her. I tried to push my feelings aside, at least long enough to get to know her. Yet, everything she did or said just drew me more towards her.

During the twenty minutes we talked before having to go to our flight everything came naturally. Like me, she was a child of beautiful British Columbia and had an insatiable desire for the viewing the great wilderness of the province. She described flying over the Rockies as a nearly spiritual experience and had long wanted to be a pilot.

In our conversation everything came easy. The stammering unease earlier dissipated into a comfortable rhythm of conversation. I also couldn’t help but notice that she liked her Timbits. I tried not to stare, but there was something utterly sensual about her grabbing one, slowly putting it in her mouth and then licking the remaining glaze off her fingers. She clearly enjoyed food.

After those twenty minutes it felt like I had known her my whole life. I completely forgot about my desire to change my route.

“Might as well save the rest of these for our flight.” I was grabbing the bag of Timbits.

“If you insist.” I couldn’t tell, but it seemed like there was something playful about her voice, like she was teasing me for my earlier gawking. Did she notice my fixation? I pushed the thought to the back of my brain. It was clear she was at a minimum mildly intrigued by me and I didn’t want to screw it up by making broad statements about my desire to watch her stuff the rest of the Timbits into her mouth.

Besides, it wasn’t necessary. They didn't last past pushback. I tried to hide my delight upon realizing that I had only had 4 of the now devoured 20. That wasn’t the only cause of delight of course. Ashley was one hell of a pilot. In every aspect of flying we felt like a team.

The nice thing about the timing of ACA 269 is that you land in Winnipeg during the lunch hour and have enough time before the return flight to actually sit down for lunch.

At first Ashley just wanted to grab a quick salad, but with a little prodding I changed our destination to Harvey’s, a burger chain across Canada.
“Harveys? Are you sure, this job is so sedentary and if I keep eating with you I’m going to blow up as big as an A380. Then I’ll never meet prince charming!” It was clear she liked food, but she understood society stereotypes enough to try and eat healthy and spit out a few socially acceptable words resistance.

“You’ll be fine - your like a stick now, a burger isn’t going to be the end of the world.”

“It’s not just the burger - it’s the burger, the Timbits and whatever else you are going to get for our return flight. But if you insist…” There it was again, her slight playfulness about giving up.

Of course it wasn't just a burger. It was a burger, fries, and a shake. After we got our food there was a period of complete silence. I watched awe as she tore into and through the burger in record time. Then she started dipping her fries into the milkshake with the exact same gusto. I couldn’t believe my luck. This amazing woman loved to eat, and I loved to watch her eat.

“Shit.” She snapped me out of my trace. She looked at me a little embarrassed, and it was clear what happened. Some of the milkshake had fallen off her fry and landed right on her right breast. She tried to fix it by wiping it up with a finger, but instead she had made the problem worse. All the milkshake was gone but now she had a small grease mark on her shirt, glistening in the light like a metal earned for overindulgence.

I reassured her it was okay and after she finished we got up to leave, quickly putting her jacket on to try and cover the grease. Before the jacket went on I did catch a glance of the slight curvature of a food baby. As we walked back to the gate we went by Tim Hortons and got coffee. I thought about getting more Timbits, but I figured that I had done enough for the day. I didn’t want to scare her away after all.

After that flight we made a resolution to change our schedules so that we always flew together.

To be continued...


Jul 28, 2014
Part 3: Our Next Flight

It takes a few weeks for a schedule change to go through, and so it was about two or three weeks before I actually talked to Ashley again. Like the doofus that I am I had forgotten to get her number. Though, to be honest if I had it it might have been weird if I called her so it was probably for the better. I would see her out of the corner of my eye every once in a while, but one of us would always be rushing off to our next flight. We would wave, and smile, but nothing more. It left me longing for her conversation.

That all changed. The first morning Ashley and my were on the same flight again I could barely sleep. I was caught somewhere between nervous anticipation and pure euphoria. I was like a college student on admission day waiting for their hopefully large envelope. Normally, I’m not one who cares too much about my appearance. I usually shower, carelessly shave, and throw on a suit/uniform.

Not that morning.

I got up early and had my morning fruit, granola, and coffee (come on, I’m from Vancouver, what do you expect?). Then I showered, shaved throughly, and got dressed. I even put on my most recently pressed pants. If I may say so myself, I looked presentable. Like the pilot in the ad and not the one in reality. I was on Skytrain heading south about an hour before I normally left the house. Ours was one of the first flights out that morning, so the plane would be waiting at the gate and I could start getting things going.

I of course also wanted to stock the flight deck with a few tasty treats for if Ashley in case she was feeling indulgent. I felt a little bad about it, but I rationalized it by saying it wasn’t like I was forcing her to eat or trying to make her fat. I was simply ensuring that if she got peckish there would be something to peck at. Besides, it was way to early in the game for THAT conversation. We were just friends after all…

Well, were we? I didn’t know what we were. It was clear there was chemistry, and after our first flight it felt like we had known each other for years, but we still had so much to learn about each other. I realized I didn’t even know if she was single. It seemed a disservice to call us just coworkers though. I decided to not try and put a name on it.

My first stop when I got the airport was Tim Horton’s. In addition to getting myself a coffee, I got a box of 40 Timbits. I figured I would leave most of them accessible to Ashley, but I also wanted to get the cabin crew something for our first flight together. Hopefully we would all get along and stay on this route. Consistency is nice after-all.

After that detour I headed to our gate. Our new route started with ACA 560, leaving Vancouver at 6:30 am to be in San Francisco by 8:30 am. From there we had a break until our return flight, ACA 563, leaving San Francisco around noon and landing in Vancouver between 1:30 and 2:00 pm. It was just long enough to stretch your legs and walk around but not so long that a big excursion to the Golden Gate Bridge would be possible.

I would of course have to settle for replacing the picturesque Canadian Rockies with the view of the Cascades and Sierra Nevada in the states, but I was exited about this route - and not just because of the company.

Besides, international flights are always more fun than a short hopper route between a city pair like Vancouver and Calgary or Toronto and Montreal. Instead of the business traveler who is only on this trip because their company forced them to go, you get groups of people who are genuinely happy to be on vacation.

I had planned on introducing myself to the cabin crew, and hand them their Timbits. I think its important to get to know everyone and make them feel welcomed to make a cohesive team. Unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards. As soon as I got on board and read the NOTAM’s for the day I realized there was a problem with our previously cleared routing. Despite being an hour early to work, simply being taking off on time was looking like it would be a miracle.

I started pulling charts, phoning dispatch, and clearing out the FMC to start plotting our course from scratch. I probably had a few Timbits while getting going, but I quickly forgot about them an got immersed in un-clusterfucking our situation. I was so engrossed that I didn’t notice Ashley walk in and take a seat next to me.

“You gonna stay buried in that book all morning or did you want to say hi to me?” She was being playful.

“Everything's fucked.” I looked up at her, she was grinning back at me with that unrelenting smile. She laughed.

“Silly, you should get the NOTAM’s on your phone. I figured it all out this morning on the train. Besides, didn’t you want to say you missed me?” She was right - I had missed her. She was also flirting with me. Very obviously.

“I suppose I did miss you…” I teased back.

“But enough of that, lets get to work then. What’s your plan for how we will deal with the border crossing now that Seattle Center is having issues tracking flights crossing the border?” A meet and greet with the cabin crew was no longer an option, it was time to get cracking..

“Fine, your no fun this morning. At least lets work in peace. Ooo Timbits! My Favorite!” Ashley closed the door to the flight crew and grabbed a Timbit. I looked over at her as she took her jacket off to sit down. She looked about the same as I had last seen her. Maybe a little softer? I wasn’t sure if my eyes were deceiving me, but at a very minimum she hasn’t lost any weight. We can just leave it at that.

As I watched her sit down she had that ever so slight pucker above her pants, the button barely struggling but still under some amount of pressure from the slight softness of her stomach. You could see through her shirt that her breasts were just slightly too large for her bra, and a tiny roll of fat was raising above the cup with each breath she took.

I struggled to get to work reprogramming our FMC, because as she work she kept popping Timbits in her mouth, one after another. One by one i watched each one disappear sensually into her mouth. Thats not to say she was alone… I probably had 3-4 of them, but by the time we were ready for pushback 20 of the Timbits were gone.

When we finally finished she let out a contentedly full sigh and absent-mindedly rubbed her small food baby of a stomach. She looked over at me.

“If your going to gawk all day, can you at least ask me out to dinner first?”


Jul 28, 2014
Part 4. The Growing Romance

I blushed. I’m pretty sure I made an audible gulping noise. I didn’t think it was that obvious, but I did find that slight curvature of a stomach poking out over her pants insatiably distracting. And now here she was, being forward enough to ask me to ask her to dinner? For a moment I wasn’t sure if she was continuing her line of flirtation and was serious or if she had been just drawing attention to my gaze.

I decided that moment, now or never, to go for it. We were about to pushback, so if this went south I’d have an entire flight and return trip to awkwardly sit in silence.

“Okay. Tonight?”

Now it was her turn to blush. I had another twinge of doubt, that perhaps I misread. Maybe she was being playful but I took it too far… maybe she was embarrassed. I had a rush of nervousness and could feel my heart about to beat out of my chest.

She was silent for what felt like an eternity. I was starting to lose hope and steel myself for an extremely awkward flight. One that would be a constant reminder of why there are social norms about not fraternizing at work. Instead, the silence subsided into that glowing smile, followed by a slight giggle.

“Tonight is just… too far away for me. Maybe if you take me to lunch first?” It was as if she knew that my dream was to find a woman who loved her food and wasn’t afraid to show it. I almost went full confessional about my desires to watch her eat and expand right then and there, but I decided not to push my luck too far.

We decided between our flights we would sneak away and get lunch, and then giddy with the excitement found only in a budding romance pushed back our aircraft and started to taxi.

As we started down the taxiway I looked over at Ashley who was currently in control of the aircraft. The vibration of taxi was causing a slight bounce to her breasts. I fantasied about her having a belly that was just large enough to jiggle during takeoff. It wasn’t too hard to picture either. While she didn’t have the figure, she sure was playing the part with one hand on the stick, and the other busy putting a Timbit in her mouth.

“I gotta stop eating these, especially if we are getting lunch. If I’m not careful I’m going to end up as big as a whale.” I have always hated this line of conversation. There is no right answer on how to respond. I went simple.

“Oh, you're fine. Live a little.” I told her.

“No seriously Michael, my uniform barely fits as is. I need to loose weight. I can’t stuff my face with Timbits with no repercussions. I’d turn into a 747.” She looked genuinely concerned. I guess she hadn’t picked up on my preferences yet.

“Who knows, maybe we will just get salads for lunch if it makes you feel better.” I wanted to steer the conversation away and was trying to brush her comments off. ATC crackled over the radio. Cleared for take off. Saved by the bell.

As we turned onto the runway and the engines roared to life, I looked over at her and said,
“Besides, you're beautiful just the way you are.”

She smiled and popped another Timbit in her mouth. This was going to be a great day.

To be Continued...


Well-Known Member
Jun 26, 2007
This is a Marvelous story.One complaint. Could you humor me by using "you're " when it is called for instead of "your beautiful " etc. Just once.
You're such a gifted writer .Please continue the story.


Well-Known Member
Dec 21, 2007
Love this story! Different and I can identify with the characters. Great writing. Here is to many more pounds of this story! I've long felt there should be one with a beautiful passenger trying to make use of the tiny spaces on a plane--but never thought of a pilot!


Jul 28, 2014
Part 5: Girlfriend?

That flight was both the longest and shortest flight of my life. My mind was racing back and forth in disbelief that this beautiful woman had not only agreed to go on a date with me, but told me that it wasn’t soon enough. As I counted down the minutes until touchdown time seemed to stand still. Yet when I looked over at Ashley and saw her smile time passed effortlessly.

The entire flight was a rush of pure emotion. We were chatting like two young lovebirds, the romantic tension shattered by our newfound understanding that we both shared some semblance of feelings for each other. Things seemed perfect.

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, the ugly deal breaker to rear its head. It never happened, but I decided that I should probably wait until we were out of the honeymoon phase before I brought up anything “weird” about my preferences. In the same vein I decided that I probably shouldn’t actively do things like bring sweets to every flight in hopes she ate them all. It felt wrong to go behind her back, and this relationship felt too important to blow it all on. Of course, I would enable her every culinary whim if she asked me to…

Speaking of which, she did continue to indulge herself as we traveled south to San Francisco. By the time Seattle Center handed us off to Oakland the bag of Timbits was empty. I didn’t even notice until Ashley reached into the bag and came up empty handed. The only evidence left behind were a few crumbs scattered on her shirt.

“Oops… I guess we liked those. Probably for the better so that I can save room for lunch. If I have any left…” Ashley was sporting a little bit of a food baby and her belly was visibly constrained by the seatbelt that had been tightened before she had indulged in more Timbits than I thought possible for a woman her size to eat in one sitting. I was awestruck.

“Sorry, I just made a total pig of myself.” Ashley looked at me guiltily. I smiled at her and laughed.

“I don’t think you did. Its nice to see someone who isn’t scared of food.” She laughed and her guilty look shifted to a flirtatious smile.

“See, I’m a bit of a nervous eater and I’m going on this date with a guy for lunch, and I kinda like him, so I really want it to go well.” When she said that, I melted. All I wanted to do was reach across and kiss her. Of course, I couldn’t. We were in the middle of flying a plane. That and I didn’t want to rush things with her.

“I think things will go just fine if you have that attitude. I hear that guy is pretty stoked to go to lunch with you too…”

“Aww thanks. How much longer till lunch?” Clearly, Ashley had the same thing on her mind as me. We kept talking (and flirting) the remaining hour of our flight, only pausing to cycle through the radios from Oakland Center to NorCal Approach, SFO Tower, and finally SFO Ground.

After that it was time for lunch. Well, almost. It felt like an eternity waiting for all the passengers to deplane.

We decided that it would be better to get our food togo at one of the airports many restaurants and kiosks instead of waiting for a table in the busy international terminal. It also had the added benefit of us being able to eat in the private crew room instead of in the airport.

We settled on Mexican, and Ashley ordered a burrito that was larger than her head. I carried the food back to the crew room and I’m pretty sure that was a two pound burrito. Fortunately for us, the crew room was empty, and we could talk about our blossoming relationship.

Well, we could have. Ashley dug in like she hadn’t eaten in weeks and said little more than a full mouth grunt of affirmation and contentedness. I had gotten tacos, and by the time I was done with my second one, Ashley had devoured a little more than half of her monstrous lunch. She was losing steam though and paused to comment on her voracious appetite.

“I don’t know what it is Michael, I’ve felt so hungry lately and I just keep stuffing my face. Sorry I made a pig of myself again.”

If only she knew…

She did look pretty sad, emotionally drained and beaten. I threw the last bite of taco I had into my mouth, scooted around the table to be next to Ashley, and put my arm around her shoulder. I was worried that maybe I was being a little forward as we hadn't technically gone on a date yet, but I got the affirmation of Ashley melting into my side.

And what a side she had. Thought I was more focused on her feelings, I couldn’t help but glance to see that her food baby from earlier looked like it had just decided it was having twins. I longed to put my hand around her stomach, but showed restraint. The moment wasn’t right and I didn’t want to mess this up.

“It’s okay, you’re hungry and you eat. That’s totally normal. Besides, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to be some stick who couldn’t eat and withered away to nothing.”

Shit. I had gotten caught up in the moment and used the G word before either of us had talked about us being in a committed relationship.

“Girlfriend? huh. Was that a question, because I don't remember agreeing to that yet…” I laughed awkwardly and she smiled. At least my case of foot in mouth had shattered her fixation on her stomach.

“Well, now that you brought it up, will you?” She turned and looked straight into my eyes and went in for a kiss. A long, passionate kiss.


We just sat there and cuddled for a while, while Ashley picked at the second half of her burrito. She got to 3/4 of the way through it before she threw in the towel. I was impressed, but couldn’t resist the urge to push her a little.

“Are you really not going to finish that? No one likes a quitter.”

“If I finish that, your girlfriend is going to be a whale. Besides, I don't know where I’d put it, I’m totally full.” She dragged my hand onto her now very taught stomach. I started slowly rubbing it, waiting for the cue that she thought this was weird and wanted me to stop. It never came.

“Its just a shame, you got so far through it. Besides, my girlfriend is cute and in no danger of turning into sea life.” I gave her another kiss. She laughed and started picking at her food again.

I was feeling bold and grabbed a chip, scooped it into the burrito and brought it up to her mouth. Without hesitation she leaned forward and ate it. 

“See, I’ll even help you!.” After chewing she laughed again. I was in heaven. I didn't even have to bring up any of my desires and they were all just happening. We sat there for the last thirty minutes of our break, me slowly rubbing Ashley's stomach and feeding her the remainder of her burrito on chips. We paused only to kiss, which happened almost between every bite.

When noon came both the burrito and our break were over, and it was time to head back for the preflight on our return journey. When Ashley stood up(with a little assistance), she surveyed the damage. Her stomach had pushed her already to tight shirt to its extreme, with a gap between the two buttons. It had also ridden up to the point of being untucked and the faintest white line of the bottom of her stomach was visible.

“Once you digest a bit it will be fine. Lets go.” I wasn’t entirely sure I believed that, but it seemed plausible.

“See, your girlfriend is the size of a house.!” She grabbed her stomach for emphasis.

“Very funny, but it’s just not true. My girlfriend is nowhere near the size of a house. But she is as cute as an adorable cottage. And her boyfriend likes her just the way she is.” Ashley awwed and grabbed my arm so that we could walk to the gate. I know part of it was because she wanted to be close to me, our relationship was only two hours old, but I think another part of it was the added stability after her center of gravity was so thrown by her lunch.

Other than needing to adjust Ashley’s seatbelt, our fight back to Vancouver was utterly uneventful. We couldn’t kiss while flying a plane, but we did frequently “accidentally” bump hands while reaching around the flight deck.

After we were safely on the ground in Vancouver and powering down the aircraft, Ashley looked at me and said,

“So, your place or mine?” I suggested mine because it was right on the Canada line. We got on the train and she practically sat in my lap curled up against me. Before we even left sea island she was asleep. I contentedly sat there holding her beautiful shape the whole train ride. I couldn’t believe my luck.

We got to my place by 3:30 pm and after changing out of our uniforms just sat on the sofa together. Ashley was wearing yoga pants and a tank top that left little to the imagination. We kissed for a bit but eventually she fell back asleep while I was rubbing her stomach. Her food baby had shrunk somewhat but she was still very much in pain and wanting to sleep it off.

After our whirlwind day, there was nothing greater than sitting on my sofa overlooking the Vancouver skyline cuddling with Ashley. Eventually I drifted off as well.

She woke me up around 6pm with a kiss, seemingly recharged. The food baby was mostly gone and she wasn’t in pain anymore. Instead she was acting very sultry.

“So, after that lunch, I don’t think I can have a real dinner. Instead I just want some dessert before dessert.” I looked at her confused until she answered my question by moving her hand slowly lower from where it was resting on my chest until it was touching my crotch.

“Hurry back quick!” I bolted out the door and ran down the street to a bakery. I realized I didn't know what she wanted so I guessed and got a chocolate raspberry cake. I also grabbed a quick snack because unlike Ashley, my lunch was not so massive.

When I got back to my place she was already in my bed. I brought her a piece of cake, which she loved (apparently chocolate raspberry is her thing). After we had the cake we had each other, which we bought loved.

Finally we feel asleep in each others arms. I was grinning all the way to dreamland.

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