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Mar 26, 2009
If you go to the Papa John's website and scroll down to the bottom left hand side there's an ad for a free gift card. All you have to do is click on it and sign up for at least one of the offers, some of which are completely FREE trial offers, and within a few hours (sometimes instantly) you get a code and a pin number in your email for $10 towards any Papa John's order. This really works, I did it yesterday and this morning the code was in my email - you don't even have to wait for an actual card to be mailed to your house. I went back and tried two more offers today and it works more than once, one code came instantly and the other is supposed to take a few hours. Now I have 30 bucks worth of free pizza, can't beat that deal.
If you're curious, the offers I tried are, and the free credit report one. The gamehouse one gave me my code instantly,* took overnight and still waiting on the credit report one.

Just don't forget to cancel any accounts you sign up for before the trial ends or you'll be charged, you can even cancel as soon as you get your code. Have fun :)

*A note on the offer: When I signed up it said free trial, you won't be charged, etc., but it took 18 bucks out of my bank account and that is ONLY to be sure your card is valid and the money gets refunded after a couple of days. The other sites take just one dollar and again, that gets refunded after a couple days. In the end the $10 codes really are free.

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