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Mar 9, 2008
hey wats up evrry1. well im a reall big music lover i love all generes but one
of my fav besides hip hop is Funk and classic soul its both of those geners
that really got me into music thanks to my grandfather. i love all types of funk frm the late 60s to the 80s and knw sum of my favs are James brown sly and the family stone parliment/funkadelic War Kool N the Gang Fat Back Band Mandrill Zapp Bar Kays etc n i like alotta of rare unkown funk bands like this and new current funk bands like this So i was wondering is there ne body here on the dems board who is to funk music aswell if so who r ur fav bands/artist. HERES SOME MORE VIDEOS FRM THE ARTIST LISTED: 1.James Brown
2.Sly and the Family Stone

3.Earth Wind and Fire

4. Kool N the Gang

5.Roger Troutman/Zapp

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