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May 11, 2009
I am quite slender, so I was surprised when I jumped on the scale last week and it showed over 60kg. I think the sedentary student's lifestyle took its toll - I was about 55kg on the begining of academic year. When I was drinking with friends, I complained about it and suggested that we could join gym together. They made fun of me and teased me that I look scrawny, I should eat more and so on. That was the first time I caught myself thinking, that it wouldn't be bad to try fattening myself up.

I have been trying to find some info about weight gain on internet, and reading the older threads helped me to make up my mind, but still I would like to ask you, as you are more experienced with WG...

1) Problem with stomach capacity
There were many hints and advices how to maximize the gain on this forum, so I figured that it will be best to fast a bit (to slow down my metabolism), then "reverse" the slim-down methods (no breakfast, avoid sports, eating in late evening, junk food ...) and just stop controlling myself, eat whatever I want whenever I want, and eventually see the results.
The problem is, that practically I have been following these advices for almost 4 years (except the skiping breakfast, avoiding sports and eating before bed) without any considerable weight gain. I think it's because of my small stomach, I feel full even after small portions. I know there is thread about stomach stretching on this board, so I am going to try advices mentioned there. But just in case the stretching would fail, is there any other way to enlarge capacity of belly or to increase appetite?

2) Weight goal - too much?
I know that it's recommanded to gain weekly about 1-2 pounds, but I would like to achieve more noticable gain before the begining of new academic term. I have fantasized about 15-20kg in three months, i.e. at least 3-4lbs a week,... if it isn't impossible or too fast? I know, considering the small stomach problem mentioned above it's only a dream and I guess I would be glad for every single pound, but still I would like to try, so if you have any advice, I will like to hear it.

3) What clothing size?
Is there any way or computer application, which is (based on current body type and proportions) able to determine or calculate how will the body look like and how will clothing sizes change after gaining? I mentioned my surprise, that I reached 61kg, because I'm still able to wear my old clothes. But I doubt it will fit after additional kilograms and I just cannot imagine what size would I need in the end. I am not millionaire, so buying whole new warderobe more than once is out of question. Do you have similar "clothing problems" when deciding whether to put on weight or not? How do you deal with them?

Thank you for answers.


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Jun 18, 2008
I gained by accident rather than on purpose, but hopefully I can give you some answers to your questions.

1 It sounds simple, but to get your body used to eating more food, you simply need to eat more food. Try adding a snack or two between meals, or making bigger, more filling meals than you're used to. Don't push yourself to the point where it hurts, but if you just add that little much more food on every day, it will add up, and your body will change to compensate for the larger intake.

2 The trouble with a larger weight gain is that it tends to be only temporary if it's over a short period of time. 1-2lbs is recommended because it's a healthier way of gaining, and those pounds will most likely stick to you far better than if you went for double that. But as I said, I've never gained really on purpose, so it might be better for an active gainer to answer this one.

3 Unfortunately it's very hard to say an exact size going on weight alone, since everyone is built differently. You could end up gaining weight all over, just in your bottom half, or your top, which means that you could need a bigger size for one area, but not for the other. When I gained 40lbs I could actually still fit into most of my clothes, some of my pants barred of course, because a lot of it just went to my belly. Sure t-shirts rode up and all that, but I really didn't have to buy that many clothes. Clothes wise, perhaps ones that are able to stretch would be advisable until you find a weight where you want to stop?

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