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Apr 3, 2009
[Author’s Note:] Who knew Christmas could take so long?? Here is the third and final part of Christmas day, but as you will see, the story is still just beginning...

Chapter Seven
Christmas Day – Part 3 – Susan’s view

Susan laughed as she watched Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks dance around actually discovering their e-mail pal. She leaned into Jeff’s side for more warmth, thinking about getting a blanket or making a fire. Jeff’s arm tightened around her just as he gave a sharp snoring snort. Smiling, she took his empty mug from him and snuggled back in.

Now that she knew he was sleeping, she wanted to caress this new beginning.
She twisted toward him and put her hand over the little round curve that bulged out over the top of his sweat pants. His stomach was hard as a rock underneath the slimmest layer of flesh. Susan fantasized about how quickly that flesh would thicken and how soft it would be.

Gurgle. Susan giggled quietly and rubbed Jeff’s belly a bit more firmly after she heard and felt the shifting gurgle of his body trying desperately to digest the massive amount of food he had eaten today. Excited about how things were progressing, she thought of the photo album Mrs. Claus gave her. Mrs. Claus had a good point about keeping pictures of Jeff’s progress. Susan went to get her camera.

Good thing Jeff sleeps like a log, she thought as she turned lights on and off to get the best light and shadows to highlight Jeff’s new tummy. She ended up kneeling to get the best angle of Jeff with the tree in the background. Susan thought he looked adorable - kind of like a sleeping child with his chubby little belly. If everything went as planned, today would be a day she wanted to remember. If Jeff ends up liking his weight gain, she thought, maybe he’ll want to see this some day.

Having finished with her picture taking, Susan considered waking Jeff and taking him up to bed. She was quietly going mad with excitement and desire. Thinking about how much he ate and how he’d probably feel friskier after he’d digested most of it, she decided to let him sleep for a while.

After she sent the kids to bed, she went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of wine and a dish of Waldorf Salad. It was funny, with all the cooking and feeding Jeff she had been doing over the last few days, Susan really hadn’t had time to sit down and eat much herself. Thinking about it, she wondered what it would be like to actually lose some weight as Jeff gained. Currently 5 feet 6 inches and 165 pounds, she was a not-exactly-slim size 12. With a tendency to put weight on around her middle, she had fought a constant battle to stay thinner than Jeff. As she often joked, she would be damned if her husband would have a cuter little tushie than she does.

Jeff’s family all tended to be quite slim and his sisters had been pretty bitchy over the years about the fact that Susan had a broader build than they did. She thought briefly that it would be an even sweeter pleasure if she were to slim down at the same time Jeff filled out.

Thinking of a fuller Jeff, Susan felt impatient for big results. Wanting to see the full potential of her efforts, she pulled out the snow globe. Gazing into the globe, the falling snow melted away so that she could see a sunny scene at the family’s favorite beach. Looking closer still, the scene zoomed in:

Easily spotting their yellow and green striped beach umbrella, Susan saw her tanned mini-self sitting in a beach chair watching the twins play Frisbee at the water’s edge. The twins wore matching orange bikinis in which it was obvious that they had matured years beyond their current little girl bodies. She guessed they might be 12 or 13, making this scene a few years in the future.

Attracted by a flash of familiar chestnut brown hair, she noticed mini-Jeff and mini-Sam plodding slowly through the sand with trays overflowing with food from a boardwalk grill. She experienced a moment of maternal awe as she saw that Sam was now as tall as his father, though still weedy and undeveloped. Her attention was quickly distracted by the magnificent form of mini-Jeff. Susan was happy to see that he had grown, too, in every direction but up. She could not get enough of this Jeff.

‘Wow,’ she thought wryly, “’Mini-Jeff sure is a misnomer. For all that he’s an inch tall in there, he’s more maxi than mini, for sure. I’ll have to think of him as future-Jeff.”

Future-Jeff lumbered through the sand, sinking deeply with each wide step. His thick but well-defined calves and thighs exuded the brute strength needed to bear their heavy burden. His upper body was extraordinary – a huge, deeply tanned and oiled Buddha proudly topped with broad shoulders and burly arms. While there was obviously a lot of muscle somewhere underneath, smooth bulging mounds of fat jostled a jolly rhythm with each step.

Thinking back to the other version of Jeff she had seen in the snow globe, Susan was sure that Jeff had gained another fifty pounds or so. This Jeff looked like he must weigh somewhere around 350 pounds. Holy cow, thought Susan eagerly.

His relaxed posture and easy smile showed that he was entirely comfortable wearing nothing but a pair of blue swim trunks. Susan loved the way his swim trunks slung low in the front, forced down under his belly. Seeming to defy gravity, his belly was not actually drooping down yet, but protruded six or seven bouncy inches beyond his waistband all the way from one love handle to the other. Gah. Turning the globe slightly, Susan saw his swollen buttocks strained the fabric of his shorts as each round cheek bobbed alternately up and down. Gah again.

Looking up from his squeezable assets, Susan admired how full cheeks, a rounder jaw and chin and a beard-like double chin enhanced future-Jeff’s features, making him even more handsome than he had always been. Curious to see how he might feel about his impressive growth, Susan was glad to see Jeff and Sam chatting cheerfully and the corners of Jeff’s mouth pressing great dents into his adorably chubby cheeks when he smiled.

Having reached their umbrella, mini-Sam put both trays of food on the blanket and went to fetch his sisters. Mini-Susan stood up to greet Future-Jeff.

Susan was surprised to see that mini-Susan had undergone quite a bit of her own growth! Susan thought Mini-Susan looked like she had gained at least 50 pounds. A soft layer of padding appeared to spread evenly from head to toe, with bonus portions inflating her breasts and settling comfortably below her waist, giving her round hips, a generous bum and thick thighs.

At first, Susan was not entirely sure how she felt about her potential weight gain, but she decided to take her cues from future-Susan. Like future-Jeff, future-Susan’s relaxed expression and posture seemed to show that she was comfortable with her enlarged body. She did not wear one of the conservative swim dresses favored by so many larger women, but had chosen a bright floral swimsuit that showed her curves to full advantage. If future-Susan was happy with her larger body in a skimpy swimsuit on a crowded beach, well, Susan figured it couldn’t be so bad.

Future-Susan’s hips swayed and thighs wobbled more than Susan was used to as she walked around to Jeff. Future-Jeff leaned over to give her a quick kiss and moved closer so that they could stand and chat. Jeff held Susan at the waist, anchoring her to him so that they stood with belly pressing to belly. Susan let one hand rest on his large love handle and rubbed circles with her other hand on the bulge sprouting out just over his sternum. Various beach goers noticed this big beautiful couple, many staring, some pointing and waiving. From their smiles and relaxed body language, it was clear that future-Susan and future-Jeff took the attention in stride.

Sam returned with the twins and began to set out the family’s picnic. Susan held Jeff’s arm while he lowered himself to one knee and then sat. She gulped at the spectacle as the mounds of flesh on future-Jeff pooled toward the sand as he bent over. The gently swaying globe of flesh hung at least twice as far when he bent over than it did while he stood. Deft despite his bulk, Jeff shifted to a sitting position with surprising grace. After a shuffling around, he ended up with his knees akimbo and ankles crossed, his tanned round belly resting in the space between his legs. Susan laughed softly at the thought that future-Jeff would only need to shave his head to be mistaken for Buddha himself.

As the family started to eat, future-Jeff stretched to help distribute the food, squashing his big belly as he leaned. When all the food had been distributed, Jeff ‘s lunch included three burgers overflowing with toppings, a jumbo basket of onion rings and an extra paper bag stuffed with something greasy. After rearranging the wrap on his first burger to contain the toppings, he took his first big bite, nearly reaching the paper wrapper. Chewing reverently, he closed his mouth and tilted his head back ever so slightly and took a deep breath. Swallowing, he looked utterly content.

Susan watched as Future-Jeff adoringly ate his way through his three big burgers, pile of onion rings and extra large basket of cheese fries. He continued on steadily long after the rest of the family had finished. The kids hung around, continuing their conversation with future-Susan and occasionally including Jeff in whatever they were discussing. He looked calmer than he had today, thought Susan. He seemed less frantic to eat quickly and more certain about what he was doing. His big bites and efficient rhythm made it clear that he was well accustomed to eating large amounts like this on a regular basis.

Finally tearing her eyes away from the snow globe, Susan decided that Jeff had napped long enough. If watching Jeff eat like a champion all day hadn’t been enough, seeing a 350 pound future-Jeff sent her a powerful stab of desire.

Susan went to wake her big bundle of potential and help him stagger up to his feet. Flushed and rumpled from sleep, Jeff looked sweet and innocent and good enough to eat. Leading him up the stairs, she made sure to stay just a step ahead so that Jeff couldn’t miss his favorite view. She paused just past the doorway to their room, letting him catch her and initiate their foreplay. Thinking of how much fun they would have growing Jeff’s beautiful Buddha body, Susan couldn’t help but smile. Pushing Jeff back toward the bed, she slid her hands up under his shirt to pull it up and off.

[Author's Note:] So, what do you think? your feedback would be an early Christmas present for me...


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Apr 3, 2009
Chapter Eight

New Years Eve

Getting ready to go out on New Year’s Eve, Jeff went automatically to his favorite black jeans and black button-down shirt that he always wore when he wasn’t sure how dressed up folks would be. The black jeans had a casual feel and the all-black blended in to anything, even suits.

He was irritated, however, when the jeans pulled tight on his thighs and ass. Thinking they would stretch out as he wore them, he blithely put on the black shirt and started to button it from top to bottom. As he went down the buttons, he found he had to pull the extra fabric from the back around to the front to get the button to reach the button holes. Hm. He thought this shirt had always been pretty roomy.

Well, when he tucked his tails in and tried to zip up the jeans, he was absolutely stuck. There was just no way he was going to get into these pants comfortably.

He knew he had been eating pretty freely over the holidays and realized he’d gotten too large for his black outfit. Peeling his clothes off, he figured it was time to face the music and see how much had he gained.

Walking to the bathroom in boxers and socks, he rubbed his stomach and looked down. Definitely a bit of a gut for the first time he could remember. Slapping it from the side, he winced and watched as his gut wobbled. He wouldn’t be surprised if he had gained a good ten pounds.

That slap shook up the heavy snack Jeff had just eaten. He had thought it would be a good idea to eat some before they went off to the land of party hors ‘devours, but now that he was thinking about his weight, the heavy food felt like a rock. When his guts started to rumble, Jeff rubbed back and forth to relieve the gas pain.

Stepping on the digital scale, he watched as the numbers fluctuated and settled out at 214 pounds. So far from his normal 188-192 range that he had to do the math, Jeff was astounded. He’d gained over twenty pounds. Holy shit.

He looked over at his reflection in the mirror and didn’t know quite what to think. Twenty pounds seemed like an awful lot, but he didn’t look too bad, really. Definitely thicker around the middle, but there was still plenty of definition. Pecs, biceps, gluts, even his abs were visible. No six-pack, for sure. But still that center line of muscle down the middle of his stomach.

“Hey, babe,” said Susan as she walked into the bathroom to find him appraising his heavier body. She walked up behind him, caressed his sides around to the front of his belly, where she clasped her hands. Pressing up against his back, she asked, “Checking your sexy self out?”

Jeff snorted. “Well, I don’t know about that. Did you know that I’ve gained over twenty pounds over the holiday?”

“Um, twenty? I suppose I have noticed you enjoying your food… but I didn’t know you’d gained twenty pounds. I’m not worried about it. I think you look fantastic,” she emphasized her statement by splaying her hands. rubbing the contours of his expanded abdomen and giving him a squeeze.

Jeff grumbled. “I don’t know if I’d say fantastic, but right now I have a problem. The clothes I was planning on wearing are too tight. What can I wear?”

Pretending to give it thought, Susan said, “I know. Back in a sec.” She came back and presented him with the casual black slacks and black button down with the muted windowpane pattern on it. Both were from Mrs. Claus, so Susan hoped they would fit well.

Jeff looked at them suspiciously. “Are these new? Did you actually go and buy new clothes because I’ve gained so much weight?”

Answering the second question truthfully, Susan said, “No, I didn’t. I found these here in our room.”

“Oh. OK,” said Jeff, looking for sizes on the tags, but not finding any. Trying them on, Jeff was pleasantly surprised to find that the clothes fit him perfectly. He looked in the mirror and liked how they looked, preferring to see the pouf above his waist as the generously fitting shirt and not admitting how much belly was underneath.

“It’ll work,” he decided. “Have you seen my belt?”

Susan handed him the Mrs. Claus belt and went over to the mirror to finish her makeup.

Dressed now and feeling good enough about how he looked, Jeff turned his attention to Susan. By god, she was beautiful and he told her so.

Just adding her lipstick, Susan blushed prettily and demurred. “You are such a sweet talker.”

“It’s not sweet talk, Suz. It’s the truth.” He gestured at her reflection. “Look at yourself. You have such a gorgeous smile; your hazel eyes stand out and sparkle; women would kill for your curls.” He ran a hand lovingly through her curly brown hair, pulling it long and watching it bounce back. Moving his hands to her hips, he added, “And your body just keeps on going. Three kids and you are still as sexy as the day we married.”

Loving Jeff’s assessment, Susan turned around and gave him a big hug. Leaning her cheek on his shoulder, she enjoyed the feel of their bodies pressed together. Her breasts and the little roll beneath her belly button squashed up against him, his belly filled the hollow in between where there had been nothing before. They fit together so perfectly.

Leaning back and looking up at Jeff, Susan knew he would kiss her and he did.


Having survived Jeff’s realization about his weight gain without trauma, Susan still worried that he might curtail his eating. Watching discreetly through the evening, Susan was pleased to see Jeff serenely eating in unison with his merrymaking. He never really let himself go and binge like he did at home, but he always had a plate in one hand and a glass in the other. He mingled and told stories and laughed, continuing to eat and drink as he went. Well before midnight, Susan saw the growing contours of his stomach become visible as they pressed out under the shirt that had been so loose at the start of the evening.

Tipsy enough to have lost most of her inhibitions, Susan pressed herself up against his side. Wanting to really feel his growth, she placed one hand in the hollow of his back and the other on the top curve of his belly. Involved in joking with a couple of neighbors, Jeff didn’t appear to mind at all. He got rid of his beer and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

Susan smiled sleepily as she rested her head against Jeff’s pec and rubbed tiny circles at the top of his belly.

Standing tall, Jeff liked the feel of his much smaller wife wrapped around him and leaning on him for support. Seeing her sleepy smile and heavily blinking eyes, Jeff realized that Susan was going to fall asleep if they stayed much later. Thinking they might share a more private celebration of the New Year, he began making their goodbyes and steering them home.



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Apr 3, 2009
New Years Day

New Years Day dawned bright, clear and cold. When Susan checked the thermometer outside her frosty kitchen window, the mercury was just under zero degrees Fahrenheit. She shuddered as she thought of their annual trek to Philadelphia to watch the Mummers Parade. The way the wind whipped around the city buildings, it always felt colder than it really was. Today would be frigid.

She had made coffee and sat reading the paper when Jeff ambled in, already showered, dressed and ready for the day. She smiled at him brightly, admiring the way his sexy weekend stubble outlined his slightly rounder chin and jaw line. His favorite – formerly loose – jeans were starting to hug his tush very nicely. He hadn’t worn this striped rugby shirt in quite a while and, while it was by no means tight, his belly did push the front out enough that the fabric gathered just under his pecs, showing definite progress.

“Happy New Year!” greeted Jeff as he bent over to give her a good morning kiss. Susan kissed him back, cupping his jaw in her hands to run her fingers along the softening contours.

Jeff stood up and stretched his hands over his head and arched his back so that it cracked. Susan just about died from the up-close glimpse of his belly cresting out from the waist of his jeans. Unable to resist, she stuck her index fingers through his belt loops and rubbed her thumbs up the curve of his bulge. Pressing down a little, her breath hitched when her thumbs sunk into the soft flesh.

Jeff sighed and placed his hands on top of hers. “Yeah. I know I’ve put on a few pounds. I promise to take it off as soon as I can get back out running.”

Grinning up at him, Susan pulled his belt loops to bring him closer. She pushed his shirt up with her mouth and then ran the tip of her tongue across his waist. “Awe. Don’t do that!” she said coyly as she planted a kiss on his little roll. “I think it’s kinda cute,” she assured him right before licking up the bulge from his button fly to his belly button. Giving it a short hard suck, she promised, “Very sexy.”

Instantly, Jeff’s jeans were even tighter from his arousal. He asked hopefully, “Sexy?”

“Sexy,” she confirmed wickedly.

Jeff pulled her thumbs out of his belt loops and pressed them against his bulging spare tire. “Really?” he double checked.

Wagging her eyes, she gently squeezed his flesh and reaffirmed, “Really. Really, really.”

“Huh.” Looking like he was not entirely sure what to do with this new found revelation, Jeff went over to the stove to rustle around. “No hot chocolate?” he asked plaintively.

“Is he going to let himself get chubby for me?” wondered Susan with glee. She popped up to start making some and said aloud, “Sure. It’ll just take a minute.” Then she asked, “Did you see the weather? It’s not quite zero now and not expected to get above ten all day. What do you think about the parade?”

Jeff had heard the same weather report and did not like the idea of icy roads and the bitter cold. “I just hate to disappoint the kids,” he noted.

“We could always do something else.”

“True.” Jeff thought a moment and then lit up. “I know. We’ll go to that nice holiday brunch they do at Sweeney’s. The kids love it at Easter but we’ve always skipped New Years to go into Philly.”

“Sounds great!” Susan couldn’t believe her ears! She was worried he was going to cut back after weighing himself the night before. Instead, he had just suggested going to the nicest buffet brunch in town. Jeff always kind of over did it at Sweeny’s brunch. With his current appetite, who knows what he would do?

“Super,” said Jeff as he went to the cabinet for a bowl. “But that’s not for a few hours. I ought to have some cereal to tide me over, don’t you think?”

So, three hours later, the entire family was seated at a prime table central to all three buffet areas. Before they headed up to the buffets, the waitress brought orange juice, coffee and cinnamon cheese bread and took orders for made-to-order omelets and waffles.

Jeff ordered a Giant Garbage Omelet, so named because it had so many extras included that it took 5 eggs to sandwich the rest in. He didn’t hesitate, however, to take a trip up to the buffet to “keep him busy while he waited” for his omelet.

Soon, everyone was back from the buffet and Susan happily dug in to her own plate while she started tabulating Jeff’s haul.

Try as she might, Susan couldn’t keep track of everything that passed from plates on the table through Jeff’s mouth. He took one trip before his omelet was served and two more after. With the same big hands that could palm a basketball, he brought several loaded plates and dishes back each trip. All by itself, his giant omelet platter with toast and hash browns looked like far more than Jeff could have eaten in the past.

Over the past couple of weeks, Jeff’s stomach had stretched enough so that he easily accommodated his enormous meal. He took obvious pleasure in each bite, shoveling one in after the other and the food simply disappeared into his expanding stomach. By the end of the meal, his balloon-like belly pressed out against his skin tight rugby and the gentle folds between his pecs and belly now pulled into tight creases.

Despite his distended stomach, he did not appear to be at all uncomfortable. While the children were back at the dessert table, he sat back drinking coffee and rubbing his stomach with pleasure.

“Man, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a meal so much. So many choices and all you can eat.” He paused to cover his mouth as he brought up a burp as soundlessly as possible. Rubbing over his sternum, he smiled in relief. “It’s a shame Sweeney’s only does a spread like this for a few holidays,” he commented. “I could do this once a month at least.”

Nodding, Susan agreed, “That would be nice.” Then she patted his hand and stood up, saying, “We won’t be back until April. I’m going to go take advantage of dessert.”

Jeff admired the view as she walked away, then tagged after her to get his own dessert.

After brunch, Jeff took the family to see the latest action blockbuster. Despite having just finished brunch, he bought a huge pile of snacks. He handed everyone their popcorn and sodas, but the kids turned down the hot dogs and jumbo boxes of candy.

It was an exciting thriller and the kids loved it. Susan, however, was distracted from the movie by watching Jeff eat. By the time the previews and credits were done, he had finished two chili cheese dogs, one hot dog with sour kraut and mustard and one loaded with mustard, relish and chopped onions. Susan started to pay attention to the movie as they dug into a shared tub of popcorn. Just after the hero teamed up with the beautiful FBI agent, she was distracted again as he pulled out three King Size packs of Reese’s Cups. Savoring each one in three slow bites, letting each bite melt in his mouth, Jeff ate all 12 without a pause.

Ten minutes later, when the movie ended, Jeff was sound asleep. Susan sent the kids ahead to use the bathroom before the drive home. She told him the movie was over and rubbed his belly gently. She could feel some activity inside and heard Jeff murmur in his sleep. When the house lights were turned up, she saw that he had unfastened his jeans and didn't really look well. His cheeks were flushed and sweat was dripping down his hair line.

Speaking more urgently to him, he started to rouse himself. Pressing harder as she rubbed, a huge belch escaped and Jeff opened his eyes.

“Oh, God,” he said fervently, but making no move.

“Come on, hun, the movie is over and the kids are waiting,” Susan urged.

“Yeah, yeah. Just give me a mo’.” But still he didn't move.

"Are you alright?"

Speech still slurred with sleep, he said slowly, "Yeah. Just made a bit of a pig of myself. Started in on those dogs and one thing led to another..."

Groaning, he sat up and used the seat in front of him to help him sand up. “Can’t – errp – oh god – can’t keep the kids waiting, can we?”

Susan drove home and thought Jeff would probably pass out when they got home a half hour later. Instead, he went off with the kids to help them get past a problem they were having with their Halo game.

He came downstairs at six and asked if Susan had started dinner. She hadn’t, as it was going to be leftovers. “Well, good. It’s your night off. Unless you want something else, I’m going to order from Nino’s. OK?”

Well, sure it was OK. 45 minutes later, the family sat down to a pizza dinner. Jeff had ordered everyone’s favorites: a large meat lover’s deep dish for himself and (son), a large plain for the twins, a large broccoli and peppers for Susan. He also got two orders of all the extras: cheesy bread, chicken fingers, Buffalo wings and frosted cinnamon sticks.

Susan put a bowl of cut carrots, celery and green peppers on the table, from which the children dutifully took their mandatory serving. As usual Susan and the kids each had a single slice of pizza, two bread sticks, 1 or 2 pieces of chicken and a dessert stick.

After the kids were excused to go play board games, Susan broke open a nice bottle of wine to share with Jeff. Sipping her wine, she watched as Jeff eat slices six and seven with a passionate joy she had never seen before the last few weeks. She couldn’t get enough of him not being able to get enough of his food. This was her dream.

And yet… she couldn’t help worrying a little. He was pushing himself awfully far and fast. He had really looked sick by the end of the movie.

He noticed the uncharacteristic quiet while he traded his pizza plate for the buffalo wings. Looking up, he asked, “Suze, honey, is something wrong?”

Leaning toward him and smiling, Susan said, “No. Nothing’s wrong. Quite the contrary…” Susan smiled dreamily and sighed. “I just… can we talk about this?”

Making his way through the buffalo wings, Jeff scooped up a big glob of blue cheese on a celery stick and chewed. “Sure,” he said easily. After drinking some wine, he gave her a sheepish smile and said, “What’s up?”

Shaking her head in confusion. Gesturing at the pile of pizza boxes, she said, “You – I – what’s…”

“I thought you were OK with this. You said it was sexy this morning.”

“Mm-hm. Yes.” Susan answered slowly, figuring it out as she went, “That’s not what I’m asking. Today’s just been so extreme. I thought you were going to be sick at the movie.”

Jeff shrugged. “I know this has gotta be odd considering how strict I’ve always been about diet and exercise.” Seeing the look on Susan’s face, Jeff laughed. “OK, so I’ve been a total jerk about it sometimes. Sorry.”

Susan shook her head. “Don’t worry about that. I’m just thinking about this afternoon. You ate yourself sick. That can’t be good, can it?”

Looking embarrassed, Jeff defended, “It wasn’t that bad. I woke up right away.” Then giving her a shrewd look, he added, “I thought this was what you wanted. Isn’t it?”

Susan blushed. “I want it,” she acknowledged. “You know I love to cook and like it when you enjoy what I cook. I always have. And I’d definitely like to see you a little thicker and softer around the middle,” she admitted. “But I never wanted to make you sick.”

“You didn’t make me sick, Suze. If I over did it a little, I did it myself.” Seeing that Susan was still perplexed, Jeff went on, “If you really want to know, I’ll tell you. I thought about it in the shower this morning and decided that I’m enjoying being more relaxed. Then, when you told me you think a little chub is sexy, I guess I let myself really go for it today. I may not be quite such a pig tomorrow, but I’m going to let it go until the Y is open again. At that point, I’ll probably cut back and get back in shape. So are we OK?” he asked as he served himself two more pieces of pizza.

“Oh, yeah. We’re good.”

“Promise me one thing?” he asked around a huge bite.

“Sure. What?”

“Tell me if I take it too far and you don’t think it’s cute any more?”

Thinking that point could never come, Susan agreed, “Absolutely.”

“Cool,” said Jeff as he went back to his delicious mission to finish the take-out.


[Author’s Note:] Thanks again for the good words. I have a cruise and a summer trip to the beach planned, but nothing else, so if you have any good ideas for Susan and Jeff, please chime in!

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Oct 25, 2005
Ottawa, ON
This story just keeps getting better and better! I am really looking forward to more of the 'new opportunities’ and ‘alternative perspectives’ for Jeff that Kirsten promised to 'arrange'. I am also looking forward to the two weeks cruise in February! How big will Jeff be by then?

And what will Jeff do when the Y finally re-opens? Frankly, I hope he starts going back again, but takes up powerlifting instead of basketball....


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Sep 29, 2005
The story is pretty cute. Looking forward to more installments.

RV :eat1:


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Apr 3, 2009
Chapter Eleven
Monday, January 17th

It was just past 9 a.m., and Susan finally sat down to eat her breakfast – a poached egg on toast, juice and coffee.

She had a lot of things on her ‘to do’ list for the day, but was already worn out. So far this morning, she had rustled the kids out of bed and ready for school, cooked a good hot breakfast for everyone making sure Jeff’s was especially generous, packed 3 school lunches and a fourth larger lunch for Jeff, and driven the kids to school so that Sam wouldn’t have to carry his big Revolutionary War diorama the half mile to school.

All of her ‘to do’ items revolved around her goal of packing more weight on Jeff. He had only gained 4 pounds in the two weeks since New Year’s, and she was getting a little bit impatient.

Being unable to run on the icy roads or play basketball until the fire damage at the gym was repaired Jeff had started lifting weights with his dusty old equipment down in the basement. Adding weight lifting to shoveling the constant fall of snow and working on the mid-winter inventory at the store, a good portion of his gain was transforming into muscle. As much as she appreciated his broadening shoulders and thick quads bulging on his thighs, she hated to see the soft bulge around his belly start to melt away.

Susan decided she needed to enhance his caloric intake on weekdays. She was sure he had put those 4 pounds on over the two weekends, because he just wasn’t taking the time to indulge himself during his work week.

She had done what she could, but it obviously wasn’t enough. She cooked wonderfully rich breakfasts, but he didn’t sit still for more than a single plate full. He said he didn’t have time for a bigger lunch, so she was stuck sending him his usual salad, sandwich, fruit and drink. She had added plenty of steak, cheese, croutons, almonds and bacon bits to his salad. She replaced all of his low cal sandwich ingredients with their whole grain, fatty, more delicious alternatives. She replaced his usual diet cola with a tall thermos of North Pole hot chocolate. Despite her efforts, Jeff often came home with part of his lunch left over. Likewise, much of the wonderful cooking she did for their dinners went to waste because dinner times were routinely cut short because one or another child had to go to a sport or activity.

The only time Jeff really indulged during the week was when she brought him his dessert in bed around 11. Then he let her pamper him with cheesecake, brownies, giant chocolate chip cookies, and rich pies covered with sauce, ice cream and real whipped cream. She sat on the bed ready to get him more. There had been a couple of nights when he had even let her feed him. She was probably putting the feminist movement back a few decades, but she got a huge thrill out of serving him so personally.

She looked up a few new recipes, made out a grocery list and headed out shopping. He first stop was the North Pole shop at the mall. She had finally run out of several of the items Mrs. Claus had given her on the day they met. She also wanted to see if she could find something more to boost Jeff’s weekday intake.

The same little clerk was working in the North Pole shop as the other time she had shopped there. The clerk lit up and greeted her warmly. Susan went about finding the staples she had run out of and then browsed for anything that might encourage Jeff to eat more. She was pleased to find two things that looked very promising.

The first thing she found were Jump Start Bars. The bars themselves were labeled as being energy bars that could substitute for a meal on the run. The box they came in said they were also a powerful ‘appetite and metabolism storage enhancer’. “Delicious 600 calorie chocolate, caramel, nut and cookie bar will put a charge in your appetite and shift your metabolism so that a minimum of 70 percent of your caloric intake is stored as fat for later use.”

She also found Wonder Waffle Mix, which had four times the carbohydrates and calories as regular waffle mix, and Connor’s Condensed Maple Syrup, advertised as being “Twice as thick! Twice as tasty! Twice as Sweet!” Susan smiled as she thought that Jeff could eat the equivalent of eight waffles in the time he took to eat two.

She bought a case of Jump Start Bars and several boxes of Wonder Waffle Mix and felt hopeful that she would see Jeff begin to gain steadily again.


Susan was not disappointed by the new Jump Start Bars, Wonder Waffle Mix and Condensed Syrup. Jeff loved the new waffles and syrup so much that he took time to have a third waffle before heading out the door for work. He liked the Jump Start Bars, too. Susan had packed two with his lunch on Tuesday, explaining that she had used the last of the bread for the children’s sandwiches. Tuesday afternoon, Jeff came home with a party size bag of Combos Pretzel and Cheese snacks that he was just finishing. After tossing the empty snack bag, he went on to rave about how great the Jump Start Bars were. Reading the nutrition information, Jeff decided that he really should have at least one every day and that he wanted one in his lunch instead of his salad.

Nodding in agreement that the energy bars were very nutritious, Susan could not wait to see how her new additions would affect Jeff’s eating habits.

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Oct 25, 2005
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Great addition!

Let's see, substituting one 600 calories Jump Start bar for a 200 calorie salad means an extra 400 calories a day. 3500 extra calories equals one extra pound, so that change alone should help Jeff pack on an extra pound every 9 working days....add a second bar and it's an extra pound every four days!

Not to mention the Wonder Waffles....

That Missus Claus is one inventive lady!


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Apr 3, 2009
Let's see, substituting one 600 calories Jump Start bar for a 200 calorie salad means an extra 400 calories a day. 3500 extra calories equals one extra pound, so that change alone should help Jeff pack on an extra pound every 9 working days....add a second bar and it's an extra pound every four days!

LOL! I love to do the math, too!! I'm glad to see the set up leads you to that kind of thinking, too. I have a feeling that these bars could be addictive...

Thanks for the positive feedback!



Jun 27, 2007
Please continue this story, it is one of the best I have ever read on here. I really want to see what happens to him.


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Apr 3, 2009
Groundhog Day

February 2nd was a Saturday and had been an exceptionally long one for Jeff at his store. That night after an abundant dinner, Susan set Jeff up on the couch with a mug of North Pole hot chocolate and a tray of home baked brownies and cookies. By the time she joined him he was watching Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and was half-way through the dessert tray. Putting her mug of tea on the table, Susan snuggled up against Jeff so that she had one hand up on his shoulder and her other hand resting on the crest of the small roll of fat that formed his droopy little belly.

A warm gush of pleasure ran through her as Susan pressed her hand against his newly squashy belly. The Jump Start Bars and Wonder Waffles had been just the thing to help Jeff easily resume the gaining he had started over the holidays. Since adding them to his diet just two weeks ago, he had gained 12 pounds and had weighed in at 229 this morning. While Mrs. Claus’ automatically re-sizing clothes continued to fit perfectly, Jeff was starting to look a little more solid in them. His gain was much more obvious - and Susan thought sexy - in his old clothes. She had just recently taken his old trousers and dress shirts out of his closet, because they had gotten too tight to be presentable at work. His formerly baggy pajama bottoms and boxers now hung snugly against his sexy round butt and were nearly stretched to the limit by his expanding waist. His old shirts had begun riding delightfully up on his belly as he moved, prompting him to tug them down with increasing frequency.

Between his rounding middle and the muscle he was putting on his upper arms and shoulders with his weight lifting, the old gray sweat shirt and sweat pants he wore tonight were practically form fitting. He filled out the sweatshirt so much that the ribbed band at the bottom was barely able to keep it from riding up on his belly. Susan thought that after another week or two of good food she would start to see a little bit of belly peaking out from under this particular sweat shirt.

Jeff was crazy about the new waffles and syrup Susan had found. He’d been indulging in so much good food lately, that delicious had become run of the mill. Almost magically crisp and tender, moist and flavorful, these waffles were so far beyond delicious that his enthusiasm for breakfast was revitalized. He was so eager to eat them that he began getting up earlier to give him more time to eat. After a few days of eating Wonder Waffles, Jeff had settled into a breakfast routine that Susan approved of heartily. Instead of rushing out the door, he made sure he had at least a half hour to sit and eat. Each day, he had three waffles slathered with butter and drowned in the high calorie syrup. He’d also decided to round out his breakfast with bacon, a large glass of orange juice and two mugs of North Pole hot chocolate. Susan liked how much Jeff enjoyed his meal; she loved how the seemingly moderate meal filled him so much that he walked away from the table with a faintly swollen stomach. Seeing the sated expression on his face and telltale bulge of his belly, Susan knew she had done everything possible to send Jeff off ready for a great day.

The Jump Start Bars were even more successful than the waffles. Jeff really seemed to love them; he said that with the nuts and fruit swimming in nougat and caramel they were better than any candy bar. It tickled Susan pink knowing Jeff believed these sinful snacks were actually health bars! She noticed almost immediately that the Jump Start bars boosted his interest in lunch. Just two days after she packed his first bar in his lunch, she knew he was hungrier when he asked her to add a few things to his packed lunch. Two days after that, he asked that Susan pack two bars in his lunch every day. She guessed that he was more eager to eat because it sounded like he was eating lunch a little earlier in the day. Best yet, the bars seemed to be boosting his appetite. He was so hungry at the end of the day that he had started picking up a snack on the way home. Even having had a late afternoon snack, he was so desperate for dinner that insisted on helping her get dinner on the table as quickly as possible.

Susan patted Jeff’s pudgy belly roll and stroked upward over his tight overstuffed stomach. Rubbing gentle circles on his stomach, she looked up and found that he had fallen asleep. His head nodded forward, scrunching up the very first hint of a double chin on her formerly fat-free fitness nut.

With a silent squeal of delight, Susan squeezed Jeff in a bit of a hug before hopping off to get her camera. She loved Mrs. Claus’ photo album idea and tried to take pictures whenever she could.


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[Author’s Note:] Thanks to Durin and Booklover1991 for your kind words and encouragement. I'm having lots of fun writing this and it really helps to know that folks are enjoying it. Here's another chapter in Jeff's developing story...

Valentines Day:wubu:

Jeff wouldn't tell Susan where they were going; only that they were going into the city and that she should dress up.

He felt good driving his new leather trimmed Land Rover with his right arm slung up over the back of the seat and his left arm on the steering wheel, humming along to Susan's favorite old Crosby, Stills Nash and Young, and chiming in when he could remember the lyrics.

The traffic was light on I-95 and he couldn't help glancing over at Susan when he could. Jeff thought Susan was always beautiful, inside and out, but damn she looked sensational when she got all gussied up. Her curls were swept up tantalizingly, looking as if they might cascade over her shoulders at any moment. The teardrop diamond earrings he gave her on their 10th anniversary caught the light of the end of the day. She looked snug in her winter white long coat and fluffy red scarf, and Jeff smirked rather lecherously thinking about the strappy red cocktail dress she wore underneath.

Susan turned her head and caught him looking. He thought she might have blushed when she scolded him to keep his eyes on the road.

"Sorry Suze, but I just can't keep my eyes off the stunningly beautiful woman sitting next to me. Do you think she might be a celebrity?" he said, both flirting and teasing.

Susan laughed. "You are in a really great mood tonight."

"Sure I am. Why wouldn't I be? I'm taking my best girl out for a fancy Valentine's dinner."

"And you love a surprise, don't you. When will you tell me where we are going?"

"Bwa ha ha!" he said in his best evil villain voice. "Never! You'll just have to wait until we get there."

Susan scowled and pretended to pout. "Alright. Be that way."

Jeff reached over and made Susan smile by giving her a playful squeeze on the shoulder. She turned her head and gave his hand a quick little nip and then a kiss.


He was lucky to find an open spot on Chestnut Street, just a block from the restaurant. Getting out of the Land Rover, he stretched his arms over his head and cracked his back. Mm, that always felt so good after being folded up in a car. Looking down, he straightened his tie over his stomach, thinking, cool, I get to see more of my tie now that it's pushed out a little for display. Seeing stray fabric, he re-tucked his shirt tails and buttoned his blazer. Last year’s overcoat, however, was just a little too tight to be comfortably buttoned.

He opened Susan’s door and she was gazing up at him with a silly sort of smile. After he helped her up, she threw her arms around his neck and gave him a nuzzled kiss just under his chin, hitting just the spot that always sent shivers down his spine.

Jeff pressed his lips lightly against her ear and whispered, “Keep that up, honey, and we’ll have to get a room.”

She giggled, “That would be OK by me,” and slid her hand under his blazer to caress his growing belly. Groaning, she whimpered, "Oh, my god, you are getting sexier every day."

Jeff grinned, tickled by Susan's out-of-character public display of affection. He took her arm and started escorting her down the pavement. "Don't you want to know where we're going?"

"A $9.99 Chinese buffet?" she asked.

"Mmh. Maybe next time. Tonight we are going to Eden."

"Eden? Aren't we a little over dressed for that, Adam?"

"Good one, Eve. Nope. According to my sources, Eden is THE place to go for a romantic gourmet dinner. Very trendy, excellent food, excellent service."

They turned a corner onto one of Philadelphia's tiny one-way streets of historic brick row houses, and there in the middle of the tree lined block was a bright purple awning extending out to the curb and inviting diners to Eden.

"Oooo," Susan cooed as couple climbed out of a stretch limousine and disappeared into the entrance. She bobbed up on her toes and pulled Jeff to walk faster, saying brightly, "Fancy schmancy."


Eden was all that and more. After confirming their reservations, the maitre d' welcomed them as if they were specially invited guests. In the center of the splendid dining room, a young tuxedoed man played a grand piano. It had the feel of elegant days gone by with its low light and fine art and intricate woodwork. An artful array of columns, plants and stark modern sculpture separated the tables, lending a sense of privacy to their table for two.

Their table was adorned by a prismatic vase with three perfect red roses. They were immediately given a large basket of assorted bread and several spreads. The waiter served their champagne and left the bottle in an ice bucket before they had even opened their menus.

Smearing apple butter on what turned out to be pineapple bread, Jeff watched Susan as she looked around and took in all there was to see. "You like?" he asked.

With wide eyes and a wider smile, Susan nodded. "Absolutely! How did you find this place?"

Shrugging, Jeff admitted, "I just asked around. Joe recommended it. Said his kid sister was raving mad about it."

"Wow. Ask Joe more often, OK? This is great."

Jeff raised his champagne glass. "I wanted to do something special," he said as they clinked glasses. "Happy Valentines Day."

"Happy Valentines Day, dear."

Appetizers were served and from that moment on, the many courses of the prix fixe holiday menu kept coming and coming. Jeff chose oysters on the half shell for his appetizer, while Susan picked nueske bacon wrapped scallops. They both ordered the Lacroix Salad and Lobster Bisque. For the main course, Jeff ordered the 24 ounce porterhouse with sauteed mushrooms and Susan ordered a 12 ounce kobe fillet minion slathered with caramelized onions. Both entrees were accompanied with Spaghetti Squash with Oven-Dried Tomato.

Jeff couldn't quite believe how good the food was. The oysters were so perfect that he thought the rest of the dinner would have to go down hill from there. Amazingly, each course kept getting better and better.

Jeff finished his Lobster Bisque just as Susan was starting hers. He was glad to note that the waiter had already re-filled the bread basket. It was funny how, lately, good food just made him want more good food. And boy, was the cheddar and garlic spread tasty on the pumpernickel rolls. After his second thickly spread pumpernickel roll, he asked, "Do you like the soup?"

Susan put her spoon on the side of her plate and looked up with bright eyes. "It's really good, isn't it? I was just trying to figure out how to do something like this at home."

"That would be good," agreed Jeff. "Aren't you going to finish yours?"

Susan patted her flat stomach. "I don't have your stamina," she teased. "I need to pace myself."

The salad was served and Jeff continued in between bites. "So about that, Suze. You look like you've actually, um, lost weight lately..."

Surprised, Susan responded, "Yeah, I have lost a little bit. Why do you ask?"

"I dunno.” Jeff thought as he finished his salad. “I guess I'm a little surprised you went on a diet at the same time you've been encouraging me to indulge myself."

Susan hesitated before saying, "I didn't. I've just been awfully busy what with the holidays and all..."

Jeff looked a little sheepish. "So I've noticed. You've been running yourself ragged taking such good care of me. I feel bad about it."

"Oh, Jeff. Don't feel badly," Susan assured him, reaching across the table to take his hand. "I absolutely LOVE being able to do this for you. I’m having the time of my life. And I really can't finish this bisque. Would you like it?"

Jeff did not need to be persuaded and accepted her bisque. After a few delicious bites, he thanked her. "It's a mutual pleasure, believe me. But I still think you are working too hard. All your gorgeous curves are melting away."

"But...” Susan's voice cracked. “But I thought you always wanted me to trim down."

Jeff rolled his eyes as he chewed and swallowed his last spoonful of bisque. He moaned in satisfaction. After wiping his mouth, he clarified. "I know how I’ve always been. But, I don’t think I ever wanted you to be really thin. Not really. I always thought I SHOULD be Mr. Fitness, as you used to say. I suppose I wanted you to suffer with me. You know what they say, 'misery loves company.'"

"Jerk," Susan accused, only half-kidding. "I can't believe you wanted me to join you in something you hated." Then after a moment, she smiled coyly and asked, "You really like my curves?"

Digging around in the bread basket and pulling out a corn muffin, Jeff affirmed, “I don’t just like your curves, honey. I love them. You’ve always accused me of being a chest man, and it’s true. That’s just because boobs are the only decent curves most women have. You, my love, have always had spectacular curves in all the right places. I’d hate to see them go away.”

“Hm,” Susan said shortly. “Good to know after all these years.”

Jeff was chagrined. “I’m sorry, honey. It’s not like I kept it from you on purpose. It’s more like I was in denial about that and a whole lot of other things. I’m just figuring it all out now.”

Their dinner plates were served and conversation stopped as they were captivated by their food.

Jeff was already pleasantly full when the main course arrived, but attacked it with undiminished enthusiasm. The porterhouse was even better than all the delicious food so far tonight; it absolutely melted in his mouth and the sides provided wonderful contrast. With each tempting bite, his stomach was stretched further and tighter. With nowhere else to expand, his belly bulged further as he continued eating. He was sure he could see more of his tie over his expanding stomach. As he was finishing, he couldn’t resist pressing down on his stomach to make that exquisite fullness mount to a moment of excruciating pain. He closed his eyes, unable to breath as the sharp sensation cut through him. Oh. So good. And then he was just extremely full again.

Jeff began munching on the bread sticks littering the bottom of the bread basket and watching Susan thoroughly enjoy her own meal. She had eaten less than half of her fillet and barely touched her side dishes when she heaved a deep sigh and said, “Ugh. This is fabulous, but I can’t eat another bite. Do you want any of this?” she asked him.

For the first time in weeks, Jeff was more concerned about his overworked wife than he was in stuffing his face. “No thanks, honey. You should eat your own dinner. I should probably save room for dessert.”

Susan wheedled. “Awe, come on. I can't eat any more. You can have this and still have dessert.”

Jeff was sorely tempted.

Susan seduced. “You know you want it.”

Not motivated to resist, Jeff caved in. “Yeah. OK. Twist my arm. I would love to have it, thanks,” he said as they swapped plates. “Oh, yes,” he said around his first bite of fillet minion. “This is far too good to pass up.” Without another word, he went to work on Susan’s plate. When the prime rib was gone, he took a deep breath and drank some water. He groaned and shifted his upper body after finishing the sweet potato. Finally, he scraped the last puddle of sauce up with the last piece of asparagus and put the forkful into his mouth almost reverently. He closed his eyes as he chewed this last bite, swallowed and fell back against his chair with an ‘oomph’.

Slumped back in his chair like that, Jeff’s brand new X-Large dress shirt strained over his full-fledged round bump of a belly. The pad of fat over his belly seemed to have thickened quite a bit this week, and this meal pushed it out proudly. Jeff rolled his head to look down, picked up his tie and saw the row of buttons straining to stay in their button holes. Dropping his tie and smoothing it down, he grinned a dopey grin. “They say, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound.’ I think it’s safe to say that I’m in all the way.”

Susan looked mischievous as she pulled her cell phone out of her evening bag and snapped a picture of slumping sated Jeff. Giving him a meaningful look, she told him, “I’m glad you’re in. Really glad.”

Walking up to the table to find Jeff in his current state, the waiter offered to serve coffee to let them “rest” before dessert, for which Jeff grunted his thanks.


“Oh,” he sighed ten minutes later, when he finally had energy to sip his coffee. “Good coffee. I’m glad we have a little break before dessert. It gives us a good chance to talk about a few things.” He winced as he sat up straight and leaned forward. He tried to give Susan a sharp look and gave a very bad imitation of Ricky Ricardo, “Lucy. You’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

Never one to admit guilt until she was truly caught, Susan raised her eyebrows and fluttered her lashes. “Excuse me?” she asked.

Unable to hold either his stern face or his uncomfortable forward-leaning position any longer, Jeff relaxed back and smiled like the cat who caught the mouse. “I found a certain snow globe in a kitchen cupboard the other day…” he began.

Jeff explained that he found Mrs. Claus’ snow globe when he was rummaging around for a midnight snack. He was about to put it away with the rest of the Christmas decorations when he really looked at it and saw that Mini-Susan and Mini-Jeff working together in their kitchen. He thought he was seeing things and rubbed the glass clean, which brought Mrs. Claus right to him. She had come prepared with a steaming hot chocolate soufflé with pitchers of hot vanilla and chocolate sauces. Finding the whole situation so bizarre that he thought he must be dreaming, Jeff invited her to sit down and accepted the soufflé, which was incredible, by the way. She let him eat in peace and even made him a mug of hot chocolate.

After he ate, they chatted and he learned about Mrs. Claus’ gift to Susan. He was surprised – shocked, really – but it did explain a lot of things he had been wondering about since Christmas. Mrs. Claus told him he could either stop the experience right then and go back to his December 22nd body and appetite, or he could chose to continue through to next Christmas when he would have the same opportunity to undo the whole year then if he wanted. While the thought he probably should stop eating to his heart's content, he just couldn't bear to stop yet. He doubted very much that he would chose a permanent lifestyle of overindulgence, but so long as there were no real consequences to it, he couldn't resist continuing with the experience for the year.

Susan was still a little bit nervous and had to ask, “Are you angry?”

“Nah. How could I be angry? I met Mrs. Claus and can imagine just how convincing she must have been. Besides that, I’m having the time of my life. It took a little thinking about it, but, no I’m not angry.”

Susan had just breathed a sigh of relief when Jeff continued, “But I would like to make one very important change, if it’s OK with you.”

With her stomach plummeting, Susan asked, “What’s that?”

“I want to get you some help in the kitchen. When I realized that you are running yourself ragged trying to do so much for me, I started helping more with dinner. But that’s hardly any help at all. I spoke with Mrs. Claus about it and she recommended a young chef she knows who has young kids at home and is looking for something part time. If you are willing, I’d like to ask her to come for an interview. What do you think?”

Susan’s mouth hung open in the shape of an ‘O.’ “Wow,” she said. “Wow, that’s a really great offer. I guess I could use some help. It couldn’t hurt to meet her, could it?”

“Couldn’t hurt,” Jeff agreed. “And if you don’t like her, there are other options. We could interview other people. There are catering companies. There’s always take-out.”

Nodding as she warmed to the idea, Susan said, “Sure. But not lots of take-out. I really like the home cooked meals.”

Relieved that Susan did not fight the idea of another person in her kitchen, Jeff was happy to agree not to rely on take-out. “I can’t wait to get some help set up for you. I’d really love to see you have more time to enjoy some of the good food you have been cooking.”

“Thanks, honey. Me too.”

By happy coincidence – Jeff suspected Mrs. Claus’ influence – their most excellent Valentine’s dinner was topped off by his and hers chocolate soufflés. They were served with piping hot pitchers of vanilla sauce, chocolate sauce and a heaping bowl of whipped cream.


Two and a half hours after they had arrived in Eden, a very satisfied Jeff and Susan walked out. They were flushed from wine, stuffed with good food and happy to have discussed their intentions so openly. Walking Susan back o the car, Jeff felt strong, energetic and larger than life. His sense of well-being was cut in half when he climbed into his Land Rover and his waist cut deeply into his expanded stomach. Not liking the sick feeling or the possibility of ripping his trousers, Jeff unfastened his belt and trousers to relieve the pressure on his swollen middle.

“Do you feel better, dear?” Susan asked in a tender tone.

Two slow deep breaths and his nausea receded. One more breath and he was back in his full and happy zone. Jeff clapped a hand against his stomach and told her, “Oh, yes,” he said with intense feeling. “I feel wonderful, thanks. And it’s going to get more and more wonderful from here.”


:wubu: you like?


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[Author’s Note:] Sorry for the delay on this. Real life intervened and blocked my romantic inspiration for a little while there. Happily, I'm un-blocked. Hope you enjoy...

March 1st

Susan woke up a few minutes before her alarm was set to go off and found herself spooned up against Jeff’s strong, warm back. Her thighs curled around the growing globes of his ass and her hand cupped the bottom curve of his belly. Squeezing him gently, Susan felt a warm, sensual satisfaction.

Thinking fondly of the night before, Susan enjoyed the irony that Jeff seemed to become less weighed down – less burdened – the more he allowed himself to indulge and gain weight. Oddly enough, getting fat helped him lighten up.

After all, Jeff’s strict diet and exercise regimen had been pretty typical of his attitude generally. Before Christmas, Jeff tried to keep tight control of just about everything he considered part of his responsibilities. As his strict nutrition and fitness routines were forgotten, Susan was glad to see him begin to relax about other things. For years, he had been meticulous about arriving at the store 45 minutes before opening every morning dressed in a smart suit and tie. Since New Year’s, he often left as little as 15 minutes before opening, and he decided that business casual was acceptable for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. As winter wore on and the snow continued to accrue, he became less particular about clearing every inch of concrete on their property and concentrated on the driveway and front walk. He continued to lift weights, but did not stick to a tight schedule as he always had with his running. He eased some of his demands with the children, allowing things he had previously derided as useless lollygagging.

Another arena in which Susan thought Jeff had always been too tightly wound was his social drinking. He had always limited himself to two pints of beer or one mixed drink, no matter the occasion or how long the event. She had never said anything to him about this because certainly didn’t want to encourage alcohol abuse. It wasn’t really even the alcohol as the feeling that Jeff was always on edge, as if there might be a test later and he needed to stay vigilant.

Not surprisingly, he never seemed to enjoy their social outings as much as Susan wished he could. Susan was genuinely thrilled when he started drinking more and staying out later on his Thursday nights out with boys. Now he was willing to indulge himself to his heart’s delight. He not only ate what he wanted, he also gave up on his two beer limit. After he started coming home from Thursday night happy hours cheerful and flushed from laughter in a way that Susan hadn’t seen on him in years, she encouraged him to stay for dinner with his buddies if he wanted to.

It had taken him a few weeks to really take advantage of her offer, but last night he had stayed out until ten, when two of his friends had needed to drive him home and help him into the house. Hearing the commotion, Susan had hurried to the front door to find him holding an exceedingly bloated belly, swaying slightly and wearing a shit-eating grin on his face, obviously very full and very drunk and very, very happy.

Luckily, he wasn’t a particularly loud drunk, so he didn’t wake the kids up. He was, she was amused to note, an incredibly horny drunk. After his friends had left, Susan started to steer him toward the stairs. She thought he was about to fall at the bottom of the stairs, but he spun her toward him, took her by her waist and pressed her up against the wall, practically falling onto her, belly first.

As she recalled that first kiss, Susan was transported back to the night before.

She was devastated by a rush of desire. Jeff had always been a skilled and considerate lover, and had always pleased her very much. He had, however, never approached her with such reckless abandon and she found that she loved it. He took her hands in his and held them against the wall over her head. “God, I love you, Suze,” he murmured as his lips connected gently with hers.

His sweet kiss deepened as she opened up and he thrust his tongue against hers. He moved on, kissing and nipping with his lips across her cheek to her ear lobe. As he leaned into her, she was pinned to the wall by Jeff’s warm, round belly. Pressing harder and sucking along her jugular, he tilted his hips up and his pelvis forward, pressing the long hard bulge in his jeans along her pelvic bone.

Urgent want burned deep in her center and she whined longingly. “Please,” she had begged, as he snaked a hand under her shirt and bra to cup a breast. With what looked like a great effort to concentrate, he stood back for a moment to pull off her shirt and bra, then leaned down to give wet, sucking kisses to each of her nipples. He rubbed her wet nipples with the rough pad of his thumb, spreading heat through her entire torso. Her “please, Jeff,” came out breathy and weak.

“Susan,” he growled deeply. Returning to kiss her mouth, he backed up enough to undo both of their jeans, and shoved their pants and underwear down to their ankles. Hands returning to cup one buttock and tweak her soft spot, her insides melted into hot liquid lava.

As her knees began to buckle, Jeff hoisted her up on the wall, lifted her bottom out a bit from the wall and thrust deep inside. Wanting their bodies to merge entirely, she wrapped her legs around his waist and hooked her ankles together. Working into a steady, full rhythm, Jeff dropped her an inch so that his entry became impossibly, wonderfully deep and hard.

As Jeff attended to the other side of her neck, she thought vaguely of the deep purple marks she was sure to see tomorrow. Not that she could think straight. Riding hard on his thick ridged cock, her muscles clenched tighter with each thrust until she was coming in a series of shuddering convulsions. Again and again, each exquisite moment better than the last.

“Jesus, Jeff!” she screamed at last unable to bear more. She called out in the agony/pleasure of it all as he plunged into his own deep and long and trembling orgasm.

Still at last, they held themselves together and Jeff dropped his forehead against the wall to the side of her head, panting. “Fucking unbelievable,” he murmured, kissing her ear.

The memory of Jeff's newly uninhibited lovemaking and their first-ever wall sex gave Susan ideas that had no place in the family's time-sensitive weekday morning routine, so she decided to get up and take her shower a bit early.


An hour later, Jeff's belly bulged out as he finished his second plate of breakfast. Susan absolutely adored the shelf that had recently developed at the top of his belly and how it visibly inflated every morning as Jeff ate his filling breakfast. Just thinking about it, she couldn't resist leaning over the back of his chair, reaching under his arms and wrapping her arms around him for a big hug. As she lent to kiss his cheek, she snuck her hands on top of his bulging shelf and snugged her thumb in the crease under his expanding pecs.

The only thing better than his currently sexy pudge was knowing that Jeff was growing every day. When he weighed himself a few days ago, he had been 259 pounds. His gain went up with big events like their Valentine's dinner and down when he worked too hard, but Jeff seemed to be gaining 7 to 10 pounds every week. Imagine how big he would be in another month – or two – or three, thought Susan giddily.

Later that morning, after she had chivvied Jeff and the kids all out of the door, Susan sat down to eat her own breakfast of a single Wonder Waffle, orange juice and four pieces of leftover bacon. Her meals didn't hold a candle to Jeff's, but they were bountiful compared to the small amounts she had eaten throughout their marriage. Now that Jeff had expressed his true preference to see some good healthy curves on her, Susan felt free to indulge herself a little. She had always liked to eat more than was good for her, after all, and had felt deprived as she struggled over the years to keep her weight down. She felt absolutely liberated by Jeff's Valentine's Day revelation – she loved the idea that she could eat anything she wanted. Even so, she didn't have an urge to stuff herself the way Jeff did and wasn't rushing into anything. She thought of herself as relaxing her habits, rather than making a drastic change. She was taking it slowly and, so far, she had only gained a few of the 10 pounds she lost over the holidays.

She had just finished cleaning up from her breakfast when their new cook, Katie, came in the back door lugging three bulging grocery bags. Susan couldn't have been more pleased with Katie. She was a real dynamo and had made the job of feeding Jeff much easier. In just two short weeks, Katie had integrated herself into all the shopping, planning, cooking and cleaning. Susan's own responsibilities had gone from a monumental chore back to a pleasurable hobby.

Katie worked three hours every weekday morning. On Mondays, Katie sat down with Susan and planned all the dinners and weekend meals together. She spent the rest of the morning shopping and organizing. The first week, Katie purchased a special set of meal-sized Tupperware containers and a huge chest freezer that went down in the basement. For the rest of the week, Katie (very politely) kicked Susan out of the kitchen and went to work whipping up the most amazing meals. By Friday, the chest freezer was filled with containers with instructions on how to heat the dish and what to serve it with.

Katie only prepared the big things, leaving fresh vegetables and bread for Susan. Susan thought it was just the right balance, letting her feel as though she was actually cooking dinner for Jeff and the kids, but saving her gobs of time. She still cooked Jeff's big hot breakfasts and packed his lunches, but after the kids went off to school, she had most of her days free to get back to her regular activities. She was glad to have the time to get back to her morning yoga class, to have lunch with friends, and to watch her favorite TV shows. It was good to relax after two months of scrambling to tempt and indulge Jeff's appetite.

After a brief conversation, Katie once again kicked her out, well, encouraged her to leave. Not needing to be told twice, Susan picked up her yoga bag and headed out to enjoy her day.



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Jun 18, 2009
Waiting for your next installments is agony, but you make it so worth the wait! Fantastic!

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