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Got fat shamed by my dad. (And random vent)

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Well-Known Member
May 6, 2022
Bikini Bottom
I apologize if this might be the wrong place to post this vent.

I'm not going to go into details because it's personal. But to sum it up, my dad days ago implied my body was unacttractive. He then later tried to cover up his opinion by saying my breasts were attractive. The whole conversation made me uncomfortable. I'm unsure if this is considered sexual harassment or not. My siblings (who are minor age) were even there.

Anyways, I wanted to let this out. I am sorry if I ruined anyone's day. I had no one to talk to because I'm on a 3 month break from social media. I really want to stay away from my unhinged dad not only because of the incident, but he also messes up my mental health. He one time kicked down my door because I accidentally gave away his cinnamon roll to my sister. He never had anger issues until during my teen years.

I unfortunately don't have enough money to move out. Houses in America are expensive. My job isn't very stable either. Getting laid off this week. My only hope is waiting for a spot for a better paying position and someday working at a different job.

Hope you guys have a wonderful day and stay safe.

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