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Growing Up and Out (SSBBW, ~XWG, Stuffing, Sex)

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Benny Mon

Well-Known Member
Jul 7, 2011
SSBBW, ~XWG, Stuffing, Sex - A fat girl comes of age, exploring her stuffing and weight gain fetishes while finding her place in the world.

[Author's Note: The opening chapters of a story in progress. I'm trying to balance the groundwork of a long-term story with some early payoff, so hopefully it doesn't open too slow. It's my first shot at this, so feedback is definitely appreciated! Enjoy!]

Growing Up and Out
by Benny Mon

Chapter 1

It had been three years since Tina had sat in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, and it was even more uncomfortable than she had remembered. Five or six other people were scattered in the chairs lining the edge of the room, reading magazines or lazily poking at their smartphones to scroll through their Facebooks or Twitter feeds, and she could barely fit her hips between the arms of her chair. It wasn’t a little chair, either, and her jeans were already a size too small, so she found herself discreetly unbuttoning them to prevent them from digging any deeper into her stomach. A couple double takes from the other patients had greeted her entry into the room, which was the sort of thing she normally shrugged off. She’d gotten used to being the fattest person in the room. But she was petrified of going to the doctor, and she didn’t need anything on top of that anxiety.

Ten long minutes passed, and finally the nurse, a young guy named Victor, called her back. He took her vitals and read them off to her as he worked. Age: 20 (she'd turn 21 in a week); height: 5’4’’ (that hadn’t changed in years); weight: 365 pounds (up 60 lbs over the past three years); blood pressure: 100/70; temperature: 98.9 degrees. Her stats were remarkably good for a woman that fat, but as she stood on the scale, as she sat with the blood pressure cuff barely wrapped around her enormous arms, she could feel the nurse’s eyes glued to her the whole time. She wanted to melt into a puddle and flow home.

Dr. Nguyen appeared almost immediately after the nurse left, but he left Tina enough time to stress about how loudly the exam table creaked when she shifted her massive bulk, even just slightly.

“So, Tina,” he said, “you’re a new patient at our practice. What brings you here?”

“I’m not sick or anything--” she began.

“I can see that,” he said, glancing down at her file. “Your vitals are excellent.”

“Yeah, I just need a physical. I’m starting school again, and I get health insurance as a student, but they want a health record for me first.”

Dr. Nguyen nodded appreciatively. “That’s a pretty good deal. Let me check a few more things out here.” He checked her ears and throat and her reflexes, asked her about diet and exercise. “How many fruits and vegetables a day?”

This she could answer honestly; she ate an abundance of both.

“How much exercise?” came the next question.

Here she lied; in truth, she never exercised.

As it all wrapped up, she cringed, waiting for the inevitable lecture. She’d been blessed with good genes, but her pediatrician - the last doctor she’d seen - scolded her during every visit for her constant weight gain. It didn’t matter if her other numbers were good; the old doc considered her a heart attack waiting to happen.

But the lecture never came.

“Great!” said Nguyen as he wrapped up the exam. “I can send you off with a clean bill of health! And if you need anything else after school starts, don’t hesitate to drop in; I rarely have a full schedule Wednesdays and Thursdays. Let’s take you back to the desk and get you checked out.”

Tina was stunned. At the desk, she pocketed a handful of small lollipops (presumably intended for children) while she asked the receptionist to bill her. She walked back to her car elated, one of the lollipop sticks poking out of her mouth as she sucked on its sugary crown. This doctor was part of a huge provider network, and she’d been assigned to him at random. She never would have guessed that he wouldn’t criticize her for her weight! It was a liberating feeling, worthy of a proper celebration. She wedged herself into the front seat, went through the remaining lollipops in a few crunchy bites, and took off down the road.

* * *

A storm was building by the time Tina made her third stop, at Safeway. She’d already picked up two medium fries and a double cheeseburger from McDonalds and grabbed an animal-style burger from In-And-Out. She waddled into Safeway to pick up a dozen donuts. Safeway donuts were far from the best out there, but, frankly, that’s one of the reasons Tina liked them - not for the artisanship, but as a vehicle for pure sugar, butter, and calories.

She walked slowly through the store, her ballooning thighs rubbing against each other, her massive belly stretching her tank top, which she had to keep yanking down to prevent her belly from peeking out. She’d left her jeans unbuttoned, but her hips were so huge that the jeans stayed on from pure tightness, and her belly hid it all anyway. At the bakery section, she grabbed a box of donuts, and she snagged a couple Snickers at the check-out. They’d be a good snack for later.

She started to drive again, and realizing she couldn’t eat all this at home, in front of everyone, so she looked for a good place to stop. About halfway home, the storm broke, and she was forced to pull over to the side of the road immediately. As a good a place as any for an afternoon snack, she thought, so she ate the burgers and fries, bite after delicious bite.

Tina wasn’t a ravenous eater when it came to burgers, but she was steady, like a machine that never slowed down. The donuts were different, though, and she devoured them, her eyes widening as she barely chewed and quickly swallowed each sugary bite. She slowed down a bit over the last few, but not much. She had consumed the entire snack in less than 20 minutes. She was stuffed to the brim, but her appetite never gave up, so she still found room to nibble through one of the Snickers bars the rest of the way home.

Tina had always found excuses to celebrate like this, and they were becoming increasingly frequent. The doctor knew she’d put on 60 pounds over the past 3 years, but what he didn’t know is that she’d mostly plateaued in the first year, added about 10 pounds in the second, and gained the other 50 in the third. She felt like her appetite had taken on a life of its own. It made her feel a little scared, a little bit out of control. And she liked it.

Chapter 2

Tina’s life had always revolved around food. As a kid, she cleaned every plate put in front of her and always asked for seconds. When she finished her homework, she spent her afternoons watching the Food Network, and she started helping her mom in the kitchen as soon as she began middle school. Her mom, Kendall, had never been crazy about meal prep anyway, so she was more than happy to gradually hand that responsibility to Tina.

By 9th grade, Tina was preparing every cooked meal of the day, perfecting her recipes for stews and pasta and pizza and steak, always gobbling down extra ingredients as she cooked and making herself portions twice as large as her mothers’ - with enough for leftovers, too. And not a day passed that she didn’t bake - cookies and pies, mostly, but the better she got, the more she started experimenting with cakes. Tina was both a glutton and a talented chef, and even on her mom’s modest budget, she was able to craft true culinary masterpieces, as delicious as they were caloric.

Middle school brought another milestone, too: Kendall began dating a woman named Teresa, who moved in with them after a year. Kind to Tina in many ways, Teresa also harbored some deep insecurities about her own body. She was a bit chubby but dieted constantly, and she turned many of these anxieties outward at the fatties of the world.

Teresa didn’t say anything about Tina’s size and eating habits at first, but after she moved in, she started to drop a comment here and there about how much the young girl was eating, or about the benefits of regular exercise. It went on for years, and Teresa was never aggressive, but the constant surveillance and subtle digs profoundly undermined Tina’s confidence and sense of self-worth.

There wasn’t much Tina could do about it until she got her license, but being able to drive opened up a world of new possibilities. Until then, Tina’s indiscriminate gluttony led her to scarf down all sorts of foods - baked goods and pizza, to be sure, but plenty of fruits and vegetables as well. That never stopped, but being able to drive meant that Tina had full access to every candy and fast food place she could imagine.

Using money she saved from summer jobs working at a nearby restaurant, she gorged herself on these calorie-laden treats as often as her schedule and her budget allowed. Often she would eat in the car; sometimes, when she was pretty sure no one was home, she would bring home her bounty and stuff herself in her room. On a few occasions, she even took her feasts to Teresa’s side of the bed in her mother’s room and gloated as she ate. These binge sessions were a lot of things for Tina: a manifestation of her boundless appetite, of course, but also a way to cope with Teresa’s abuse - and, at the same time, to rebel against it. Extreme indulgence was in Tina’s marrow, and she wouldn’t let this intruder stifle who she was meant to be.

After these clandestine meals, though, she was always careful to clean up every wrapper and crumb. And while Teresa never found out that Tina ate in her room, the breaking point came eventually. Turning eighteen meant nearly a week of celebration for Tina. She went out to dinner several nights with different groups of friends, each treating her to massive quantities of fast food and ice cream. The night of her birthday, Kendall and Teresa took her out to dinner at a local Thai place, and Teresa’s discomfort was palpable as Tina put away two heaping plates of pad thai, a plate of spring rolls, and two Thai iced teas.

A week of constant feasting left Tina in an overstuffed daze, but it wasn’t enough. To celebrate her passage into legal adulthood, she wanted to push herself to new limits. The next day was a Friday, and her mom and Teresa were out shopping. In less than a half-hour, Tina rounded up three burgers and two large fries from McDonalds, a burrito with extra guac from Chipotle, two flurries from Wendy’s, and a footlong Subway sandwich stuffed with cold cuts and dripping with sauce. Already full from her prior indulgences, Tina soldiered on, stripping down to her underwear and steadily consuming every bite of the food in front of her. The wrappers accumulated around her, and drips of sauce fell to her massive belly.

Tina could barely move, but still it wasn’t enough. She was driven by a new sensation: she’d always loved to eat, but for the first time she could feel her clit swelling in lockstep with her stomach. She didn’t have more room, but she needed more food. She managed to drag herself to the kitchen and open the freezer, discovering a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Tina’s arms practically trembled with anticipation as she dragged it back to her bedroom and shut the door, spooning bite after massive bite into her mouth. Her stomach distended and ached, and she felt like she couldn’t go on, but she forced it down.

She was so engrossed in her gluttony that she didn’t hear the front door open and shut again behind Teresa. The chubby woman walked to Tina’s door.

“Tina, we’re stopping home for just a second, and we wondered if you needed anything from the drug store.” No response. “Tina?”

She pushed open the door, and her eyes widened in horror as the spoon thudded to the ground and the gallon bucket, scraped clean, fell from Tina’s sausage fingertips. It took Tina a full ten seconds to realize that Teresa stood in her doorway, but when she looked up, her own eyes flashed in panic. Reflexively she tried to sit up, but pain shot through her stomach. She yelped and leaned back against the wall moaning, a 300-pound ball of fat flowing out over the floor.

It was more than Teresa could handle.

“What is wrong with you?” she screamed. “Do you have a fricking clue how many women are working their asses off to...to work their asses off? You must know how worthless you are, the way you just shovel calories into your mouth all day long, every single day! Who treats themselves like that? Who doesn’t give a crap what they look like, what they’re doing to their body?”

She spat out a few more incoherent words and fell silent, paralyzed by shock. Equally unable to move, Tina could only sit there, the shame flushing her cheeks competing with the arousal still coursing through her. She looked away from Teresa, confused, making a futile effort to muster a response as her clit swelled again.

Finally pulling herself together, Teresa turned slowly from the room, shut the door, and walked back to the car.

“Tina doesn’t need anything,” she told Kendall, who somehow hadn’t heard any of Teresa’s rant. “Let’s get going.”

As soon as Teresa closed her door, Tina began floundering on the floor, reaching under her massive gut and between the meat of her thighs to her clit. It was a struggle for her to reach it, but it took only a few desperate strokes to bring her to orgasm, and she gasped and arched her back as her **** throbbed with painful pleasure.

* * *

It didn’t take long for Teresa to move out. On the ride to the drug store, she couldn’t help but confess what she’d seen, and her disgust poured out again. Kendall turned the car around immediately and ran to Tina’s room, but the teenager had passed out and was lying uncomfortably but fully unconscious on the floor. Kendall didn’t have much to say to Teresa, who moved out a few days later.

Tina and her mother didn’t talk much about the incident either. Kendall never scolded her daughter for her weight or her eating, but she’d never had anything positive to say about it either, and the Teresa disaster made Kendall’s tacit support for her enormous daughter that much more tacit.

She had already thought her daughter a prodigious eater without knowing about the secret junk food binge sessions, which she had no idea how to process. As a result, Tina had few ways to process the incident herself. At first, for a day or so, she didn't eat anything at all - partly because she had no more room in her stomach, and partly because her embarrassment overwhelmed her. But it didn't take long for the stuffings to resume and even increase in frequency. The lasting shame of being exposed insinuated itself into the pleasure of overeating, and in many ways the feelings became inseparable. Tina hated the shame, but it intensified her pleasure, and there wasn’t anything she could do about it anyway. She had a compulsion - and no choice but to obey it.

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