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Jan 12, 2022
Fargo, South Dakota, USA
Hi there! I'm nearing completion on a multi-part erotic weight gain novella. It's significantly focused on weight gain, but does have two sexually explicit scenes (amidst a total novella-length of about 130 pages). The scenes are fairly tame (i.e., consensual, appropriately aged, somewhat 'vanilla') and represent some meaningful elements of the plot and character arc. I'm wondering if there are any more specific guidance from what's in Recent Additions, since (1) the story's focus is not sexual elements, there are just two scenes with it, and (2) it says there is a fair deal of "creative leeway" if reviewed.

The first sexually explicit scene appears in Part 7 (of 10) in the story and is already available on Deviantart, so, if it bears review first, happy to discuss it with the admin:


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