Happy birthday Swamptoad

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Ho Ho Tai

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Jun 9, 2006
Wishing my Hubby Jeff (Swamptoad) a very happy birthday I love you:smitten::wubu:
Hey - I'll 'third' that. By the way, I owe Swampy a PM. Is Swamptoad his handle from his ham days? I was never a ham but had friends who were. I know they can talk on for hours with friends they have never met - good practice for bulletin board and other similar communication.


vienna carrier-no venom
Nov 17, 2011
Not on FB, Male
Happy Birthday and more good luck to someone who is already lucky.

A ham?
I thought I was the only one here.
73 for now, OM . ... .


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Sep 30, 2005
, Male
Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes!!! - Snow Angel, GEF, Ho Ho Tai, Adamantoise, RabbitScorpion, Tad, moore2me :)

Very kind of you all!


I'm belatedly sharing this from my fb page: 38 years ago today, back in 1978, I was born on planet Earth, crying ...breathing air for the first time ....and I suppose it's really neat to reflect on that special day even though I have no recollection of it whatsoever. But I'll give a special shout out to the Heavens to Mom for having me, my sis, for putting up with me, my Dad and Step-dad for their love...my wife, and all the family, friends, former neighbors, babysitters, preachers and so on and so on that are still trying to figure this kid out. Love you all and God bless!!!

Unfortunately, I did have to go to work on my birthday. But I did enjoy 2 days off before having to go back to work on my birthday. Snow Angel and I enjoyed a nice meal at Outback Steakhouse on Wednesday. And on Thursday we uncluttered the house and front porch, lol!

There's a lot of folks that I have not seen in a while that took time to remember me on my birthday. That's uplifting, no doubt!. Its nice to have the technology of this day and age that enables and allows people to come together and share a birthday wish across the miles and before you know it those wonderful birthday wishes grow in numbers and begin spreading like a cheerful wildfire of love, so to speak. :blush:

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