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May 12, 2007
Here's a quick one I wrote today. While preparing our NYE party at one point I looked at all the food we had out and wondered... well here goes. Wish you all a 2015 filled with health and happiness, and above all much food!

Franny looked round the room and nodded happily to herself. The open -plan kitchen/living/dining was all set for their New Year’s Eve celebration. After 2 full days of buying, preparing and cooking, the dining table was filled end-to-end with delectable treats. A plate of cold-cut Italian and Spanish hams, another with French pates and another with mini-sandwiches. Several dips in small bowls and a range of crackers and crisps. The fridge was stacked with food ready to re-heat once their guests arrived.

Now in their third year of marriage, Tim and Franny had made a tradition of celebrating New Year’s Eve at their place. In their early years of dating it was basically a bottle-party with a few bags of crisps, all their friends over drinking too much, playing the music too loud and partying till dawn. Now the event was rather more sedate. The numbers had been whittled down to total eight, themselves and three couples who’d join them for nibbles and wine with a bottle of bubbly at midnight. The venue has moved from student accommodation to a rented apartment in the city,and as of this year in their very own cottage. It was cosy and they could only afford it because it was some way out of town; in fact their closest neighbours were over a mile away.

“I’m heading to get ready then, it’s already 7” Franny called to Tim. “No peeking now!”
Another of their NYE traditions was to abstain from having sex for the last few days of the year and then surprise the other with sexy lingerie after midnight.

Tim was arranging the last decorations when he heard Franny call out that he could start getting ready. He showered and changed without seeing her, then joined her in the living room.

His beautiful bride was packed into a purple dress at least a size too small for her sexy curves. Their courtship had added a few pounds,maybe ten to each of them. Their first year of marriage had seen Franny gain 7 pounds, then 8 in their 2nd year. Tim had kept pace with 10 pounds added and then 12. This last year however, both had worked like mad to raise the deposit needed to secure the house.

All those long days were fuelled by snacks and take-out, with their only pleasure good home cooking at the weekends. Franny reached the end of the year with 21 pounds gained, bringing her to a round 180 lbs. While the previous weight gain was evenly spread over her body, the last year had swelled out her belly, giving her a round pot belly that protruded forward a good few inches beyond her breasts. Tim ended the year at 202 lbs.

“Oh my, you look like the Purple one in a Quality Street box!” said Tim.
“You mean fat and round?” asked Franny, aware of how the holiday indulgence had added even more fat to her body.
“No, I mean delicious enough to unwrap and eat!” said Tim, then he continued, “should I find another shirt, this one’s really tight.”

Franny looked at him and realised for the first time that her husband looked fat. She knew of course that he had been gaining weight alongside her, but now his belly stretched the buttons apart even when standing, the tight shirt unforgivingly showing his hefty love handles and back fat. She walked up to him and took his belly in her hands.

“We’ve both gained alot this year, but it was for a good cause, look at what we’ve got now together” she said, waving her hand round to take in the house around them. “And I like your belly getting bigger… it’s like proof that I care for you and feed you well… that I love you…” she faltered, unsure how to go on.
“Oh I feel the same way!” exclaimed Tim. “I thought there was something wrong with me, because the more you gain, the deeper I love you , and the more beautiful and sexy you are to me.”
They hugged and for the first time really dug into the other’s fat, fondling soft bellies and love handles.

Franny said “look, our friends haven’t been blind to our gain,and they’re coming because they love us and enjoy our company, not for our long-gone wispy waists.”
“That’s true, I guess” replied Tim.
“Besides” she added playfully, “all your shirts will look so tight!”
Tim grunted and moved to pour the red wine into a decanter.

“Hey look” called Franny, “it’s snowing again!”
Tim joined her at the window. “Oh wow, that’s falling really thick! I hope it runs out soon or no-one will make it here!
“Oh don’t be silly, it’s not that deep!” scoffed Franny. “Anyway they should be here any minute now.”

Just then Tim’s phone rang. It was Glen, one of their guests. Apparently a truck had slid and crashed about 10 miles away, completely blocking access to the only road leading to Tim and Franny’s. Within minutes their other guests also called to report the same.

“Well that’s a downer” said Franny sadly and sat on the sofa.
“Don’t worry, they’ll clear it up soon and they’ll be here within an hour” said Tim. “Here, take a glass of wine, and have some Parma ham.”

By nine half the cold starters had been demolished and Franny tried to re-arrange the plates so it wasn’t obvious that they had eaten so much. Tim switched on the oven, “might as well get it ready and hot, they’ll be here soon.”

Tim’s phone rang again and he answered on speaker so that Franny could hear too . The crashed truck had now been moved away but the police were not allowing access to the road due to the unusually heavy snowfall.

“So that’s that.” said Tom flatly.
“I can’t believe it” said Franny, wiping a tear from her eye. “We worked so hard to prepare all this!”
“Then let’s enjoy it!” said Tim.”We’ve worked so hard all year and this was our chance to let our hair down. Here, there are still some sandwiches and hams, let me chuck something in the oven.

A tray full of quiche and vol-au-vents soon disappeared into their hungry bellies. Another tray of spring rolls, wontons and dumplings followed suit. The oven alarm beeped and Tim moved to stand up from the sofa but fell back and involuntarily burped. “Oops, sorry!”

Franny laughed “You’ve eaten too much to stand already, you lightweight?” she taunted. “Cos with that fat gut I thought you’d be able to take alot more… like you did at my mum’s at Christmas…”
“Don’t” warned Tim
“Winnie!” shouted Franny in laughter. Her four year old nephew Adam had seen Tim gorging himself at Christmas a week earlier and had matter of factly christened him Winnie the Pooh. Just to ensure no one missed his meaning, the little tike had proceeded to read aloud from his favourite book the story where Pooh eats too much honey and gets stuck in the doorway of his friend Rabbit’s house.

That ensured that Tim was nicknamed Winnie or Pooh for the rest of their stay, not that it did much to dent his appetite. Franny had also come into his line of sight, but luckily for her no-one else noticed. After a long and big lunch Franny laid to doze on the sofa, discreetly opening her jeans button under a large blanket. Adam woke her when he snuggled p under the sofa and bumped into her tummy. “Wow you have a really big tummy Aunt Franny! It’s so big your jeans are open!” She had had to take quick action and tickle him until he ran away squealing.

“Looks like Pooh bear ate too much honey, here let me undo your pants” offered Franny.
“Might be an idea” admitted Tim blushing.
Franny delved under his fat gut to undo his belt and with a struggle undid his button. The release in tension made another burp bubble up and Franny pushed him away in mock disgust. “Go get the next round, you uneducated beast!”

When Tim returned with a tray full of pizza cut into party size squares he found Franny holding a pack of cards in her hand and a naughty smile on her lips.
“What’s up?”asked Tim warily.
“Strip poker baby! I’m getting squeezed in this dress too, and since we’re alone…”

Tim played two pairs to Franny’s full house. “OK, what do I take off first?”
“Your shirt of course, let’s see that gorgeous belly.”
Tim put on a bit of a show, moving slowly in time to the music, Lana del Ray’s Summertime Sadness. He undid the buttons starting from the bottom, letting Franny see his dome of a belly.
“Wow, I can’t believe…” she tailed off.
“How fat I am?” he asked, unsure of himself now.
“Not just that, I mean how sexy I find your new body. You have man boobs.”
Tim put his hands over his moobs, feeling vulnerable.
“No, no silly, I like them.” Franny got up and hugged Tim, nuzzled his neck then flicked her tongue down over his collar bone to his left nipple. She suckled it and nibbled lightly, feeling Tim’s erection grow against her belly.
“Down boy, there’s still loads of food before you get any.” she said and swayed off to the sofa again.

A tray of chicken skewers and strips was ready next.

Tim’s three of a kind was enough to beat her pair. “Dress” he commanded.
Franny stood up and turned her back to him then turned her head to look over her shoulder, tossing her dark hair to one side. “Would you be so kind as to unzip me Sir? she asked coyly.
“With pleasure young lady, it’s clear that you have indulged far too plentifully to get out of that dress alone” he teased.
“How dare you?!” she replied.
Tim unzipped her dress down her back and peeled the dress off her shoulders. He pulled the dress down in front, brushing her breasts through her bra and grabbing her belly with both hands. “I dare because I see this over-fed belly, I feel the proof of your gluttony!”
Franny gasped as she felt her pussy moisten.
“Unhand me Sir, you take advantage of an innocent lady!”
“Fine” he said. “But only to feed you another chicken strip!”

Five minutes later and both were in their underwear, the surprise for the evening laid bare. Tim wore white silk boxers with a caption in front, Open here for a Happy New Year. He had bought them in November and his expansion since them made them very tight, causing his flab to bunch up and bulge out over it like melted cheese oozing out of a toasted sandwich.

Franny’s outfit was a sexy teddy, like a one piece bathing costume but with sex written all over it. The rear was slit open with a lace bow above and the front ran down to her crotch in two strips. Her belly was so fat that it pushed the two sides much farther apart than they were designed to.

At one point Franny went to powder her nose. When she returned, she saw her stuffed and half drunk husband sitting on the thick shag pile carpet with his back resting against the sofa, his eyes shut, but a smile on his lips, moving his head to the beat of Lord’s Royals. She drank in the sight, her heart bursting with love, and her loins responding with lust. Tim sat there, his belly pouring out over his boxers bigger than a basketball, his moobs plump, still perky but no doubt they would soon start to sag down. She got out some prawn fritters and breaded scampi, and brought the sauce over too. She lowered herself down in front of Tim and fed him one piece, then another. He fed her some, when her lips were covered in sauce he licked them clean. She massaged his throbbing erection but slowly, not wanting him to come yet.

“Get me more” instructed the drunk Franny, by now lying the carpet. Tim hauled himself up and opened the fridge.
“Uh.. honey? there’s no more.”
“What do you mean.”
“I mean look at the size of your belly! We’ve eaten all the food. and it’s only 11.
“No we haven’t”
“Yes, see there’s nothing left to heat.”

“Oh… then get the sweets!”
Tim lumbered over to the dining table and brought over two plates of mini desserts, a box of chocolates and assorted biscuits.
Franny rolled over onto her tummy and pushed herself up to all ours. Tim stared in amazement at the size of her belly hanging down under her.
“What?” she slurred, seeing him staring at her.
“I just fell in love with you all over again” he replied.
“That’s good, but get me some food ‘cos I can’t seem to move.”
“I bet you can move your mouth to eat some more!” he teased.

Tim placed one plate with the mini desserts on the coffee table, inches away from Franny’s face. “Go on, crawl towards them, you know you want them.”
Franny forced herself to move, her swollen belly heavy beneath her. The movement made her burp as she lifted a hand to take a profite-roll.
“Use your mouth! that’s what fat little piglets do, they don’t use their hands!” commanded Tim. Franny complied, opening her mouth and taking in the whole sweet pastry. Tim moved behind her, taking in her wide ass. She gasped as Tim slapped one butt cheek, then the other, then shouted out in surprise as he thrust himself through the slit in her teddy.
“Eat more!” he instructed her, “You stuff your fat face in front, and I’ll stuff your fat pussy back here!”
As he heaved and thrust behind her, she found a second appetite and gulped down the little desserts in quick succession, orgasming at the chocolatey tastes in her mouth as much as her man’s cock inside her, grinding against her G-spot. His hands reached round to grab her belly, then back to use her love handles precisely for that purpose.
“You’re so fat your belly nearly touches the floor!” he shouted.
“You’re so fat I can feel your belly resting on my back” she answered in a heartbeat.

After he came too they sat on the sofa, catching their breath. Franny pulled herself up to pour more wine for both of them. When she returned she grabbed a little swiss roll from the second plate and fed it to Tim, then gave him another. She popped one after another into his waiting mouth, rubbing his fat overstuffed gut as she did so.
“Go on, take another my hungry Winnie, eat up like the greedy Pooh bear you are. Come on, eating makes you horny doesn’t it?” she asked, nibbling his ear.
As his erection swelled again, she sat astride him, her knees wide open, letting him nuzzle her belly and her tits. She lowered herself onto him, taking him inside her again, and as he opened his mouth to gasp, she kept on pouring the desserts into his mouth.

When their cuckoo clock struck midnight, Tim popped a bottle of champagne with some difficulty and poured two glasses. Franny sighed as she saw her man, his belly bloated out like an expectant woman, then realised she looked exactly that herself, other than being wasted.

They chinked glasses and guzzled down the champagne before snuggling up to one another on the sofa, their fat bellies the focus of their attention. Tim just about had time to pull a rug over them before they passed out.
Apr 23, 2007
wow this was breathtaking i really would love to do all those little naughty games with my gf and even more plus all the stuffing and belly squeezing into each other after having gained a lot after while

i really found the sweetness and teasing very nice ;-)