Helping my friend gain - need advice

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Aug 10, 2021
Hi all, I hope this is the correct board.

I have an internet friend in Italy who wants to gain (he's only 170lb), he doesn't have a limit just now. I'm trying to lose, but have always been a healthy eater, so I'm unsure what to suggest except icecream, donuts, adding cream and butter, peanut butter, hummus and crackers, always be sipping on soda or juice etc.

While he can stuff himself at home, he doesn't want to be seen as constantly snacking on junk food at work. What are some high calorie but healthyish looking meals and snacks he could take to work? Also, how can I encourage him to increase his stomach capacity?

At the moment he doesn't want to track calories or measurements, he just wants to enjoy eating, which is fine. I just need to keep encouraging him to be a little piglet, I think ;)

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