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coyote wild

You'll love me, I swear.
Sep 30, 2005
(author's note: This was part of a trade with a user on deviantart. The idea was his: "On the eve of a lesbian couple's five year wedding anniversary, both feel that the spark is dying out in their relationship. The British half of this couple goes towards her scientist brother for some help. The other half, a Japanese-American woman, goes towards her family's Shinto shrine to pray for aid." So this is what I did with that. Hope you like! And no, I don't normally take requests. This one kind of snuck up on me.)

by Coyote Wild
Based on an idea by Johan25

"Don't bloody touch that!" Claire's brother John shouted at her as she swirled a vial full of blue liquid. She nearly dropped the concoction out of shock but was able to steel herself.

"What's it for?" she asked, slowly placing it back in its stand on the counter.

Without looking up from the eyepiece of his microscope, he answered: "I'm not sure yet, but I assure you: it's quite volatile."

"Fair enough," Claire muttered under her breath. "So about that thing..." Claire began.

"You mean your insta-boob potion?" John quipped.

"Hiroko's anniversary gift...to me," Claire corrected, unamused. "Is it ready?"

"Well," John began, removing himself from the microscope to jot down notes. "It won't kill her, if that's what you mean."

"I'm just trying to boost her confidence a little," Claire said, lowering her gaze, knowing full well that wasn't the entire truth. When she looked up, John was holding a vial of thick, ivory-colored liquid. She pinched the vial between her middle finger and thumb, holding it eye-level to better examine its contents. "How does it work?"

"Well she used to be fairly chubby, yeah?" John asked, matter-of-factly. Claire just stared at him. John swallowed and continued. "Well when she lost weight, she didn't really lose fat cells, those never go away. What happens is the fat cells in her body shrank. They reduced in size so SHE reduce in size."

"So this 'reinflates' those fat cells?" Claire asked.

"So to speak. It targets the fat cells in the breasts, hips, buttocks, all the areas you (hell any human being) will probably appreciate. To make sure the formula has enough fat cells to work with, the concoction itself is loaded with calories. To work properly it will need to draw energy from somewhere, so her metabolism may kick into high gear. You'll know it's working if she suddenly becomes quite hungry."

Claire still seemed skeptical. "What's to stop it from enlarging the fat cells all over?"

"Listen: you wanted a non-invasive way to enhance her body. If you want something FDA-approved, let them stuff her tits with bloody silicone jellies. This is all I can do for you."

Claire hesitated for a moment, her eyes locked on the mixture, trying to size it up. "How soon will it take effect?"

"A few hours maybe? The process will be gradual so it may be a few days before it's completely finished working its magic."

"Well," Claire began, looking her brother in the eye. "Cheers."


Hiroko's thin, wiry fingers wrapped around the rope and pulled. A bell rang and she began to pray. She bowed, greeting her ancestors and known loved ones since passed. All she wanted was to make her wife Claire feel like the luckiest woman alive on their five year wedding anniversary.

She had suffered her way down to 136 tiny pounds, just fifteen pounds heavier than Claire. Excessive amounts of running, starving, and working out drained most of the fat from her body. She was proud of her accomplishment and thought herself to be the most beautiful she had ever been in her entire life. But Claire only seemed to slip further away. Hiroko was afraid she had waited too long and would forever be a pig in the eyes of her lover.

She closed her eyes tight and felt the presence of love and acceptance. A warmth surrounding her. She longed to feel that way with Claire. "Whatever happens," she asked of any heavenly body that was listening, "please keep me thinner than Claire."

She bowed again to bid farewell and made her way home. Whether the prayer did any good or not, she couldn't wait to see her wife.

That evening...

With a clink of glasses, the women celebrated five, beautiful years together. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled ear to ear. Hiroko was wearing her favorite black, leather dress with buckles along the sides. Claire was wearing the form-fitting red dress she had been wearing the night she met Hiroko.

Each knew something the other didn't.

Hiroko had faith in her ancestors and knew that whether they made her thinner or Claire more chubby, it didn't matter. She would be the one with the rocking body.

Claire had faith in her brother and knew the formula she mixed into Hiroko's drink while she was in the bathroom would enhance her body in wonderful ways. She licked her lips as she eyed Hiroko's breasts, hoping to get a glimpse of them swelling slightly. Logically, it would probably be too gradual to notice but she was eager to not miss a moment.

Hiroko suddenly felt hollow and hungry. She needed to eat. She needed to be full. She maintained her composure, slowly placing her glass on the table and picking up her fork with the grace of a queen. She pressed the edge of her fork against the breaded chicken, slicing off a chunk. Her prongs sank into the tender meat and she raised it to her lips. Hiroko practically kissed the morsel before closing her mouth around it and biting down.

She repeated this process. Only now, she was moving a little faster. Again. Faster. Cut. Bite. Chew, chew, swallow. Cut. Bite. Chew, swallow. Cut. Bite. Swallow. Bite, bite, chew, swallow, swallow.

Hiroko felt her dress begin to squeeze her chest, as if someone was behind her, pulling on her straps. She spared a free hand to adjust her wardrobe while continuing to gorge with the other. Something felt...off and when she looked down, it was easy to see why.

Her breasts were much fuller. She had easily gone up two cup sizes, but had no idea how. Hiroko moaned, defeated. Whenever she put on weight, her breasts were always the first indicator. Her jaw gyrated as she chewed the chunk of meat and cheese in her mouth. She grabbed her glass again to wash it all down.

With every gulp, her chest swelled more. Hiroko whimpered, not knowing full well what was happening or when it was going to end.

"Shhh," Claire said, smiling. She had yet to touch the meal before her, or any of the other food on the table. "Just relax. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie." She placed her hand on top of Hiroko's hand across the table.

Hiroko's frightened eyes locked with Claire's cold and fiery pupils. Claire raised her glass to Hiroko before taking a drink. "Claire! If you can make this stop, please do!" a dumbfounded Hiroko tried to protest in a hushed tone, as to not attract attention from other restaurant patrons.

Claire continued to smile, watching her lovers best assets become even more pronounced. She was becoming a literal goddess right before her eyes. "Brilliant," Claire breathed to herself. A warmth began to spread from between her thighs and she adjusted herself, trying to remain calm.

The swelling of Hiroko's breasts and hips had come to an end, and she was sliding her still-bony fingers against the edges of her new hourglass form. She looked up at Claire, red-cheeked with embarrassment. Claire's smile comforted her. The blonde, British beauty had taken such good care of Hiroko these past few years. There was an unalienable trust between the two. Now Claire had ended Hiroko's concerns and insecurities about her body. A happiness began to well from the pit of Hiroko's belly. She felt an excitement that typically comes at the end of a wonderful book or a harrowing journey.

The warmth in Hiroko's stomach began to intensify and she felt it press against her rear. A tiny burst of air squeaked quietly from her softer behind. The beautiful women laughed.

Claire's laughter came to an end as something caught her eye. She leaned forward and squinted ever so slightly to try and make sure she wasn't imagining things. She watched as the outlines of Hiroko's collar bones began to melt away into more womanly flesh. Her breasts had begun to swell again.

Hiroko pressed a hand against her side as the warmth gave way to discomfort. She began to take slow, deep breaths. Claire's brow furrowed in worry.

"Honey? Are you okay?"

Another quiet expulsion of gas eased from Hiroko's bottom and she sighed loudly in relief. But the sigh gave way to more heavy breathing as she moaned from the stomach ache. There were other sounds of moaning but they weren't coming from Claire's expanding spouse. They were coming from her dress and its buckles. They were coming from the chair, struggling to support Hiroko's spreading assets. Her torso began to press against her dress and it was becoming even more difficult for her to breathe. She fumbled with the buckles of her dress, only to realize that her fingers were becoming chubby.

Claire immediately reached across the table and helped Hiroko with her constricting buckles. Hiroko could feel great waves of energy emanating from her belly button, which was pushing against her dress. Claire pulled her hands back as the last two buckles popped off, allowing Hiroko's belly to reveal itself. It was perfectly rounded and a caramel color. It slowly swelled, gradually steamrolling up her lap and encroaching her knees. Her belly spread wider as she blew up like a rising cupcake.

They had everyone's attention, now. Claire decided they had overstayed their welcome.

Just then, there was a drawn-out groan that preceded a loud "Crack!" as the back right leg of Hiroko's chair snapped under the increasing pressure. She fell back, crashing to the floor, and the dishes everywhere rattled upon her impact. Trying to become vertical again, she wriggled around on the floor, helpless.

Claire maneuvered herself around to Hiroko's head and leaned in to grab her under arms. She pulled as best she could, straining to free her lover of gravity's tight grasp. Hiroko's flesh was inflating with fat between Claire's fingers and against her hands and forearms.

"Allergic reaction!" Claire shouted and walked Hiroko down the rows of tables. Her belly and boobs were clearly on display as the flap of her dress hung open, the rattling of buckles accompanying each of her pounding footsteps. Her fat, pillowy arms tried to conceal her exposed jiggly parts but those jiggly parts were swelling beyond the confines of her arms. Her stomach groaned and she could feel something within her begin to percolate.

As they passed the last table before the exit, Hiroko relieved the building pressure in her belly with a moaning expulsion of gas from her wobbling ass.

"Sorry!" Claire called at the young couple as they fanned their noses.

Sections of Hiroko's dress were popping open, creating tiny holes in which little bulges of soft flesh were peeking through. Claire opened the passenger door of her car and eased Hiroko into the seat. Hiroko's ballooning ass slowly descended upon the seat and her steadily climbing weight caused the shocks of the vehicle to express their displeasure at having to support this whale of a woman.

Claire helped swing Hiroko's chubby legs and feet into the car, but she had to reach down for the lever to slide the seat back. Hiroko was getting too big for the car. Claire's arm extended past Hiroko's mass and her fattening body pushed against it. Her hand slapped around beneath Hiroko, trying to get a grip. Claire was running out of time as Hiroko's growing form obstructed Claire's ability to reach beneath the seat.

Finally, Claire's fingertips found the lever and were just able to pull it. The seat slid back suddenly, causing her to lose her footing and fall into Hiroko. It was like being saved by an cushion.

The couple were now face-to-face and Claire could see the drying tear trails running down her wife's still-relatively thin face. More tears were already glistening her catlike eyes. Her cheeks were rose red. She sniffled and asked Claire, "Why did you make me fat?"

Claire's feet pressed the gas pedal directly against the floorboard. Other cars were flying by, almost part of the scenery, as Claire raced home. She was thumbing some numbers on her phone but the touchscreen was misunderstanding. She growled in frustration.

"Why did you want to make me fat?" Hiroko asked again, not getting an answer the first time.

"I didn't want to make you fat, Hiroko! This isn't supposed to be happening. I'm trying to reach Johnathan, but this GODDAMN PHONE!" Claire shouted in frustration.

Hiroko's body had settled for the moment but she was easily 300 pounds. Possibly even closer to 400. She was breathing heavily, feeling both weak and a little sick due to the sudden changes in her body. The human body wasn't meant to undergo such transformations. Pockets of gas had gathered between the multiplying and swelling fat cells and a storm was brewing in the pit of Hiorko's belly. Her ass groaned deeply in discomfort, breathing its objections by releasing the cloud of gas. She whimpered again, just wanting it all to be over. Her aroma spread from her, swallowing Claire.

Claire tried not to react but couldn't help but fan her nose. "Wow, Hiro. You smell like a pig."

"Claire!" Hiroko scolded.

"Easy, darling, I'm just trying to lighten the mood," Claire defended. Just then, she was able to select Johnathan from her contacts and held the phone to her ear as it dialed.

"This can't be good," John answered.

"Amazing, Johnathan! How did you KNOW? You really MUST be smart. You could have fooled me the way you turned 'boob job in a can' to 'lipoinjection!' Hiroko's a complete whale now!"

"Hey!" Hiroko whined.

"Sorry, babe, but you are," Claire said. "We're on our way home, Johnathan. I want you to meet us there!"

"I'm on my way," John reluctantly agreed before hanging up.

"Almost there, sweetheart," Claire soothed Hiroko. She placed her hand on her rounded thigh and felt just how much of a leg there was. Claire felt a twitch deep within her. An unusual feeling bordering on excitement. She turned to look at Hiroko, her soft, pliable belly rising and falling with the rhythm of her breaths. Hiroko's hands were rubbing her belly, trying to help it relax. Another baritone expulsion of gas found its way from Hiroko's ass to the outside world. They were much deeper now than when she was a tiny twig of a woman.

Claire held down the automatic window buttons to air out the car. "Hiro! Control yourself."

"Don't worry," Hiroko said, breaking wind once more and waving it away with her pudgy hands, her arms wobbling in the process. "You'll be doing it too, soon enough," Hiroko warned.

"Oh really? You drank all of the formula. What makes you think I'm going to grow to become a fluffy beanbag like yourself?"

"While you were off getting John to invent the world's most fattening cocktails, I was praying at the Shinto shrine in Northside. Whatever happens, I'm destined to be thinner than you. Hopefully, it means that this," she grabbed handfuls of her underbelly and shook it for effect, "is only temporary. Otherwise, it means that I'm just a sneak preview of your future."

"Bollocks," Claire muttered. She pushed the pedal deeper against the car.

The front door to Hiroko and Claire's home burst open. Claire stumbled in, wearing Hiroko's arm across her shoulders like a blubbery scarf. Hiroko wasn't much help, trying to maneuver herself in her newly bloated body.

Claire guided Hiroko to the couch and dropped her. Hiroko was panting from the exertion of walking with a few hundred extra pounds. The high of laziness flowed like a current under the surface of her flesh and she relaxed a little into the creaking couch. She licked her lips out of ravenous hunger as she felt another growth spurt coming on. Claire could only watch as her wife began to swell once more. Her belly spreading further from her, taking up more space. The sudden transformation triggered another roar of gas from the underside of Hiroko's thickening mass.

"I'm...so...hungry," Hiroko breathed. Claire knew this was an unfortunate side-effect of her brother's potion but felt an obligation to keep Hiroko as happy as possible. As her wife continued to fatten instantaneously, Claire exited into the kitchen and pulled out her phone. She called her brother as she explored her cabinets to see what she could find.

"Is she okay?" John asked as soon as he picked up.

"She's having another growth spurt. But hey, listen, do me a favor?" Claire was pulling chips and cookies from the pantry.


"Swing by Krispy Kreme and get four dozen donuts? Half glazed, half chocolate icing." She was rummaging through the fridge.

"Are you serious?! All that would do is exacerbate the reaction!"

"I understand, Johnathan! Just do it!" Claire was pulling out a gallon of milk and slammed it on the counter. She ended the call and placed the phone on the kitchen counter. She filled her arms with snacks and went back into the living room.

Hiroko was now laying across the couch on her back. While her body spread in all directions, it was most notable in her exposed midsection. The roll that had developed from her belly, encircling her entire middle, thickened as she grabbed it with her hands, trying to squeeze it into submission. She looked up from her latest growth spurt and saw a mountain of snacks approach her on Claire's legs.

"No," Hiroko whispered. "No!" she tried, a bit louder.

The mountain of treats fell in an avalanche on the coffee table. "Aren't you hungry?" a concerned Claire asked her blossoming wife.

"I'm STARVING but if I eat this, I'll be enormous forever! Don't we have any fruit?"

Claire had already ripped open the Oreos packaging and was putting one to Hiroko's lips. "This is all my fault, Hiroko. You should be able to eat whatever you want! Not be punished just because I screwed up!"

Hiroko's eyes went from her wife to the snacks on the table. Claire reached for a small, plastic wrapped, cream-filled cake. Her dainty digits made short work of the plastic wrapper and it fell to the floor. She presented it to Hiroko, who swallowed it in two bites. "John's on his way. He's bringing doughnuts," Claire said, smiling.

Through a mouthful of cake, Hiroko whimpered. "Claire, you don't understand!" She swallowed before continuing. "Whatever happens, I'm destined to be thinner than you. If you keep fattening me up..."

Claire was tickling Hiroko's lips with another pastry and Hiroko was forced to take a large bite. "Oh, my dear Hiro. Do you really believe in that sort of superstition?" Claire wiped a spot of cream from the corner of Hiroko's moving cheeks and licked it from her fingertip. "I'm sorry, but nothing's going to happen to make me a bigger whale than you've become. But don't worry, sweetie." She cracked open a soda and put the opening to Hiroko's lips, tilting it forward and forcing Hiroko to chug, her chubby neck pulsating with each gulp. "I will always take care of you."

Hiroko sucked down the last of the soda and Claire tossed the empty can aside. She was gasping for air before taking a deep breath. Another moan of gas reverberated against the couch cushions. Hiroko released the deep breath and leaned her head back.

Claire stroked Hiroko's cheek, lovingly. Suddenly, there was a loud gurgle but it wasn't coming from Hiroko. Claire's stomach wanted food.

"Somebody's...hungry," Hiroko breathed.

"Of course, I'm hungry! I didn't get to touch my food before you started ballooning at an exponential rate," Claire defended herself, grabbing a cupcake and pulling the skirt away. She licked the icing and took a large bite out of it. By the second bite, it was gone and she was licking the cream from the corners of her mouth.

"Um, sweetie?" Hiroko said.

Claire looked down and was greeted by cleavage. She had always been fairly well-endowed but not to this extent. She gasped and a tiny burp escaped her lips. Her dress was tightening around her belly and the threads were straining around her ass. "What's happening? I didn't drink any of the serum!" Claire shouted, giving Hiroko large, puppy dog eyes.

"Looks like my...'superstition' is...fattening you up," Hiroko said, smiling.

Claire slowly backed away and turned, shuffling to their bedroom in the constricting dress. She fumbled with her clasps and got the straps to fall loose. She hooked her thumbs around the top of her dress and began to sway her swelling body out of its casing. She shimmied, trying to be as gentle as possible, but not without causing a few more tears with her fattening body. Her bra was making it harder to breathe but snapped off on its own as her breasts enlarged further. Her belly grew outward and hung lower, slowly eclipsing the straining underwear covering her nether region.

"No, no, no, please wake up," Claire muttered to herself, pulling on her stretchy pants and an old bedtime shirt. Her belly was still peeking between the top of her pants and under her shirt. Her belly groaned in hunger. Getting back to the mountain of snacks suddenly became top priority. She turned to leave the bedroom and her soft, pillowy belly swung into the floor lamp, nearly knocking it over. Claire left it wobbling.

She was wobbling, herself, now so fat that her thighs were pressing into each other. Hiroko watched her emerge from the hall and was reminded of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man slowly stomping between buildings. Claire was slowed by her new weight, which had to be approaching the mid-300's and not slowing down. She reached down and wrapped her chubby digits around a Hostess cake and was practically drinking it the way it was devoured. A deep, groaning expulsion of air burst free from Claire's now enormous ass. She sighed and continued to bring food to her mouth.

Claire fell to her knees at the table, causing the house to shake and pictures to rattle. With the rate gaseous rumblings were emanating from her rear, Claire almost felt like she was breathing through her ass. Every release eased the torment in her belly. She was growing too fat to sit on her knees and gravity pulled her ass to the carpet. She spread her legs out, allowing her belly to spill between them, flowing towards her knees.

Hiroko could only watch helplessly as her lover swelled with fat. Claire's arms wobbled as she brought food to her lips. It suddenly became apparent to Hiroko that she would eventually become to large to move under her own willpower. She had to get Claire somewhere comfortable.

"Claire, honey," Hiroko began. She began the struggle to rise to her feet. She leaned forward slightly, fighting the gravity that seemed to be generated by the couch. "We need to get you into bed, now."

"Wait, just let me," another groaning release of gas, "let me finish eating."

Hiroko rocked from side to side, trying to pick up enough momentum to rise to her feet. Time was running out as Claire was already looking close to complete immobility. Hiroko had to stop for a moment and catch her breath. She wiped the sweat from her hairline with the back of her hand. While gathering her strength, she noticed that the snack mountain had dwindled down to a final snack cake.

Claire's eyes locked with Hiroko. The two mammoth women that had, only minutes before, been statuesque epitomes of conventional beauty, were now having a staring contest over a dessert treat. Claire licked her lips. Another blast of gas roared from her growing behind, triggering them both to lunge for the final cake.


Johnathan knocked on the door to Claire and Hiroko's home. He hefted the four boxes of doughnuts to get a better grip on them and knocked again. Getting no reply, he turned the doorknob relieved to find it unlocked. Upon entering the house, he was immediately hit with a strange aroma. The entire house seemed to be haunted with the ghosts of meals since passed.

A reverberating groan emanating from the hallway, drew Johnathan to Hiroko and Claire's bedroom. As he approached, the smell became stronger. "Claire?" he asked, coming up on the door to their room. "Is everything alright?" He turned the corner and dropped the doughnuts in shock.

His baby sister was reclined in bed, a mountainous blob of a woman. She was being fed a cookie by Hiroko, who was also fairly enormous, but relatively thinner than Claire. "Johnathan!" Claire said through a mouthful of crumbs. There was suddenly a long, drawn out trumpeting explosion of gas was squeezed from Claire's furniture-sized ass. "Excuse me," Claire said, fanning her nose.

"Johnathan," Hiroko began, "I know this may all be a little confusing, but right now, you should probably run and get more doughnuts."

Johnathan stumbled backwards out of the room and went to fetch more doughnuts.

Claire's eyes widened and she looked at Hiroko, fearful of what was to happen. "MORE doughnuts, Hiroko? Johnathan was supposed to fix this," Claire pleaded, grabbing what parts of her body she could reach and setting it into to wobbly motion for effect.

"Not to fret, my dear," Hiroko said, leaning in across the landscape of her lover's body to reach her ear. She whispered to Claire: "I will always take care of you." Hiroko's breath smelled of meals passed and Claire knew her breath couldn't have smelled much better. The aroma kicked Claire's hunger into overdrive and her belly made room for the inevitable meals to come by pushing the space-occupying gas out of her butt.

Claire swallowed, beginning to realize that Hiroko was right: this was her destiny all along.


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