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Rob hudson

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Nov 10, 2019
Barrett said:
Nobody is ridiculing women in this discussion; quite the opposite. They are denouncing the antiquated, bullshit patriarchal ideal that women should be relegated to caring for the household while the men make the money and do whatever the hell else they want, other than what they see as "the woman's job."

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Okay, my bad then lol. My argument was that, if both partners want that kind of relationship--the woman staying home to care for the kids and house--then there shouldn't' be anything wrong with that. But when it's expected or forced, then yes--I do get the idea. Not cool at all.


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Sep 24, 2014
The West!
Just was wondering, how many men expected their 400-500 pound wife to clean the house, cook dinner, work full time and take care of kids? Realistically?
Not me...I like cleaning, esp. for a very large woman, as well as cooking and so on. Not a problem. It's just something I like to do, regardless, it calms my mind down. My mom, who worked full time, raised me knowing how to take care of a house and to cook, and as an adult I've taken it to another level. Just put on the tunes in the earbuds, perhaps a little devil's lettuce and go nuts with the Murphy's and the vinegar and the rags and the everything, while madame takes it easy. Or get a pot of pasta going, sauce (homemade) on the side, get some greens in, some bread, set the table, voila. Ditto chicken or burgers or eggs or anything.
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