How do you like a man's belly?

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May 6, 2022
Washington state
Definitely soft and jiggly! I get excited when I see a man's belly bounce. *blushes* To be honest, I'm not big into too much hair. A little hair is ok though.

Edit: I'm also into combo of hard gut with jiggly fat.
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Apr 20, 2020
Dallas, Tx
It's interesting reading others' responses, and kind of apparent that I'm still an odd fish even among contemporaries. I'm not even particularly into bellies. Chubby chops and double chins are what spark my initial attraction, and after that I notice backsides and thighs and moobs and arm fat more. In the film Arachnophobia, which I watched at an age when I was probably on the cusp of sexual awakening, there's the more obvious fat actor of John Goodman playing the exterminator, who is nice, but there's also the sheriff played by Stuart Pankin and there is really something about how he wears his uniform and specifically his belt. The rear view combination of his lovehandles and the holsters and whatever it is sheriffs have when he bends over, and when he screams at a spider and quivers like a jelly...
Not particularly into body hair, but it comes with the territory. I see nothing wrong with a fat pear-shaped man who waxes. Often I think it would be easier if I was bisexual and into fat ladies as well, or born male so I could be a 'chaser' as they call them in the gay scene. :)
Sep 24, 2014
The West!
I think it's interesting that most people in the general population prefer a flat stomach + muscle with some belly/chest hair on a man. However, of the people who do prefer a belly on a man, most of them prefer some sort of ball gut, either buried in some level of soft fat or simply existing as a ball gut. Whichever way you prefer it, most men do tend to grow a belly as the years go on.

Whatever the case, people who like bellies on men tend to like them for different reasons. It seems that many wives love the dedication that the belly represents to the family and the fact that the husband enjoys her cooking (as represented in the infamous confession post: My husband is getting fat), or that she prefers to dominate over him and enjoys the more feminine fat distribution on the man, or that she just prefers the look of a fat man (the stereotypical muscular arms, prominent beer belly, and hairy arms/belly/chest).

Why do you think that some people are into the belly look, while others can't stand the sight?
I don't know why some can't stand the sight, but I confess to being obsessed. Both with my belly and those of men and women with big, hanging, soft appendages.

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