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How to handle a hot-head?

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Well-Known Member
Apr 3, 2015
For any of you managers and bosses out there, do you ever come across an employee who gets defensive really quickly?

Short story time:

A friend of mine is a dept. manager with a small company, where his dad is a big boss and a LOT of his family members have been employed at. One of my friend's employees has been with the company for almost 2 decades, is very close friends with my friend (his manager) and his whole family, grew up with the older brothers and even lived with the family for a bit.

This employee is lazy. The details are mundane, but he's not pulling his weight and its affecting the rest of the department. My friend (his manager!) would like to talk to him about it, but the employee is a hot-head and gets defensive and angry. No one's ever fired him cause he's a friend and losing him would be a minor inconvience.

How do you deal with someone like this? He's a good guy, besides the lack of work ethic and the flipping out.

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