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How to spot a potential FFA in the wild?

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Breaker of eggs.
Sep 27, 2019
Hi all

I’ve decided, along with joining this site, that I want to become more active in the wider community (i.e real life). I was wondering what are some signs that a woman may be a FFA? There are a million things that can attract people to someone else both physically and mentally.

Shy as I am, I’ve dated girls in the past but never felt like I could tell them I liked fat. There was like I said above, a million reasons I liked them, but they were all on the skinnier side and were into fitness and going to the gym. For all the reasons they liked me I never felt it was my immediate physical appearance. Sure they liked my face and enjoyed my personality (I’m surprisingly still friends with most of my past GFs) but I never felt like they enjoyed my body. With my shirt on I look like I’m a bit of a gym rat (broad soldiers and my gut doesn’t poke out) but as soon as they see my body without a shirt they almost always have a disappointed look for just a moment.

I’m not trying to have a “woe is me” Party but rather how can I improve my luck with finding a girl who actually wants a softer man?

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