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Summer's already here!
Sep 23, 2006
Okay, so I know many people are having some extreme weather happening at home. I just wanted to see if others might want to post pictures of what's happening out their way...just in case anyone was interested.

We had freezing fog here in Texas (near Abilene) this morning. This was not forecasted - it was supposed to be sunny and 50 degrees today (it's 36 degrees right now). When I looked out my kitchen window this morning, I saw a frozen winter wonderland. Although it is cold, it did look beautiful to me. Here's some pictures around my place:

Iced trees off IH20
View attachment Iced trees, Clyde off IH 20, January 31, 2010.jpg
Our little live Christmas tree in our front yard
View attachment Our Christmas tree, 2nd take, January 31, 2010.jpg
Frozen pecan trees at front of our house
View attachment Our house, front, January 31, 2010.jpg
The windchimes on our front porch
View attachment Frozen windchimes, our front porch, January 31, 2010.jpg
Trees across the road from us.
View attachment Frozen trees across road from us, January 31, 2010.jpg


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Sep 30, 2005
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Wow these are great pictures, Punkin. :) Sorry that the weather sucks though. :(

We still are experiencing cold weather in my part of Minnesota. Nothing too extremely cold thank goodness.

I talked to my sister in NC and she said that they had weather in the 70s and were to be having a drop in temperature to be in the 20's over night. :eek: That was a day ago or so when she told me that.