"I Love Those Guys that Love Bellies" appreciation thread

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Jack Secret

tickle my amygdala
Oct 3, 2006
My early attractions were exclusively large breasts. When I grew into an adult they became less and less important to me. Now I'm almost exclusively a belly lover with an additional qualifier or addendum. I like a backside that complements a really great large belly. Just seeing a large belly with nothing equaling out the total package in the rear… Or with large thighs just looks a little bit off to me.

But speaking strictly bellies, a protruding large belly that forms just enough of an apron to conceal the whole pubic area just drives me crazy! This could be a double belly or just one large one.

One of the things that I always loved about large women is having to make accommodations for her size. I ENJOYED making a restaurant produce accommodations for my girlfriend. I was proud to be with her and proud to be seen with her. I'll never know the psychology behind taking pleasure in that sort of thing. Also, restrictions to some sexual positions were rather enjoyable. Even if it meant that some positions were just impossible due to her size, it was a privilege to work around those difficulties. Oral sex was a particularly enjoyable exercise. Having to move around so much flesh to get to the Clit/labia was such a wonderful experience.

Every special accommodation, be it sexually, socially like a restaurant, or practically as in reinforced bed frames, was a wonderful practice!