Interesting Arab world and a law suite.

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Sep 29, 2005
Great googly mooglies she is beautiful!

I couldn't find the original article that is mentioned to read exactly what they wrote about her, but from my limited experience (I have a very close friend of Arabic descent whose whole family are FA) the culture is not as negative toward fat women as we are here in the good ole US of A. There are two proverbs my friend often quotes me:

1. A fat woman is a blanket for the winter.
2. A woman without a belly is like a sky without stars.


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Jun 21, 2008
As much as I appreciate The Economist as probably the best source for comprehensive international reporting - they are one of the worst fat bashing rags on the planet. For all the priding themselves of being classically liberal with emphasis on individual rights, in their book that does not seem to apply to the majority of the world population with a BMI over 22 with regards to size ....

That said - Enas Taleb's chances of successfully suing the Economist are zilch because:

  • Anti-fat-reporting in the Economist extends to all nationalities, ethnicities and genders - and at least in that respect is truly non-discriminatory in its blanket discrimination of all things fat.

    From the back of my head I can remember Economist fat bashing articles on
    - why Czech & Hungarian men are the fattest in Europe
    - why Chinese children have gotten so fat from the one child policy
    - why Italian boys are more obese than girls
    .... and countless others on all aspects of the "obesity crisis" in the UK & US

  • Enas Taleb is a public persona and the picture was taken at a public event.
    Unless she can prove the image was massively doctored she can make no claims with regards to violation of her individual personality rights.

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