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Is a seperate board possible?

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Aug 5, 2006
On this board people are calling each other racists all the time. I’ve been called a racist and when I respond in kind, I get an infraction. Not so for the original poster. Prior to this moderator taking over the board I had never received an infraction. Someone convinced her that I was a habitually abusive poster who had used other user names in the past and rather than checking the facts first she publicly branded me as an offensive poster and banned me not only from Hyde Park but all of Dimensions. It took me over a week to correct this error through Conrad and I was able to get back on Dimensions muck to the disdain of Blackjack (of whom I believe started that lie). Now Conrad is gone and we are subject to the prejudices of this moderator. A racist is one who believes that their race is superior or that believes that another race is inferior. I believe neither. I do have beliefs that some would consider prejudice but I neither champion my beliefs nor protest against people’s own values or beliefs. Just don’t try to bring opposition to my door.

1) I don’t believe in gay or lesbian dating / marriage.

2) I don’t believe in quotas for jobs, education, loans ect. Race and sex should be removed from applications.

3) I believe in a flat tax where ALL pay an equal percentage of their total income. IE with a 10% tax if someone makes $20,000 they would pay $2000 and if they made 1 million they would pay $100,000. Currently with loopholes and exemptions only 53% of the US public supports government spending and some people actually get back more then they pay in. Companies that want to operate and sell their products in the US would pay a corporate tax here regardless of where they claim their headquarters are. Imports would be taxed to the degree to make US made products competitive.

4) Once a person goes on welfare or any other public assistance, there should be a time limit to become self-sufficient and wean a family off of assistance and become a more productive member of society. There should also be a limit on the number of children that the government will give assistance. Cycles of generation dependence needs to be broken and people should be made aware that they will not get further incentives by having more children.

5) I don’t believe people should receive subsidies for health care while people who have faithfully paid for insurance for decades are having their rates and deductibles raised to offset the cost of insurance supplied by Obamacare. Again, the flat tax would fix this.

6) I believe that government student loans should go directly to the learning institution and be voucher paid for classes and books only. Students should have to pay their own living expenses. They learn no responsibility when they go off their parents dime and totally on the government dime. When a person quits or fails out, the balance of that loan should be returned to the government for use by someone else and the loan amount is adjusted for repayment. Too many young consider that they didn’t get a degree so why should I pay it back. You should also not be able to apply for a secondary education loan until the first one is paid off. Some people become career students on the government dime and repayment doesn’t start until there is a lapse in education.

7) I don’t believe we owe another race anything. I’ve lived my entire adult life under the umbrella that government is bending over backwards to give other than whites a leg up and seen open discrimination against my race under affirmative action, quota hiring and promotions, government small business loans, reparation for people who lost farms in the middle 20th century, ect. ( I guess the white farmers that got foreclosed on were just incompetent.) The prevailing attitude I get on this board is that any discrimination done to the white race is justified.

8) I don’t believe in abortion except in cases of rape or incest. I do strongly believe in birth control especially if you can’t support or feed them yourself.

I have no problem with people trying to achieve or exercise their rights as long as they don’t trample on mine in the process, which the people on this board seem to be okay with. Frankly, I’m tired of getting infractions for responding to the liberal /socialists on here. Can’t we get a separate conservative board with a moderator who isn’t clearly biased?

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