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BHM Jennie's Diet (~FFA, ~BHM, Romance, ~Sex, ~~WG)

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Jerry Thomas

Well-Known Member
Apr 22, 2011
Badger State, USA
~FFA, ~BHM, Romance, ~Sex, ~~WG - A man with hangups about his weight falls in love and goes on an unusual diet, totally altering his outlook in the process.

Jennie’s Diet

By Jerry Thomas​

My girlfriend Jennie just loves to abuse me.

“Fatso, tubby, blubber butt,” she whispered into my ear.

“Lard ass, jelly belly, thunder thighs, tit boy,” she continued as she ran her hands over my naked body.

“Oh,” she moaned softly, “you big fat sexy pig – I want to make love to you now!”

Our somewhat strange relationship began at a party given by a few friends of mine. Their apartment was not large and the rooms were crowded and filled with smoke from the variety of plant materials the guests were smoking. I retreated into the little kitchen for a bit of fresh air and to get another drink.

There I literally ran into her. She was facing the sink smoking a cigarette. In my clumsiness I unintentionally bumped my 300 pounds into her. She turned around and I was expecting a nasty reaction.

Instead she calmly blew out a cloud of bluish smoke and looked me over quickly.

“Well hello, big guy. Shall we dance?”

“I’m sorry, pardon me,” I stammered.

“No need to be sorry. I don’t mind bumping into a man from time to time.”

Her sense of humor immediately put me at ease.

“My name’s Jennie, by the way, Jennie Craig,” she smiled and held out her hand.

I couldn’t help laughing. “Jenny Craig? You mean like the diet place?”

“No, big boy, J-E-N-N-I-E, not like the diet place,” she explained patiently.

“Um, sorry, my name’s Teddy.”

Now she started to laugh. “Teddy? You mean like the bear?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. Actually, my real name is Theodore, but most people call me Ted or Teddy.”

“Oh, Theodore, like the chipmunk. I think I’ll stick with Teddy,” she teased.

We both laughed and I had a chance to look her over. She was slightly shorter than me with light brown hair cut in a pageboy style. She had a slender figure, but with a pleasing wideness at the hips and small but prominent breasts. I had already gotten a sampling of her intelligence and wit. She looked at me with her green eyes and didn’t hide the fact that she was checking me out too.

Because of my weight I always get a little embarrassed when women look at me and for a moment I didn’t know what else to say.

She seemed to be reading my mind and quickly reassured me. “I like you, Teddy. You’re a nice big strong guy.”

“Thanks, it’s good of you to say that. Not everybody seems to think so.”

She looked at me and thought for a moment before replying.

“You mean because of your weight? Don’t be embarrassed about it. I have two younger brothers who are quite heavy too, so I understand the kind of crap you big guys have to put up with.”

We continued chatting in the kitchen for awhile and it didn’t take me long to decide that I really liked her. There was just something about her, something like a mutual affinity, and even though we had just met, she was completely at ease and talked to me like she had known me for a long time.

The party was starting to wind down, so we decided on a place to meet next weekend. I took her hand and she smiled as she looked me right in the eyes.

“See you soon, Teddy Bear!”

* * *​

Jennie and I met at a local diner the following Saturday. It had a 1960’s theme with lots of polished chrome, linoleum tables, and posters of vintage cars on the walls. A waitress with a big beehive hairdo arrived at our table. She was furiously chewing a wad of bubble gum and looked like a character right out of Happy Days. She had a small pad of paper in her hand and waited impatiently to take our order.

Jennie ordered the standard cheeseburger plate with a side of onion rings. I started to order the same thing when the waitress interrupted me.

“Better order the chef’s salad, big boy,” she said rudely. “Looks like you’ve had way too many cheeseburgers already.”

My mouth dropped open in surprise, but I assumed that her bad attitude was just part of the whole 60’s gimmick.

“Excuse me?” Jennie said, looking up sharply. “What did you say?”

“I just said that he should order the salad,” she replied with an insolent expression. “It wouldn’t hurt your oversized friend to lose some of that weight.” She nodded in my direction and made a point of looking at the spare tire encircling my midsection.

“Listen, Laverne, or whatever the hell your name is,” Jennie exploded. “I’ll tell you what you can bring him. He’ll have the double bacon half-pound cheeseburger with a super-size order of seasoned curly fries. And a large chocolate shake to go with it.”

“Fine!” the waitress retorted. “If that’s what you want to feed him, it’s no skin off of my nose. Make him even fatter, why don’t ya.” She turned abruptly, but not before popping a big bubble in our faces as a parting shot.

We both watched her as she strode angrily towards the kitchen. I looked at Jennie and couldn’t help laughing.

“Wow, I’ll remember never to mess around with you!” I was a bit shocked at Jennie’s vehement reaction, but at the same time I enjoyed her defiant let-them-eat-shit attitude.

“No, Teddy, she really did deserve it. What makes people think they can get away with putting down big people? It’s like the last acceptable form of discrimination nowadays. You have the right to be treated with respect just like everyone else.”

The waitress came back and without saying a word banged our plates on the table with a loud thump. She and Jennie glared at each other, then she tossed her head and cast a final disgusted sneer in my direction.

We started in on our meal. The double bacon cheeseburger Jennie had ordered for me was huge, but I was hungry and I had to admit that it was delicious. Jennie picked up her smaller burger and I caught her glancing at me as I ate.

While I was devouring my cheeseburger, Jennie continued where she had left off. “You see, Teddy, most people don’t understand the pain and suffering that fat people put up with all their lives.”

For the first time she used the dreaded “f-word” and I was a little bit embarrassed. I tried to hide it, but Jennie must have noticed a change in my expression.

“Even the word ‘fat’ bothers you, doesn’t it, Teddy?”

I was amazed at her insight. It was as though she could read my mind.
“Yes, you’re right, it does bother me. I guess it’s because I’ve heard it so often ever since I was a kid.”

“Exactly! That’s my point. A simple, harmless little word is used so many times as an insult that it’s even painful for you to hear it.”

“Yes, I suppose so. You seem to understand perfectly how I feel. Were you ever heavy . . . I mean, were you ever fat yourself once?” I forced myself to use the hateful word.

“No, Teddy, I’ve never been. But as I told you at the party, I have two brothers who’ve constantly put up with this kind of shit and I’ve seen what it’s done to them. But I’m going to teach you to change your attitude.”

I didn’t know exactly what she meant by changing my attitude, but I decided not to question her further about it at the moment.

It was refreshing to meet a woman who didn’t seem to have a problem with my weight. It was obvious that she was attracted to me, though I didn’t quite understand why. I was so wrapped up in my own feelings of inferiority that it was difficult to believe that an attractive woman like her could be interested in a man like me.

We started dating and one Saturday night my doubts were alleviated when I invited Jennie over to my place for a drink after an evening out. I’m not the most aggressive guy when it comes to sex, but Jennie didn’t hesitate to take the lead and soon we were making passionate love in my king-sized bed. Jennie took charge of the situation and I simply acquiesced and let it happen. She was a real tiger in bed and even though it was our first time together, she showed no restraint and did things that both amazed and delighted me.

“That was quite tasty,” she said afterwards as she licked her lips.

“Nobody’s ever done that to me before,” I confessed.

“Really? Well, I’ll be sure to do it again sometime. You’re not that bad either, do you know that? Where did you learn how to do that?” she asked as she reached down and touched herself.

“Not so bad for a fat guy, is that what you mean?”

“Don’t put yourself down, Teddy Bear. You obviously like to eat more than just cheeseburgers. But I really need to work on that attitude of yours. Maybe now is the best time to start.”

She turned towards me and began kissing me again. She had her hands all over my body and then, while I was still on my back, she hoisted herself on top of me for round two. She whispered into my ear as she massaged and squeezed my rolls of lard with both hands.

“You’re so tremendously fat, Teddy, oh, you’re such a big fat sexy pig. I just love all this wonderful sweet blubber.” She dug her fingernails into the sides of my soft belly. “C’mon, fatty, go ahead and treat yourself to a second helping.”

Before I knew it, she was straddling my chest and my head was buried between her slender thighs. My mouth and tongue were immersed in her pungent juiciness, while she rocked gently back and forth and continued lashing me verbally. It was so totally weird. Suddenly the words that had been insults to me for so many years were transformed into a steady stream of highly charged sex talk. I liked it and the more Jennie teased and provoked me, the more aroused I became.

I almost suffocated as she pressed her lap against my face and came with a loud prolonged moan. I came up gasping for air and then she slid down and now it was her turn to drive me crazy. I felt her warm wet tongue and she needed only a few minutes to make me come with a quick, powerful blast. It was even better than the first time.

Jennie collapsed into my arms and we kissed, tasting our own juices on each other’s lips. She finished by giving a sharp but playful pinch to my nipples.

“So, what do you say now, fat boy? Still feeling inferior and inadequate?”

I breathed heavily, partly out of exertion, partly out of emotion. I had never felt this way before and a wave of bliss flowed over me. “It was great, Jennie,” was all I could manage to say.

“You bet your fat ass it was great. And this is only the beginning.”

* * *​

Exhausted as we were from our night of wild lovemaking, we slept late and didn’t get out of bed until about mid-morning on Sunday. Jennie smiled and stretched as the mild summer light filtered through the curtains.

“Oh, Teddy Bear, did all that really happen or was I just dreaming? You really are very talented. I’d still like to know who taught you that technique. I’m surprised at you, you naughty boy!”

I thought briefly of my insane girlfriend Shari from college and how she had shown a shy, inexperienced boy the ropes, so to speak. But I was not quite as heavy back then and I doubted if she would have been interested in me at my current weight.

“Well? Aren’t you going to reveal your secret?” Jennie persisted.

“Maybe some other time,” I said, smiling mysteriously.

“Okay, that’s fine. But I burned up a lot of calories last night and now I’m starving. What’s for breakfast, big boy?”

“Well, we could . . .” I started to laugh.

“No!” Jennie cut me off emphatically. “I know you’re a big hungry boy, but even I have my limits. I need something to replenish my strength.”

I suggested a simple breakfast of eggs and toast. “Would you like some bacon or sausage to go with it too?” I asked.

“I think I’ve already had enough of that.” She poked her index finger into my soft belly and watched as it plunged deep into the fat. “Here’s the bacon. And the sausage is, well . . . you know.”

She’s so cute – she always makes me laugh, I thought happily as I rolled out of bed and put on my boxers. I started to put on my shirt and trousers too, but Jennie stopped me.

“That’s enough, hold it right there. I want to have a nice view while I eat my breakfast.”

I walked slowly into the kitchen, feeling a little bit sore from last night’s workout. I stood in the small kitchen wearing nothing but my underwear and dropped four eggs into the frying pan, being careful not to let the hot oil splatter and burn my naked stomach. Jennie sat in the dining alcove wearing only a pair of hot pink panties, calmly smoking a cigarette.

I glanced over and admired the outline of her firm, perky breasts, the points of her nipples jutting out defiantly like two beautiful beacons. I would gladly follow those beacons through any storm.

We sat down and enjoyed our breakfast together, each of us looking up from time to time to feast our eyes on each other. I was still amazed at how Jennie looked at me. The masses of blubber that would have disgusted any other woman seemed to have a magical hold on her attention. I still didn’t get it and I shook my head silently.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she said, a serious look on her face. Once again she revealed that uncanny ability of hers to read my mind. “But you have to understand that I’m not like other women. You have a lot of the stuff I really, really like. Sometimes I don’t understand it myself, it’s just the way I am. Is that so bad?”

For once Jennie showed me a vulnerable side of her personality that I was unaccustomed to.

“You don’t have to apologize, Jennie. If my fat turns you on, that’s perfectly fine with me. I’ve got more than enough of it and . . . it’s all for you.”

Jennie’s mood brightened and she leaned across the table to kiss me, one of her breasts almost brushing the yellow yoke of the fried egg on my plate.

“Good, I’ll take it, in fact I’ll take all of you. You really are such a big fat sweetie. I . . .”

She broke off before finishing the phrase, but now it was my turn to be a mind reader and I think I knew what she was going to say.

“Me too,” I said simply and she understood.

* * *​

We sat on my couch talking for awhile after breakfast and then decided it was still early enough to do something else for the day. It was turning into a beautiful warm summer day with hardly a cloud in the sky.

“Let’s go to the beach,” Jennie suggested. “It’s such a nice day and I’d love to go to the beach with you. We could go up to Harrington and it’s usually not as crowded as the beaches in the city.”

I was less than thrilled with the idea. Ever since I was a kid, I loved going to the beach, but as my weight and size increased, I found myself going less and less often. The picture of my big fat self moving around in swimming trunks on a public beach was an image I would rather banish from my mind.

“Jennie, I don’t look so hot in a swim suit.”

She gave me a frustrated look. “You really are a hopeless case. Here I am, working my fingers to the bone to bolster your self-image, and it still doesn’t seem to be getting through to you. Even after last night.”

“It’s just that I’m so self-conscious when I’m around other people.”

“Well, maybe you are. So what? You don’t have to be self-conscious around me, do you? I mean, it’s really kind of ridiculous considering the things we did together last night, don’t you think? And have you been listening to anything at all that I’ve been telling you? I think you’d be totally hot in a swim suit, hell, I think you’re totally hot in your birthday suit, so who cares about what anyone else thinks?“

“Well, okay, I guess you’re right. Hopefully the bullies won’t kick sand in my face.”

“Honey, you’re way beyond being a 98-pound weakling, believe me. Your left butt cheek weighs more than that.”

* * *​

We quickly packed some things in a big picnic basket. I put my trunks on ahead of time so I could just slip off my trousers once we got to the beach. They were quite snug and I looked at myself dubiously in the mirror, trying to look thinner by sucking in my belly. It was hopeless. I was fat and that was all there was to it.

Jennie walked into the bedroom, looked at me, and pinched one of my rolls. “Oh, what a sexy man! I’m almost tempted to just stay here for the rest of the day. But then we’d never make it to the beach.”

We agreed to stop by her apartment on the way so she could get her bathing suit. “Let’s stop at the drugstore too, so I can pick up a few things,” she said.

We walked into the store together. I was wearing a big loose-fitting white t-shirt with khaki trousers, while Jennie had on a red cotton shirt with a pair of tiny white shorts. She had provocatively left the first few buttons undone at the top so that her cleavage and the soft curves of her breasts were just visible.

Two young guys standing near the magazines turned to look at her, ignoring me completely and not bothering to hide their interest. She smiled at them, but not before taking hold of my big arm and stroking it gently. The guys didn’t say a word, but they both looked at us with an expression whose meaning was clear: What the fuck?

Jennie picked a large bottle of sunscreen lotion from the shelf. “I’d better get the extra-large size. You have a lot of area to cover and I wouldn’t want you burning that beautiful, soft, tender skin of yours.”

We selected a variety of snacks to take along to the beach and the Sunday newspaper. “Oh, just one more thing,” Jennie said as we were on our way to the check-out.

She took me to the “family planning” section of the store and stopped in front of the various products displayed there. She picked out a tube of K-Y warming jelly personal lubricant. “This is great stuff and we might need it for later, just to make things go smoother,” she winked. “It’s helped me through many a cold, lonely winter night.”

At the front of the store we dumped our stuff on the counter. Jennie couldn’t resist putting the K-Y down with a loud thump. The girl at the register glanced at it with an amazed expression and looked first at Jennie and then at me with her mouth open.

“Um, yeah, right. Uh, do you have any coupons?”

“No, we’re fine,” Jennie replied. “We’re on our way to the beach.”

The clerk raised her eyebrows. “Yeah, sure, of course. Well, um, have fun,” she said as we were walking out the door.

* * *​

We stopped at Jennie’s apartment and switched to her convertible for the one hour drive north to the beach. She had changed into the skimpiest of bikinis, which showed off all of her best features to good advantage. It was bright yellow with black polka dots, and I had to laugh thinking of the old song from the 60’s. Except that Jennie was anything but shy. As usual, she was in the driver’s seat and I was just the passenger going along for the ride.

It was still early so the traffic was light for a wonderful sunny Sunday in June. A number of male drivers honked as they passed in the left lane and I felt more than a tinge of jealousy. Jennie just waved merrily from behind her sunglasses and then looked over at me, patting my thigh as if to reassure me.

The beach was located within a state park in a peaceful rural area and the cold waters of Lake Michigan were refreshing even on the hottest summer day. I had always liked this particular spot ever since coming here as a chubby little boy with my family.

Jennie turned off the freeway and we drove a short distance down a country road to the park entrance. We stopped at the small booth made to look like a miniature log cabin in order to pay our parking fee. A tall college student in a ranger’s uniform stepped out as we drove up.

His face lit up as he spotted Jennie behind the steering wheel. He gave me a cursory glance and then returned his attention to her.

“Well, hello there, welcome to Harrington Beach,” he said enthusiastically. His glance seemed to linger as he looked down at her. I can’t say I blamed him; I would have done the same in his situation if I had the chance.

“So, then, would you like the day sticker or the pass for the season?” His mouth was moving, but I could see that his eyes were fixed on Jennie’s chest. Given his height, he had the perfect vantage point to see almost all she had to offer.

“We’ll just take the day sticker, thank you.”

I reached over and silently handed him a bill. He was probably thinking I was her brother or some other relative.

“Alrighty then,” he said brightly as he handed Jennie a green sticker. “Just place this on your front dashboard when you park. You don’t actually have to stick it on the windshield, they’re impossible to get off again.”

He seemed to be deliberately prolonging the conversation. “Yeah, thanks a lot, you have a good day,” I piped up somewhat impatiently.

Jennie patted my thigh again as we drove off. “You’re jealous, aren’t you? Well, don’t be. He can look all he wants, but he’s not getting the same treat that you are.”

We picked out a nice spot on the sand and spread out the big beach towel. Other people were arriving and although it was still far from crowded, the beach was starting to fill up. I had a vague sense of unease.

“Take that t-shirt off so I can grease you up,” Jennie commanded.

She opened the bottle of sunscreen and began to slowly rub the lotion into my shoulders and back.

“Now the front.”

She put more lotion on her hands and started to work on my chest. I thought she was using more than was absolutely necessary, especially on the two substantial bulges of fat that disfigured my chest.

“I just love these, do you know that?”

“Sometimes I wish I didn’t have them. Maybe I could go in for some kind of surgery, like Nip and Tuck in reverse.

“Don’t you even think about it! If you did that, I’d divorce you, and we’re not even married.”

Yet, was the little word that crossed Jennie’s mind.

I was about to put my t-shirt back on when Jennie stopped me.

“No, no, no, no!” she said sternly. “We’re at the beach, what do you need that t-shirt for?”

“Well, it’s to protect me from the sun,” I said meekly.

“Sorry, fat boy, that excuse won’t work this time. I just rubbed half a gallon of sunscreen into your skin, we could be out here for hours and you wouldn’t get burned. If you need more, I’d be more than happy to do it again.”

I reluctantly acquiesced. Ever since I was a boy, I had worn a t-shirt at the beach. Fear of sunburn was just a convenient excuse.

We sat for awhile, enjoying the sunshine and the cool breeze off of the lake. It was a beautiful day and I was with a beautiful woman. Despite all my hang-ups and insecurities, I didn’t doubt that she loved me. What else could any man on God’s good earth ask for?

“Well, shall we dip our toes in?” Jennie asked cheerfully.

I got up and walked with Jennie to the edge of the water, holding her hand like a scared child. Those 25 yards crossing the hot sand seemed like the longest walk in my life. I had the feeling that God and everyone else was staring at my huge fat body.

We passed a group of three muscular guys in skimpy European-style swim suits. They were laughing among themselves and pointing at us.

“Just keep walking,” Jennie advised, “don’t even acknowledge them.”

They were only about ten feet away from us, and as we passed, I heard a comment about “whale-watching,” carried to our ears on the lake breeze.

I felt Jennie’s body tense up and was afraid of another outbreak of her volatile temper.

“Hey, baby, what’s a hot chick like you doing with a whale like him? Why don’t you come and party with us?”

Jennie restrained her anger and merely turned and smiled at them with an exaggerated sweetness.

“Well, don’t you know? It’s because he’s a sperm whale, and he’s got more of it than all three of you put together.”

They were shocked by her boldness and before they had a chance to reply, she hit them with her second shot. “Why don’t you just go over there in the bushes and play with each other. Looks like you’d enjoy that better anyway.”

Two of them just laughed it off, but the third was visibly offended.

“Stupid bitch! Go ahead and let that big fat slob fuck you, if that’s what you want!”

“Actually, it is what I want,” she replied coolly. “Bye, girls. Have a nice day!”

To be continued . . .

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