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BBW Jessica Steps Up (SSBBW, ~WG, Stuffing, ~Sex)

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Apr 17, 2008
A Texan woman decides to get real with her inner desires and let loose with the help of her boyfriend. Dedicated to the magnificent BBW weight gain authors such as BBW Betsy and The Studio from Dimensions Magazine's Weight Room.

Jessica Steps Up
By Aster

Jessica had climaxed for the second time that night on top of me, with short, ecstatic breaths leaving her lips. I could feel her legs weakening, and at 290 pounds I could feel more and more of her soft pooch of a belly coming down to meet my own body. She slammed her hands outside of my shoulders to catch herself, closed her eyes and gave a joyful moan.

She rolled off and smiled at me, leaving the blankets at the foot off the King-sized bed. Jessica and I were both big Texans – she stood at a clean 6 feet, and myself at 6’3”, but Jessica was big in the way I loved. She was an hourglass shape, with wide shoulders that held vast breasts that almost defied gravity. She said she came from a “big gal” family, but at a 40G bra size that was a bit of an understatement. Her stomach was a soft ball of fat with an appetite that surprised me some evenings. 50 inch hips gave me plenty to hang on to, with powerful pillars of legs that were crafted from a youth spent doing constant chores on a family cattle ranch.

“Happy anniversary,” I told her. It was two years since she walked into a coffee shop I was in and I took a gamble by talking to her. She was almost 50 pounds lighter then, with raven black hair that went down to the mid-way of her back.

Jessica’s weight gain was the unspoken elephant in the room in our relationship. Early on she asked me if I minded big girls and I sternly said “Not at all.” That was the beginning and end of the conversation, besides a few remarks from her on when a pair of pants shrunk in the wash, or when a blouse would ride up on her. Our sex life spoke a different tune, however. Over the last year alone she had put on over 30 pounds of the 50 total she had accumulated. All her wardrobe malfunctions drove me wild, and a long night of love-making was a foregone conclusion if she stuffed herself from a restaurant date. I loved every pound she gained, but I never thought to outwardly tell her that beyond general compliments and dirty talk.

Jessica moved her eyes downward and cradled her belly. “You know what I love to read when you’re asleep?” She asked. I shook my head.

She smirked and moved her fingers to her areola. “I turn on my tablet and read erotica. Like, three or four stories a night if I can find the right ones, but it’s getting harder these days to find what I want.”

A silence held, and then I asked, “What do… you normally want?”

Jessica squeezed her breasts toward her, hiding the bottom half of her face. “Oh man, real degenerate stuff, Ted. Just the worst.” There was a devilish glint in her eyes.

My heart ran in triple-time. “Can’t be that bad. What’s your poison?”

She let her breasts go and patted her outstretched belly, sending ripples inches outward. “Women, Ted. Big, Beautiful, Women. Women who eat what they want, when they want, and get as big as they want. Women who get turned on by engorging themselves until they bust out of their clothes and then ask for seconds. I’m talking about women who get so fat that they destroy door frames and wearing pants become a fantasy.”

She let her words hang in the space between us. She then scootched herself toward me, her belly pushing up against my own hard abdomen. My dick rose in painful attention and I realized my mouth was dry.

We talked for an hour that night, getting it all out in the open. She had been “testing the waters” with her recent weight gain, waiting for me to make the first move. She said she realized I must had been afraid of hurting her even though it was clearly turning me on. She got tired of waiting when she knew we could both “take this to the next level” and pointed at her own naked body.

“I’m 26, I’m from a big healthy family, and I’m strong, baby!” She squeezed her bicep for an example, and while she was right, it reminded me of filling up a marshmallow with air.

“Are you sure this is what you want?”

“I’ve wanted it for years. I just needed to wait for the right person. You’re the first guy I knew wouldn’t run for the hills.” She rubbed her hand across my chest hair. “Plus you’re a real cutie.”

“Well good to know,” I said. “Because I’ve had some fantasies too, so you better wake up with an appetite.”

She pulled the covers up and squealed in delight. “Oh my god, I’m going to be such pig. I’m going to get so fat!”

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