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Oct 9, 2005
USBBW, Romance, Extreme Eating, Weight Formula, Explicit ~Sex, Squashing, ~XWG - Getting involved with a fat family has predtctable results

Katy: A Fattening Story
by The Studio

Over the years, he dated some big women, unconcerned with the opinions of his peers or the ridicule they hurled at him because of his tastes.

Each year, as he became more discriminating in his tastes for women of size, he found himself strangely frustrated. He wanted a woman who revelled in her fatness; who wanted to share every beautiful, rolling pound with an eager lover. What he found were either women who utterly let themselves go (becoming undesirable slobs in the process) or women who wore their fat as though it was a curse (becoming neurotically unattractive).

He began to believe that his search for a fat woman to call his own was all in vain. In one last, desperate attempt to find his dream, he left his rural northern town and moved down south, where big women were supposed to abound.

He settled in a small town in southern Georgia. His initial reconnaissance had proved favorable, since the town was renowned for its pork barbecue and fried chicken. He got a job selling cars and began his hunt. At first, he found only women with the same uncaring attitude or insecurities that he'd been confronted with up north.

Then, almost as if by magic, the yearly food fair took place. He went there to scout out the booths and to see if the woman of his dreams was there. He tried the wares at a few and then spied a fat, older couple working at a grill. Between them, they looked to be packing on about 800 pounds, with the lion's share of the weight belonging to the woman. She wore a tight fitting apron that barely served to cover the vast expanse of flesh that swelled up behind it. Her blouse was sticking to her sweaty torso, showing every rolling bulge as she turned a rack of ribs over and called out to the tent behind her. She waddled over, straining her jeans to capacity with every step, opened the flap and motioned for someone to come out.

The woman who emerged was so startlingly beautiful that he was dumbfounded. She had long, brunette hair, big round eyes, nice full lips, and was packing about 150 pounds into her skintight t-shirt and jeans. She bit into a piece of sausage as she walked over and began to help with the grill. She looked to be in her early twenties, had tits the size of grapefruits and an ass to match.

As he stared toward the booth, the big woman laughingly scolded her for eating when she was supposed to be working. She answered, "Sorry, Mom. But you know I'm always hungry."

He watched her working the grill for many long minutes. Every move she made was like poetry, every curve of her body was like a waking dream. He was startled out of his reverie, however, when he noticed that she was staring directly back at him. He diverted his gaze, trying to regain his composure and pretending that he hadn't been gawking. When his eyes eventually turned back in her direction, she was still staring at him, but with a slight grin on her face. He looked away again and walked over to the booth beside him, ordering a plate of ribs.

He sat there for some while, lost in his own dilemma. What was it about this woman that struck him so forcefully? True, she was beautiful, but by his standards she was next-door to anemic. Was he losing his love for fat? He decided not. Actually it was the entire scenario that struck him - she had potential. He was imagining what she would look like if she swelled up to her mother's girth, or even larger. The thought washed over him like a warm breeze. He had to talk to her. He had to see what she was really like. Stern and confident with his newfound resolution, he paid for his platter and turned toward the beauty's booth. Before he'd made a single step, he found himself frozen in place. She was standing right there in front of him.

"Johnny's ribs her are pretty good," she said, pointing to the table beside him, "but if you want the best, then you ought to follow me." She turned and walked away, switching her full hips slightly as she did. She looked back over her shoulder and he followed like a dog on a leash.

When he arrived at the booth, she said, "Mom, Dad, I'd like you to meet Bill Franklin. He's new in town." Her voice was smooth and disarming.

He was so startled that he almost didn't take her father's chubby hand as it was offered.

He shook and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Henderson, Mrs. Henderson."

Luckily, he'd noticed the name on the banner while he was walking over. The fat woman smiled, offered her sweaty hand and examined him with scrutiny.

"Katy hasn't mentioned you Bill, how long have you been in town?" she asked.

"Not long, ma'am," he answered. "But I'm here to stay. This is my kind of place."

After a few more sociable questions, her mother seemed to warm up to him and even offered him a sandwich. He said that he'd just eaten, but she seemingly ignored his comment and handed it to him. The woman he now knew as Katy grabbed her own sandwich and said that she was going to find a table and share some lunch with Bill. Her parents gave their nod of approval, told her to hurry back, and the were on their way.

"You handled that pretty good back there." she said. "I like a man who's quick on his feet."

He smiled and looked into her light brown eyes. "Well, I'm not so quick that I can't be caught at a disadvantage. It's a pleasure to meet you, Katy."

"The pleasure's mutual," she added. "As far as your disadvantage goes, news travels fast when a good-looking man moves into this town, and when I notice that he's looking at me, I act fast. Around here, if you snooze you loose."

He loved her candor and her blunt, sensual tone. He watched as she took a big bite out of her sandwich, closing her eyes to savor the flavor. When she opened her eyes, she stared into his.

"You like big women, don't you?"

He was struck mute.

"I noticed that you weren't just staring at me, you were giving my mother the eyeballs too, and if she isn't a big woman, I don't know who is."

His voice broke like some pubescent boy, but he finally answered "Yes, I do like a fat woman."

She coughed up a laugh and said, "Not many men are comfortable admitting it that way. They call the woman big-boned, large, even "roomy", but seldom just plain "fat". What makes you so bold?"

"Well," he answered, "I'm usually not. I think it's just you."

She smile broadly. "And what is it about me that you find so inspiring?"

"Ah, fishing for compliments?" he asked, feeling a bit more sure of himself. "Well you've got all the right bait. You're amazingly attractive, you have a luscious voice, you walk like a woman should, and you're definitely not shy."

"I'm also not that fat," she added.

He gave her a loaded smile and said, "You've got more than enough to keep things interesting, and I'm not so greedy."

"Hmmmm. You're not too shy when you get started, are you?." she said and paused. "But you do say almost all the right things. Actually, I don't know if I like you."

She sat for a moment, took another bite of her sandwich and then reached into her bra. She pulled out a piece of butcher paper with a phone number written on it. It was moist with sweat. "There's only one way to make sure. Call me."

Without adding a word, she got up, took what was left of her sandwich and headed back to the booth. As he watched her shimmy away, he lifted the paper to his nose and took in a deep breath. She smelled like barbecue, he thought with a smile.

Later that week, she was in his bedroom, standing topless before him. He knelt before her, gazing upward at her face between two pillowy breasts. He grabbed her full hips, pulling down on them so that they separated from the soft flesh of her waist. He reached down and undid the zipper of her cut-off jeans, watching as her plump belly popped free. She leaned over, rubbing her pendulous mams against his head, breathing heavily as she rubbed his shoulders.

He peeled off her shorts and panties, revealing a neatly trimmed tuft of pubic hair. He sunk his face into it and pushed her backwards onto the bed. Her legs spread wide as he tongued her clit. She let out a guttural moan and grabbed his head, pulling it firmly against her. After she'd come twice, he stood up and pulled down his pants, his bulging erection springing free and bobbing up and down with each beat of his heart. His dick slid past the sopping lips of her pussy and drove deep within her. He felt an orgasm coming, but fought it off. He was going to relish this woman, fondle her, lose himself in the softness of her flesh.

Hours later, she was sucking him into his fourth erection. He'd come so much that his balls were aching, but he couldn't resist the soft touch of her lips and the warm embrace of her tongue as it circled against the burning red head of his penis. She took his stiff rod and held it firmly between her sweaty tits. She raised up slowly and then pushed down, sucking on the head as it peeked out from between her breasts. As he lay there, lost in her sensual embrace, he knew that he must do whatever it took to keep this woman at his side.

The next day, he went to visit her at her parent's restaurant. She was sitting at the counter, hungrily plowing her way through a plate of ribs. When she noticed him, she motioned for him to come join her, licking sauce from her lips.

"Hey, Mom," she said, "Bill's here and he looks hungry. Would you make him a number seven?"

Her mother grinned, nodded at Bill, and disappeared through the kitchen door.

Katy leaned over toward me and whispered, "I don't know what you did to me last night, but I've been starving all day. I just can't seem to get full!"

He looked down and could see that she was telling the truth. Her belly was so swollen from her attempts to satiate herself that she'd had to undo the button on her shorts to relieve some of the pressure.

"I love the fact that you can't get full." he whispered back. "It means that, soon, there'll be more of you to love."

"Oh, you have no shame!" she said, grinning at him. "Are you saying that I'm not enough woman for you?"

"Certainly not!" he answered. "But I'm just being realistic. If your parent's are any indication, then it's just a matter of time anyway. This is just my way of letting you know that I don't mind."

"Pshaw, you're not fooling me," she replied. "You go beyond 'not minding', you hope I'll get bigger. I can see it in your beady little beautiful eyes."

Bill laughed under his breath. "Is that so bad?" he asked.

"No." she said, turning her attention to the last rib on her plate. "It's just that you'd better be careful what you ask for or you might get it. I come from a long line of big folks."

A voice spoke from the kitchen window. "If you two aren't careful, people might start thinking that you're a pair of lovebirds!" her mother said. She disappeared and then reappeared through the doorway. She handed me a plate of ribs and said, "Enjoy."

"Momma, where's mine?" Katy asked loudly.

"Gazooks girl!" her father's voiced boomed from the kitchen. "Have you got a tapeworm or somethin'? You ain't stopped eatin' since you got here!"

"I can't help it poppa, I take after you and ma!"

His laughter came from the kitchen as Katy looked at my plate and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm just hungry, that's all."

Bill's dick started swelling up in his pants, still sore from the night before. He thought of the woman Katy might become with such an appetite - and he liked the thought.

Her mother looked at him knowingly and then turned to the window. "Jed, stop being an old fool," she said. "Fix the girl something to eat!"

Jed's voice came back. "I'm already workin' on it!"

Over the next few weeks, Katy's appetite remained insatiable and her continual gluttony began manifesting itself. Her tits began bulging prominently from over her bra cups; her legs, belly and ass were ludicrously straining her shorts to capacity. Bill was ecstatic. Meanwhile, Katy was acting as if nothing was happening. She knew she was getting fatter, but wasn't worried about it. She had man who appreciated her and that was all that mattered.

"What are you going to do if I get as fat as my mother?" she asked him one day as they were lying together in bed.

"Well, I'd enjoy you...and I'd probably try to get you even fatter," he answered.

"Seriously?" she gasped.

"Count on it." he said gloatingly. "You could never get too fat for me."

"Oh, my!" she said pretentiously. "What if I get so fat that I can't even walk?"

"I'd drive you around so you wuldn't have to worry about it." he answered quickly.

"Wow! What about clothes?" she said as she laughed.

"I'll find ones that fit," he said, "Even if I had to have them made."

"Jeez. You really mean it, don't you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Are you going to make me regret falling in love with you?"

"Only if you'll regret getting to eat whatever you want, as much as you want, whenever you want."

"Wow, Bill. Remember when you said you're not a greedy man?"

"Well, chalk that up as the only lie I'll ever tell you. When it comes to you, I can't help but be greedy."

"Good, that's how I like my man."

She showed her appreciation by continuing to grow. After they'd been dating for a few short months, an entirely new wardrobe had to be bought to accommodate her expansion. Her loose clothes got tight, and her tight clothes became unwearable. Bill loved the fact that she still wore shorts, even though her legs were beginning to show some 'thigh cheese'. Katy also continued to wear tight shirts, which merely served to accentuate her increasing girth.

Meanwhile, her mother and father seemed almost proud of every pound she gained as she followed in their own, fat footsteps. After a while, though, her weight leveled off at about 200 pounds. She stayed at that weight, seemingly unaffected by all the food she consumed. Katy's father noticed Bill's frustration at the turn of events and talked about him in private one day.

"Bill, my boy. I know exactly how you're feeling." he said, as he lit his pipe.

"Mr. Henderson?" Bill asked.

The big man chuckled softly, "Oh, there's no use hiding it from me. I've been loving a fat woman for over twenty years now and I know when I see a man who likes 'em that way. I know that you want to be careful, since she's my daughter and all, but I'm only bringing it up so that I can give you some good advice. I like you Bill. You make my little girl happy and you treat her fine."

"Well, thank you sir, I just don't know what to say." he said, half embarrassed.

"Don't say nothin', just sit there and listen. When I was courtin' Katy's mother, many years ago, I ran into the same situation that you're in now. I wondered why the woman had stopped gaining weight all of the sudden. It seemed like, no matter what I did, she wouldn't gain an ounce. I bought her cakes an' any other thing I could think of that might have helped her grow, but she wouldn't budge an ounce.

"Want to know what I did? Sure you do. I made an honest woman out of her. We got hitched. Within a month, that woman was puttin' on the weight like it was her life's mission. After she got pregnant with Katy, she actually got a whole lot bigger that she is right now - that's another story. But a woman can only carry that much weight for so long y'know. Still, for a while there, I had the biggest woman in the state for my wife. Are you gettin' my point?"

"Yes sir, I'm getting it. Thanks."

"Good boy. You won't be sorry."

Three months later, Bill and Katy became man and wife. At their wedding reception, Katy ate so much wedding cake that she almost popped a stitch on her dress. For the honeymoon, the two drove out to Las Vegas to celebrate. All along the way, Katy insisted on stopping at every restaurant that looked interesting. At each one, she ate like there was no tomorrow, filling herself with platter after platter of fattening selections.

Because of their constant stops, it took them over a week to reach Vegas. By the time they made it to their first casino, every outfit that Katy had brought was being strained to capacity. After two more weeks of vacationing, endless sex, and eating, she had to start buying new clothes. On the way back home, they stopped at many of the restaurants that they hadn't hit on the way out so that Katy could continue her gluttonous feast.

Bill was elated as he watched his budding bride's unfettered appetite proclaim itself in newly swollen rolls of flesh. Her distended belly ballooned up to new, jiggling proportions. Her tits grew outward and downward, stretching her aureole as they did. Her legs and arms piled on new layers of delicious, fatty tissue. Bill drew even greater satisfaction in knowing that this was only the beginning of Katy's true potential.

They got back to their home in Georgia and Katy returned to work at the restaurant sporting almost twenty new pounds of 'honeymoon fat'. With her new poundage came newfound pride since she was getting to do what few, if any, of her friends would never be able to - eat all she wanted without losing her man's appreciation. In fact it was even better than that since, with every inch and pound she gained, he appreciated her that much more. As the days continued to pass, her appetite continued to grow and her restraint became a memory.

Her parents accommodated her vigorous appetite by feeding their "growing girl" like never before. They always ate lunch together and they would invariably load Katy's plate with piles of fat laden pork. As the weeks rolled by, they started giving Katy second servings. The servings got larger until, soon, they turned into second plates. Plates turned into platters and Katy's lunch break got longer and longer until it seemed that all she did at the restaurant was eat.

At home, it was no different. Snacks had turned into meals and meals into great binges. She'd walk into the house with boxes of food and proceed to empty their contents into her eagerly awaiting belly. Bill usually added to the festivities by spoon-feeding her piles of ice cream and slices of cake for desert. He'd feed her until she said she couldn't take anymore and would then coax her into another serving or two by eating her pussy while she stuffed herself. By their third month of marriage, the 300 pound mark was fast approaching and Katy was showing no signs of slowing down.

The continuing demands of Katy's unrelenting appetite, coupled with the constant encouragement of Bill and her parents, resulted in substantial gains. After only eight months of marriage, she had crested the 400 pound mark and was nearly as large as her mother. It filled Bill with pleasure and pride to know that, in just a little over a year, his wife had added over an eighth of a ton of fat to her body.



Oct 9, 2005
Because Katy had come from a fat family that had lived in the town for generations, she didn't receive the usual ridicule that might have been expected with such a dramatic change. In fact, it almost seemed as though her fattening had been expected, as though it were merely a natural outcome or some foregone conclusion. Some of the locals took to calling her "Madame Zepplin", but the nickname was usually used in jest. With her ever expanding body she certainly lived up to the name, so she simply took a measure of satisfaction and wore it like a title instead of a curse. For Bill, the whole scenario was like living in a fantasy.

That "fantasy" took a dramatic turn when Katy got pregnant. They had been trying for months and Bill was ecstatic when he got the news. Not only were they going to start a family, but he had the added incentive of wanting to see if childbearing would have the same effect on Katy as it had on her mother. It did.

Katy began eating like it was her divine calling - claiming that she was eating for two. Actually, she was eating enough for herself, Bill, and three children, but they left her to her delusions. Being pregnant slowed down her metabolism and increased her appetite in one fell swoop, a combination that caused her to gain weight at unprecedented rates. As her belly swelled up with the child, new pounds of fat appeared on her already massive body. Her cheeks became increasingly rounder as her second chin swelled outward and downward toward her chest.

Her arms expanded correspondingly, growing to the point that her bulging upper arms sagged over her elbows. Her breasts, filling up with milk and fat, expanded across the swelling mass of her belly. Besides holding their child, her belly was also garnering the bulk of her new poundage. By the middle of her pregnancy, it had swollen to the point that it pushed her pendulous breasts to either side, making her look even fatter in her maternity dresses. It was only a matter of detail to call them "dresses", actually they were more like tents with holes for her arms and head.

Behind her there was a bulging precipice of flesh that was her ass. Genetics had lent her a hand by storing a fair share of her new fat in her behind to help her balance her incredible gut. A pair of legs that doubled as tree trunks held all of her womanhood upright. Her thighs so fat that they forced her feet to shoulder-width when she stood which made her appear shorter and fatter still.

After nine months of pregnancy and eight hours of delivery, Katy was wheeled from the delivery room weighing 610 pounds. During the latter months of her pregnancy she gained much of the weight where most pregnant women do - in her breasts. Her bloated milksacks were so huge that they hung down to past her navel and they produced more milk than their plump baby girl could have ever used. Bill did his part to help Katy out since her mams would get sore if she didn't get rid of the extra milk. He sucked her tits, milked her with a breast pump, and would even get her to bend over so her could squeeze her nipples and milk her like a cow. Katy loved all of the attention.

Bill was in continuing ecstasy. Because of the child, Katy stayed at home all day and spent most of her time sitting around. While she sat, she ate. Her mom would stop by almost every day with pots full of fattening food for her daughter to satiate herself with. Instead of eating for two, the rationale was that she needed to keep up her strength.

As such, she was also keeping up her weight gain, though not at so impressive a rate. Her belly continued to stretch out in front of her and downward onto her increasingly massive thighs. Her ass became so loaded with watery flesh that it rocked back and forth like tidal waves as she waddled around their house. The undulating mass of her belly and ass, combined with the rolling flesh of her thighs, threatened to split the seams of her mammoth shorts with every move she made.

The incredible, bloated sacks of soft flesh that were her breasts had grown to the point that her bra gave only psychological support. Bill loved to lift the huge cups until her juggs spilled out in avalanche of fat, yanked to a stop by the skin that fought to contain their poundage in striated splendor. To repay her for the visual treat and the strain on her back, he would tongue her nipples to full erection, and then nibble on them gently as he fingered her chubby pussy into the throes of a wrenching orgasm. After she'd come once, he could make her come again and again, merely by sucking and licking on her sensitized nubs.

After a while longer, they put their daughter in daycare so Katy could return to work with her parents. Bill drove her there on her first day back since she was so fat that she could barely squeeze in behind the wheel of their car. After she put her apron on, she waddled to the back and plopped down onto the meat scale. The needle jumped to 652 pounds. She hadn't checked her weight since she'd given birth to their daughter, so she was more than a little surprised.

"Is this thing right?" she asked.

"Just checked the calibration last week," her father said with a smile. "It's dead on the money."

"Whew!" Katy exclaimed. "I guess after you get so fat, it's hard to tell if you're getting any bigger. I didn't know I weighed so much!"

"Well, from the look on Bill's face," her mother commented, "it's not much of a problem."

Bill hadn't realized, but he'd been staring at the weight on the scale with his eyes wide open and a broad grin on his face.

"Please!" Katy blurted out before Bill could say a word. "That man wouldn't mind it if I got as big as a house!"

Bill raised his eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders. "Well, I do like my woman with a few extra pounds," he said.

Katy smirked in joking disbelief and her parents laughed loudly. "You're so full of it," she said. "You like your woman three ways: fat, fatter, and preferably fatter than that!"

"Come over her and help me up you adorable, greedy bastard," Katy added as she held out her fat, wiggling arms. She asked for help, half out of jest, half out of necessity. The scale was so low to the ground that, with her incredible magnitude, it would have been nearly impossible to get up without help. As it was, Bill had to strain while helping her get up. When she got to her feet, Katy had to steady herself for a moment, getting her quavering poundage under control.

"That was a lot of effort," she said, wiping her brow. "I think I worked up an appetite."

She waddled over to steaming pot, grabbed a spoon and scooped out a mound of barbecue. She plopped it onto a hoagie roll and took a hearty bite. A minute later, she was making herself another one. Her mother wobbled over beside her and began working on a customer's order. Bill's cock stiffened as he compared the two from behind, lustfully noting how his wife had swollen to far beyond her mother's copious dimensions. Mr. Henderson tugged at Bill's sleeve and motioned for him to follow.

"Me and Bill are goin' out back for a smoke," he said. "We'll be back in a few."

When the back door closed behind them, Jed lit his pipe while Bill lit a cigarette.

"You've been good to Katy," Jed said, "so, I'm willin' to tell you something that you'll find interestin'."

He took a puff and looked at Bill earnestly. "But you have to give me your word that you won't abuse it," he added.

"What do you mean?" Bill asked.

Jed checked the door and then spoke. "Remember when I told you that Emma was once the biggest woman in the state? I didn't tell you the whole story. I was the one who got her that fat. Right after we got hitched, I found a secret that made her blow up like a blimp. To this day, Emma don't know that I did it, an' I aim to keep it that way. I know you like you're women like I like 'em, an' Katy seems to get happier the fatter she gets. So I'm willin' to tell you my secret if you promise ta' use it responsibly. But you have to be careful, 'cause I don't want her to get so fat that she ain't happy no more."

Jed reached into the chest pocket of his overalls, pulled out a photograph and handed it to Bill. As he looked at it, his heart started pounding, his mouth started watering and he felt blood coursing into his cock. The photo was cracked and faded - a picture of a younger Jed and Emma standing in front of their restaurant. It was the image of Emma that had gotten his reaction. She was dressed in a blouse and a skintight pair of overalls. She looked like she would have exploded if someone stuck her with a pin. She was so fat that it was hard to tell where her tits stopped and her huge gut began and was so round and bloated that she almost looked like a float for a parade.

"That was Emma at her fattest, every ounce of 900 pounds. I actually had to get her on a cattle scale to find out how much she weighed."

Bill gulped and tried to keep his composure. The thought of his wife weighing that much boggled his imagination. "I wouldn't do anything to hurt Katy," he said in a crackling voice.

Jed reached out, took the photo from Bill, and returned it to his pocket. He had a devilish grin on his fat, wrinkling face. "I thought you'd like that," he said. "Now, promise me that, If Katy so fat that she ain't happy, you'll stop using my secret."

"You have my word, " Bill said stoically.

Jed eyed him and then offered his hand. Bill took it and they shook. "You know Jim Foley's store?" Jed asked.

"The general store in the valley?" Bill replied.

"That's the one. Been there as long as I can remember. One summer, way back when, I had a case of the trots that felt like it was tryin' t'kill me. I went to ol' Jim's store an' asked him what could get rid of em'. He gives me a bottle of this snakeoil called Dr. Alzer's Cureall. I get home an' take some an' it was like someone had taken a giant shit in my mouth. I darn near puked it up. T'kill that vile taste, I drank some milk an' it did the job. It didn't stop my runs but it sure as hell made me hungry. I ate more that day that I have any other in my life, and for me, that's sayin' a mouthful. I took some the next mornin' but I chased it with juice. That time, it got rid a' ma' runs, but it didn't make me hungry a'tall.

"I knew I was on t'somethin' so I slipped some into Emma's milk the next day. Somethin' about the milk covered the taste to where she didn't notice it, plus I only used a touch. I swear to the almighty that on that very day, Emma damn near ate us out of business. From then on, I gave it to her almost every mornin'. It's the stuff and the milk together that does it. It ain't good for much else but, every mornin', slip a teaspoon or so into Katy's milk an' it'll make her as hungry as the dickens."

Bill took a final drag off of his cigarette, crushed it on the ground, and spoke. "Thanks a lot Mr. Henderson, I really appreciate the tip. But - and I hope you won't take this question the wrong way - why are you telling me this?"

Jed re-lit his pipe and let the smoke drift out between his smiling teeth. "Well boy, it's like I said. You like your women the same way I do. That sort of makes us like two peas in a pod. Besides, I hate to such a great secret goin' unused...and I think it'd make Emma kinda proud to see Katy followin' in her footsteps, such as it is."

And so it began. Two days later, Katy unknowingly drank her morning milk with a little twist. A few hours later, a yawning chasm opened up in her stomach. She tried her best to fill it, but nothing seemed to satisfy her longing for food. Her mother noticed her daughter's ravenous appetite at work and commented to Bill when he came in for lunch.

"Hey, Bill," she whispered as she sat his plate down in front of him, "I hope you don't think I'm sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong but...is there something going on between you and Katy?"

"No maam," he answered with a puzzled look on his face. "Never been better. Is there something wrong?"

"Well, not really. She ain't pregnant again, is she?"

"No ma'am, we're going to wait a few years for the next one.

Mrs. Henderson scratched her brow and said, "It's just that the girl hasn't stopped eating since she walked in the door. I mean, she eats, but I never seen her eat this much. Well, it's probably nothing, " she added and then turned toward her daughter. "Might have a case of something I had when I was her age," she muttered so low that Bill barely heard her

"Pardon me?" Bill asked with hidden anticipation.

Emma laughed softly. "Oh, well, you might not believe this, its kind of embarrassing...but I used to be a whole lot bigger than I am now. One day, I just woke up with this appetite that I couldn't satisfy and it didn't go away for two years. I ended up weighing...well, I was bigger than you might imagine."

She looked over her shoulder, into the kitchen, seeing her daughter's back and then turned back around to face Bill. She was suppressing a smile and her cheeks were blushing to a sharp pink. "It's probably nothing," she said as she wiped off the counter.

At the restaurant, Emma fostered that "nothing" to such an extent that Katy began to grow at an awe-inspiring rate. She even took care of most of her daughter's responsibilities so she could spend most of her time trying to satisfy her seemingly insatiable appetite. Occasionally, Jed would give Bill a knowing wink as he watched Katy reeling under the power of their shared secret. With Emma's motherly support, Bill didn't have to do anything but sit back and watch as his wife piled on the pounds.

At home, Katy ate with the same unrelenting passion. She got so fat that, in the comfort of her own home, she went around braless most of the time. When she was standing, it took a great deal of pressure off of her distending belly because her hanging udders could be pushed to either side. When she was sitting down, she could sit her great mams on the table in front of her, taking the pressure off altogether. She even ate while she and Bill were having sex. He would fill her with cock while she filled herself with food, a sight which kept him hard for hours without end.

As the 'Dr. Alzer's' treatment continued, Katy's body became more and more efficient at packing on the pounds. On a good day, she could gain over five pounds, and her "good days" were quickly growing into "great" days. She actually began wearing floral muumuus because they were the only garments that she didn't outgrow in a few weeks. Clad in her parachute-sized dresses, she continually glutted herself on the most fattening treats available; an entire cheesecake was but a snack; a gallon of homemade ice-cream became a small appetizer.

Bill made sure to keep an array of fattening selections continually within arms reach so that she wouldn't have to get up any more than necessary, even when she was at work. The gesture was simultaneously considerate and devious. It took a lot of work for her to get her bulk upright and moving so it made things easier on her, and it kept her sedentary enough so that what she ate turned into as much fat as possible. He delighted as he watched her shove countless morsels into her mouth, scrutinized as she quickly chewed and swallowed, and eagerly anticipated the inevitable poundage that would follow.

Those anticipations were always fulfilled beyond his expectations. Katy was eating so much that it actually seemed to confuse her body. For days, she would eat and eat but it didn't appear as though she was gaining an ounce (even though the scale said differently), and then within the next few days, her body would expand so quickly that it seemed as if she was growing before his eyes. Smooth flesh would become stretchmarked and stretchmarked flesh would become striated, seemingly overnight. Rolls of flesh would become creased and then those creases would become new rolls themselves. Al the while, Katy continued unabated and seemingly unaware of her incredible expansion and continuing metamorphosis.

Three months after beginning the "treatment" Bill sat across the living room from his immense wife surveying the woman she'd become. She had grown so wide that her ass and hips took up most of the couch as she sat there, naked, stuffing her face, watching television, and oblivious to him. Her cheeks had swollen to the point that they forced her lips into a pucker. Her fingers were so fat that, as she fed herself, they looked like stacks of marshmallows spreading outward from her bloated palms.

She wouldn't keep those fingers at her mouth for long because the weight of her arms made it quite a strain. He watched intently as she repeatedly took food from a tray and guided it to her eagerly awaiting mouth, observing how her upper arms bulged and rolled outward as her quivering forearm strained to lift the rolling masses of flesh. He took in the expanse of her great belly as it hung there before him - so vast that it spread her legs as wide as they would go - so massive that it teasingly undulated but a few inches above the carpeted floor in front of her. He studied her breasts as they rode on either side of her gargantuan gut, waves of rippling motion passing through them each time she lifted her arm. They stretched all the way out to her knees, forming a delightful intersection between tit, leg and belly. When she was seated, it was as if all her body parts merged into one, complete, womanly mound of fat, a thought which almost made him dizzy.

He was completely satisfied. All the time she'd been getting fatter, he always wondered what it might be like if she'd just gain a "little" more weight. Now he knew what he'd been wanting all along...in every way, every proportion, every roll, every pebbled inch of her fat glutted body, she was perfect. She was woman personified. Katy had finished off the last of the Dr. Alzer's a week ago and he had finished with it too. She hadn't gained a pound in that week but, at her size, it took a fair amount of food just to maintain her weight. He started to speak but couldn't find the words. Katy turned to face him hearing his unspoken words - that was the way it was between them. She reached for the remote, turned of the T.V., and stared at him.

"The baby's at your mother's, " he said.

"I know", she answered. "And you should be over here."

He shook his head.

She giggled. "Greedy as always, aren't you?"

He nodded.

She sighed and then forced herself forward on the couch. Her entire body seemed to quake with the effort as waves of flesh undulated beneath her sweating skin. With one arm, she steadied herself against the back of the couch; with the other she reached for the support that hung from the ceiling. It was a simple device, a heavy chain mounted from one of the crossbeams with a padded handle dangling at it's end. It was the only way she could get up without help. Handle in hand she braced herself and took a few deep breaths...then it began.

She pulled herself forward until her belly was spread out onto the floor in front of her. As she did, her tits pitched forward from atop her knees and flowed outward onto her belly, stretching forward until her nipples were tickling the carpet. She waited until her fat had settled, then shifted her back hand forward until it was planted firmly on the arm of the couch. After a few more deep breaths she began to lift herself. Bill sat stupefied as her body underwent a startling metamorphosis. Katy pulled herself upward as gravity pulled her body downward - a beautiful battle between flesh and force. Her upper body moved but her lower body stayed in place as her skin began to stretch. Then, the skin on her chest turned a reddish hue as the weight of her breasts was brought to bear. First one nipple, then the other began to slowly raise from the floor as the flesh above them swayed from side to side.

When she reached a position between crouching and standing, her belly began to elongate while, simultaneously, her ass lifted from the couch. Bill knew that this was the critical moment. Like a powerlifter doing a deadlift, her knees began to shake and her entire body began to quiver. She paused for a moment, then began to force herself further upward. He almost gasped as the top roll of her belly began to extend and the bottom roll began to follow. In one last, heroic effort, she lurched upward, pulling on the chain and lifting her belly completely from the floor. It swung between her legs like a bloated apron.

Wiping the sweat from her brow, she shuffled her feet closer together, got steadied, and presented herself to him with outstretched arms. There she stood before him: face so fat that her second chin spread generously onto her chest, arms so fat that even outstretched, her upper arms rested atop her hips, breasts so fat that they hung down past those hips yet spread themselves thick and wide across her belly - a belly so fat that it hung down to her calves leaving just enough room to see that her feet were almost completely covered by the rolls of fat on her lower legs. There she stood before him, a stunning, 5' 5" tall brunette who weighed in at 1022 pounds. She'd put on much of her newly mounted 370 pounds during the last month of her "Alzer" driven glut with a peak gain of almost ten pounds a day.

She dropped her arms and motioned with her head for him to follow. She shuffled to turn herself and headed for the hall. As he followed her, he savored the sight of her hips brushing the walls of the hallway, even though it was all of five feet wide. In the bedroom, she shuffled around again and fell backwards onto their bed. The reinforced steel frame and the heavy duty boxsprings squeaked their protest as her half-ton-plus body came to rest and spread itself out across the mattress. He slowly slid in beside her, caressed her hair and firmly pressed his lips to hers.

As their tongues danced together, he heard the phone ring. Neither of them had any intentions of answering, but something made Bill listen as the machine picked up the call. The voice belonged to a young man named Patrick who worked at Jim Foley's store.

"Mr. Franklin," he said, "I know you said you weren't interested, but we just got in a new case of that medicine you've been using. You're about the only one who buys the stuff so Mr. Foley told me I could give you a deal if you want. Give us a call if your interested."

As the line went dead, Bill broke their embrace.

He stared deeply into her eyes and thought, "What the hell. Who knows what perfection really is anyway?" With that, he dove back toward his beauty, immersing himself in her splendor.


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Feb 8, 2006
Although this story is online now for several years I am still amazed.


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Aug 31, 2008
God, I love this story. One of my all time favourites. I feel like it is semi-realistic, in the same way that the Fast and the Furious films are semi-realistic. There's technically no magic or aliens or psychic powers, and only minimal nonexistent technology used to enhance what's already happening. Just a massive exaggeration of what these events would be like anyway. (In this case, an extremely fast weight gain, especially so from a woman who, prior to meeting the guy, showed no particular interest in actively gaining, reaching extreme obesity with only a few years, even more extreme obesity with a year of marriage, and, most of all, 370lbs in three months right at the end, thanks to the 'medication'.)

Can I just say, I'm a huge fan of stories like this. Feeder meets a plump woman. Plump woman figures she's already fat, so she doesn't try not to get fat, only to realise that, by a feeder's standards, she's way too skinny, as she gets offered her third lunch and has to consider the hundred pounds she gained this year, but then decides that she loves the attention and she's loving eating all this delicious, decadent food, so she'll happily keep gorging more and more, piling on at least a hundred pounds a year. And there is no conflict with family or with a passer-by who makes her feel too humiliated to want to be fat. She just reaches a plateau with her weight, until something changes that makes her subconscious decide "oh, okay, we can really go for it, now", letting her start really eating, gaining a couple hundred more pounds that year, only to hit her second plateau, but that makes it time for the medication.

And I love the fact that the medication, the only truly definite Sci-fi element, is really just an extreme appetite enhancer/stomach expander in medicine form, not a machine or a fat-beam or some kind of "digest instantly" effect.

I also love, love, love the way the pill, for the very end of the story, zooms us right through the last three months with 370lbs of gain in a quarter of a year, right to the edge of mobility, where we end with the edge of a believable weight gain with an unbelievable but awesome amount at the end, with a near immobile, but feeling fine about it, feedee, who has sort of hit another plateau, where this time she's still gaining a huge amount every year, but it just isn't obvious anymore on such a huge body, at least not compared with over 120lbs a month, and with the plateau promised to end anyway soon, plunging her way into immobility, with the explanation that she only reached that 'plateau' when the medicine ran out, and even then she kept gorging a huge amount more afterward, so now that she's taking it again, she'll have an even greater response than she had before. Hell, her mom was on it for two years, and she was only taking it for three months. If she takes the medicine for at least as long as her mother did, and even if she stops gaining immediately after those two years and never takes it again, nor gains any more weight, but assuming the same rate of gain as before and not more or less, she'd still wind up about 3,612lbs. An extremely Ultra-Super-Sized, Big Beautiful Woman, if you ask me...

Course, there's no reason to assume she wpuldn't gain even more this time... or stay on it far, far longer than two years... more like a lifetime treatment, I think...