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Jul 5, 2006
Lynn Yates was 25 years old and in University. Her first year of College had been a struggle. She had nearly flunked out. But, she had a really smart friend from High School, named Delores who had helped Lynn out at the end. Lynn had passed her first year of college. But, after that, Lynn put her foot down. Delores had told Lynn that the next year she would not be able to help her. And her parents had told Lynn that if she did not get good grades, her parents would not help her through college. So, Lynn stopped partying, stopped drinking, and put her nose straight into the books doing nothing else. She was able to get through college and had made it to university at 25.

Now, that might be the end of the story, but it's not. Lynn had Blonde hair and blue eyes. Lynn had decided to dye her hair red. She didn't want to attract guys anymore. Not only that, but for a long time, Lynn had needed glasses, and had gotten by without them well before. Now, Lynn started wearing glasses. Lynn in university was a perfect student. Too perfect, she had friends, she went to extracuricular activities to help her later and made friends in them.

But, Lynn never drank, never partied. She got the best grades. And that is where stuff began to start. Other women at university hated Lynn. At least if Lynn had had a boyfriend, it would have been better. But, there was all sorts of guys mooning over Lynn. Lynn sometimes could almost feel the hatred in the air. She didn't know what it was, but sometimes, when she was taking walks around campus to keep in shape, it made her afraid.

Now, you can call this magic, or psychology. But, it started in cooking class, when her friend Lena who was overweight, offered Lynn a piece of chocolate cake. Lynn said no, but, Lena told Lynn she should try it. Lynn felt that strange feeling of everyone looking at her, and this time, said yes. The cake was so good to Lynn, and as she finished. She felt that strange feeling of everyone looking at her and hating her go away, and she actually asked Lena for another piece.

Now, Lynn weighed 100 pounds, and was 5'9. There were a lot of men who admired her. But, there were a lot too who felt that she was anorexic. That wasn't going to last for long.

Lynn slowly found herself starting to go out and eat. She, when alone, or taking time out, she started to always eat. It started slow, but, every time she felt like people were looking at her and hating her. She would go buy something to eat. And soon it was becoming a habit. Time slowly passed. But, Lynn as time passed started to see slow effects.

Lynn's weight soon went from 100 to 120, which wasn't too bad. Lynn actually liked where the weight was going, her C Cup breasts had gone up to a D Cup. And her hips had gained some size. And the rest of the weight had been distributed along her body. People told Lynn how healthy she looked. So, Lynn ignored it as she just kept gaining. She actually put her scale under the bed. She would notice her reflection in the mirror, or in glass as she walked. And she was thinking she wasn't looking too bad. Her boobs, butt and hips kept taking most of the weight. Lynn soon made 200 pounds. But, there were more guys than ever asking Lynn out, who Lynn refused. Some of the women around university got together. They did not like this. They did not bring Lena in on it. But, they found someone Lynn knew who was jealous of her too. An acquaintance of Lynn's named Heather. And slowly it began, as the women around university decided that they wanted Lynn even fatter. Women started slow, first a doughnut here, a pizza party there, which when Lynn offered to make it a study night too, and everyone agreed, Lynn went too. And Lynn's weight started to go up. She soon reached 300 pounds. Now, Lynn liked the way she looked. The only thing was that her boobs were getting too big and heavy. It was a chore just to get them into a bra. And soon Lynn had to move in with Lena. Then as she and Heather talked one night. Heather suggested she put some weight on her stomach and lower section, that it might help with her breasts. At first Lynn asked Heather if she were crazy. But, as Lynn thought about over a few more days of having to put up with her huge boobs. It wasn't actually such a bad Idea.

To be Continued.