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lets talk about sex

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Dec 27, 2005

I have a sensitive question for the ffa's or even a guy around here. Do you think a majority of FFA's are actually lesbians that have not come out of the closet yet? I have just met a lot of FFA's that have told me they have either had sexual relationships with other women in the past, have said they were bisexual, or thought they were a lesbian at one point.

I am sure there are some straight women who just dig big guys but I keep noticing this "well I like women too" quality of the ffa's I have met. Especially those that are into the "get fat fetish" aspect more than the "big guy" aspect. Now maybe I am just not a good catch, am just turning them to other side, or this is just a good way to dodge a guy ;) -- I've even taken that into consideration. But I think it may be more than that. Would I be a fool for thinking that maybe a majority of women who like fat guys may be lesbians who just haven't realized they like lesbians yet.

I realize this is a potentially explosive topic that asks people to ask themselves a tough question about their preference. But I am just looking to get closer to the truth about my theory.

Thanks :)

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