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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 19

I started moving around from the Dessert Plateau to the Kiamanawa Forest, Esk Forest, Kai Mai Forest, and Ruahine Forest. This changing around made it hard to keep up with Tracy and as I had spent a month in the city I was starting putting strains on the marriage. I wanted more time with Tracy but the Department of Conservation was budget cutting and it was put up with the rotations or leave.

I did visit her a few times during my city stay but as Tracy was staying with friends magically appearing without transport was risky. She visited me but I was the same position of shared accommodation. I asked if I gave up my contract with D. O. C. would we try going free hunting. This was 2002 and we were aware that in 2021 the mountain was going to destroy itself along with other devastation.

It did not mater which forest I was in I was great at search and rescue. Apparently around the Volcanic Plateau it was unacceptable for a non-Maori to have spiritual visions but everywhere else I was welcome as a mystic. Tracy wanted to stay on the mountain during ski seasons. Turoa, Top of the Bruce and the Eastern Field offered her a job every year. We had our Department of Conservation apartment on the side of Mount Ruapehu which access was by military trails or service lanes for tourism board.

Some tourist find themselves on land controlled by Waiouru Military Base so when I get caught often and I do not have my identification I find myself in the brig on the base. I got to know a couple of big brass at the base so I would request them and get set free again.

Tracy and I made arrangement to meet at the apartment/hut when we are sharing other people’s accommodation. We should have done this during the last winter but I did loose my job at Department of Conservation because they took on younger people. I was offered an office job but I took a position as a guide for the tourism board. Mount Tongariro and Narahoe became my main base. I was getting too old to walking school children over the steep sides of Narahoe and the people I meet were active build.

Every fibre in me said stay and wait and sure enough Mount Ruapehu had a Lahars and Mount Tongariro had a spit up. I was not on the duty that day but I had told the crew that was on that there was not going to be a lava flow, just gas explosions and rocks. Trent who was in charge that day went thoroughly the instructions of what to do if the mountain became active. He threw on the end of his speech. There is a one in huge number odds that the mountain could have activity but personally thought it not happen in his lifetime.

A small group went against the instructions and ran for a mountain hut but found a hole through the roof and a half-ton rock inside. To get out of the way of a rock falling from 10 kilometres up in the air you must be able see it, see it is path of travel.

Most finished the walk very shaken up, but there were some serious injures like shattered bones from shockwaves of passing projectiles. The helicopter pilots and medical teams were very heroic. Some of the new fallows who replace me in Pest Control quite after this eruption and I got my job back. I was once again contracted by Department of Conservation to remove the bush damaging creatures.

Through out the uncertain times Tracy stuck with me. When Wendy turned up she let her do her ‘stress relief’ and then Tracy would double-team me. She was really getting into squashing me as much as Wendy was and it became our number one interaction. With Tracy it always ended up in full sex but then just a lot of hand holding with Tracy ended in sex. Tracy took over selecting how pack and wrap would go. I thoroughly enjoyed secondary crushing with her weight as she was very caring in the way she did it.

Tracy and Wendy would sit back to back with Tracy on my chest and I was fondling some part of her for long periods as we talked. Stephanie came sometimes and sat on my belly back to back with Tracy. Stephanie could alter her weight and go into the green dimension if Tracy was not joined in. One time when all three were there Wendy sat on my chest back to back with Stephanie on my belly. Stephanie was playing with Tracy in some erotic way while Tracy was riding me cowboy style. Stephanie was sitting on my stomach with a bottom softened up with fat but the rest of her was skinny. Although she was of low body mass she was 150 kilograms on my belly. My stomach was in fluttering between intense and immense crush depending on Stephanie movements and the weight she was at. Wendy on my chest who sat still only stopped me raising my shoulders. Despite all the pressure on me the feel of Tracy on my pelvis I was fully erect and ready for her as if we were alone. Stephanie had brought Tracy to orgasm twice in 5 minutes, for a non-human she knew her stuff. When I had ejaculated the other two took off and I realised that my guts had a major pummelling so Tracy sat on them. I caressed her body from the leg up the hips, followed her tapered in waist, and up her v shape ribs. I ran my hands over shoulders; down to her perfectly proportioned breasts, circling them, my fingers diagonally crossed her nipples, dropped to her navel and her fully flexed abdominal muscles. I then took her breasts in my hands sliding my hand onto the side of her ribcage pulled her down and stated kissing her.

Tracy kept moving back onto my belly when I was caressing and exploring her body. I suddenly realised that a deal was struck between the three of them, to give me a prolonged immense belly squashing, which is why I got a sexual activity with the other girls present. A detail I was curious about was this a one off or a new normal. Then something even greater occurred, Tracy was not just bouncing on my belly but set up pack and wrap. I had my doubts that I could handle it but I did not voice my concerns. The worst that could happen is I pass out and Tracy knew how to make me feel everything after I woke up for a long time after. If it went damagingly bad she knew that she could call on Stephanie to do a healing massage.

The pack and wrap left me no ability to sit up and she sat on my belly. I was lying on a narrow raised platform that we often used for belly squashing and her legs were hanging down the sides. My innards were convulsing under the load when I saw Tracy lean over and pick up a backpack. I went lights out. I awoken to my ejaculation to find Tracy again was riding my cowboy style. The backpack on my belly had 30 kilograms of something inside.

I had ninety kilograms of weight on a pack and wrapped corseted stomach that had not recovered from immense squashing.

“It took you ten minutes to wake up with me up here”. She said as she leaned weight onto the backpack. “This has been the most orgasm that I have had in one day.”

My penis felt raw in addition to the all over sensations my guts were having. I was stroking her arms that she had place on my chest. She placed the pack on her back again and sat on my chest. My hands were on her thigh, chest, breasts, Rectus Abdominis, and sides in endless motion.

“You have never touched the other two girls like this while they were squashing you. How come?”

“The squashing is not sexual for me. Your presence is sexual for me. Your voice, touch, your anything and everything is sexual for me.”

Tracy moved back on to my stomach. “I was unable to give you children and yet you saw me as a woman. Did you want children?”

“It worked out not having children with our homelessness during that winter and it worked out on our long trips away. But I would have been okay with you being the mother of our children. You give me, you have given me so much over these decades more than I ever deserve.”

I was fighting passing out but talking to this gift of God was so important as she deserved the answers. She was making it difficult with the light bounces on my pack and wrapped stomach.

“Communicating to me means a lot to you. The amount of fight to stay awake is immense. I really do mean a lot more than someone who squashes you.” Tracy said with big bounce.

I was out and woke up again ejaculating into Tracy. I noticed four 20-kilogram blocks on my belly. These steel blocks were custom built for belly pressing made from a digging bucket off an excavator. I was impressed she lifted then all up until I saw Stephanie sitting there.

“Hi” I said to her.

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 19 continues

“You respond so quickly to my touch.” Tracy said to me. She then sat on belly pressing the weights into my packed wrapped corseted belly.

I passed out again and woke up again trying to ejaculate into Tracy but the penis was dry reaching. My system was totally emptied out but I also had a massive fire in my abdomen. Stephanie was still there and Wendy had returned to.

It was Stephanie who talked next. “There is about to be an event overseas and I am going to take Tracy with me for 10 days. I am would like you to have enough of this so you can carry on without more. I know you will miss her while she is gone. I have got you at the edge of needing repairing for 14 hours because this is the last time until she comes back. You will not be able to stand up for 6 hours. There is food ready for you when you can get up. It is time to say good bye.”

The impact of her words hit me, while I was in the city and moving around forests I was never away from her for this long.

“Can I you take off all the weights except one and Tracy lay on me and give me a bear hug?”

The blocks were removed and Tracy was giving me a big hug. I was looking into her eyes and kissing her. “Thank you for giving me this carry over. I will miss you a lot. Pass me out before you leave.” I said to Tracy. I looked at Stephanie and asked. “Is it okay if I had this block left on me when you leave?”

“With it on you will take ten hours before you can get up. Without it on it will take you 6 hours to get up. Your choice.” Stephanie replied.

I turned to back to Tracy lying on me and asked “Grab the bag and sit on the block until it is time for you to go. I hope whatever Stephanie has in store for you, goes well. There is an endless hug when you get back.”

She sat on the block with heavy pack and I held her hands fighting passing out. “I love you,” I said as I passed out.

I came too with the block on my belly and Wendy sitting on my chest. I was still pack and wrap and I could feel a corset imprint on my body. I wanted Tracy to squash me out for most of the day so I can say I got through most of today okay. One day at a time and I will be fine and then she will be home again. Apparently Wendy woke me up.

“Hi there” I sheepishly said. “What day is it?”

“It is ten minutes after Tracy left” she replied.

I knew from her tone something was bugging her. Surely life did not turn on her in ten minutes. I normally get a Hi back.

“How are you going?” I said to her.

“Am I someone who just squashes you?” she questions me.

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
She was not here when I talked to Tracy about this or were they watching in another dimension. I thought for an answer that was smooth but true.

“You are the original friend in the city. Before you I was a country bumpkin in the city. You are the reason I got my University Entrance. We have always messed around together and looked after each other. You allowed me to help others through you. You taught how to be in a crowed of strangers and helped me be a tour guide. You are a long running friend.”

She actually looked more relaxed. She then asked “Have you ever looked at me as a woman?”

I am confused how to answer. I had kissed her the first time in the Temple in a lightless dimension. I have had long hugs that could be misunderstood as romantic if you did not know better.

“I never look past you as a city girl, although not a bad thing is an issue for me as I am not a city boy. Romantically I could never look at you as the mother of my children and my children as city children. Otherwise I enjoy your presence, I enjoy your company, I enjoy working with you, I enjoy playing with you, I trust you with my personal stuff and do not want to do anything to compromise that”

Wendy learned back with her hands on the steel block behind her. With her arms she lifted her bottom onto my stomach. My stomach had full adjusted to the crush and this made no difference. I suggest putting the other plates on top first. She did that and climbed on top of them. I had no functioning muscles and everything was just flattened.

“Can you send me to sleep? I want to miss the first day Tracy is away.” I requested of her.

“So that is why you got her to crush you out after saying she was not just somebody that squashes her.” Wendy asked as a statement.

“Do you want to talk more or hang out for longer?” I asked

“Just hold me,” she said lying down on top and putting me in a bear hug.

She actually falls asleep hugging me. I went to sleep after asking a helper to lie on top of her.

I woke up first and asked the helper to leave us. Wendy woke up and sat on my belly again. It did not sink or lift in her movement as my guts were fully flattened. I had been flattened for 18 hours, which it was a record. I asked if we could hug again. I slept for 12 more hours.

I woke up and suddenly realised I had farm chores; chickens, the hunting dogs, check the gardens, I checked the other animals. Tracy did a lot around home. I was aware of them but never added them all up. She had made my place a home on top of everything else she did for me; my eyes were opened to vital things I had missed.

I walked outside and checked up on all of the animals. I gathered the eggs and put more feed for them. I let the dogs and they ran to the far corner of the section. I looked inside the kennel a saw how much need to be cleaned out.

“Sorry I was a sleep” I yield to the dogs.

I brought out feed for them and they returned to the kennel. I clean them and the sun was drying them out so I took the dogs for a walk up and down the hill. They looked a lot happier than an hour ago. I knew I had to go pest control so I was giving them a run in the bush soon.

As I was breathing more than when I was asleep I could feel my intestines puffing up into tubing. It was not a stream from one end to the other but in random points first. I placed my hand on my hollowed belly and felt spots bubbling up. I knew once it all inflated I would feel hungry. The organs were about to move back and I slipped the body tube and plate on. I command ‘80% of fully flattened’. I was releasing gas out of the bowl but as parts of intestines were still flat it was squishy inside. ‘95% flatten’ I commanded and I felt and even compression. I had not eaten in two days so I knew I could not use this to miss eating.

I fixed something up in the kitchen and ate at the sink. What a bachelor I become quickly. As I walked out of looking back saying “do not leave dishes more than two days.”

I lowered the crush to 5%; I grabbed Webbley rim fire and called to the dogs. They knew the call and come running ready for an 8-kilometre stroll. With the two days off the stoats and weasels came to some silly idea that it is safe to go wondering. In ten minutes I had shoot 6 of them and had to leave them in a pile. Normally I would only see one or two over the entire run. This day I got 25 of them and I knew the others would go back to hiding.

Some of the traps had animals in them so I collected them and carried them back to the hut for processing. I collected the other animals on a second lap of the tack. For a little animal there combined weight was a lot. I got back to the hut and I saw my boss from Department of Conservation standing there.

“Hi, it is a busy up here today.” I said to him.

He was steering at the quantity and asked, “Was that all today’s catch?”

“Yes and No. I noticed them hiding when I came around so I hide for a few days” I started with. “They came out of hiding. I hope they fall for that more than once.”

“There was a couple of reasons I come up to see you about; one was Joseph on that side had not seen you for a couple of days. I wanted to check up on you. The other is a farmer has requested help with rabbits on his farm.”

“Count me in, I love a good farm clearing. When? This lot need skinning and processing.”

He nodded his head, “you do not waste any part of the animal do you.” He carried on with “Friday at dawn, Joseph can give you a ride to the farm.”

“Cool I will be there. I have not seen a dear or pigs on the section for a month. Have they been driven back down to the farms?” I asked.

“No, you have shot them all off this side of the mountain. The others have sign of deer but are not seeing the animals but there are no signs of pig or deer around here.”

Man the boss has being keeping an eye on me. “Let them know I can come around with my dogs and clear them out if they want a hand.” I said hoping I was not on a bad list. “Can I please have some more traps for that sector over there; the possum have moved in from somewhere down there and my traps are over run. I would like to sort them out as I finally got this bush looking healthy again.”

“Yes your section is very healthy compared to the others. I would like to teach and help the others to catch up.” The boss said with a smile on his face. He must have believed my tactic of holding of hunting to lure the stoats out.

“My horse is still away and the others hunt off electric bikes. Will I get a bike to keep up with them?”

“How do you get around your zone without your horse?” he asked.

Pointing to sections I said, “I been doing three 8 kilometre runs over three days.” I looked back at him. “The horse can go further than the bikes on one charge and I feel safer but at my age I can still out ride the others on a bike.”

“We will jack up a bike for you, it is not Department policy to use horses. They are too much maintenance.” He replied.

“I have always meet all my horse expenses myself.” I stated.

He left with that. This man laid me off in his rejuvenating policy. I am now being treated as Master Pest Control Officer. What a big turn around.

Chapter 20 on Friday
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 20

I woke up the next morning feeling bullet proof knowing management saw my value. Since I got my job back I felt like it was temporary while management planned their next mistake. I spent the night with fully flattened intestines. The next morning I was sitting up with my hands on my belly feeling them become tubular again. Then I noticed Wendy was there; she had placed her hands on my belly and asked me to remove the plate. The length of intestines was at all sort of levels of inflation so I decided I would allow a belly squeezing.

“I am going to make sure you have a proper breakfast,” she said to me. She boosted my belly to 48 inches and squeezed it all back to flat. This crush felt crazy.

“What is happening in your marriage?” I asked

She pulled my stomach 75% percent bellow rib level and held it there. My intestines had been under compression most of the week. They had been flattened for long periods but now she had added belly fat that was squashed in. White-hot crush was the calm times. Immense level most of the time so I looked at her and said is that at all you got, I can feed the chickens with this soft stuff.

With this she slowly increased the squashing deeper. I was about to pass out when Wendy said, “I talked in my sleep, and he is coming up here to talk to you.”

I was fighting passing out and asked, “Do we need a plan for when here arrives?” And I was out cold.

I came to and I had the plate on my belly again. “What is happening,” I asked Wendy.

“Dogs have had a morning run, chickens are done, dishes are done, breakfast is on the table, gun is cleaned and oil.” She spouted.

I felt scared; she was proving she is a country girl and a city girl. I just hugged her as a defence method. This had a Steven King Novel feeling.

“Thank you. Do you want to come hunting with me today?” I asked with ‘Please say no’ running through my head.

I was finishing breakfast when she said. “I will make a start on yesterdays catches.”

“Skin them do you mean.” I said and she nodded. I wanted to talk to Stephanie as this girl matched my strength.

“Okay I will go and get the next batch.” I said putting the knife on the table. “It is razor sharp, it get through them quickly.”

I called the dogs and went into my zone 2 for hunting. This was like yesterday for stoats and weasels. I realised I had less than a week ammunition at the rate I was shooting and I have Fridays farm shoot. No possums in the traps. I checked the bait and the trap was working correctly. I called for Stephanie when I was at the furthest point from the hut.

“What is wrong,” she said smiling.

Her smile threw me into suspicion that this was a jack up. I started to think that Wendy’s behaviour might be bogus. I discussed Wendy’s behaviour and how she was acting rejected by me as a woman and how I doubted she was only doing this to distract me from the fact Tracy was not around. I mentioned how this was appearing to be an attempt to take advantage of Tracy’s absence.

Stephanie smile got bigger, “Your head is all over the place. Which ever is correct be true to your heart.”

This seemed to be a cruel answer as I had not idea how to handle physically powerful Wendy. I changed the subject.

“How is Tracy going on this assignment?” I enquired.

“She sits around and acts like she is in a trance and gives answers that they are all seeking.” Stephanie said in response.

“That is Wendy’s skills.” I claimed.

“It overlaps her skills but it is more medium skills. Wendy looks at records stored in the 5th dimension.” Stephanie pauses and then cylinder objects appeared. “These are rods and are made from life forces. You have the ability to communicate and control these.”

I had seen these rods before. I knew I was not imagining but I had never communicated with them before.

“It is these that tell you when the mountain is going to act up, when the water is safe. You can communicate with the trees the same way. Ask the tree where the possum are.” Stephanie added on.

I was horrified at what the answer was. I had awareness that the possum were damaging fresh newly planted trees on the edge of my patch. I shot 40 of them wondering how to get them all home. Wendy is going to help me out.

I arrived home carrying the stoats and weasels looking for Wendy. She looked at me and pointed to all the stretched skins and the meat was being smoked.

“Not bad for a city girl.” She called out to me.

“Impressive, impressive for a country girl too.” I said nodding.

I am not fooling for any of this. Let her think I was. Scheme required. Hmmm.

“We do not have to carry the possum far, just across the temple.” Wendy said.

Why did I not think of that yesterday? We went to the pile with the stretcher; packed all of them on, two steps followed by two steps into the skinning shed. I hang some stoat meat over the kennels and the dogs ate heartily. The wind was changing direction so I swung the kennels around a bit so the dogs had shelter.

Wendy had a meal prepared. I knew that it was not done on a wood stove in the hut; this was done on a heat control stove, a modern one.

After dinner I asked her who is looking after your husband. Once again she avoided the subject and crushed me out again. Was this a part of her act that I was becoming her husband or was there trouble in her home. I was becoming concerned.

Stephanie came in when I woke up and Wendy was a sleep. “He is at a billiard tournament.” Then she left and Wendy woke up.

Hey country girl it is only a half-day because of the rain coming. I will go around quickly shooting what I see and we bring the catch home. Then we can skin yesterdays together. Her reaction gave away that she skinned none of them. I was going to enjoy this I thought. Breakfasts, chickens, dogs and then go hunting. Again like the two earlier days I shot a many stoats and weasels. There were no possums; I got them all yesterday in the new plantings.

I arrived home with two-dozen carcases and I started the cutting them open. I could see Wendy was squeamish so I asked her if she wanted to peel them once I get them started or if she wanted to do the knife work. I knew she could not bluff her way through. Or I start one and give her the knife and we do our own. I was on my fifth one and she had made a mess of her first.

“How long did it take you to do all the possums and others yesterday?” I said looking at her panic face.

That is when I learned it was my boss that did them all. Not bad for a pen pusher. I had new respect for the guy and it was as the rain started he turned up with my electric bike. He looked at the number of animals I had for processing and this was 48 hours later.

“I pulled all those possums out of the new plantings on the east side. My traps were all empty so I went and looked for where they migrated. I think there are still some more weasels in the section over there where the birds starting to nest. I will smash them out tomorrow when the weather has moved out.” I said to him

“Push through the area down to the farm land tomorrow and I want you operating in the other zones on Wednesday.” He instructed me.

“It is 6 kilometres to where you would have parked your car. That rain is thinning out but it will be dark when you get there. Do you want me to show you the way out?” I asked him.
”I am staying at the Camp; they will fly in soon and pick me up. It is one government to another deal. Remember to charge up the bike every night. Can I have all those unprocessed carcases?”

It was my boss so I said, ‘Yes’ and the helicopter landed in the yard frightening my animals. We loaded the dead animals and he flew away.

Chapter 20 continued
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 20 continued

I turned around to look at Wendy and she was right behind me placing her hands on my stomach. I felt very different. She was not adding fat to my guts but pumping them up. I had a potbelly and it was all intestines blown up like balloons.

I was concerned about it going down like a smelly balloon but I also noticed nothing was coming out. She was somehow blocked the colon. She was lightly pressing and I could feeling them squishing inside me. We went inside and I laid on the main room floor. Then she rolled me on my belly and the guts were suspending the chest and hips in the air. I thought she was going to sit on my back but she unblocked the colon. I felt the gas discharging; but I also felt the criss cross follow as it travelled the small intestine. It was the sensation of the gas moving diagonally left to right plus front to back made this interesting. As my hip and chest settled on the ground my intestines were still gassed up but over the last two weeks they had been fattened to the point there was no more compressing in them.

“How do you know how much you can pump them up and not pop the tubing.” I asked Wendy.

She looked at me and replied, “I thought you might say stop first.”

Was she kidding; I trusted her. And she had no solid idea what was too much. Then she started pumping me up again. Just like in squashing the organs moved out of harm and I could rock in all directions on my belly. I turned over in a sitting position but was forced to lean back.

“You can spend tonight like that. There will be no bringing your knees to chest.” She said

It is not like her to lock me into something after the squashing apart from post crush sensations. Today she locked me in and I had no over ride. Is she messing with me or is there something I should be concerned about. I thought about it and decided I should go to sleep after the dishes were done. That is when I noticed there were no dishes to be done. The meal was done off site and had Wendy done the dishes that I had left earlier. Go to bed, do not allow this girl to spook you. There is no jealous activity I tried to reassure myself.

It was an hour before getting up time and I could feel body heat on my back. I looked and it was Wendy and she reached around my waist and was squishing my blow up intestines. It felt like a pile of those long thin balloons were blown up and greasy and squirming in my abdomen. She then laid me on my back the belly was flat but still partially blown up. I felt fat pilling on top; I was 1 yard from front to back, this was heavy, she sat full weight on top and started to allow the intestines to loose their gassed state. I was very quickly in a white hot crushing that was becoming more intense by the second.

“Can you pause there please.” I asked and she did.

She is not out of control then I thought.

“Stephanie said to get the stoats and weasels before lunch and look over the centre of Joseph land in the early afternoon. Do not get seen and do not report what you see to your boss” Wendy said to me out of the blue.

“Okay who I report what I see to then?” I inquired as a smart arse.

“No one before the 15th” she throws back. “Then you will know who to trust.”

“You are serious about this?” I blurted out.

I went to sleep with the intensifying crush on my stomach. I woke up in the morning with the same super crush as I had in Westmere Lake but I had to shoot off to hunting and not capitalise on the gut crushing. Wendy was gone but the night before I suspected she was not there. I think it was Stephanie pretending to be Wendy. I did the opposite to Westmere Lake and ate instead of continuing the crushing.

I rode over to the nesting area and there was the plague of predatorily creatures. I do not like using the riffle around nesting birds but I to be swift and fast to make sure I got them all. They would make it for the dense undergrowth so when I get them going I would have to cut them off. I picked the initial volley, which I dropped 20 without problems then I had contended with the spreading animals fleeing. The birds would never know what I was saving them from.

To my horror I took down 50 of these animals that I was unaware were building up. I had shot heaps during the week and this lot means this was more than natural breeding. This was more than migrating from other areas. Something was very strange going on and thinking of Stephanie words that Joseph property had dark secrets. I gathered the carcases up into a pile and then wondered into the neighbouring sector.

I could not believe what I saw was so blatant. One acre of Cannabis plants, that was near harvesting point. The words of Stephanie was do not tell my superiors ran through my head. This is why I was I got laid off because they knew I was too straight of an arrow to allow this. I used my GPS device and recorded the corners of the plantation.

This brought tears to eyes the evil tied up in the brain-damaging product. Two farms over from home had a gun battle because of this band product.

I got of the section of the mountain thinking about this did not explain my stoats and weasels population. I had to play tomorrow cool when I come to hunt over here. I actually used Temple to get of the land and back to mine, just to make sure I was not seen.

When I arrived on my section I noticed that my intestines were ballooning up. Is this Stephanie or Wendy doing this? I knew it was a distraction tactic.

I noticed the carcases were removed from where I left them so I rode my electric bike home. When I arrived my stomach covered half of my lap. The shot animals were not there either so I was wondering what was going on. I called on Stephanie, as I was now feeling very insecure.

“What is going on?” I asked as she arrived. “I cannot find the animals that I shot. My neighbour is connected to organised crime and I am supposed to hunt with him tomorrow.”

“Go hunting as normal; do not turn towards the blood crops but if he heads that way do not resist or he will be suspicious.” Stephanie replied. “Oh it looks like Wendy is setting you up for squashing.”

“Apparently. How is Tracy doing?”

“At her tasks she is doing well. She is missing you a lot. I wish I could distract her as easily as you.”

“Can I spend an hour with her please?” I asked.

Stephanie smiled and I was in Tracy’s presence. I reached out and hugged her to discover I still had the potbelly Wendy gave me.

“I miss you so much.” I said with an echo that realised Tracy spoke the same words at the same time.

“Let walk” I said to Tracy.

“These people around me are deeply troubled with unemployment and changes happening. I dare not step outside. Can we play a game inside?”

“Have you got a game here?”

Tracy pulled a deck of Tarot cards out. What sort of game is this I thought?

“Shuffle these,” she said.

I started shuffling the cards and handle them back to her.

“Just kidding” as she put the cards back into the box they came in and pulled out a standard pack of playing cards. “I need to do something simple to brake my mind stress. Snap or go fish?”

Caring for this girl is so easy I thought. “Snap” I replied.

It was so much fun and she was very quick that my hand always ended on top of hers. She quickly won all the cards so we played ‘go fish’ and that was as much fun. Interacting with this girls was so nice, so fun, so uplifting and so life enhancing.”

“You are 1000 times more than I deserve.” I said steering into her eyes.

Everything went ‘carnal’ after that when Stephanie said it was time to go home I begged to wake up with Tracy. I was granted this but I pushed straight into hunting mode in the morning and did not have breakfast with her.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 21

I took a 50 pack of shells and map of the property with the route to the homestead. I climbed on my electric bike and road across the mountain. I found the house and knocked on the door. I had only meet this guy once before and wondered if he knew who I was.

“Hi there our boss said I should go hunting with you and see if we could pick up some ideas on how to do our jobs better.”

“Our boss?” he looked at me as if I was vague if he had no idea who I was talking about.

“The man from the Department of Conservation.” I said to him

“Oh him. Yeah he said we were to work together.” Joseph said.

I had a discussion with him about the Stoats and Weasels numbers and how they are migrating in my area. I talk about the possum in the new planting area. I asked about what sort of numbers he was hauling in. His answer was low numbers. I asked him about where the nesting area because that were I found most of the predator animals. His answer showed a lack of familiarity with his area. He had no idea what was growing, what animals and birds are there.

We set off to an area near his boarder. In 6 minutes I had shot 6 predators and he had spotted none of them. I noticed his possums were out in daylight. This is a sign that they have caught Tuberculosis from cattle or they were stoned. I spotted large amount of possum damage to the trees. I climbed off my bike and started walking around and in minutes I had shot another 11 predators.

“I only brought 50 rounds and I am quarter way through it.” I said to Joseph. My bike was weighted down with carcases. “Could you carry the next batch?”

“I never take the animals out. That is too much hassle, I leave them where them where they fall.” He shocked me with.

“Were you a city kid?” I asked.

Then he said “Yeah, so what”

I just shook my head. These are the people that I was replaced me with. Before I knew it I had run out of ammunition and said to Joseph I had no more at home. We went back to his place and he grabbed me a semi automatic with illegal magazine. I saw a Russian AK47 in his rack. His pump action shot gun was American but he had way too much firepower for a guy who does not hunt often.

I had shot 200 pest grade animals by 4 pm. He had managed to shoot 5 that I had pointed out to him.

I better get home before the mountain turns viciously cold to night. I felt the bad about the whole day; the guns and yet he did not hunt, he has a drug patch, he never processed the shot animals, he had no idea how to keep the bush healthy, he had no idea of what animals he had, he had no idea of the trees he had.

I got home and no Wendy. I heated up some stew, checked the dogs and chicken.

I was about to climb in bed and I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Tracy; we both were struggling to stay apart. I stroked her forearm down to the fingertip in a tantra touch. I felt her shiver so I know I got it right. I was sitting up; she dropped onto my lap, point blank steering into each other’s eyes. All the fearful events of today melted away as our lips started their action.

“I got to get back, I only had a hour window.” Tracy said.

That hour went fast I have to get her into a time distortion dimension. I needed a minimum of 12 hours with her. I had been a bit slack on housework but she had not mentioned that. My heart was warm as I lay down on my bed but I noticed someone sitting on my belly. My belly all day was flat but the intestines were now blown up and the organs in their alternate placement.

Wendy had arrived with Stephanie and this was further instruction for tomorrow. Today was a success but I was thinking Joseph was a drug grower. Joseph was just a ‘useless worker’ and my boss chose him for that reason. The boss was the cultivator of brain damaging herb. I was instructed to take Joseph to the third zone tomorrow morning and hunt there with him. Stephanie told me to go all over the property and check it out thoroughly. Stephanie gave me two boxes of rim fire 0.22 calibre rounds.

“That is Friday too,” she said.

I took one box in the morning over to Joseph and then we rode to zone 3 and met for the first time Andrew. I talked to him and he was a clued up person. He too noticed stoats and weasels migrating across the farm. He was trapping 3 possum a week. His area was easier to move around compared to Joseph and mine and by mid afternoon I seen the whole area. I had polished off the box bullets. Andrew was like me and took all the carcases away and I asked him to look along my boundary in my zone and see if he could spot the source of the predator animals. He was excited about finding the source of infestation.

So we all travelled to the boundary. He commented how much harder my terrain was compared to his. We pushed through the no mans land to the farm area. And come to containment fencing. It was multiple layers of chicken wire on framework and some panels were compromised.

It did have something to do with the farm and Andrew figured it out. They were illegally fur farmers and instead of sheds and cages they were doing free range. Only the crowed containment area was not feeding the numbers so they were breeching and coming into our zones.

“You should tell someone in Department of Conservation” Andrew said to me. Even he had noticed Joseph was clueless lad.

“I think my boss already knows, he took a large number of my carcases away. I starting to think he hid them.” I replied. “I think we need to leave this alone for now until we know who is safe to talk to.”

That statement made Andrew look sideways at me.

“It is not the only criminal activity I have seen going on. We are amongst dangerous people.” I said trying to fix his wondering whether if I was a crooked or not.

Joseph was lost in what we were talking about.

I went home with the others and with darkness less than an hour away they rode their e-bikes home. It was after they left Wendy came up from behind and pulled my stomach to 50% deep. My intestines were still partially inflated and were jostling inside me. She released her pull and pumped the intestines bigger than last time. Then she got me to stand up belly-to-belly and helpers (yes she was commanding my helpers) to press us flat from chest to hips.

It was not the contest between bloated belly and her potbelly that registered but her breasts flattened on my ribs that I noticed most. Her breast dilated on my ribs with a hard structure underneath and I wanted to explore her breasts in this state. This is wrong and I knew I must not betray Tracy, as I would not handle the on flow of damage. I focused on the stomach pressing but the breast pressing was over ruling my mind.

“Wendy I love this concept of bloated belly verses your belly but your breasts are making my mind go gaga. Can you please release me as I do not want to violate boundaries that could only be a slap in Tracy’s face?” I pleaded.

Then Wendy turned into Stephanie.. “You pass” came from behind me.

Tracy was standing behind me. Stephanie was still had the helpers crushing us together. I flicked my hands back and grabbed Tracy’s hands. Stephanie and the helpers disappeared and I was able to turn and face Tracy.

“You are the only girl woman for me. I may take belly crushing from anyone and Wendy can use magic to enhance her crushing but there is no better there is no one else for me hard core country girl.”

It was 5 hours later I realised I had not eaten since breakfast. My soul was well feed of Tracy though. She was giggling which was a good sign. I woke up at 4.30 in the morning and gently stroked Tracy until she woke up.

“I am contracted to shoot rabbits on a farm by Department of Conservation today. I will be back tonight. I love you, I love my life with you.”

Chapter 22 tomorrow
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 22

Tracy got up to have breakfast with me and I rode up to Joseph place. Andrew was already there.’ Lead us to the farm’ I said in warm way. I think everyone knew what I did last night.

We arrived to a farmer standing outside with a 0.22 calibre semi-automatic riffle. This one had a legal size clip on it. After introductions we set off. This farm had a lot of gorse and it was clear the farmer was struggling with maintenance. The sun was just lifting on the horizon and rabbits started to appear everywhere. I had run out of ammunition in the first hour. Once again I borrowed a gun. It was 8 am when we stopped with some 450 rabbits shot. I was lost and had no idea of the way out. That is when I notice no livestock.

“Where are all your animals,” I asked him.

“They all went to the works yesterday. I am closing my farm down; I am too old and my kids moved to the city.”

I was shock and felt for this farmer closing his lands. Tommy took over dads farm, it was as successful as ever.

“I grew up on a farm. I could not imagine it closings down. I am so sorry for you.” I said to him. Andrew clearly felt the same way.

Andrew and I discussed to great lengths about farming. We asked if we could buy the farm. This saddens him, as he had nowhere to go. Then the day got good. He got us on horses and we looked at the entire farm. He talked about everything that happened on it. He was retirement age and the offer that he could retire on the land until he died if we owned the place agreed with him.

Andrew and I went back to our zones on the state park and later Andrew came around to my place.

“I found the money to buy and get the farm going again.” He said.

“That was quick,” I said.

“I was saving to buy a farm. I wanted to run my own farm,” he said.

I knew the feeling. “We see how things pan out.”

After a lot of talking he went back to his zone.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 23

Life on the mountain was in a routine until the 15th came. A knock on the door and it was an army officer standing there.

He introduced himself and talked about trying out some new Bavarian Field Guns in our area in 4 days time. I suggested a target to hit in grid reference. I said check it out and you will agree the soil could do with turning over. I walked him down to the cannabis patch on Joseph section. He just said Hmmm. He told me not to drop below a gridline point and we will be off the firing range. Joseph had move up the hill to get in the safe zone.

4 days later at the crack of dawn the field guns roared. The ground shook and these guns were trench busters. When the firing stopped at 4.30 as promised I went down to the drug plot and it was cultivated soil.

“Take that boss. It is a pay cut this year.” I said under my breath.

It was too late to start any work so I went home and cleaned the hut. Started my dinner cooking and looked for something else to do. Wendy arrived then so and I was questioning who had arrived (nothing is what it seemed lately). I did not really care it was squashing time. My intestine had been bloated for several days and I wanted a change. I was puzzled by Wendy having an over ride on me as I wanted control to do what I wanted when I wanted.

She place 4 inches of fat forward of the hips; lay me down, sat on my stomach and got heavier. My intestines were staying pumped up but squeezing in all directions. I felt my body trying to ooze out the sides. Then the gas started releasing. It was not smelly like should have been it was steady flow and it was all coming down equally until a point crimped then it bubbled through that point vibrating as passed through the blockage. The lower the gas level got the more crimps formed. This was worth waiting for.

Then it got exciting as a short length of intestine between crimps could only allow one bubble at a time travel across and was then fully flatten again. As more short lengths of intestines were created in different sections of the guts especially between the crossed over layers of the tangled mess of intestines formed, there was vibrations were occurring all over the abdomen in what seemed like random points. Depending on what the crimp direction change was determined on the intensity of vibration and explosive bursting through the crimp. As the intestine got lower on gas the white-hot crush was developing. I was unaware how much weight Wendy was putting on my stomach at this time.

The vibration changed pitch by getting faster as the less gas remained. This caused immense crush feeling and suddenly I thought this was another Lake Westmere crushing. But as the vibration came to and end and the crush became an eye-rolling immense crush sensation all throughout the abdomen. Wendy allowed the immensity to build up. The duration was long a she invoked a Temple dimension which altered time flow.

Wendy finally climbed off my stomach, she sat me up and reached around my waist from behind and pulled in my stomach. She had already added inches of fat to my waist and was doing the pull in and release, add 6 millimetres, pull in release cycle. When I reached 8 inches forward of the hip she pulled in and held it flat. I knew the real Wendy would sink it below flat after the hold.

She released and added another inch. The relief from the 20 minutes crush was needed but this time she wanted to do waving pat motion. Patting is palpitations of very short and quick releases and crushes. This caused numbness in various points in the belly. There was more fat added and I was 12 inches in front of the ribs. She just pressed it in 12 millimetres (half inch) below the hip and held it there. This was a very intense crush and also had some numb points. I went to sleep and woke up 8 hours in the same position.

It was one in the morning and despite the fact that I had not had dinner I was not hungry because I was seeking an endless immense belly crushing. I ask Wendy if the Temple Helpers were available. I told her that I wanted to be set back to my standard of 48 inch chest and add 5.5 inches forward of the hip. Using secrecy quickly place me in an immense crush without me noticing until I am passed the point of aborting it.

“I know how to do that.” Stephanie voice said from the ether.

“Hi there” I said to her. Wendy was still looking for her where I knew to go by the fact she was present.

Then Wendy was hugging Stephanie and they were discussing something. I tried to hear but Stephanie was applying the secrecy aspect of the crush. A frame with planks and ropes appeared in the cabin. It was my version of the scrum-training machine. It had the abdomen plate that spread the load over the soft zone and could be customised to vary the most intense points of crushing.

This machine could be instant, absolute compression or soft and light that I could play with my abdominal muscles. Rods by my body set the crush depth and I operated it by voice commands. Today was different as Wendy was holding a game controller and she even controlled whether I was in a vertical position and sitting position. The last part of the set up was that I was blind folded so I could not see when the controls were be used. It also stopped me from seeing when Tracy arrived and was operating the machine.

I stood nervously as I could not anticipate what was about to happen. I felt the plate against my midriff and the depth limiting pins full retract. My guts sunk in and I was in a white-hot compression. The weight was not huge but then the machine adjusted me to sitting. I felt my waist extend out. I still had the white-hot crush but I was suspending the weight. Then without warning the plate pressed in deeper than when I was standing.

“Nice”. I said.

I felt the rods beside me push the plate out away from me and I thought this was release and pull in again. As the plate came in it was fast and deeper than when I was standing. There was a lot more weight on the plate now and I was being returned to standing position. I felt the plate sinking in as I my legs were straightened. Instead of swinging the weight in and out or even increasing decreasing I was taken through sit and stand 3 more times.

More to Come
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 23 Continued

Then the weight was lightened so I went to sitting it was pushed out. As I stood up I felt stomach instantly pressed to what felt like the spine. It was like when I dropped the Plymouth on my stomach or at school. It was too much. I could not do anything about it but endure the immensity. As I adjusted and was handling the squash I asked if my intestines could be inflated a little bit. I felt the belly expand and the immensity drop and then the gas were released in the vibration of compressed folded over tubing. But as it got lower something strange happened.

I was expecting to go back to immensity but instead Stephanie said, “Coke and Mentos”

I was in a white-hot crush heading towards immense crush when chemical explosions started to occur. I handled it for a while but I passed out. When I came around Stephanie was there alone without Wendy. I knew I was in the teal light dimension, which was to be kept secret from Wendy.

I asked, “How long was that?”

Stephanie answered “100 hours. You cannot walk for at least 2 hours. Maybe eat again in 5 hours.”

I felt the dimension shift and then a kiss on the lips. I knew Tracy’s kisses but I could not hug her.

“How much of that did you see?” I asked her.

“Enough to know what to do next time you are craving immensity.” Tracy replied. “Can you release my husband as I want access to him?”

As I came out of the machine I could not even sit upright. I lay down on the cabin floor still blind folded. Then I expecting Tracy to sit or lye on top of me; I could fell Wendy on my chest, and thin Stephanie sitting on my stomach weighing as much as a Plymouth. Then without any privacy I could feel Tracy slide my pants down and cupping my testicles and in a minute or two she was mounted my penis cowboy style.

This is her favourite as she picks and varies the points inside her vagina that is being pressured. The way Stephanie was moving around I think she was doing some girl on girl with Tracy. I prefer some privacy but I think Tracy was getting a deal so I was happy she was getting something during her time away. I would like to see Tracy and Stephanie in carnal activity.

When I ejaculated into Tracy for the third time. I felt something going on between the girls. There was some sort of agreement between was reached. Tracy was twisting on my penis vigorously I ejaculated for the 4th time.

Then Wendy got off my chest; Tracy got off my hips and penis, it felt like Stephanie she got off, turned around and sat back down on my belly. I felt Tracy sit on my chest and she was facing me.

I stoked her thighs around the kneecap and cupped her calves. I could not reach her foot. I returned my hands up along her legs and on to the sides of her abdomen. She was loosing weight being on the island working despite the fact she had none to loose. I moved the right had to her navel and studied her dancing midriff. It was so active with instant shape changing. I wanted my face and tongue to touch it but with Stephanie on my belly I could not shift my body.

My hands move up to cup her breasts in manoeuvre to reach her shoulders but I felt Stephanie hands already massaging her breast and nipples. Tracy was rocking back and forth plus squirming on my chest. There was plenty I could do to get fire into another orgasm tonight. Suddenly the unthinkable happened. I felt Wendy weight go onto my hip and my penis was guided into her vagina.

“What is happening here?” I questioned in panic.

“It is alright.” I heard from Tracy’s voice. She sounded so calm about it as she continued her sensual treatment that Stephanie and I was double teaming her with. “I know it is some meaningless to you. You are not continuing this on and you owe her as a payment.”

“Sex is not a currency” I said.

I felt Stephanie get up; turn around and sit down again. Wendy’s movements changed I realised Stephanie was doing to her as she was doing to Tracy. I could not relax my penis because of my interaction but I did not ejaculate into Wendy. On the other hand Wendy rocked and twisted so heavily I thought there was going to be an involuntary release.

Stephanie was the only one not having an orgasm but I do not know if she could. There is many reminders she is not human, very attractive package, very nice natured package, very enticing package but not a female as we know.

As Wendy was in her second orgasm Tracy stood up turned to face Stephanie and sat back down on my chest. Stephanie got off my stomach and Wendy moved backwards onto my stomach. Stephanie sat on my hips but squashed my penis out of the way; she appeared to be facing Wendy. The two outer girls started double teaming Wendy.

I felt like I was being thanked by having the girls going lesbian on top of my body. I think Wendy was fully thanked as she had her third orgasm. I was uncertain if I wanted the blindfold off or on. It just seemed like night that could not be recreated again. I was stroking Tracy’s back and rubbing her shoulders. It was good having her here but I was realising that she had not finished her ten days with Stephanie.

The girls got off me and I could recognise the act of putting on clothes I took off my blindfold. I sat up and that is when it hit me the amount of pounding my stomach had taken. The pounding seemed to be sneaked in during the sexual play. I pulled my pants up and went to stand up when I noticed the girls all in farewell hugs and I was not invited. Moments later I was all-alone.

Chapter 24 tomorrow
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 24

I woke up the next morning glad to have had sex with Tracy but bewildered about the sex with Wendy. That was wrong and I felt I violated her. Or worse still she violated me. I never chose to violate her. How was I ever to trust her again?

I was about to call Stephanie in to explain the night when my boss from the Department of Conservation knocked on the door. Oh I thought; he has learned about his crop, he knows I told the army to bomb it.

“I just come around to tell you that Andrew is leaving to take up farming” he started with after the initial pleasantries. “ I will need you to look after his patch until we have a replacement.”

“I saw the farm, hard country, hard to farm. I think he will be very content with being there.” I replied. “It is very hard to get farming out of his blood. I have offered to give him a hand starting up again.”

“Your not leaving too are you?” he asked quickly.

“I could not get Tracy to leave the mountain. She loves ski season. We seem to be inseparable so I am a part of the mountain too.” I replied which relaxed him a lot.

The kettle was boiling as I was starting breakfast so I offered the boss a drink. He never counted on getting drink; as it usually meant lighting the stove first, heating the stove followed by heating the water. This 20-minute process seemed excessive for a social nicety. He accepted the drink because the water was boiling.

I started with “The army shot the hillside with the field guns. I thought they might wake Ruapehu.”

“Yes I heard that they shot up some bush,” he mentioned but not looking like a guy who lost his tax-free income. “They checked the area over to see if you were above the safety line and played jungle war games.”

“I chased the stoat infestation to an illegal fur farming over there. They seem to be breaking out of containment fencing. I was not sure to tell them to resolve the leak and stop contaminating our bush or refer it to the authorities.” I mentioned.

“Show me the source and I will sort it out.” He added, “I need to show the head office that I am more than just an office boy.”

With that I took down to the boundary and pointed to the triple chicken cage wire fencing.

“We had trouble before with this farm, we apparently could not prove it but they are growing Cannabis in the area. I get the police and the SPCA to look at this operation.” The boss said.

We walked back to my hut and I was looking forward to having some breakfast when Tracy came outside and told me she had found the perfect farm-warming present for Andrew and needed to go to Turangi to pick it up.

The boss said good morning to Tracy and left us.

She obviously was brought back to discuss Wendy having intercourse with me. I went up and gave her a two-minute hug. I was looking her in the eyes and she broke down and cried.

“I did not think it would hurt you.” She said. “I wanted you to thank her. Not all sex is for carnal gratification.”

“My head was spinning when I realised Wendy was having intercourse with me. I felt like I betrayed you with sex that had no love in it.” I said as I hugged her again rocking as I twisted left and right on my ankles. “ I enjoy all three of you on top of my body but that seemed inappropriate. I enjoy sex with you all sorts of situation but that was an orgy. The hypocritical thing was I enjoyed you three interacting that way with each other.”

“I enjoyed Stephanie stimulating you while you were having intercourse with me. I was not jealous or did I feel a boundary broken when other people gave you carnal stimulation. You and me, do I respect you and me?”

“Is our relation as pure as I feel you deserve?”

“Did I throw away something sacred?”

“NO” Tracy said. “Nothing sacred was violated. I have never done anything like that before and it did not diminish anything thing I think about you. It had none of the feelings I had about you. Somehow it was separate with no impact.” Tracy replied.

“My brain is foggy. I cannot see it in proportion correctly; it will take me a while to figure this out. But I will not betray you as you are too precious compared to playing around. Can we just put this aside until I have some sort of clarity.”

I again began a long hug of Tracy.

“You enjoyed Stephanie and Wendy interaction with me; you enjoyed them giving me pleasure. You always want me to be happy and experience pleasure. You did not see Stephanie or Wendy as woman or as men interfering with your sacred bounds. You saw me in pleasure. Where ever you think you have your boundaries this was inside the boundaries because it meets your need for me to feel pleasure. In this case it was right but in others it will be wrong.” Tracy was speaking the truth. She was speaking from an understanding I had not developed myself.

I kept hugging her and said. “We did no wrong as it was right at the time. It is not a new normal and probably never happen again.”

Stephanie was suddenly returned and she held Tracy’s hand saying “Both of you back to work.” and they both vanished.

This brought me to ease. I did still not understand it but as I avoided complication in the relationship I did lack the grey area knowledge. I went into the day with I love Tracy and Tracy loves me and neither of us is going to break that.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 25

The next day straight after breakfast I went to see Andrew before he left us for the farm. I saw him with everything packed for the Utility to take away.

“The New Start today” I called out when I saw him.

“It feels like life is coming in line. I have enjoyed my time on the mountain but building the farm up from scratch I feel like I am putting my life together.” Andrew said with enthusiasm.

“Is it daunting? Or have you support?” I asked.

“Once I have a wife, and got through the first lambing I should feel solid ground beneath my feet. During my first year I can lease paddocks out for grazing. I think I can still run farm dogs. Quite different to hunting dogs.”

I threw in, “my dogs would not know deer or pigs so they are more pets than hunters. They have never been inside otherwise they are spoilt.”

“They chased the stoats down very quickly the days you were here. My dogs behave as well as yours with possums I would use them more.” Andrew said

“I do not know if Tracy would be okay on the farm, she hates the concept of city, loves the mountain. She only knows the King Country and probably find other areas as featureless.”

{King Country is a section of New Zealand starting in the North Taranaki through to the Western Volcanic Plateau. It is name after the settler Family Kings. It does not belong to the British Commonwealth Monarchy}.

Mount Taranaki was renamed Mount Eggmont after Captain Eggmont spotted it from the Tasman Sea. The locals Maori and European call the distract the Naki and the mountain Taranaki but recognise the British name for the mountain.

New Zealand highest mountain Mount Aoraki was renamed Mount Cook after Captain Cook saw it from the Tasman Sea. The locals still call it by the Maori name but again acknowledge the British name. This mountain is not volcanic but the result of Tectonic plates crashing into each other.

Mount Tongariro was the tallest mountain in New Zealand but exploded the upper section off. That mountain is only 25 kilometres away from Ruapehu where I worked.}

“The storms up here are vicious compared to where my farm is, my farm I love the sound of that.” Andrew said with a smile.

“I am working your sector until a replacement comes but if you need a hand we will help as much as we can. Tracy is still away but I think she is welling to chip in.”

“I have a large farmhouse now; after this hut I am going to be lost in it. I still have the original farmer there. He knows the land so I do have some support. There is no milking shed so it is only beef and lamb farming. I am going to miss the mountain. I will have to relearn fencing.” Andrew was getting emotional as he spoke.

I threw in to break the depth with, “It is still number 8 wire used. Full kiwi blood will get you through.”

That brought a smile to his face.

“I saw inside your house when we went hunting. It is still mostly 1910 inside. Two open fireplaces. They can kick the heat out on the winter’s night. There is a lot more electrical stuff inside; stoves, lights, audio system, television.” I said when he cut in.

“You do not have electric lights?” he enquired.

“Electricity in my area to unreliable so I stuck with oil lanterns and oil I get out of the animals I catch, well Tracy extracts the oil out of the animals.” I replied to a person realising how self-sufficient I was compared to him.

“I have been through a lot of torch batteries. It can take three days to get power back on. The farm, my farm has a diesel generator so the freezer can stay on. There is a telephone too. The phone system has changed since I last used it. Toll calls, which everything is out here is done without the operator needed. I am going to be a modern man.” He was speaking in an amused tone.

It was then the Holden Kingswood Utility turned up. We started loading up his processions.

“It is frightening when your worldly processions fit in the back of an Aussie automobile.” I said looking daunted. “We live such simple lives up here. My stuff is about he same. When I grew up my bedroom was larger than my hut.”

“It must be tight with the two of you? I use all my space on my own.” Andrew said.

“Tracy snuggles up very close so she never really uses up much room. I miss her when she is gone.”

The driver was ready to leave so we had farewells and I watched the dust from the stirred up road all the way down the slope and out to the highway. No longer a part of the mountain. This is more than a job, this is a location, this is an environment of which I am responsible for.

I shot home feed the dogs and checked the hens. I then went around the area. There were many stoats still but no possum. I thought about the boss saying he was going to sort out the illegal fur farming. I hope he was on the level.

After collecting the kill and returning them home I found two farmers carrying guns at my hut.

“Hoy those are a our furs you have there.” Said in an intimidating way from one of them.

“Did you have the army shoot up our crop!” come from the other.

“How do you reckon that these are your furs, I caught these on State Park land? Well inside the State Park. Are you missing some ferrets and stoats?” I asked as if I knew nothing about the animals breaching the containment set up by them.

“Did you say the army shot up crops, I have nothing to do with what the army does? I am Department of Conservation not Defence. If they shot it up in that field gun test you can file for compensation. We do it all the time when the artillery sets the bush on fire. An officer comes around when they are in the area and tells us where is out of bounds and we go Yes Sir, No Sir to them. There is no prize for getting killed in friendly fire.”

They looked at me with doubts but accepted the army did as they pleased and we were just bushmen.

“We will do that,” the first one said and walked off taking today’s kill.

My boss had pissed them off. Oh and did the army damage the blood crop I hope they compensate you well. NOT. Which means my boss is straight, the thought of working for criminals is horrible.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 26

The predictor animal numbers decreased and I was doing both sectors in 4-day cycles. The dogs were enjoying having a bigger patch. I was pulling a possum out of a tree that did not fall after been shot when I noticed a hand in front of mine. The long slender fingers were familiar.

“Tracy your home again. Have you finished in the islands?”

The smiling face in front of me answered the question. Hugs and kisses followed by sitting on the ground cuddled together.

“I have missed you so much. I always known that I am spoilt having you around but now I know how spoilt. How was it in the islands?” I could not stop looking into her eyes as I spoke.

“It is a lot warmer there, the people were so friendly, the appreciated everything I did. I felt successful but I missed you too.” She answered.

I took my Swandry off and placed it over her. “The snow has been falling so it will be ski season soon. Did Stephanie give any instructions on avoiding chills and cold coming back to this climate?” I asked remembering that I never seen her suffer from the cold or sick.

“She said you always cure me by always transferring your heat and energy into me. I am too lean to handle the near zero and sub zero temperatures without your contact.” She replied. “You always given me so much warmth, energy and healing energy.”

“I love it when you are snuggled in tight. Lets go back to the hut and I will catch you up on the events. Andrew has his own farm now.” I said and we crossed the hill back to the hut.

When we got back Tracy got the stove fire burning and heated the hut. I put the dogs back in the kennel and made sure they were sheltered from the wind. I placed the kill in the shed and went into the hut to catch up with my lovely wife.

“Oh it is warm in here. I think the north side is going to blizzard tonight. We have enough wood to get through to the morning. All good you got some of the left over food heating up again. I am not the cook that you are so it is not as good as you are use to.” I said to Tracy now holding her in an endless hug.

“Food on the island is different; I ate turtle, stingray, fish of which some I will never again. The tropical fruit was gushy compared to our firmer fruit, tasty though. We ate wild pigs, lambs, monkey I had reservations about that. We ate insects. Anything in this pot will be normal.”

We talked until 3 am, I forgot she was on another time zone. Snuggled we went to sleep. I woke up at 7 which was first light and I let her sleep in. as I started cooking breakfast there was a knock on the door. It was the boss.

I invited him in and noticed the snow on the ground plus he was not alone. I was glad I kept the fire going all night.

“Good morning Sir.” I started with.

I noticed that the situation was waking up Tracy. “Stay in bed goddess, it is below freezing today.” I then said to the two arrivals, “She has just arrived back from the tropics last night. Any thing under 20 degrees in chilly to her.”

The boss introduced to me Andrew’s replacement. He asked me to help him settle in to the job and teach him the ropes.

“Are you a city kid or rural person?” I asked Timothy.

“I grew up in the city, just finished an office job. I have spent time recreation hunting, enjoy the wilderness, and worked up on the ski fields. I have worked with Tracy.” His reply surprised me.

“Timothy?” Tracy stared at him. “I owe you a snow burial.”

Timothy smiled nodded and said, “You still doing volunteer abroad work? I did some of the stuff you suggested and it worked.”

“Of course it worked. I told you I was an indigo child.” Tracy said back.

“Everyone seems to know everyone here.” The boss said. “I will need a ride back to my car.” Now looking at Timothy.

I walked him out a pointed to one of the dogs in the kennel area. “That was Andrews hunting dog, now he is yours. I keep chickens as well but Andrew only had the dog. Have you been to your hut yet?”

“NO I was hoping you show me. Does it have electricity, I noticed you do not?” he said concerned.

“It has some electrical appliances but the power supply is unreliable. If you cannot handle three days at a time without zappy you will find it harsh up here.”

The boss was looking at me sideways but I knew he was aware of the isolation.

“Oh the snotty brats with the illegal fur growing paid me a visit and took my furs at gun point.” I said to the boss.

“There is nothing that can be done about it. They are dead, apparently they lost a pre sold crop. I had file four police actions against them in the past and got nowhere. There dodgy partners of crime come around and the problem gone away. They might be replaced so keep an eye out.” My boss replied.

We arrived to the road end and the boss climbed out of Timothy land rover and into his own car. We all waved good-bye to each other and Timothy U turned and headed up the mountain again.

“Go right at the big Rimu Tree,” I instructed to Timothy.

He arrived to the hut and I said, “You done well in these snow conditions, it is an easier drive when it is not slushy or icy.” I commented. “Do you think you could find the way in the dark? Come over to my place about 5 for dinner. In the mean time settle and familiarise yours self with the lay out.”

“Year I can do this in the dark. I see you then, hey do you need a ride back to your place.” He asked.

“I am fine with walking back.” I replied because I had questions for Stephanie before I got home.

“I am fine with walking back.” I replied because I had questions for Stephanie before I got home.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 27

I walked around the corner and into the Temple. “Hey Stephanie quick question about Timothy, is he one of your charges?”

“No he is to take Tracy from you.” Stephanie replied.

“Sorry did you to say I am to loose Tracy and to the guy I am working with.” I said frightened by the meaning of the words.

“Yes. Tracy feels guilty about the amount of time from now on she is going to be away from you. She wants you to have someone who can stay with you. You can fight to keep her but make sure that is what you want.” Stephanie words were cutting through me like I was being punished.

I stepped into my yard from the Temple and went inside to Tracy. She was still sleeping which was more about time shift (Jetlag) than the cold. I took off my clothes and snuggled up to Tracy whispering into her ear, “How about an ‘all dayer’.”

“A what”, she said back.

“Catch up. I want you, need you in my life. However the cosmos says that I have to share you so we can have our catch ceremony that makes it worth while, something that nil and voids your time of absence, something for both of us to look forward to when we have to be apart.”

“It hurts you too much when I leave you for long periods. I do not want to hurt you.” Tracy said in tears.

Oh gosh it is true I thought. “You hurt to girl but we cannot be selfish, we both belong to the cosmos. We just make the time together very good. I rather share you with the cosmos so you can do good than loose you full time.” I said and paused. “I cannot do tomorrow without you.”

“I had to return several times during the ten days. Wendy and Stephanie worked heavily to make sure you were not miserable during the time I was away. I cannot keep doing that to you or them.” Tracy replied.

“Hang on, are you saying that on those occasions that you returned you were not missing me? I felt both of us needed to meet. And as for Wendy visiting her partner is away and he knows nothing of the metaphysics of our moving around. She was on her own and loves turning up all of the time to crush me?” I asked

“Wendy said, she made out, she acted as if.” Tracy paused as she tried to grasp what actually happened. “Was she trying to score brownie points of being a good friend? Put me on debt of gratitude when she was just resolving her own situation?” Tracy said looking annoyed.

“City girls are different. They run on scoreboards. Where we run on close nit community. I would have you over a city girl any day.”

Tracy melted knowing where she stands and then we were boy girl for a while.

“When you get past the jetlag I would like you to come work with me at Timothy place. He is taken over from Andrew because Andrew has brought a farm and is a farmer now. Timothy is coming here for dinner tonight. You two might want to catch up. If Wendy comes it will have to sidestep her to somewhere else.” I informed her.

I gave the dogs a run and found two possum. And I turned a clearing into a picnic spot. When I got home I found Wendy talking to Tracy. Tracy was preparing dinner and Wendy looked a little uncomfortable. I think there may have been a clash of cultures.

“Hi there, and hi Wendy. I was going to cook dinner, thank you for jumping in. Hey Wendy I am up for a visit anytime but I have a guest who may not be understanding or accepting of Belly Squeezing.” I said as I entered.

“It is okay, Tracy and I are just sorting out a few things.” Wendy said looking uncomfortable still.

I walked behind Wendy; placed my hands around the underside of her belly, lightly lifting some of the sagging underneath, with the palms of my hands flat against the surface, I gently squeezed her abdomen flat and then slightly concave.

She looked back at me but it was Tracy’s stare I felt heavily. Wendy relaxed her abdomen and it sunk in deeper than I normally get. Then she went for a hard push out, she was going for full extension but I only let it out to flat.

“Is this a private conversation you two are having?” I was starting to feel inappropriate.

“No we might as well keep this at our normal.” Tracy said and Wendy agreed to.

Wendy relaxed her stomach and it sunk in very deep for her. She just leaned into me enjoying her squeezing.

I had never felt Wendy belly sink inward like this but she was not protesting, in fact she was enjoying. It had been a while since I had squashed Wendy as she more often squashed me lately and I lay her on the floor to sit on her stomach. To my surprise Tracy sat on Wendy and started rubbing her chest. What I decided to do was kneel side on to Tracy and slowly run my hand up and her back.

Without Wendy getting up somehow her top was removed and Tracy was giving the breast opposite to me a really good work over so I turned and gave the closest one to me a mirror treatment. Wendy went into deep orgasm and I went to answer the door. It was Timothy; we had been giving Wendy the treatment for a whole hour. The girls quickly fixed their clothing before Timothy got an eyeful and all the tension between the two was gone.

Timothy walked in and sniffed the air; the girls’ cooking was very easy to notice. “Yum that it smell great.” He said.

I thought for moment whether to mention that it was Ferret he smelt or this first night on the mountain should not purge city normality out of him. I looked at Wendy and knew that she cannot stay the whole night although her husband was away until Saturday. I did want to carry on the belly squashing I was giving her.

I introduced Wendy and Timothy and as soon as they started speaking I knew I had two city rats together which was going to make the night more relaxing for Timothy.

It was as Timothy was leaving when he asked how did Wendy get up here, as there were no other vehicles around a part from the Land Rover.

“She was dropped off.” Tracy replied. “She like a good night on the mountain now and again. Plus she was curious about Andrew’s replacement.”

Wendy looked uneasy but decided to go along with it. Throwing of the scent metaphysical travelling avoids a lot of complications.

“Four people in on of these huts is cramping.” Timothy said.

“The department know we cannot throw parties so we are trusted with any guests situation that occur.” I said. “They do get concerned of ISOLATION disorders so you will get a few mental health checks. Once you prove that you can handle it you will be left a lone. There is a third member Joseph you need to meet up with. He is a city rat and needs to learn the ways of the bush.”

“Tomorrow can you come to my sector and take me hunting?” Asked Timothy.

“Certainly. I will be there just after dawn.” I replied. And with that Timothy left.

As soon as we heard the Land Rover go around the bend we al looked at each other and laughed. We successfully had a guest and it went well. Parts of the night’s conversation were brought up. Wendy’s tales of being a city kid caught Tracy’s attention. Tracy’s tales of the Islands were fascinating to everyone. I could tell Timothy was not keen on eating insects.

Somewhere in the conversation I realised I had continued Wendy’s belly squeezing. Tracy who is not into the gut crushing wanted a go at Wendy’s soft expanded midriff. As she pushed into my spot I moved my hands to Tracy’s breast. Tracy moved my hands to Wendy’s breasts and I was looking at them both looking for guidance.

In a lot of ways the breast were the same as Tracy’s a part from the quantity as Wendy had so much more. I started exploring her upper body watching for sign from the girls that I had gone too far. I passed my hand along the ribs on the underside of the breast. There were no ribs unless pressure was applied to the layer of fat. I do not think I found ribs but the fat on a firm structure. Pressing on the fat formed rolls of fat underneath my fingertips, I could think of the finger between rolls of fat as ribs but it felt so different.

I made a light caress across the ribcage and the chest felt smoother than ribs did. It had that in is favour. I searched for the claret V at the base of the ribs and it was not there. Her stomach just bust forward of the ribs slightly and it was slightly as Tracy was pulling her belly in deep. I placed my hands over hers and assisted her with the gut sinking. It was not my intention to crush Tracy’s hand but I was getting to the depth where there was no more compressing possible of Wendy’s guts. I was also squashing Tracy into Wendy’s back and I could feel her chest flattening out.

More to come
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 27 Continued.

Tracy’s chest was lower than mine so she could get a purchase on Wendy’s belly. When I played with Wendy’s breasts my arms were almost running along side Tracy’s shoulders. When I explored Wendy’s lower ribs my arms were level with Tracy’s breast. The squash might have been uncomfortable on Tracy’s chest but she pushed my hands towards Wendy’s breasts again.

The breasts were like long tubes holding a semi spherical shape on the ends of them. The length could be compressed in but that did not feel nice to do. I followed the base line of the breasts with my fingers. The fat on the ribs and breasts were both soft but the breast fat was more like a fluid in movement. I had never explored breasts of this size before. I place my fingers starting at the base underneath along the breast. I was under half the length and as I lifted my index finger felt the weight of breast that was in suspension.

I was more curious about large breast than ever before. I looked at Tracy and she was not paying attention to my activity. She was deeply involved in her own activity; maybe gut crushing was becoming more fun for her. Wendy was groaning as I moved and playing but she was also moaning at what Tracy did to her. There was no protest from either girl so I decided to go to town on them.

My palms went underneath the front of both her breasts with my fingers pointing up and touching the nipples. I tried a slight lift from the forearms and I watched the bend go into the top of the breast. I started fluttering my fingers so I was pulse pressing the front of her breast manoeuvring the long fingers to be over her nipples. Just using this finger I was pressing and circling her nipples.

I moved my fingers so the nipples were between fingers again and started sideways squeezing them. The nipples were very hard so I went back to sinking them into the breast again. Apparently Wendy’s reaction to my nipple play resulted in her belly being more vulnerable to what Tracy was doing. I know for a small build Tracy has a lot of strength but she had Wendy in an immense belly squash.

I decided to do the same to her breasts. With my palms cupping underneath and fingers along the front I pulled the front to the ribcage. I was excited to feel her breast compressing; it was building resistance to the squashing and suddenly it collapsed. The structure was gone and I had her nipples to her chest fat. I thought I broke her breasts but do not think it registered as it was the abdomen crushing that sneaked up on her dominating her attention.

I gently slowly released her breasts; I reached the point where they collapsed and they reformed. I recompressed them and they collapsed again so I released a little bit. This seemed to be a magical point on large breast. I noticed her react as the breast structure formed and collapsed but there was not stop actions made so I pulled them flat to the chest. With my fingers I explored, sideways squeezed and patted her nipples. She was groaning and squirming but not stopping me so I did breast fully out and in again.

I moved my hands back to the belly and gave a deep pull in and Wendy’s abdomen full sunk in that I could see the cavity beneath the ribcage. Breath full left Wendy and I was wondering if she was conscious. I released my hold and Tracy sustained the depth of crush. I paced my hands back again over the guts and sunk it in until I felt it could not go back further. Wendy moaned but she was definitely out cold with full weight pressing poor Tracy. I pulled in again and a little more sinking and when I released Tracy sustained the crush on her.

“Go back to the breasts” Tracy told me.

I then noticed a Temple Helper behind me. He was assisting Tracy to do the gut crushing on Wendy.

“Wendy had a big dinner.” I said realising what we are doing. “I hope she does not throw up on us. When I did the Westmere Lakes episode I did have chips and soft drink. And over the two days I never threw up or had bodily functions. I was mildly dehydrated at the end but I did not need medical recovering for it.”

I looked down at Tracy and she was barely conscious. She was sandwiched between Wendy and I and looking for her next breath.

“Do you need to come out of there?” I asked. This she nodded to.

I asked a freeze on Wendy’s body while we repositioned ourselves.

“Are you staying in the crush?” Tracy asked as I took the position between Wendy and the Temple Helper.

“Yes and I am going to add inches to my own waist against her back pushing her into the helpers arms.” I replied cheerfully.

The Temple worker covered her abdomen thoroughly and had massive displacement on her. I felt everything going onto my belly sink straight back into me. At 5 inches I was in a white-hot crush, I paused my expanding at 7 inches. I was not going for pass out as I had giant boobs to explore. Tracy had played with these breasts in upright and lying down position. But now she was asking me questions about them.

“How much better are these compared to mine?” She asked.

“Did you say bigger or better?” I replied.

She paused before answering. “Bigger is better?” she asked back.

“I do not measure increased size as increased greatness.” I answered thinking I am going to step on a land mine. She was definitely concerned and I suspected she felt inept against Wendy’s generous endowment. “I cannot mark up or down a breast by size.”

I placed my hands on both of Wendy’s breasts. With the underside resting on my palms and my fingers up on the front. Tracy placed my hands onto one of her breasts. She mirrored me with the other.

“Run me through holding Wendy’s breast compared to mine?” She asked me.

I was not going to panic, “There is more mass than yours, more weight too. If you place your hand like this.”

She followed what I was saying and I moved her fingertips slightly.

“That is what your breast feel like. Now envelop the rest of her breasts in your hands. When I touch, cup, hold, finger, lick, squeeze or any movement of the breast each part gives me the same amount of delight. There is more to play with but there is not more delight. When I was at school I got to hold an Asian girls breasts, which were about a third of yours. They were delightful to handle; when she was up right they had a similar shape to yours but more fluid like.” I said thinking so far I have got away with it.

I moved my hands off Wendy’s breast and placed my arm around Tracy’s back and my hand on her breast. “Now her breast was proportionate to her 22 inch ribcage; this underside was very malleable and with light fingering I could play and squeeze the breast. I could feel her ribs underneath the breast.” I now had Tracy’s breast flattened out without crimping or pinching. I was using both hands to achieve this on Tracy.

“I did this with one hand on each breast with ease. How does that feel to you?” I asked her.

She was not going to give a verdict but she smiled.

I was still crushed between Wendy and the Temple Helper. I guided Tracy so her breast was to my side of my head with her body tilted forward so her breast was dangling by my cheek. I rotated my head and fitted a part of her breast in my mouth. I sucked in so her breast tissue filled my entire mouth but I did not have her entire breast inside. I was not gagging I could feel all of the contact. Tracy was squirming and I used my tongue to press her nipple in and release, danced around the nipple with my tongue giving it a few my presses as well.

I let go her breast and started talking, “When I did that I had her entire breast in my mouth; I traced around the outline with my tongue, I lifted the underside with my tongue, I pressed it flat and played with her nipple the same way I played with yours.”

Wendy was running what I just said through her head.

“When she laid flat on the bed her breast flattened out. I tried to suck it back into a breast without success.”

I then placed Tracy’s breast in my mouth but not to fill it up. I then sucked on the breast. And she flinched. I had vacuum on her breast as well as her nipple. I started to press her nipple with my tongue and played with her nipple while it was in vacuum. I then pressed her breast tissue with my tongue. Her eyes were rolling the whole time I was sucking on her breast. She said nothing.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 27 continued

“If you imagine that your whole breast in a vacuum cup at body temperature with a warm tongue playing with it. I had her entire breast in and sucked on it. Do you think she got a good stimulation?”

I got silence and a glare.

I asked for 6 millimetres every 5 minutes until I say stop. If I pass out then and an extra inch and release me from the hold after 1 hour.

I knew Wendy was going to get crushed by my belly expanding in crush. This was the spring-loaded preload that I tried with Stephanie on earlier occasions.

Tracy still had not spoken to me so I carried on talking about my occasion with the Asian girl. “ I then decided to try and hold the girls breast in my mouth while she went from upright to lying down and still be a breast without it flattening out. I tried 7 times and one totally flattened and another partially flattened out. The other 5 I held in breast shape for a while after she went horizontal. As I reduced the vacuum it was like the breast was stretched out.”

I have often wondered since this I she liked the treatment or if I was abused her. She had given me hug afterwards and smile. I was giving her belly
presses, which she was enjoying I did try a couple to deep presses. She protested so I asked if it is too much. She answered yes so I stopped and did only the soft presses. This girl was 18 years old and finished school in New Zealand but her petite body was either nutrition problem or she was small for a person something that happens in races.

Tracy just stared at me, not saying anything and went to bed alone. I think I was not invited.

As Tracy was separating from Wendy I could use time distortion dimensions that Wendy can use and Tracy cannot. I gave the Temple Helper another instruction to use a blue dimension and hold us both in the crush for 48 hours (which was 90 minutes in this dimension). It was the expansion of my belly in the crush that I had to select. The inch every 20 minutes I was currently on was okay, as it had no threat of passing out although at some stage I must reach my maximum.

After I reached 9 inches forward of the hips I passed out and an inch more was added. I did not wake up when the Temple Helper released us but 20 minutes later. I bet Wendy by a few minutes and I knew what she feeling. The desire to maintain the immense crush is overwhelming.

“Do you want to put the squashing board on and return to the immense hold?” I asked her.

“Yeah.” She replied with a smile. “How much sleep did I have in the crush?” she asked afterwards.

“You had 2 days but it does not give sleep in this dimension. You will 8 hours in the next 24 as normal. You are just not sleepy now.” I replied. “I think I upset or disgusted Tracy. Hey how do I get my intestines to inflate? I really like having the gas squeezed out under immense crush.”

“You already have the plate on and immense crush.” Wendy said as she looked at herself packed tight squashing board. “You need to ask Stephanie for it. Hey what did you think of the Mentos and Coke Stephanie did the other night?”

“It was violent, foam passing through the system, slimy discharge afterwards was messy. Never again.”

“I am not upset with you,” came from Tracy. “I was shocked at how you described playing with breasts. The different fibres and sizes you full explored. You held Wendy’s breast at the end and said this part here is my entire breast and then you talked about the weight and holding the rest of the mass, and compressing it until shape changed.

Chapter 28 to follow
I cannot supply that much fun or delight.”

“The delight of touching a breast is the same to all breasts. More has some improvements over less but at loss of other features. Do you remember the girl last month on the track who had her hair past shoulders?”

“Yes, she had beautiful hair. You like it when I am on top and I drape my hair over you. Should I grow my hair that long?” she asks with what seemed like genuine concern.

“No way girl. If you lay on your back and your hair traps under your body how much head movement do you have? When you roll around on you arm and trap it. I get tangled it. It takes a lot of movement away from you due to hair pulling. It is the same with these oversize breasts of Wendy. Your move that drives my over the top is your snuggle into me.”

I wrapped my arms around Wendy and placed her in a tight hug. Immediately her breast was causing her to bend her spine back; I tried another hug but trying to squash her in and her breasts were crimping in uncomfortable folds on her, she had to push me off, I tried setting up the breasts so they could collapse their shape on my ribs, again it was unacceptable crush on her and she pushed me off.

“Our hug cannot occur with these breast and when you snuggle into me as tightly as you do far out weighs the pleasure having the giant size pressed against me.”

“You two snuggle in tighter than that?” asked Wendy.

I let Wendy go and went over to Tracy, lay down beside her and went into a snuggling hug. Tracy understanding her advantage snuggled so tight there was no separation of bodies.

“That is magical, I have not hugged like that since I was kid.” Wendy said in awe.

“I really cannot be improved for you.” Tracy said with so amusement.

“The fulfilments you give me are physical, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. You are a one off perfect partner. I am so spoilt having you.”

As impossible as it seems she snuggled even tighter. I fall a sleep in her hold despite the fact that I had 40 hours already. Wendy left some stage because she was gone when I woke up.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 28

The next morning I had gone over to Timothy place. I stopped and picked up Joseph on the way there. As Timothy greeted me he noticed Joseph and after introductions realised he was the city worker discussed at our first dinner. I pointed down the hill at where Joseph area was and where it butted his zone. My dogs were getting use to being on the section of the mountain and made their way down the path.

“There are several areas up here where we find a lot of predator animals; the new plantings, the re-growth over there, and the nesting area over there. We will go to the nesting area first.”

Timothy quickly noticed that Joseph was out of his environment being on the mountain. This when Timothy started asking questions about Wendy and Tracy.

“Wendy said she was married and lives in the city and yet she is always on the mountain. Is she really a married city girl?” He asked.

“She is very married but we have special friendship. As I said at dinner that she gave me 5 years education in 4 months.”

“I have not noticed city cars coming up the mountain. How often does she come?” Asked Joseph.

“She gets in and out quickly and quietly.” I replied.

“Is she like you and Tracy. You both seem to vanish.” Timothy stated.

I immediately wanted to cut Joseph out of the conversation. “What have you seen to think she vanishes?” I inquired.

“Nothing but she crosses areas faster than possible. She went up the mountaintop and back taking photos. She tried to make out that she had come with the photos but there was a person in them that was only there on that morning.” Timothy stated.

I thought further lies would cause him to dig deeper so my best bet is to admit to metaphysics but control the amount.

“We have learned about ancient mystical powers of the mountain generated by violent eruptions and time distortions. I will show you some things when Joseph is not around.” I said back trying to by some time.

“Eh” was the response to that.

“Time travel of jumping from on moment to another is nearly impossible. Time can be altered and realigned but this spot will not be here because is moving. Timeline and time are a result of event. The event could be movement, energy and heat releasing, atomic structure change etc.” I said knowing I was confusing him.

“Eh.” He said again.

“I will stand to the North of you.” I said as I shifted myself. “If you draw a line through us it will pass through the points of the planet’s rotation.”

Timothy pulled a compass out of his pocket looked at it and said, “You are not quite to the north.”

“I am not to the magnetic North which is moving across Russia at the moment. We are inline with the Planets pole. The earth is rotating that way and we are zooming towards the east. At the equator it is around 1000 miles per hour and at the pole almost zero.” I said feeling he was as confused as I wanted him to be.

“I will hold my right hand here at right angles to the line of the rotation. The event of rotation creates time so I am going to get you to hold your right hand inline and parallel to mine.” I instructed.

Timothy placed his hand out and I adjusted his hand to the alignment of mine.

“What is that? What is that energy going into my hand?” He asked slightly panicked.

“It is going through you hand and it is not energy but 4th dimension. It is raw time. What I am doing is stalling the time created from the rotation from the point of my hand until it arrives at your hand. Now hold your hand still and I will increase the gap.” I said shifting my hand further apart. “How did it change?” I asked.

“It got stronger.” He replied not expecting that.

“And if I go wider again?” I said moving my hand.

I had widened the gap; wobbled my hand, removed it from the alignment and placed it to my side. His eyes were bulging like someone had showed him red was actually green of which it is not. Dark green can have red mixed in to make it but they are the individual colours.

“What I just did was stall the creation of time between our hands and at our hands only so that piece of time was out of phase with the time around your body. Something I will not show you is that you can draw that piece of time into your body through your arm. Things get complicated when one does that and it is bad enough I created a nominally that will need to be balanced out. Keep your hand where it is and I will keep the gap small. Now move your hand to keep it parallel to mine. It does not change in strength but it does change as it no longer perpendicular to the rotation. I will break this off.”

I did a hand wobble and lowered my hand. “You can put your hand down now.” I said.

His reaction to the second event was normal for those who experienced it.

“That there is misaligned time or an alternative timeline or even an alternative world created timeline. Some of us have learned to use those manipulations of time.”

Gosh he looked like he was going to start shaking. I know if he had not felt that he would have given a ‘whatever’ type response but this could not be denied. It was not the reason why we can vanish as that is entirely from Stephanie who is a guardian of several dimensions but I was not going to introduce him to that truth.

“Can I learn how to do that?” he asked.

“If you create a misalignment you have to learn to live in misalignment and that is not easy, it can be confusing.”

Yes the expression on his face showed he was staying in straight linier time and be able to vanish would not be explored further.

“Hey what were you two doing?” Joseph asked.

“Complex things” I replied pointing up at a stoat. “Whose turn is this one?”

“It going to be my first,” said Timothy.

We hunted until an hour before dark. Went back and taught Joseph how to gut, skin, fillet the carcasses. Both Timothy and I liked watching this first attempt. Then at last light we went home and Timothy ate at my place again.

Wendy was there and she patiently waited for Timothy to leave before she got me to squash her again. She in return squashed me. She gave me an immense crush by sneaking inches of fat on during the in out compressions. The first one was half an inch and so was the second. Then a whole inch on the next two but very slow pull ins. The next one was 8 inches (a total of 12 inches in front of the ribs in all) with a fast pull in.

I passed out and she very slowly increased the depth by two inches. As Tracy was not involved Wendy used Temple time dimension distortion. She kept me at this level for 5 hours thinking I was going to come around. When I did not revive she released the crush to flat and the fat to 6 inches forward of the chest. Two hours passed and I still was out cold. She released the entire crush; inflated my intestines added more inches to my waist and left my lying on my back. It was 30 minutes for Tracy but for me the crush was in the eighth hour when I woke up.

The strange thing was I remember the conversation between Tracy and Wendy. They talk about Timothy feelings for Tracy. It was a conversation where Tracy did not waver on me. They talked about hugging again and Tracy was interested in what it is like to hug with the extra large breast. No wonder why I would not wake up. Wendy describe how the guy has bend around them giving and interesting angle of penetration. Wendy described how in spooning the guys try and get both hands on one of the breasts.

Chapter 28 to be continued
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 28 continued

Tracy might off be making up tales or I do things in my sleep. She talked about both breast massaged (Not Groped) at the same time. She talked about me massaging her all over while she was sleeping. Waking up with loose shoulders and the hands and fingers are relaxed.

This night I realised I probably do things to Tracy through the night that I dream of. I cannot keep my hands off her at times.

The conversation of Timothy attraction played through my head. He could still try for her. The next night he came for dinner again and I observed the interaction of Tracy and Timothy. I had done enough to keep my Tracy focussed on me. Tracy still helped me in the evening but she was working at the ski fields again and Timothy was working part time there too. Our jobs for D.O.C. were part time but I filled my day in. I was spending two days a week at Andrews farm.

His land needed a lot of work but it was shaping up. He had taken animals from the South Island because conditions down there made farmers downsize for the year. He had 150 cows and 50 sheep and was renting out three paddocks for feeding other farmers animals. The gorse was very hard going but the big surprise he was using a horse instead of quad bikes. He was happy and not frightened of the deep end he had got himself into.

He was dating a girl from two farms over who looks totally in her place on a beef farm. Most of the farm was too steep to make hay in the summer and the few flat areas he was using as a private vegetable plot. If he let the fencing slip I could see the stock destroying the crops.

It was four weeks in when Andrew turned up with the sad news that the original owner died. To my surprise Andrew was gifting me his horse. Brilliant noble steeds horse are and way better than machinery. I often wondered about having a horse stand on my belly but they are usually skidish of standing on anything other than the ground.

Timothy started dating a city girl from Turangi. This release the worry of him taking Tracy off me as the cosmos had planned. He seldom come over for dinner and was hunting/minding his own land like he needed too. Joseph stayed to his land but was doing a lot better job. The farm that was illegally fur farming became occupied again. It took a while because of the murders but it was good land and easier to farm.

Wendy enjoyed having the freedom to turn up at will with Timothy staying away. She did not want to explain belly crushing as much as I did not. Wendy had changed the level of gut crushing she wanted to be done on her. As a result she was loosing weight. She was having crushed flat held a lot while using my old squashing board. Stephanie had to modify her use to having a plate like mine. I gave her a go at riding carrot (my horse) while crushed and she too found it impossible.

Things had changed for Wendy but one thing remained the same. It is better to be crushed using people instead of equipment. Wendy was loosing weight as with the band on most of the day she could not process food. Something surprised me was she handled going to immense easier than me. She would watch a Telvision Program at immense level and lighten of to intense during advertisement breaks. Then intensify to immense again.

Something that changed while she crushing me she had herself in an immense crush. However when it was my turn to squash her she took everything off. This was her addiction to super crushing. I ask Stephanie if she create something for thigh compressing. Wendy had a lot more thigh than me and she would wear the leg bands tight.

Wendy would challenge me in who could go from intense to immense the best. She would set an immovable plate at rib height over the abdomen. We both selected a chest depth and then add fat forward of the hips until we were white-hot. Check out expansion levels and they were always within 8 millimetres. I think the difference of definition of white-hot crush level. Then we would add to immense which is when all the intestines were flattened.

Wendy always won as I backed out so I decided to go for inflated intestines and load until loaded with enough fat to squash flat. I always did that so once the last part of the gas was gone I was at immense. I won every time but I always passed out and came to with immense crush. She had reached the level many times before I woke up. So was that a win or not?

The final chapter of this story on Friday
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Just before the las chapter i show you this
A quick easy self-crush is use an item that be rolling it in using a confined spot. I used a door way posts and tyre.

The doorway is 2.4 inches wider than the diameter of the tyre. The photo is looking down the chest at the tyre which is tucked in to almost the spine.

I used a sideways chair to sit on so the back did not take up any space.

I sat in the chair, which causes the belly to expand.

The process of getting the tyre to press in is important as the alignment makes the crush comfortable or unbearable.

The tyre has to be centred with the post, the tyre must be centred with the belly. The back has to be centred with the post and square with the post. To get into the crush can take a few attempts.

I placed one edge of the tyre against the belly as I slide the back against and the opposite edge against the far post 2 inches above the knees. The tyre stays parallel with the thigh as I sit.


There is a tyre on that rim.
Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Chapter 29

Spring came and the snow became slush so ski season ended. The boss from the Department of Conservation arrived. After the pleasantries he brought up something kept quiet from the country.

“There was and vent exploded at Kaurau, it had damaged the bush with sulphur. It damaged in an area only visible from the air so this was being kept quiet to stop panic that the area was going to explode.” He started to explain

“Timothy and Joseph were going to cover my area while I while I did a count of wild life and measure the extent of damage. Timothy and Joseph were not to know where I had gone.”

Stephanie came after he left and told me that Tracy was off overseas to India for two weeks. This was a lot for breakfast time.

Tracy asked, “When do I go?”

“In four hours.” Stephanie answered.

“What do I pack for India?” Was Tracy’s follow up question.

“Clothes are sorted.” Stephanie replied. “Tickets to be picked up at the Auckland airport.”

With that Stephanie vanished and Tracy dived into my arms. She was not ready to go and this longer trip was sudden.

“I will see if I can visit you in India. Could you imagine Wendy visiting us in India?”

Tracy’s eyes were full of tears and she was holding me in a frightened way. What had I missed?

“Is there something you are not telling me?” I queried.

“Stephanie told me about this trip. The village has been raided in a religious war. The carnage is great.”

“Do you feel safe or scared of further attacks?” I asked holding her tight. She was clinging like grim death.

“There is going to be so much grief, despair and anger. My first task is to help them bury their dead. Then grief counsel them follow by relocate and merge the damage villages in the area.” She said tearfully.

“Has Stephanie got anyone helping you? You cannot do this on your own.”

“The first day I am on my own but government helpers come with Red Cross. No one questions who I am but I become the lead on the recovery. I have never leaded a team before. I have to teach the helpers how to help.” She replied.

“That sounds more like Wendy’s specialty. Am I allowed to hold you through the process?” I was feeling concerned of how deep this project was.

“We are allowed to meet up but not in front of others. I have to do it alone and intuitively.” She said.

I was glad that we could be together during this assignment. I had to organise the horse for while I was on my Eastern Bay of Plenty assignment. I had make sure Timothy looked after the dog and chickens. The boss said no to having a horse so I had to send Carrots back to Andrew to keep during the assignment.

I could not ride Carrots to Andrew so I got him to step through the temple. I arrived on the farm and the horse was confused and not frightened. He was home so I think that made him settle quickly. I spoke to Andrew and filled him in that the department wanted me on the East Cape. He agreed to look after the horse but puzzled how I got there and how I was going to get back. I walked down his drive and vanished. Reckless Stephanie would tell me later. Timothy new the score when I talked to him.

I got home and hugged Tracy until it was her time to step into Auckland airport. Three fights, one day travel, and ride into the outback. I did not envy her. I went to the airport with her and had one more hug when she was ready to board and in the stop over in Sydney. I went to India airport but had the time all wrong so I missed her there.

I think she was annoyed she spent so much time travelling and I was popping over there. I got my stuff ready for Kaurau.

I used the rental car to get to the D.O.C. office and then changed to Land Rover Defender. I was with a local. I was discussing the vent that formed 500 metres away from Mount Edgecombe.

I discovered I was a legend in the Department because of my work I had done on the Volcanic Desert Plateau. With predictions of when the mountain would play up and how serious it would be. None of the locals would go in this area because they are worried about a bigger vent forming. Mount Tawahero 16 kilometres away destroyed itself in its last activity.

The region starting at Lake Rotorua a silly name as Lake in Te Reo the language of the Maori is roto. Rua translated is the number 2 were vents that transformed themselves into lakes the size of Auckland city. Since then Rotomai, Rotoiti, Rotowa formed by explosions. If this went big bang it would take out the township of Edgecombe, Kaurau and several farming settlements.

Being scared at the vent and not in the township was a ridiculous concept. Whakatane was to close, fall out would reach them. It was like stand 10 kilometres back from Yellowstone if it blew.

I was also known as a great conservationist because of what I did with bush land around the three mountains on the volcanic plateau.

When I arrived at the vent I saw massive damage and was puzzled how this was kept quiet. White Island had explosions that were never heard and only question by seismic event at Geo Nuclear Sciences (GNS) so I guess this could have happened. I calmed the driver down by reminding him when Tawahero exploded there was 24 hours of earthquake at magnitude 5.3 plus a Ghost Maori War Canoe was seen 7 days earlier as with all preceding events of the magnitude. I knew when I arrived that Mount Edgecombe would be a lake before I die and I was in my 50’s.

“The bird song is silenced.” I said as I stood at the vent. “Has GNS put in any movement recording gear?”

I was looking at these trees of all sizes flattened and my mind was on Lake Westmere. This spot was a superior crushing zone compared to Lake Westmere. I was told I would be alone up here so I am going to be doing a fair bit of belly crushing.

“No, they are relying on the large number in the all ready. Activity around here has always been substantial so we have been monitor since the 70’s.” he replied.

“I think counting species is almost pointless unless they ran away and will return. These trees here are going to live but that bunch must have it own vent and it is of deadly discharge. We will put on protection gear and take samples of any coloured substances and air quality.” I was reaching into my bag and looked at the Geiger Counter at shuttered to see the reading. “Radiation is up but still safe.”

The office boy had ‘the what is up’ look on his face.

“Radiation is normal, this green ooze by thevent says this area is immediate danger. I wonder if it was here before this vent formed or another rupture is going to form.”

“What should we do?” the frightened lad said.

“Go 2 kilometres away and wait 2 hours if no bang then it is old. There is no tremors so we are not looking for a big bang.” I said.

“We had minor tremors all night.” He told me.

“In that case retreat back to town for the night.” I said.

We packed up and I was annoyed I was not getting my Westmere Lake level of belly crushing. There was so many trees down that this would have so much fun.

“It will be on the 27th September 2021 when Mount Edgecombe explodes into a lake.” I said to my cohort.

“How can you know that?” he asked. “Can you prove it?”

“The Maori spirits will give the weeks warning.” As I loaded the last of the gear back onto the Land Rover.

The next morning I headed out alone and when I got to the site I saw my paranoid statements of the day earlier were wrong. This scared me because it meant the newer vent happened yesterday morning. I got here a hour earlier I would have been possible vaporised or poisoned. It was almost 48 hours since I saw my wife in Australia I was missing her.

I walked around parameter of the devastation looking for living small creatures. The ants, earwigs, slatters, wetter, they were all dead. This indicated a deadly gas fumigated the whole area. I looked at the respirator still in the land rover and placed it in my carry pack. Birds were numerous and now all dead. This place was thriving in life until this rupture and now is bad place to be. I recorded the death tolls of the creatures larger than a finger. I started walking into the non-blasted area. The creepy crawlies 20 metres in were 100% killed. I went in 50 metres in full circle and found healthy ground creatures. The birds and larger creatures were still dead so the gasses had risen up by this point. I stopped finding dead birds. This was from the main vent I measured this so the secondary vent was less deadly. It was still at the time of rupture, as the killing area was not elongated by wind drift.

On one of my radial walks I spotted a fallen Rata Tree close to Kauri Tree. The distance between the trunk and a branch was intense crushing gap. I noted where I was in relation to the vent and carried on surveying the living/dead creatures. I took swabs of the fallen trees and there were deadly compounds on them. It had not rained since the vent blew so this may wash into the soil. Wrote down the three of sulphur compounds that the spectrometer found.

I had not found any radioactive material so that had all passed. I went through data on the main compounds and earlier incidences that these compounds were present. This area was going to be deadly for 6 months. I made notes to find out if animal nets should be used to protect surrounding animal wondering in and killing themselves.

I check patches outside the kill zone for level of bush life and this was healthy bush. It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon when my helper of yesterday turned up. He had brought alone his boss along and I discussed in great detail of what the area was like. I requested for fencing around the poisoned zone but the boss came up with an alternate plan of spraying trees with neutralising compounds. We just come off the winter and there was moister around so the chemical reaction had a lower the chance of causing fire.

I thought about it and the only ignition source was if magna came out of the vent. The magna would cause bush fire on its own without spraying. I agreed with this plan.

The boss wanted to walk around and confirm what I had said. I told him to carry his ventilator when stepping away from the vehicle as the vent can throw another poisonous cloud out. After 20 minutes he agreed with my assessment.

“Your reputation as a high level bushman and mountain expert is deserved. We could do with a person of your skills up here. Someone to keep an eye on the Fletchers Forestry; up skill the school leavers we have. I will fence around this flatten area and get Geo Science to put heat and gas metres around this hole. You done 3 weeks work before afternoon tea” he said pleased with getting me pushed on him by the ministry.

“I live to keep the environment alive. I hate the concentrated damage cities cause so this is where I belong. Thank you for your offer but my wife loves working the ski field and less you can raise this up 1 kilometre higher there is no skiing here.” I replied.

He looked so broken hearted.

“Just talk to my boss about borrowing me now and again. He is the not in the ministry but he is a department head so he has a lot of authority. Are you sending me back now?” I asked feeling lost.

“What else is there for you to do?” He asked back.

“I can monitor animal vegetation loss in the outer area as time goes on. This will become a clearing for a few years and then re-grow.” I mentioned.

“Yes you could. You are pencilled in for 3 weeks.” He said

“I would like a few trip home to make sure my horse and dog have not forgotten me.” I requested.

“Of course you have a horse.” He said out aloud. “Okay deal.”

He left back to the office and the moment the Range Rover got around the bend I heard a familiar voice.

“Tracy!” the happiness in my voice was noticeable.

We caught up with her Indian task. It sounded like a harsh country to survive in and yet it is so densely populated there. We were both grateful for the time we had together. It was getting dark so I left for Kaurau.

I went back to the home on side of Mount Ruapehu for the weekend. I caught up with Andrew and rode my horse. Andrew was running the farm with no hitches. He was even making money. The fencing was completed and the gorse eradicated. Le Anne his girlfriend was an incredibly nice girl. She could see herself spending the rest of her life working the farm.

Andrew looked into the farm that was running the illegal fur trade and it was tied to organised crime. They were looking for onsite managers; somewhere in the job subscription is be the scum of the earth, neck deep in forbidden practices. I myself would not put my hand up for that sort carry on.

Timothy was quite accustomed to getting fresh eggs daily of my chickens. He was getting on well with Joseph so I knew he was not lonely up there. It was breeding seasons so the numbers of predator animals was going to explode.

Wendy and I both gave each other extreme belly treatment. I told her about the fallen Rata tree in the Bay of Plenty and how it had now been cleaned of harmful chemicals jetted out of the vent. We both using the step across the Temple had a crushing at the Rata and Kauri trees.

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
Last part of Chapter 29 and my tale.

Wendy had weight falling of her but the tree gap was still tighter on her than me. It was her first crush that starts in the sitting position with a fully extended stomach. Her breasts were not dropping in size at the same pace as the rest of her. With the belly pressed deep under the ribs she looked more out of proportion than Dolly Parton. I spoke to her about her husband reaction to the weight loss and she said he enjoyed her greater mobility. The plate is the most fun weight loss device ever.

I returned to the vent on Monday and there was less animals dying from the toxic chemicals. I checked nest levels and there were many breading pairs. The only damaging animals were possum and rats. I took out a lot of rats on the second week and possums were being trapped instead of shot.

I was spending a lot of time in the teal light dimension under the Rata tree branch crush. When I worked out how to get 150 hours out of 1 hour I would do 1 normal hour (150 teal dimension hours) in the afternoon and using the Temple travel to do 3 more hours on Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday had the same amount of hours. On Thursday night, which was a warm night, I spent 8 hours, some of it napping, in the gap.

It was Friday morning and I had stepped back to the hotel room that I could not eat breakfast. I took some food with me just in case things settled down but I did not eat at all that day. Friday some other staff came through checking the traps to find that I had killed and skinned the possums. I did not declare the extermination of the rats. There were no stoats and weasels in a kilometre diameter circle. This was the successful purging done by Fletcher Forest 2 years earlier.

I went home in the weekend but spent a lot of time in the crushing branch.

Monday came and Tracy had another visit. Again the food was causing her to loose weight. I stocked her up with New Zealand food. We had such wild sex in the forest 2 kilometres from the vent. The media had found out about the vent and said it was two weeks old and no danger to anyone. It was when Tracy and I finished I thought about news helicopter flying over top.

I did all night in the tree gap making Thursday, Friday and Monday 600 teal light dimension hours. The Saturday and Sunday I did 14 hours (2100 hours teal l light dimension) each. I had spent a total of 8,250 hours in five days. I had one meal in that time. I was a little brain foggy. I understood not letting Wendy access green and teal light dimensions, this was too addictive.

I woke up on Tuesday morning still not able to eat. I knew the excess of 10,000 hours of gut crushing I had in 9 days was taking a toll on me so I was going to for go it today. I went up to the vent and I had dread all through me. It felt like doom so I asked Stephanie what was going on and if Tracy was safe.

“Your vent has too much pressure. Check the sensors are working properly.” Stephanie said.

I was checking the sensors when GNS lads asked me what I was doing. I identified myself and said I was making sure I was going get warning if the mountain fire underneath was going to blow it’s noise. They said the reading had been funny since the tremors last night.

I had spent the night in gut crush up here and I did not notice tremors. I wondered about another micro eruption. Unfortunately due to my health problems of not eating I was not noticing super signs of trouble.

From the other side of the clearing a tree branch blasted across and struck me in the belly. A shoot of the branch impaled my abdomen. I was not wearing the crushing band, which would have protected me.

I was rushed to hospital by the GNS team. The puncture was minor bur the chemicals on the branch were nasty. I spent a week in the hospital; I had complications of not eating for a week reducing my bodies defence system, I had sulphur compounds poisoning.

Stephanie came and visited to me and said my heart was weakened and I could no longer take a belly squashing with deadly outcome.

That was my final crushing as even in the Temple I could not handle the heart strain.

Wendy still came for visits, as there was more to our friendship. Tracy was saddened as she knew what a big part belly crush was for me. She was never into it but she supported me like I did with her favourite things.

I am still on the mountain from time to time but the Department of Conservation and release me on grounds of medical condition. I spend more time with Tracy as she goes overseas on her duties. I teach at Department of Conservation new recruits as an outside contractor.

I rode Carrots into his old age. I was sad when he was put down but he had an active life on a farm with loving owners.

I could still visit the temple and do crushing in the Brown light dimension as it altered the bodies problems. The organs did not displace and it like when too much force went onto the liver in my first goes in Wanganui. Time was not at a faster pace.

I did though go wondering around the temple through the corridors and found a path outside. It was an early Maya Pyramid in the Belize Jungles of the Maya Mountains. We were operating out of the power chamber, which all pyramids have.

The concludes the story.

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