Lisa Grows Larger Part 3

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Oct 26, 2005
Please see part 2 just under part 1 before reading this! Enjoy!

By our 9th month together, I decided to marry Lisa. She cooked us a fabulous meal and we helped ourselves to seconds on everything. Then,as she was debating whether to have another piece of cake, I proposed to her.
She was extremely happy and asked me if I still found her attractive. I assured her that she never looked more sexy and I proceeded to cut us both another big piece of cake. "Don't you think I should lose some of this spare tire?", she joked while pinching at her flabby midriff roll. "I really wouldn't mind if you wanted another piece of cake for yourself hon.", I said as I came up behind her kissing her cheek softly. Stopping only to unsnap her tightening shorts which showed off her fat sexy thighs in all their glory. Lisa scooped up the last of the 2nd piece of cake and then let me put another piece on her plate. At 189 pounds she was turning into a hot sexy plumper.
Her increasing weight made it almost impossible to keep herself in clothes since she was gaining so quickly.One day, she went to work in an outfit almost 2 sizes too small. Angered for some reason by Lisa's weight gain her boss voiced her displeasuree at someone else's laziness on Lisa. Not about to stand for any of this Lisa quit her job at the clothing store. Over a double cheeseburger,and fries, Lisa wondered what her next move would be. As she finished her milkshake she looked across the food court at the new store advertising for help. Renee's Women's Size Clothing looked to be the solution to her problems. Finishing her brownie, she pulled herselp up from the table and applied for a new job.
The 2 girls working there looked very happy and were both much bigger than she was. Diane, the manager, was about 28 years old and weighed about 325 pounds on her 5'6" frame. Debbie was the other girl who worked there and kept telling Lisa how great it was to work there. Lisa sat down to fill out her paperwork when she noticed an old picture of Diane (a much thinner Diane), a half empty box of donuts,and a half empty jar of full sized candy bars. Grabbing a donut, Diane explained Lisa's job duties, which were much easier than on her last job, as well as a $1.50 raise per hour over what she was making before, and the biggest perk, deep deep merchandise discount for employees. "We've really taken advantage of the last one," Debbie giggled. "Working here has had a bad effect on my waistline!", Debbie said as she reached for her 3rd donut of the day. "Funny Deb, thats not what our boyfriends say." says Diane who pulls out another donut for herself before offering one to Lisa.Although she had just finished a sizable lunch,Lisa takes the donut to her lips. Over dinner,Lisa expressed her excitement about the new job. "And the best part is the generous employee discounts they give since, I think you can tell, that I am getting bigger all the time." Sliding another piece of chocolate cake onto her plate, I told her how happy I was that everything is working out and then we went on about the business of planning for Thanksgiving.
I knew I would eventually have to deal with meeting Lisa's parents. She had only seen them once since we started seeing each other, making the trip to Florida shortly after we started seeing each other. Fear set in as I wondered what her parents would say after they saw their daughter 50 pounds heavier and still gaining. Our trip there was not just a vacation but also was to set up plans for our wedding which was to take place in January.Once in Orlando the first thing Lisa did was get herself a triple scoop ice cream cone. The sight of their newly fattened daughter eating ice cream was sure to get things off on the wrong foot, or so I thought.Meeting her little sister Gabrielle made me change my thinking on this.Gabrielle was 19 years old, short like her sister and just as pretty. Gabrielle definately didn't have a problem with her sister's weight gain as she was slightly heavier than Lisa. "Hey girl,you finally starting to get fat?", Gabrielle said as she poked at Lisa's bulging belly."Still not as fat as you sis." , Lisa replied. The ride to her Mom's house drove me wild as both girls talked openly about their weight gain and their indifference towards it. Gabrielle carried 225 pounds on her 5'3" frame and when she said their mom was cooking for an army I started feeling much better about this trip. When we finally got to our destination, a huge smile crossed my face as I seen her mother coming out to greet us.
She was everything I was hoping Lisa would become. Fat jiggled everywhere as she finally stopped to catch her breath. Going almost 300 pounds, she definately looked like a woman who loved cooking as much as she loved eating. She led us into the house where she had a tremendous spread laid out on the diningroom table. Hugging her daughter's wide hips she seemed very pleased that Lisa was content with herself. "My man don't like skinny women Mom so don't be afraid to pile that food high on my plate." Upon hearing that, her mom piled food high on everyones plate and kept us both constantly stuffed for 3 days. Even Lisa's dad was happy and big andmade me feel very welcome into the family. When her mom packed us a lunch for the flight home I was shocked (and pleased) to see 3 sandwiches for each of us as well as candy bars, chips and pie,all of which we finished off before the plane landed. We both got home looking and feeling a bit heavier than we did when we left. That night I stepped on the scale and found that I officially weighed 227 pounds. Lisa rubbed my bulging belly and said, It looks like I'm not the only one getting chubby around here, I think I like you with a big sexy pot belly!" Then Lisa asked, "What do you think of mine?", as she dropped her jeans and pulled up her tight t-shirt to expose to me her nicely expanding middle. She put on a few more pounds growing up to 196 sexy pounds. We immediately sped to the bedroom to explore each others growing bodies.

more to come!