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The Loch Ness Monster

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Oct 1, 2005
Hello all,
I am lloking for a story about a character named Tabitha- a cheerleader who gained a lot of weight in a short period of time by extreme eating, then had a huge gain at the end by taking a weight gain pill in front of a huge crowd. I think I originally saw it on Wren-spot, but I'm not sure. Please post a link if you know where this one can be found. Thanks. LNM


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Jan 30, 2006
The story is called "Growing Cheerleader," and I second this post! This was one of my favorite stories and I wish I could read it again.


Divine Sith Lord
Oct 21, 2005
This story is about voluptuous weight gain and breast growth. If you’re into stories of
one person controlling another’s weight gain, or feeding to immobility, don’t bother
reading this. There’s also no graphic sex, so if you’re looking for that go no further. Oh,
don’t read this if you’re not old enough or it would break any laws where you live and
remember, this is just a fantasy. The story is based on a picture created by Johnny Swell.
Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Swell. And last but not least, thanks to Wren for the web
site that gives us a place to put this stuff.

Growing Cheerleader

Tabatha heard the roar of the crowd as she ran out on to the court, felt the swell of pride
that male eyes were on her, one male in particular. She looked at the bench and in the
huddle saw her romantic interest of over two years, the basketball team’s guard, Steven.
While the cheerleading rules stated no fraternizing between the players and cheerleaders,
they had hit it off and become an item. They weren’t blatant about it, and no one said
anything to them, but everyone knew what was going on.

At 5 feet 3 inches tall and 120 pounds, Tabatha knew she was on the heavy side for a
cheerleader. But her large bust demanded attention, and her nicely rounded hips and
bottom balanced out her figure. Obviously, the hoots, hollers and cat calls that echoed
from the stands with her name attached only served to excite her every time she hit the
center court. Moans from the men in the audience were heard whenever she did her bump
and grind routine in the striped, two piece spandex outfit that composed her uniform. As
designed, the buttons down the front of her top appeared to be ready to burst as they
restrained the heavy load of her breasts. A D cup in size, they swelled out in front of her
and to her sides, visibly shaking with every step she took. Deep cleavage was visible
between the gaps in the straining buttons. Her well padded rear end also quivered as she
strutted her stuff, complementing the motion of her chest.

As Tabatha ran back to the sidelines after the time-out she thought to herself, ‘Even in the
year 2045 men still like women to strut their stuff.’ She had fallen hard for Steven,
although she wouldn’t let him know just how much. She watched him as the coach broke
the huddle, hoping he would look her way. Oddly, his eyes seemed to be focused
somewhere in the stands, and she followed his gaze. Her eyes came to rest on a woman
walking, or rather waddling, down the aisle toward her seat. Quickly looking back at
Steven she noticed how his gaze lingered on the woman and immediately the green haze of
envy clouded her thoughts. She looked back at the woman. She was large, no, very
large, compared to Tabatha. While she had an hourglass figure, her boobs were absolutely
immense, quivering and swaying with each step she took. Each breast was almost the size
of one of the basketballs that littered the sidelines, sticking out so far the woman could not
see down for each step, and had to feel her way. They extended well beyond her sides and
touched her fleshy, plump arms. Her torso tapered inward to a thick waist, then flared out
dramatically to wide, rounded hips then led to thick, shapely thighs and calves. Her belly
was rounded, making her look like she was pregnant, but this belly was the result of
calories. There was a glow of self-confidence about the woman, she was obviously
completely secure in her body. The tight clothing she wore left no doubt that she had a
tremendous hourglass figure dominated by those massive, quivering, fat filled breasts.

Looking back at Steve she noticed his breath caught in his throat as the woman turned in
profile to enter her seat and her breasts projected out a foot past her plump belly. ‘That
bastard,’ she thought. ‘How could he stare at a woman like that’,’ and a wave of
emotions swept over her.

Since adolescence had begun to change her body into the curves she now possessed,
Tabatha had always had to fight to keep her weight under control. In fact, she envied a
woman of that size that felt so confident in herself that she carried her body that way.
Every year for the last five years, in the off season, Tabatha would spend a week just
pigging out, sitting down and eating until she could eat no more, then at the end of the
week start to diet to get the weight she had gained as a result of her indulgences off again.
During last year’s off season she had taken an extended vacation, staying alone in a cabin
that belonged to her family. Knowing no one would be around to monitor her was
strangely exciting to Tabatha as she unpacked the car, including enough food to feed a
family of five for a month. Alone, with no outside influence, she intended to she just how
fat she could become in a week.

In previous years the results of her week’s eating were always the same, her breasts
seemed to receive the largest percentage of fat she gained, usually growing two cup sizes
in the process. But as Tabatha ate and ate and ate that week she watched her body swell
and fatten as it never had before. Three days into the week she had to stop wearing a bra
because her boobs became just too large to fit in her largest bra, she suspected they had
grown larger faster than in the previous years. They swelled out from the top, underneath
and the sides of the cups, threatening to burst the clasps as the weight on the shoulder
straps became noticeably heavier. She was very turned on by the feel of her swelling
breasts rubbing against the shirts she wore as she walked around the cabin clad in a t-shirt
and panties. They swayed and bounced as she strode through the cabin, usually with some
fattening food in her hands. By the fifth day they were clearly larger than she had ever
imagined they could become. Tabatha would lift their heavy mass, and push them
together noticing the deep, massive cleavage they formed. Standing only in panties in
front of the mirror she noticed how her bottom had also grown rounder and much more
plush, her panties riding up each cheek as it became too large for the sheer material to
cover. Tabatha watched her belly, normally filled with food, stick out further and further
each day, causing the front of her panties to roll down as fat accumulated on her stomach.
Her belly button became deeper, giving her a strange thrill as she pushed her belly out
even further and imagined what being truly fat would be like.


Divine Sith Lord
Oct 21, 2005
After seven days of eating more food than she would have ever thought possible, Tabatha
felt very satisfied as she looked at her newly fattened body. Stepping on the scales at the
end of the seventh day the counter stopped at 152 pounds. Her breasts were immense,
and her hips were wide and round. Turning before a mirror to see her rounded body from
every angle Tabatha noticed how she almost looked pregnant the way her belly protruded
and swelled outward. Her bottom had grown considerably and she noticed how round it
had become. Even sitting had taken on a different feel as Tabatha noticed she now rode
higher in the chair due to the swelling of her backside. Small rolls of fat formed along her
sides and waist, and Tabatha watched her entire body jiggle with movement. For fun she
tried her largest bra on, or attempted to. Her breasts were so large that almost half of
their mass would not even fit in the cups and she could not begin to hook the clasps on it.
Truly excited by what she saw, Tabatha was reluctant to lose the weight she had gained.
But she did, and it had taken her weeks of serious dieting and working out to lose the over
thirty pounds of sexy curves that had grown on her. At the age of thirty her body’s
metabolism was beginning to slow, making weight gain easier and taking it off harder.

At times as she slept in the cabin that week she even had dreams of letting it all go, and
just eating to her heart’s content. In her dreams she would become fat, round and
extremely buxom, with buttons popping, bras breaking and seams splitting as her body
rapidly fattened while she ate anything she wanted. Tabatha knew she enjoyed her breasts
as her favorite body part, and wanted them to be as large as possible, dominating her
figure until they were larger than beach balls as she became fatter and fatter. But then she
would wake, and reality would set in. ‘After all,’ she would think, ‘men don’t like fat

But here she was, confronted with the man she loved staring at a woman that must have
weighed more than two hundred twenty pounds. ‘What the hell is going on here,’
Tabatha thought. For a brief instant she imagined herself that fat, with that figure, or a
fatter figure with boobs the size of bean bag chairs, having Steve stare at her and she was
strangely aroused before the shrill sound of the air horn brought her back to the game.
But she did not forget what she had witnessed.

That weekend Tabatha and Steven were on a long, quiet walk through a nature preserve a
couple of hours from the city. A popular place with folks from the city, the trails were
populated with walkers, but not crowded. Everyone had the feel that the park was there
just for them. While technology in the twenty-first century had improved the environment
to some degree, the cities were even more crowded than in the past and both Tabatha and
Steven liked to get out to the country whenever they found the time.

‘You seem quiet, T,’ Steven said as they walked up a wooded slope, ‘what’s the

Tabatha shrugged, not really wanting to let Steven know what she had seen at the game
two nights ago, but still very bothered by her feelings about it.

‘Come on, you know you can’t keep something from me.’

Tabatha put a pout on her sensuous lips, ‘Yes I can.’

Steven smiled, ‘Okay, I didn’t really want to know what was bothering you.’

Tabatha playfully slugged Steven in the shoulder, considering whether to open her
observations up for discussion. Finally, she decided to plunge ahead. ‘Okay, I’ll tell

The couple found a secluded clearing surrounded by trees off the trail and sat comfortably
in the grass, the sunlight filtering through the leaves overhead.

Tabatha looked Steven in the eyes, uncertain how to begin explaining what she had seen
and how it made her feel. ‘I’m just going to come off looking silly,’ she thought as she
wrestled with her emotions. Finally, as Steven sat patiently looking at her, she began.

‘Umm, at the last game I noticed you during one of the time-outs, while you were in the

‘Well, I’m happy you notice me,’ Steven interjected, trying to keep the mood upbeat as
he noticed how serious Tabatha was.

‘Well, it wasn’t just you I noticed, but someone you were looking at, too. Someone in the
stands.’ Tabatha let her voice trail off, wondering if Steven knew what she was talking
about, and what his reaction would be.

Steven’s expression changed, telling Tabatha he knew exactly what she was talking about.

‘So, I’ve got to ask you straight out, do you like fat women’ I mean, find them

Tabatha watched as Steven’s eyes looked beyond her, then at the grass, then back up to
her own eyes.

‘Are you sure you really want an answer’ I’ve never told anyone else before, and I’m
sure you’re going to be shocked.’

‘I guess that’s answer enough,’ Tabatha sighed. ‘But how, I mean, guys are supposed to
like thin women. That’s why we diet so hard. Do you know how fat women would get if
they didn’t always eat salads’’

Steven laughed. ‘I think about that all the time, actually. I can’t tell you why, and I know
what guys are SUPPOSED to like in a woman’s figure, but I just think that plump women
are more attractive. An hourglass figure, no matter how large, is the sexiest look a
woman can have.’

‘I see’ Tabatha responded, her mind swirling with the emotions she had felt the last time
she let herself fatten up. ‘So what about me, what do you find attractive about me, in a
physical sense’’

‘You are something special, more than just a physical attraction to me. I love the time I
spend with you and how our personalities connect.’

Tabatha pouted again, ‘You’re not answering the question.’

‘And I think you would have a tremendous hourglass figure if you gained any weight. I
mean, you already have large breasts, rounded hips and a nice, round butt. Why do you
think I offer to run out and get you a Sunday or a shake whenever you ask’’

Tabatha’s head began to swim, the true impact of their conversation beginning to sink in.
Then she started to laugh. ‘Are you saying, you’ve been trying to make me fat’ We’ve
been dating for over two years and you’ve been trying to fatten me up all that time’’ As
she laughed Tabatha realized she was suddenly very hungry. ‘Do you know how many fat
cheerleaders are on the squad’’

‘You wouldn’t have to be on the squad,’ Steven responded, his voice suddenly quiet and
serious. ‘I’ve been waiting for the right time, but I may as well let you know now. I was
planning on asking you to marry me during half time next Friday. Ah, um, then you
wouldn’t have to worry about staying on the squad if you gained a few pounds.’

Tears welled up in Tabatha’s eyes and she leaned forward to hug Steven. ‘Well, you
ruined that surprise, didn’t you,’ she laughed through the tears. ‘But let’s pretend this
conversation didn’t take place and you can still ask me then. And in the meantime, I’ll eat
all the fattening food I can.’ She patted her belly, ‘I can’t disappoint the man I love.’

On the way back to the city Tabatha had Steven drive through a fast food restaurant,
ordering three super-sized meals. As they drove back into town she proceeded to
consume all of the meals, a tingle running through her body as she felt her stomach fill to
capacity with food. Halfway through the basket ball season, this was not something she
ever let herself do. She watched Steven watch her eat, a sexual leer on his features. His
gaze even added to her turn on, prodding her to continue to eat even when she began to
feel full. Her pants became confining as she continued to eat, and Tabatha finally undid
the button and partially unzipped her pants. She could feel her stuffed abdomen swell
outward in relief to the freedom she had provided it, though the view of her protruding
belly was hidden from her view by her large breasts. But watching Steven’s face as she
undid the zipper and felt her belly burst forth let her know it must round and full. Steven
placed his hand on her belly as she continue to eat, his palm sweaty against her skin.

‘This is just a thought,’ Tabatha said between bites, ‘but I could probably gain twenty
pounds between now and the game, just to give you an idea what you’re in for after we
get married, I mean. But you’d have to stay away during the week, so the new curves are
a surprise.’

A smile spread from ear to ear on Steven’s face, and words caught in his throat. ‘I can’t
believe what a great day this is. So tell me, why are you so receptive to this, you never
struck me as a girl who would let herself gain weight.’

As Tabatha explained her yearly weight gain ritual, Steven’s smile became even broader.
She even described what she thought she would look like in her spandex cheerleading
outfit with another twenty pounds of curves piled onto her short frame. The perspiration
that broke out on Steven’s forehead let her know she had struck a nerve. She also knew
her breasts would swell more than any other part of her body as she fattened herself, and
that sent a tingle down her spine. Watching Steven’s face Tabatha began drinking her
large soft drink, letting the fluid and carbonation fill her already swollen belly. She could
feel it expand under Steven’s large hand, becoming rounder and plumper with each gulp.
Steven’s eyes widen as she reached for the second drink and continued to inhale the soft
drink. A grating sound started as her fattening belly began forcing her zipper further
down and she could feel her belly continue to surge outward with each swallow. Her own
pulse quickened as she imagined what she would look like in a week’s time. Unknown to
Steven, she planned to far exceed the twenty pound gain she had hinted at, but first she
needed to contact a friend from collage that she knew could help her.

As they pulled up to Tabatha’s condo and into the attached garage she looked at Steven,
and knew he was the right man for her to spend the rest of her life with. Even if he didn’t
want her fat and round and buxom. But he did, and that was just a bonus that Tabatha
intended to collect on. Standing from the car she felt the full effects of the huge meal she
had eaten, and cradled her stuffed belly with her hands. She could swear it was swaying
with the new girth it had gained during the ride home. Walking into the living room she
gasped as she saw her reflection in the mirror, she looked four months pregnant the way
her belly stuck out from the unzipped pants. Steven looked on with wordless wonder, his
eyes sending a message Tabatha loved to receive. Groaning inwardly she pushed her belly
out as far as she could and patted it.

‘This is just the start, big guy, I hope I don’t disappoint you.’

She walked up to Steven and pressed her large breasts and swollen belly into him. ‘Give
me a hug good bye, because this may the last time you can get those long arms all the way
around me.’

Steven laughed as he hugged her and they kissed. ‘Now get out of here, and I’ll see you
in a week,’ she laughed.

As Steven’s car backed out of the driveway and headed down the road Tabatha picked up
the phone and called the one person she knew could help her in her quest to become truly
round, fat and extremely buxom. After a brief conversation with her friend she went to
her bedroom, put on a pair of sweats that were normally baggy, went back to the garage
and hopped gingerly into her car. As Tabatha sat she could feel her distended, swollen
belly lightly rub against the tops of her thighs through the sweat pants and a tingle of
excitement ran through her. She started the car, backed out and headed down the road,
her imagination running wild.

It was nearly midnight before Tabatha return to her condo, the majority of that time spent
trying to convince her disbelieving friend to help her out. Finally, her friend consented and
complied with Tabatha’s requests. On her way home she stopped at a grocery store and
filled two shopping carts with her favorite fattening treats. She also stopped at the health
club she belonged to and purchased four two gallon containers of the weight gain powder
bodybuilders used.

‘This ought to do the trick,’ Tabatha mused as she unloaded the contents of her shopping
spree from the car and hauled it into her kitchen. Surveying the food she wondered if it
would last until the game, or would she need to have more delivered. Exhausted from the
days activities, especially what her college friend had put her through, Tabatha spooned
ice cream into her blender, added enough weight gain powder for 6000 calories, and hit
the on button. The blender’s whir lulled her into a daydream where she imagined what she
would look like in a week’s time. In her mind she saw herself in her cheerleading outfit,
her hips wide and curving and her bottom round and plump, stretching the spandex to its
limits. Her belly was rounded and her belly button deep, the curve of her fattening
stomach starting just below her breasts, swelling out and curving back in just above her
crotch. A roll of fat hanging out around the top of the spandex bottoms accentuated her
growing figure. ‘But my breasts,’ she imagined, her body tingling at the thought, ‘huge,
fat, round boobs, extending past my sides and the size of volley balls.’ In her mind they
swelled fatter and rounder, like growing balloons, until the buttons of her top began to
pop one at a time and her cleavage began to push out the opening in the top. As her
breasts continued to fatten they pushed out from under the top and it stretched to an
almost transparent state. Finally, with a loud ripping sound the seams split and her
massive, watermelon sized breasts sprang fee, quivering with growth. Tabatha was
surprised at the intensity of her daydream, her pulse and breathing rapid as she pushed the
blender’s stop button. She raised the two quart blender container to her mouth and began
to drink, slowly at first, then faster as she felt her belly fill with the calorie laden contents.
She felt her belly rustle under the sweat shirt top she had on as it expanded with the shake.
Half way through the shake she began to feel full, but wanting to fill out her body as much
as possible she continue on. Placing her free hand on her belly she could feel it move
outward as she continue to drink and a sexual shudder ran through her body. Tabatha
imagined her entire body growing fatter as she swallowed, and she kept drinking until the
last of the shake was gone. She put the blender container down and placed her hands
around and under her swollen stomach. Walking to the mirror in the living room she
pulled off the sweat pants and shirt, and was shocked at what she saw. Her belly stuck
out even further than when she had first arrived home with Steven earlier in the day after
consuming three super-sized meals. She patted it and watched a small tremor of motion
move through her body, eventually causing her large, round, heavy breasts to jiggle.
Tabatha could swear she already saw a change in her body, her breasts swelling up out of
the top of her lace bra resulting in a deeper, longer cleavage. Satisfied with the day’s
events she shut off the lights and headed to the bedroom where she quickly fell asleep.


Divine Sith Lord
Oct 21, 2005
The next morning Tabatha got up, stripped and stepped on the scale in the bathroom. The
counter steadied on 124. ‘Not bad for a day’s work,’ she thought, knowing the weight
gain powder would really help her fatten up more quickly. Putting on only shorts and a t-
shirt she headed to the kitchen and whipped up another shake, this time putting in 8000
calories of powder in the mixture. While she drank the contents Tabatha pulled out
hashbrowns, bacon and eggs and whipped up a breakfast large enough for two people.
She finished the shake as the breakfast finished cooking, her belly straining from the load it
now carried, and headed for the kitchen table. Her belly was already so full from the
shake it seemed to sway as she walked and Tabatha wondered if she could finish the food
she had cooked. As she sat in the chair Tabatha’s stuffed belly pressed hard against the
waist band of her shorts, a small roll of fat pushing over the front. Slowly she began to eat
the meal before her, feeling her already over stressed stomach press more firmly against
the waist band of her shorts. Not even half way through the meal the button on the shorts
popped as her expanding abdomen pressed against it with increasing pressure. The
popping of the button startled Tabatha, but sent a sexual arc of electricity through her.
With less pressure on her belly she began to eat faster, feeling her belly slide out against
the open waist band of the shorts. Finally, the zipper began to slide down as even more
pressure was applied against it by her stomach, the grating sound exciting Tabatha even
more. Thoroughly stuffed she finished the last of the meal, pushed back from the table,
and attempted to stand. Startled at how much food was in her, Tabatha had to hold her
belly to reduce the pressure she felt and she knew it was sticking out even further than the
previous night.

Moving to the living room Tabatha stood in front of the mirror yet again and lifted the t-
shirt to get a good view of her body. She looked at someone in the mirror she did not
recognize, but the image smiling back had a smile on her face. Her belly was fat, swollen
and round, extending outward in front of her. ‘Holy shit,’ she thought, ‘I’m gaining
weight faster than at the cabin last year.’ As Tabatha turned she noted the cheeks of her
butt peaked out from under the legs of her very short shorts, her butt was noticeably
rounder. The backside of the shorts she wore were tighter across her growing cheeks,
indicating that all portions of her figure were benefiting from the food she was eating.
Tabatha laid on the floor and looked at her reflection. Her tummy was so stuffed with
food it did not flatten out, but stuck up proudly. Looking at her reflection, Tabatha fell
asleep. When she awoke about two hours later she returned to the kitchen, made another
fattening shake, and a light snack. The day turned into a blur of eating and laying down,
then eating again. As she headed off to bed that night she stripped off her cloths and
climbed under the covers. Patting her swollen stomach she estimated she had eaten 25000
calories that day. That over doubled her previous record and she chuckled as the fell

The next morning Tabatha could feel her entire body jiggle as she climbed out of the bed
and padded to the bathroom. After showering she weighed herself and was pleasantly
surprised to find she had gained seven more pounds. Looking in the mirror she noted how
her entire body was becoming more corpulent, and that her breasts were noticeably larger.
The rest of the week continued in a constant rotation of eating and resting and Tabatha
watched her body fatten exactly as she had hoped it would. Her hips and butt swelled,
become softer and more curvaceous. Her thighs and calves also swelled fuller with the
weight she gained and her belly became rounder and plumper. Running her hands over her
body she was spurred on as she became fatter and sexier, each added pound and inch
making her feel more feminine.

After five days she had gained forty-five pounds, and could no longer fit into any cloths
she owned. Her breasts had become massive, nearly doubling in size over the five days.
Tabatha became excited as she realized she was fatter than she had ever been in her life.
As she looked down she saw her breasts extend out in front of her and to her sides for
what seemed like forever. She lifted their mass and was excited by their weight and
volume. Even using two hands she could not completely get her hands to cover the girth
of one fat filled breast. They stuck well out beyond her rounded belly, beginning to rest
on the top of the shelf of fat her stomach created. Tabatha was in heaven as she looked at
her transformed figure in the mirror.

‘I know at least one guy who likes fat chicks,’ she chucked as she saw how large her
hourglass figure was becoming.

With one day to go before the game she vowed to gain as much weight as possible to
really surprise Steven. He had called several times during the week, but she would not
even hint at what she had accomplished. She laughed each time she hung up the phone,
knowing she was driving Steven crazy with anticipation. Calling a delivery service she
asked them deliver two cases of the weight gain powder she had been using. An hour
later she answered a knock at the door clad in a bikini, her largest, stretched to it limits.
The bikini bottoms were hidden under the roll of her belly, and the top barely covered the
ends of her swollen, fat laden breasts. They swelled out the top, sides and bottom of the
material. The size of volley balls, they never stopped quivering as Tabatha opened the
door. The delivery man, about seventeen years old, looked to Tabatha like he almost
stopped breathing as he gazed at her rounded body. His eyes zoomed in on her deep, dark
cleavage that welled up from the center of the top she wore. She stood with her hands on
her wide, flaring hips, enjoying the reaction she was getting from the young man.

‘Um, here’s your order, ma’am,’ the delivery boy said as he brought the two cases into
the living room. ‘Where would you like them’’

Tabatha stood in profile, letting the lad see just how far out in front of her those massive
breasts actually stood. She inhaled deeply, thoughtfully, letting her belly and lungs expand
and filling her body out even more. Her breasts strained the top, the strings beginning to
make noises as the stitching holding them to the cups made slight tearing sounds. The
bikini bottom rolled further down as her belly expanded and the back of the bottoms slid
between the cheeks of her butt. ‘Let’s see, how about in the kitchen.’

Tabatha nearly laughed out loud as the young man’s eyes widened as her body swelled
with air. She followed him into the kitchen as he set the cases of powder on the table. He
held out the sheet for her to sign. Tabatha took it, laid it on the table and leaned forward
over it to sign it. Beads of sweat broke out on the delivery man’s face as he watched her
massive boobs shift under the minuscule top. After signing she looked up at him, a smile
on her round face.

‘Are you okay,’ she asked, ‘you seem to be sweating all of a sudden’’

The delivery lad merely shook his head yes, unable to speak. Moving back to the door of
the condo the seventeen year old looked at Tabatha’s voluptuous, fat figure, then the
weight gain powder order, a light of recognition flashing on his face.

‘Please excuse me for asking, and please don’t be insulted by this, but are you getting fat,
like, on purpose’’ Tabatha noticed the young man’s breathing was fast and heavy as he
asked. the question.

She faced him, pushing her fat belly out as far as she could, then patted her round stomach
and smiled as a wave of motion moved through her body, ‘I’m not insulted at all. And
yes, I’m getting as fat as I can for the man I’m going to marry soon. Are you shocked’’

Standing in the door the delivery man smiled broadly. ‘No, I think it’s really cool, you
getting fat, I mean. If you don’t mind my saying, you look really great.’

‘Thanks,’ Tabatha said with the utmost sincerity. ‘More fat chicks need to hear that, so
don’t be shy about letting them know.’

She gave the delivery man a large tip, and smiled as she watched him back out of the

‘Well, I guess there are a few men out there that like a woman with curves.’

Returning to the kitchen Tabatha began mixing up batch after batch of the weight gain
powder, drinking it until her belly was so full she could not move, then resting and
beginning again as soon as she could. As she drank she sat on the floor of her living
room, her legs spread wide to make room for her growing belly between them. With each
shake she consumed Tabatha could feel it rub further out on the tops of her thickening
thighs. She figured each batch was worth about 9000 calories, and she was able to drink
one two quart shake an hour. By noon she could already feel the effects of the over
30000 calories she had consumed by then. Her breasts had grown noticeably, their tops
riding closer to her face as she looked down at them, and the cleavage she saw was
becoming longer and deeper. As Tabatha finished one drink the straps finally popped
loose, letting the top drop away and her very massive breasts swing free. Standing in front
of the mirror she noticed the changes from just that morning in her figure. Her hips and
bottom were larger, complemented by her thick thighs and calves. Her face was round,
and a full double chin had developed. Her arms were plump and soft. Tabatha marveled
at her belly, which now looked as though she was nearly nine months pregnant. It was
round, jiggling and beautiful. But her breasts still easily dominated her figure. Even as
round as her belly had become, her fat, quivering boobs stuck out over a foot beyond it.
Tabatha was very excited by the changes she saw and hoped Steven would be surprised
when he finally saw her.

Tabatha continued to stuff her belly with the weight gain formula, feeling even the bikini
bottoms beginning to strain as her body swelled with fat. Finally, by six in the evening, her
hips, belly and butt had filled out so much the small strings holding her bikini bottoms
together ripped and the small garment dropped to the floor. This proof of her rapid
weight gain thrilled Tabatha, and she force herself to drink until she felt ready to burst. By
10 p.m. Tabatha could drink no more, and headed to the scales in the bathroom to find out
just what she had accomplished that day. Stepping on the scales Tabatha made a mental
note to send a thank you letter to her friend, or better yet, take her out to dinner in
appreciation for her help. As the scale’s indicator came to a halt even Tabatha was
surprised by the new numbers. In the fourteen hours she had done almost nothing but
drink her weight gain formula she had gone from 166 pounds to 189 pounds. On her 5’
3’ frame the change was dramatic. A gain of almost seventy pounds in less than a week
and Tabatha felt a thrill of emotion run through her. Thoroughly stuffed she headed off
to bed, wondering what Steven’s, and the cheerleading squad’s, reaction would be to her
new, fat hourglass figure. With each step her entire body jiggled, her massive bosom
swaying. Her breasts not only extended out in front of her, but well past her sides. As
they swayed they easily touched each arm. Sliding under the covers she looked toward
her feet, and was astonished to she what looked like two mountains beneath the sheets
where her breasts were.

‘Oh, my,’ was all she could think as she viewed breasts that loomed in front of her.

Even laying down they stuck up almost a foot and were so wide she felt them spill onto
her arms. She shimmied her body and watched them sway and tremble with motion, their
sensitive skin rubbing against the sheets and causing her to gasp with the sensation. She
felt the sheet move across her round belly with the motion of her mountainous breasts,
actually able to feel the sheet draw across her now very deep belly button. Her entire
body was awake with sensations she became enthralled with. The fatter Tabatha became
the more she knew it was right for her, and the more confident she became in herself.
Finally, as the emotional and sexual thrills abated, Tabatha drifted off to sleep knowing
tomorrow would be an interesting day, especially with the one surprise she had left.

The next day Tabatha called Steven after she woke up, letting him know she would meet
him at half-time of the game that night, but would not come out before that. When he
asked if she had gained much weight her only response was, ‘I don’t think you’ll be too
disappointed, I’ve gained a few pounds.’ After hanging up she slid from under the covers
and as she stood marveled at how fat she had become. While sleeping the weight gain
formula had continued its work and she was sure she had gained a few more pounds. The
scales confirmed that yet another five pounds had filled out her plump, rounded figure.
Tabatha fixed breakfast, the went out to lounge on the back porch, eating a meal that
would normally have fed three people, and taking in the sun. She wore only cutoff pair of
sweat pants that belonged to Steven and were stretched past their limited by her expansive
lower body. As she sat Tabatha noticed how soft the wooden chair seemed beneath her
round, fat bottom. It nicely balanced out the massive bust she now sported and Tabatha
took a great deal of pride in how well she had filled out. The top she wore was also
Steven’s, but it was stretched so tight it barely covered half way down her breasts. She
cut a slit in the front beginning at the collar and going about a third of the way down the
shirt. Her fat, rounded breasts were somewhere between the size of volley balls and
watermelons, and they swelled up from the slit she had made, and extended below the
shirt’s bottom, resting on her Budda like belly. The sun warmed her skin as she continued
to eat, luxuriating in her new figure. This was the first time she had ventured out into the
back yard since beginning her weight gain quest, giving her neighbors their first view of

The woman who lived next door was an exercise freak, constantly worrying about her
body fat and often complaining to Tabatha about her weight. To Tabatha she had always
looked anorexic, and she wondered what the woman’s reaction would be to her fattened
figure. She didn’t wait long to find out. Tabatha had eaten about half of her breakfast
when her neighbor walked out the back door, and stopped dead in her tracks as she stared
at Tabatha. Smiling, Tabatha waved calmly at the skinny female.

‘Hi, how are you this morning’’, she asked between bites. ‘It’s such a wonderful day I
wanted to get a little sun.’

‘Hi, Tabatha,’ the woman stammered. ‘Umm, you are Tabatha, right. Not some

‘No, it’s me, why do you ask’’

‘Well, ahh, you look like you’ve gained a little weight. Are you sick, or something.’
Tabatha’s neighbor moved closer, drawn by her curiosity over the stunningly fat woman
she saw eating as she lounged in the sun.

‘Sick, no. I’m just trying to get fat, or fatter, to be honest. I’ve gained over seventy
pounds this week.’ Tabatha inhaled deeply, letting her body expand with air again and
watched for the reaction as her belly and breasts swelled. ‘I was really tired of dieting and
just decided to stop and eat to my heart’s content. And besides, I’m marrying a man who
likes me fat.’

‘You have got to be kidding,’ her neighbor responded in horror, a look of revulsion on
her angular face. ‘You want to get fat. That’s disgusting.’

Tabatha set her plate down and stood, her incredible breasts swaying under her shirt as she
walked closer to the boyish looking female. She looked calmly at her neighbor. ‘No,
disgusting is making a woman’s figure look like a boy’s, starving yourself to fit the ideals
of a society that attempts to control how you look, think and feel. I’ve just quit following
the marketing propaganda Pied Piper.’

She then turned, picked up the plate of food, and walked back into the house, feeling
completely free for the first time in her life. As the day progressed Tabatha snacked,
beginning to wonder how the spandex cheerleading uniform would fit her now. Getting it
out of the closet she began to struggle into the bottoms. They normally ran from just
under her belly button to her ankles, and as Tabatha worked them over her lower body she
marveled at the ability of spandex to stretch. Each of her thighs had doubled in width, her
calves now nearly as thick as her thighs had been less than a week ago. After half an hour
she had the bottom half of her uniform on. As she looked at herself in the mirror she
could see the normally white garment was nearly transparent as it stretched across the
swelling curves of her lower body. Her belly rolled over the top of the waist band and a
roll of fat peaked over the entire waist. Tabatha’s bottom looked like a volley ball had
been cut in half and forced into the back of the outfit. As Tabatha took a step she could
see her cheeks move in a quivering motion. Her belly rounded out in front of her, looking
like half a basketball had been forced in the front of the straining garment. Flaring hips
threatened to roll the sides of the garment down and Tabatha found that she need to move
slowly to allow the spandex to stretch to its full capacity.

Turning and looking at her reflection in a mirror Tabatha smiled at the figure she now
sported. Her breasts, still naked, were large, round and fat, quivering as she turned.
Picking up the spandex top, Tabatha knew she would have to work hard to get it on. The
growth of her bust had easily outpaced the rest of her voluptuous body and she could only
guess what cup size she must need now. Looking down at them they seemed to spread
out in front of her forever and she was impressed with how heavy they were. Her plump
arms could not encircle the front of her boobs and touch. She cradled her arms under
them and lifted them together, the result being what looked to her like ten feet of
cleavage, deep, long and inviting, swelling up almost to her chin. Thrilled with her fat,
massive bust Tabatha began to struggle into the now very small top.

Nearly twenty minutes later she had the top on, or as much as it possibly could be.
Tabatha had needed to unbutton the first couple of buttons along the front of the top, and
a tremendous amount of her boobs swelled up out of the opening. The top dug into the
rolls of fat along her sides and each arm. Tabatha was certain a rapid movement or a deep
breath would split the over-stressed garment at the seams. Surveying herself a final time
in the bedroom mirror, and very pleased with what she saw, Tabatha slowly walked into
the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. Removing a small pouch with a single,
large white pill in it she deposited the packet into her purse. Finally, in the living room she
got out a sweat suit she had bought on her way home from the grocery store last
Saturday, a size twenty-two, and put it on. The sweat suit stretched across her flaring
curves and hugged her massive body, she could only zip the front of the top up half way,
her breasts were so large they pushed past the limits of the garment. Satisfied all was in
order Tabatha headed to her car, got in, and drove off to the stadium, a hint of
anticipation coursing through her.


Divine Sith Lord
Oct 21, 2005
Showing her photo id to the guard as she entered the stadium Tabatha suppressed a grin
as the guard, whom she had gotten to know on a first name basis over the years, gawked
at her now voluptuous hour glass figure that even the sweat suit could not hide. As she
entered the stadium she found a vacant office to hide in, wanting to keep herself out of
sight until game time. She listened as the noise level in the stadium increased while the
fans found their way to their seats. As the start of the game approached, Tabatha slowly
worked her way to the stadium floor, staying in the shadows. The lights went low as the
stadium announcer began calling out the names of players, each of them running out into
the light trained on the center of the court. Steven joined his team mates, but seemed
distracted. Only Tabatha knew the reason for his seemingly wandering gaze about the
stadium. For the first half Tabatha remained hidden, not letting anyone know who she
was. Her cheerleading squad members seemed off, the lack of her presence clearly
missed. As the clock wound down on the first half, Tabatha carefully slid out her sweat
suit, the spandex cheerleading uniform accentuating the plump, hourglass figure and
massive bosom she now sported. As the buzzer sounded for the half Steven worked his
way out onto the center of the court, a microphone in his hand. Almost nervously he
began to speak into it.

‘Hi everyone. Tonight’s sort of a special night. You see, there’s someone I’ve been
seeing for a while now, someone special to me. And, well, I’d like you to help me do
something tonight. You all know her as Tabatha, one of the cheerleaders on the squad,
and I’d like your help in asking her to marry me tonight.’ Steven’s voice gained more
strength and confidence as he went on. ‘Will all of you help me do that’’

The crowd yell back, ‘Yes’ in a resounding echo through the stadium.

‘Great,’ Steven yelled back, his confidence continuing to grow. ‘Now, I know Tabatha is
here in the stadium tonight, but she’s kind of shy about this and needs your
encouragement to come out. Will you help me call her name’’

A low tone sounded in the audience, three syllables, chanted over and over, growing in
volume. ‘Tabatha, Tabatha, Tabatha....’

The volume continued to increase, and Tabatha could feel tears well up in her eyes.
Slowly, almost fearfully, she moved out from the shadows, and toward the court. As she
broke through the crowd, and Steven finally saw and recognized her, her fears
immediately vanished. Steven looked at her plump, fattened body, his face split into a
wide grin, and he ran toward Tabatha, meeting her at the free-throw line. He threw his
arms around her as the crowd broke into an applause. Then, getting down on one knee he
held Tabatha’s hand and spoke into the microphone, ‘Tabatha, will you marry me, and
spend the rest of your life with me’’

Tabatha wiped tears from her eyes and nodded yes. The crowd cheered in response, a
thunderous roar deafening everyone in the stadium. Unheard by the crowd Tabatha spoke
closely to Steven’s ear. ‘So, do you like what you see’’

Now Steven nodded his head yes, his grin growing wider.

‘Am I too fat, or do you want me even bigger,’ Tabatha cooed into his ear, already
knowing the answer.

Steven mouthed the word ‘Bigger’ back at her.

Tabatha uncovered the pill she had brought with her from her condo, and held it up in
front of Steven’s face. ‘You’re absolutely sure’’

Steven nodded yes with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Tabatha popped the pill in her mouth, and swallowed. Within seconds Tabatha began to
feel a tingling in her body, a wave that swept through her. ‘I hope my friend knew what
she was doing,’ she thought as pressure began to build in her. This was her final surprise,
a suggestion of her college roommate that would add over 100 pounds to her weight.
Slowly, she could feel her body begin to expand, the now greedy fat cells in her body
swelling with even more fat. Tabatha, already only able to see her massive bust, noticed
that it began to move outward in all directions, to each side, forward and up through the
unbuttoned portion of the uniform top.

To Steven, and everyone else with a view, it looked like Tabatha was being inflated with
fat like a balloon. Her entire body began to grow, her breasts swelling to immense
proportions, rounder, wider, higher. Soon they were the size of watermelons, their weight
and size growing at an unbelievable rate. Her hips and butt also increased rapidly in size
and her already round belly became rounder and rounder. Fat rolled out over the waist
band of spandex pants, and the seams began to make tearing sounds as her body continued
to become fatter every second. Tabatha found it necessary to move her legs apart as her
thighs pressed against her other. Tabatha watched as her breasts grew past watermelon
size, and continued to fatten even further. A button popped open as the pressure of her
growing bust line overcame it, then another popped. Massive amounts of cleavage and
breast swelled up from the increasing opening. Tabatha rubbed her plump fingers along
the sides of her breasts, quivering with the sensation of growth. She soon was unable to
reach even the front of her boobs they had become so large, able to only touch their sides.

‘And I thought they looked huge under the sheets last night,’ Tabatha thought as they
continued to fatten and over doubled the size she had been impressed with the night

Tabatha gave up trying to touch the front of her breasts in any way, settling for holding
her belly as it continued to inflate. It felt like she was carrying quadruplets as her belly
expanded to unimaginable size. It inched out under her fingers, swelling with more and
more fat as the pill continued to fill her figure out to monstrous hourglass proportions.
Tabatha looked back her at boobs, they were larger than any she had ever seen, or
imagined. Now the size of beachballs, very large beach balls, they quivered and shook as
the growth continued. Tabatha turned her head to look at her sides, and noticed her
massive, flaring hips. Looking over her shoulder she saw an ass that was nearly as large as
her bust. Beside herself with glee as she watched and felt her body fatten even more,
Tabatha looked at the expression of disbelief and worship in Steven’s eyes as her body
grew. She turned before him, letting him get the full effect of the weight gain as her body
continue to be filled with greater amounts of fat. With each movement her body quivered
with motion. After what seemed like forever, the growth began to slow. Finally, while
Tabatha wondered how the spandex had held up, her body stabilized. She walked up to
Steven, pressing her huge breasts and belly against him. She had grown so round, buxom
and plump that he tried to put his arms around her, but could not. Her breasts stood over
two feet out in front of her round, fat belly, with nearly that much cleavage showing
through the opening in the front of her shirt. As Tabatha assessed her new body she
mused that her breasts must weight more that she used to weight before she started on her
quest to fatten up. They were each over a yard wide and extended a great distance past
her plump sides. Patting the side of one Tabatha felt a wave of motion run through her
entire body.

‘I’m going to like this quite a bit,’ she thought. Looking at Steven she spoke, a smile on
her face, ‘Am I too fat now,’ she laughed.

‘Nope. Just about right, but maybe a few more pounds would help that small bust line of

Tabatha punched him playfully, ‘Be careful what you ask for...’ she cautioned. Happy
with the body she had , she wasn’t sure if it was quite big enough, but it was fine for now.

Steven and Tabatha suddenly realized that they were standing in front of a stadium of fans,
fans that had become quiet during Tabatha’s fattening. She took the microphone from
Steven and looked up into the crowd. ‘I want you all to know that I did this for myself,
and my man. I was tired of starving myself, and tired of trying to be something I’m not.
I’m fat, I like being fat, and that’s it. I’ll be retiring from the cheerleading squad now, the
uniform has gotten a little tight.’ A sprinkling of laughter came from the stands.

Then a voice in the crowd, a man’s voice, could be heard. ‘Don’t quit Tabatha. Tabatha,
Tabatha,’ As he continued to chant her name other voices joined in. Mostly male at first,
but then the higher pitch of females joined in as the chant picked up steam. Tabatha
stared in disbelief as the crowd came to its feet, cheering her on, telling her not to quit.

Resting one plump hand on a massive hip, she lifted the microphone to her beautiful,
round face. ‘You want me to keep cheerleading’ But I’m too fat now!’

‘NO!,’ the crowd yelled back, as it still chanted her name.

Tabatha did a three-sixty, her body quaking with movement. ‘all right. I’ll keep
cheerleading, if my husband-to-be doesn’t mind.’

Steven shook his head yes and the crowd roared. As the noise quieted Tabatha realized
how much time they had taken up. ‘We’ve got to get going now so they can finish this
game, but I’ll be back for the next game,’ she told the crowd. She and Steven headed for
the tunnel back to the locker rooms as the crowd applauded them. With each step
Tabatha watched her breasts jump and quiver with motion, almost bouncing up to her full
double chin.

Passing the pile of sweats she had stripped out of she picked up the pants, holding them
up. ‘Looks like I’ve sort of outgrown these,’ she thought.

They stopped in the hallway, a moment of privacy between them. Steven looked her in
the eyes. ‘How,’ was all he could muster.

‘I visited a college roommate after you left on Saturday. A roommate that had more
brains than an entire dormitory floor combined, and one that is fat on top of it. She ended
up in bioengineering, working with genetic nanites. All I know is that she can reprogram
the genes of the human body. It’s very experimental, and very expensive. But what are
friends for. Anyway, I explained what I wanted to do and after she figured out that I
hadn’t gone completely off the deep end she helped me out. She programmed the nanites
and injected them into me to help me get fat, and allow me to eat almost non-stop. They
helped me digest the food I ate this week and put it in all the right places as fat. The pill
was her idea to give you the special surprise of me being able to fatten up very quickly.
Guess I owe her a dinner,’ Tabatha laughed as she finished the explanation.

Knowing Steven needed to get to the locker room with the rest of his teammates Tabatha
kissed him and told him she’d be waiting for him after the game. ‘And you’re taking ME
out to dinner, a very large, expensive dinner.’ After he was gone she walked over to the
cheerleader’s locker room, not quite sure what to expect. As Tabatha walked in the other
cheerleaders rushed her, congratulating her on her engagement. After the excitement
diminished one of the skinnier cheerleaders pulled her to the side.

‘Tabatha, I’ve got to tell you I envy you right now. I mean, look at the size of your
breasts, they are absolutely huge! Anyway, the guys in the crowd really seemed to get
excited by what you look like, and, well, I was wondering, do you really like being fat,
that fat, I mean’’

A small group of cheerleaders formed around them as the first cheerleader asked her
question. Tabatha looked at them, ‘It is absolutely the greatest thing. You should see the
looks I get now. And all this flesh is very sensitive, if you get what I mean.’

Other cheerleaders asked more questions about how being fat felt. Finally, one spoke up,
‘All this talk about getting fat is making me real, real hungry. I say we order pizzas.’ A
gleam formed in the entire squad’s eyes. ‘A lot of pizzas,’ they echoed in unison.


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Oct 9, 2005
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