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May 7, 2014
Don't remember the exact details, but I'll try my best to describe what I can.

The story was hosted either here or on Fantasy Feeder. It started off with an overweight business man going to some foreign country overseas (It was like India, Bulgaria, or somewhere similar) to help develop his companies infrastructure. Anyway, he stayed with (I think?) a relatively wealthy family when their daughter took a fancy to him and started spoiling him with food. This went on for about a year and when it was time for him to return to the states, he realized that he loved the daughter too. Then they both went to tell her parents the good news, and then they had him go through some tradition of being forcibly fattened every day for like another year? I know for sure that it ended with him being a massive blob that barely fit him and his newlywed wife's house, which the parents helped pay for.

Does anyone know the title and where I could possibly read this again?