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Aug 1, 2018
A confident fitness instructor meets the shy guy of her dreams and they find out they have a lot more in common than they think

Hey there! This is my first story ever and first time ever posting on a forum like this. I've been very secretive about my FFA preferences so I thought writing a story would be a good way to get my feelings out! Will probably be very wordy but that's just how I write. Let me know what you think! :)

Lorelai and Jake

It was a beautiful Friday morning as the sun rose high in the sky above the city. One building in particular that it rose over was Multi-Sport Fitness. This wasn't like any of the other dozen gyms in a 5 mile radius. Yes, Multi-Sport Fitness did offer a wide variety of classes, but what made this gym special was the romance that was about to blossom that morning.

With headphones blaring “I'm Walking on Sunshine” by Katerina and the Waves and sipping her mocha iced coffee Lorelai Lancaster made her way up to the large fitness complex. She had been teaching fitness classes at the gym for a little over three years now. Since she only lived a 15 minute walk away the young woman, fit and full of energy, had no problem walking to work. It gave her a chance to collect her thoughts and bop her head to whatever tune she had stuck in it. Lorelai walked into the building with a smile.

“Hey Cheryl! Hey Adam!” She waved to the front desk receptionists. “How are you both doing this morning?” An annoyed moan came from the right side of the desk where Cheryl sat. “Girl. It is 7am. How are you so... chipper and awake right now?”

“Beats me,” Lorelai shrugged as she pulled her headphones out of her ears. “By the time I'm halfway through my iced coffee I'm good to go!” She sat down at one of the available computers at the front desk and clocked in.

“Ignore her,” Her coworker Adam rolled his eyes. “Someone who can't handle their liquor was out late last night and forgot they had to come in early today! Anyways,” Adam ignored the fact that Cheryl had flipped him off and focused his attention on Lorelai. “How the hell was your date the other night? I told you I'd set you up with a catch!”

“Oh, my date?” Lorelai inwardly sighed. She kept her eyes glued to her computer screen, checking her appointments for the day, to avoid Adams stare. He tried so hard to set her up with someone he genuinely thought she would enjoy being with. “It was... okay? I don't know. Ben was nice but I just don't we'd work together.”

“What the... not work together??” Adam exclaimed. “EVERY guy I set you up with has some sort of major issue you can't work through. I hate to see you alone when you're a smart intelligent attractive girl any guy would be lucky to have.”

“You're sweet,” Lorelai looked over at Adam and smiled. “But... there's a guy out there for me. I just haven't found him yet,” She shrugged.

There was a reason why none of the men Adam set her up with worked out. Lorelai dared not to say it out loud though. It was a big reason. Ironically it was the lack of “bigness” that kept her from wanting to move past the first date. The problem was she liked her men big. Not in the downstairs department, but all over. A big fat guy with strong arms and a nice full belly was enough to drive the woman crazy. Working in the fitness industry was a tough place to be when you're an FFA. All the men she was set up with, all the guys who hit on her at work or at bars, they were all fit and toned with six pack abs. While the woman could appreciate the work it took to achieve that look it just wasn't for her.

Unfortunately all the men she found attractive were too shy to come up to her. Lorelai worked hard for her body and was very happy with the way she looked. Toned arms, strong thighs, slender neck, and a toned perky behind were things she was very proud of, but it scared many potential love interests away. There were plenty of heftier men who frequented the gym but every time she flirted with them they seemed to assume she was trying to sell them on a higher membership or just get them to take her classes. If only they knew that she was being genuine and wanted to sincerely jump their bones.

“Well I think you're just too picky,” Adam stated. “Eventually you're going to have to get over whatever hang up you have with men if you ever want a real relationship!”

“And when that time comes when I'm 40 and have 20 cats then I will listen to you oh wise and mighty relationship guru,” Lorelai laughed and grabbed a breakfast protein shake from the gyms shop fridge behind them. “Charge this to my account, kay? I gotta run and set up class!” She grabbed some papers from the printer at reception and zoomed off to her room to set up for for the day.


That's it everyone come on!” Lorelai yelled out encouragingly to the 8am kickboxing class she was teaching. Her energy and volume increasing the more she spoke. “I know it's tough but you can finish this set! I swear you're soooooo close to being done with the workout today!”

The petite woman walked up and down the rows of bags set up in the studio, surveying her class. Stopping every once in awhile to correct the form of a student. As she glanced over to the big glass window looking out from the studio there was another form she had to stop and check out.

There was a tall and rather hefty man staring into the window of her classroom. And oh, what a man he was. She stood there for a moment, greatly appreciating what she saw, but when her eyes met his her new eye candy quickly looked down towards the ground at his phone trying to pretend he wasn't staring.

Quickly Lorelai turned to her class and gave them instructions on what to do next once they finished this set. She ran towards the door hoping her guy would still be around. She opened the door and thankfully he was still out in the hall. Feeling particularly confident that day, she sauntered over and tapped the man on the shoulder. When he turned to face her she felt a shiver run down her spine.

The size contrast between the two of them was astounding. Lorelai herself stood at 5'1 while the man in front of her had to be at least 6'3. His entire body was thick. There was a layer of scrumptious fat all over his body but you could tell there was definitely some muscle hiding underneath all that wonderful padding.

“Hi there!” Lorelai chirped and gave him a bright smile.

“Oh, hey,” The man blushed. Cute. “Sorry, I promise I wasn't trying to be rude and stare I just...” The man trailed off and rubbed the back of his neck. Lorelai cocked her head to the side and smiled.

“You just wanted to check out how much fun everyone was having, right?” She offered. He smiled gratefully. She was hoping he was checking her out but he could have easily been checking out the other half dozen toned women in the room as well. “You're totally fine! It's a pretty intense class but the instructor Lorelai is super awesome and pretty cute if I do say so myself,” She giggled.

“And you're Lorelai I'm assuming?” The man smirked.

“Yes. Yes I am,” Lorelai nodded. “What? I'm a damn good teacher! I can be proud of it!” She paused for a moment and tried to stay focused on his eyes instead of letting her eyes roam his body. “So will you be stopping in for class today Mr....?”

“My names Jake,” He hesitated but held out his hand to shake Lorelai's. She loved the feeling of his large chubby hand wrapped around her dainty slim digits. It was as if she felt a jolt of electricity the second their hands touched. “And no,” Jake laughed. “I don't think you'll see me in any type of class like that any time soon. I think I'll just stick to the weights for now and work my way up to cardio eventually!”

“Well I will say the weights seem to be working for you,” Lorelai looked Jake up and down, glancing at his belly maybe just a smidgen too long, with an appreciative smile. “But in case you change your mind I teach class here Tuesday through Saturday. Without being too biased I will say the class is super fun and don't worry, I go easy on the newbies.”

Lorelai glanced down at her stopwatch and realized her class would be finishing up their set soon. “Shit,” She mumbled. “I'm sorry Jake I have to get back to class. But like I said stop by and take a class!” Lorelai turned to leave but stopped short and turned back to him. “Oh, I'm also always available to do one on one classes anytime!” She winked at Jake and ran back into her class feeling light as air.


Jake just stood there in awe and confusion. Did.... Was she flirting with me? He thought in disbelief to himself.


Aug 1, 2018
Jake sighed in disgust as he looked around at all the fast food wrappers that surrounded him. This was the third time this week he couldn't ignore the siren call of the little mom and pop fast food joint next to work. Every time he walked out those doors he had to walk over and pick something up to bring home for dinner.

It felt great in the moment. Jake loved to eat! But when he saw the massive amounts of bags and wrappers from all the food he consumed he was only reminded of how that was contributing to his ever growing waistline and his ever empty love life.

Jake hadn't been to the gym in well over a year. He had a set of weights at home. He enjoyed lifting weights and feeling strong and powerful, but cardio did not agree with him. He got winded just walking up a long flight of stairs! Over the past year things seemed to have only gotten worse.

Back when Jake went to college on a football scholarship he started out big and burly, as he had always been, but over the seasons his appetite only continued to grow. After Jake graduated and took a job at a marketing company his long days of working and pumping iron to stay big and muscular had been replaced by long hours of sitting at a desk all day.

Jake had tried to cut back on his food intake but it just didn't work. His appetite was too insatiable. No matter what he tried he'd lose a few pounds but end up gaining them back practically right away.

Part of what Jake hated most about football was all the damn cardio and running he had to do. He could still bench press 250 pounds but he'd be damned if he would run another timed mile. But because of his lack of intense exercise paired with the fact that he was an eating machine, Jake had managed to turn his 6'3 265 pound linebacker body into a 300 pound blob, with most of that extra weight culminating in his gut.

So, as Jake reluctantly heaved his body up off the couch he started to clean up the wrappers from his indulgence earlier that afternoon. He only finished up his meal a little over an hour ago but his belly was already craving something more. After cleaning up Jake sat back down on the couch with a bag of chips. Reluctantly munching away on his snack he scrolled through his facebook feed.

Almost as if his phone read his mind about wanting to get back to the gym a sponsored ad for one nearby popped up. He usually scrolled through ads without giving them a second thought, but the thumbnail for this video ad had a woman so attractive he felt compelled to watch it. So, Jake stuffed another handful of chips in his mouth and clicked play.

“Hey there!” The attractive woman smiled brightly at the camera. “Tired of working out at home? Do you want a fun place to work on your fitness goals and connect with like minded people who want to get in shape and work on those muscles,” She held up her arm and flexed her bicep. “Just like you?”

“Then come on down to Multi-Sport Fitness!” The petite woman walked away as the camera followed. This also gave Jake a great view of her perky butt which he very much enjoyed. “We have the basic gym equipment here but we also have tons of classes for you to take! There's Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Crossfit, and my personal favorite... Kickboxing!”

The woman now stood in a room surrounded by heavy weight bags all lined up in a row. So come on down and take a kick...” The woman paused and gave the heavy weight bag in front of her a roundhouse kick. “Ass class with me or one of our highly trained instructors! Stop wasting your days sitting on your butt watching TV and come on by to have the time of your life!”

Jake sighed as he looked down from his video at the giant gut currently resting in his lap. He glanced back to his phone screen, his eyes locked on the beautiful girl in the video.

“If I want someone like that to even glance at a guy like me,” He looked down and poked his belly, still taught and full from his lunch. “I gotta get back to the gym.”

Thankfully Jake had off work the next day so first thing in the morning he went straight to the Multi-Sport Fitness to sign up for a membership. Well, maybe not first thing. He knew he'd be getting in a killer workout that day so he had a big breakfast of eggs, turkey sausage, and a nice big protein shake.

Jake paused hesitantly before walking in to the building. He was so out of shape... And unfortunately after breakfast his tank top was feeling rather tight around his middle. He made a mental note to go buy some looser clothes after today. As self conscious as he was feeling Jake sucked it up and walked in to the building.

And he almost instantly regretted his decision as he walked up to the front desk. He saw the pretty blonde hair blue eyed reception glance at his belly and smirk. She sighed and looked up at the man with a forced smile. As annoying as it was Jake was used to it. That's how most women greeted him nowadays.

“Hello! Welcome to Multi-Sport Fitness! How may I help you today?”

“Uh, hi...” Jake hesitated. “I saw an ad on Facebook for your gym so I thought I'd stop by and see about getting a membership.”

“Oh, was it the ad with Lorelai?” A male voice interrupted. “We just put that ad out about a week ago and we've had a ton of response from it! She's so pretty how could that 100 watt smile not make you wanna come down and take a class, right?”

Jake blushed. The man was right. The only reason he clicked on the ad was because of this Lorelai woman.

“Cheryl, you stay here and deal with the phones. You're in no mood to be showing a possible new member around!”

“Thank God,” Cheryl let out an exasperated sigh. “I owe you one.”

“Obviously! Now let me show you around our amazing facilities!” Adam walked out from behind the front desk and greeted Jake with a broad smile and a handshake. “My name is Adam! And yours is?”


“My my Jake, what a strong grip you have!” Adam commented as he started guiding Jake through the gym. “You must be into lifting, right?”

“Actually yeah. That's mostly what I do now. I used to play football in college but after taking an office job,” Jake ran his hand across his belly. “Let's just say it hasn't done wonders for my physique or my love life.”

“Well that's perfectly okay!” Adam smiled as he continued to lead Jake through the gym complex. “Everyone here is at different levels of fitness. We get people of all types... People who are already in shape and want to keep it that way and people who have wandered away from the gym for years and are just trying to get back into the swing of things!”

“That's cool to know,” Jake smiled warmly. He was a little off put by the receptionist when he walked in but this guy made Jake feel a lot better! But as Adam showed him the weight room, locker rooms, and different specific fitness studio rooms he couldn't help but wonder...

“So,” Jake started out hesitantly. “That woman in the ads...” He paused for a moment wondering if this question was sort of creepy. “Does she work here? Or was that just a hired actress or something?”

“Lorelai? Oh of course she works here!” Adam smiled. “She mainly teaches the kickboxing classes we offer. And don't worry,” He shook his head and chuckled as he noticed Jake's obvious blush. “About 75% of the guys who have come in during the past week have asked that same question. You're not alone!”

Adam took Jake on the rest of the tour, then brought him to the reception area to go over membership options and payment. Once everything was settled Jake was eager to get started right away. He ran over to the locker room, stowed his stuff away in his locker, and braced himself for the torture he was about to endure.


Aug 1, 2018
While passing all the different studio rooms Jake thought he heard a familiar voice. He stopped in front of a big glass window looking into the kickboxing class and saw her. Jake held his breath. She was even more gorgeous in person. Unfortunately he had been staring for a bit too long and the petite woman looked over and made eye contact with him.

“Shit,” He mumbled under his breath. Then thought to himself, “Great. Some big fat guy is ogling the attractive as hell fitness instructor. I'm sure she loves it when the unattractive fat guys stare at her.”

And as if his day couldn't get any worse it seemed that Lorelai was rushing over to the door. Jake quickly looked down at his phone and started to walk away. But he felt an even greater sense of dread and humility when he felt a dainty finger tap him on the shoulder. He turned and braced to be yelled at.

“Hi there!” Lorelai chirped and gave him a bright smile.

Jake was confused. This woman seemed to be genuinely happy to talk to him. “Oh, hey,” He couldn't help but blush. She was so dainty and cute, but also looked so toned. Such a big difference between her body and his. “Sorry, I promise I wasn't trying to be rude and stare I just...” He trailed off not knowing how to save himself.

“You just wanted to check out how much fun everyone was having, right?” She offered. “You're totally fine! It's a pretty intense class but the instructor Lorelai is super awesome and pretty cute if I do say so myself,” She giggled.

“And you're Lorelai I'm assuming?” Jake smirked. He definitely knew who she was.

“Yes. Yes I am,” Lorelai nodded. He couldn't help but chuckle. He adored her confidence. Although when you look like that he assumed it was pretty easy.

“What? I'm a damn good teacher! I can be proud of it!” Jake inwardly cringed when he noticed Lorelai glancing at his stomach. He self consciously crossed his arms over it to attempt to hide the giant thing. But the weird thing was... There was no disgust in her voice and no eye roll when talking to him. He was trying to decipher whether she was somehow checking him out or if he was dreaming when he realized she had asked him for his name.

“My names Jake,” He put on his best smile and held out his hand. God, how could a hand be so dainty but have such a powerful grip at the same time? He also realized she had asked him whether he'd be taking a class with her.

“And no,” Jake laughed. “I don't think you'll see me in any type of class like that any time soon. I think I'll just stick to the weights for now and work my way up to cardio eventually!” Ha. Right....

“Well I will say the weights seem to be working for you. But in case you change your mind I teach class here Tuesday through Saturday. Without being too biased I will say the class is super fun and don't worry, I go easy on the newbies.”

Dammit. Again with that look! Jake was so confused. He knew she was definitely staring but it was almost a look of lust as opposed to disgust. This woman made no sense! Maybe she was super nice to everyone she met?

“Shit,” She mumbled. “I'm sorry Jake I have to get back to class. But like I said stop by and take a class!” Lorelai turned to leave but stopped short and turned back to him. “Oh, I'm also always available to do one on one classes anytime!” She winked at him and ran away, giving Jake a nice view of her backside as she did so.

This was insane. Did she just offer to do a one on one class? With him? Maybe even simply joining the gym gave Jake the confidence he needed in the romance department. He headed down to the weight room with a newly determined outlook. If he wanted a catch even half as wonderful as Lorelai seemed he was going to have to work super hard to get back into his old football training shape.

As he started doing reps on the bench press his stomach grumbled in protest. Now if he could only get this dang thing to stop begging for food every hour...


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Apr 22, 2018
The Shadow Realm
Hey there! This is my first story ever and first time ever posting on a forum like this. I've been very secretive about my FFA preferences so I thought writing a story would be a good way to get my feelings out! Will probably be very wordy but that's just how I write. Let me know what you think!

I feel you there. Cute story! Looking forward to another chapter!


Aug 1, 2018
Lorelai wanted to waste no time when it came to getting Jake's attention. Normally if a bigger guy didn't pick up on her flirting she would just let it go and move on, but she couldn't with this one. There was something about Jake that Lorelai just didn't want to let go. Though they talked for only a brief time she felt a connection there.

In the past Lorelai would be very bold in flirting and trying to get a guys attention in the gym but over the years she found that the larger the guys waistline the more subtle and slow she had to be.

She had seen Jake a number of times since their last meeting. She always smiled brightly and waved, but she wanted him to be the one to talk to her first. Since it didn't seem like that was happening anytime soon she just had to make sure she was available for when he decided to make a move. She was dying to just run up and ask him out but she didn't want to scare the poor boy off.

That meant longer hours at the gym but she didn't care. Lorelai spent lots more time at the front desk and a lot more time out in the gym. Jake had mentioned he was into weight training so she made sure she was over by the weights as often as possible.

Unfortunately that meant that all the muscle head jocks tried talking her up.

Out of the three days she had seen Jake that week, on day three it looked like he was finally going to walk over and say something! To Lorelai's utter annoyance and great dismay some skinny 6 pack ab guy got to her first.

“I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are,” The jock gave her a cheesy grin. “Are you a model?”

“Really?” Lorelai gave perhaps the biggest eye roll in history. “That's your line? 'Are you a model',” She said in a mocking tone. “You've been staring at my ass for the past twenty minutes. Yes. I did notice that,” She paused and glared at him. “And that's the line you come up with?”

Lorelai's heart fell when she saw Jake turning to leave. Dammit! He probably thought she was actually into this idiot. That's it. She had to say something to him. She couldn't stand on the sidelines any longer.

“Well, I mean your beauty...” The guy stumbled over his words. “I just wanted to...”

“Ahh,” Lorelai held up her hand and cut him off. “To quote one of my favorite movies, girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours.”

Lorelai left the jock blushing and scurrying away to the locker room as she turned and ran to find where Jake went. She couldn't have him thinking she was into guys like that! But, she had barely taken a few steps into the hallway when she bumped into something, or someone, soft.

She had been going so fast she was thrown off her balance and fell. When she looked up all Lorelai could do was grin. That big plushy thing she had ran into was Jake.

“Oh God, I'm so sorry,” Jake grimaced. He held out his hand to help Lorelai to her feet. Lorelai was very pleased with the view she had of his gut as well as the chance to feel his strong grip once again.

“Trust me, it's all right,” Lorelai laughed and brushed herself off. “I can be a little clumsy sometimes.”

“I have to say that was some show back there,” Jake chuckled. “And excellent use of a She's The Man quote!”

“Oh, you heard that?” Lorelai was very pleased Jake had heard her turn the guy down. This was good. “I get hit on all the time like that,” She shrugged.

Wait... that might not be the best thing to say to Jake?

“But,” She said quickly. “So far no man has succeeded in wooing me with basic cat calls.”

“Really? You mean “Are you a model” didn't sweep you off your feet?” Jake feigned shock. “They should have just asked you what your favorite cheese was.”

Then, as if on cue they both said out loud, “My favorites Gouda!”

“See, you know how to woo a woman” Lorelai laughed and lightly touched Jake's arm. He seemed comfortable around her. Time to step the flirting game up. “And you have definitely seen one of my favorite comedies!”

“It's pretty great. And I'll admit, I had a bit of a crush on Amanda Bynes when I was younger,” Jake shrugged. “And I have to be able to woo with my choice of words. If I can't impress the ladies with my looks I gotta be able to impress them with witty banter.”

“I don't know if I'd say that,” Lorelai batted her eyelashes and looked Jake up and down. “It is a plus that you have far better vocabulary than the average muscle-head who walks in this gym, but I can see a few other assets that would impress a lady other than your language skills,” She smiled sweetly.

Jake was sort of taken aback by this comment. It was just like last time she was talking to him. This beauty could not be flirting with him. It went against the laws of nature! He didn't know what to say so an awkward moment of silence fell between the two of them.

Lorelai decided to give Jake a minute. He was doing well. He didn't run away yet. These were all good signs!

“So...” Jake started out, not really sure where to go from here. “Are you teaching more classes today?”

“Yes, I am!” Lorelai perked up. “Why? Were you finally gonna take me up on my offer and come see what an amazing instructor I am?”

“I don't know if you'd want an out of shape guy like me in your class,” Jake pointed towards himself and laughed. “Besides I think if people walked by and saw me in there they'd never want to come back.”

“Oh, stop it,” Lorelai lightly pushed Jake on the shoulder. To do so she had to reach up since the height difference between them was so great. “My classes are for everyone! And I'm gonna prove it to you!”

Lorelai grabbed Jake by the hand, a wave of pleasure running down her spine as she did so, and started to lead him towards her classroom.

Jake wanted to protest but would it really be so bad? If he went and enjoyed it then great! If he went and made a total fool of himself and Lorelai turned out to not be into him at least he could spend the 45 minute class checking her out and enjoying the visual part of working out.

The two walked into the classroom having a few minutes before anyone else would show up for class. Lorelai showed him around and explained to him what class was like just as she would for any person new to her classes.

“I promise it won't be too bad!” She assured Jake. “The class may be an hour long but everyone goes at their own pace. Here,” She took a pair of spare gloves out of a box from the closet and set them on top of a bag towards the back of the room. “You can stay aaaaaaallll the way back here. And if anyone messes with you,” Lorelai held up a fist. “I'll just knock them out,” She joked.

“Well as long as I have you protecting me I guess I'll be fine,” Jake laughed. “But if I'm on the floor dying you're the one who has to call the ambulance!”


About an hour later Jake was certain he was going to need that ambulance. Thankfully the class was a mix of people who were experienced and very in shape like Lorelai, and also people who were more on his level so he didn't feel so out of place.

While Jake was busy concentrating on the punches and kicks Lorelai was concentrating on Jake. She almost felt like she was wrong for coercing him into class but god... watching him move was magical. She got to see his strong powerful arms practically punch the bag to the ground. She also got a wonderful view of his more plush parts bouncing around. She could not keep her eyes off of such an attractive man.

Lorelai did admit to taking advantage of her position of power. During class she always went around and corrected people's form. However she spent far more time with Jake than anyone else. At one point she had to try something....

She placed a hand on his back and her other hand on that wonderful belly of his. Her excuse for this was her telling him to straighten his posture and active his core blah blah blah... Unfortunately she could tell that he tried majorly to suck in his gut as she did so, but still... The memory of that feeling of her hand on his belly was something she'd think about for quite awhile later that night.

Jake was drenched in sweat and felt disgusting. Part of him wanted to sneak out of class and clean up so Lorelai didn't have to see him in this state any longer but of course, she came right up to him once class was over.

“I see you didn't run out on me,” Lorelai laughed. “And for a first timer you did pretty good. How do you feel? I hope I didn't kick your butt too bad!”

“Honestly right now I feel like jello,” Jake leaned his back against the wall and looked up while trying to regulate his breathing. “And speaking of jello, I need some sort of food. I am starving.”

“Me too!” Lorelai agreed. “It's been a long day at work but thankfully that was my last class! I don't have any dinner plans though...”

Lorelai felt her heart start to pound. She hoped he would take the hint and ask her out to lunch. If he didn't obviously she'd do the asking but for once she wanted to be the one to be asked, not the one asking.

There was a very long silence. Jake's eyes were glued to the ground. Well, it was now or never. She seemed like she still wanted to see him even after she witnessed his large body bouncing around in her class.

“Well umm...” Jake gulped but mustered all the courage he could and looked up from the ground into Lorelai's eyes. “If you don't um...” He stumbled over his words. “Umm, have any dinner plans. Since we're both free... Would you like to grab a bite to eat with... with me?”

“Jake,” Lorelai's face lit up like a Christmas tree. “I would absolutely love to grab dinner with you.”

They agreed that they were both sweaty and in need of a shower. The plan was to clean up and meet by the front desk in twenty minutes. They were each incredibly nervous, but incredibly excited to spend more time with each other.


Aug 1, 2018
Sorry my updates are so short everyone... Life has been busy lately and I feel like a tiny chunk of story is better than no update at all for 3 months. So, here we go!

Jake stood in the lobby of the fitness center staring down at the smartphone in his hands. Was this real? Had she really agreed to go out to dinner with him? What if this was a cruel joke? What if she left out the back door and she was just going to leave him standing there like an idiot?

His concerns were cut short when he looked up and saw Lorelai walk, almost glide into the lobby. Jake had a hard time keeping his mouth closed when he looked up and saw her.

She was wearing a white and pink floral summer dress that showed off her toned arms and legs. Her medium length dark brown hair fell in soft curls around her shoulders. It seemed like she had put on a bit of makeup, but it only enhanced her already out of this world beauty.

It was amazing how she could go from sporty to girly in just a mater of minutes. Regardless of what she was wearing Jake that she was the most gorgeous thing on the planet... and that only made him even more anxious for tonight.

“Hey there,” Lorelai smiled brightly as she sauntered up to Jake. She was so close to him he could smell the light floral perfume on her. “You all ready to go?”

“Yes mam! Not sure where you want to go. I wish I had nicer clothes with me but these were all I brought with me today,” Jake shrugged as he looked down at his khaki shorts and, unfortunately, tight fitting black t-shirt.

“Oh, you're fine,” Lorelai waved him off.

“I just don't know how you manage to look so perfect after only a few minutes!”

“Ah, that my dear friend,” Lorelai placed a hand on his shoulder and laughed. “Is all thanks to procrastination! I'm practically late to everything as it is so I'm always used to getting ready under time constraints anyways.”

What she left out was the panicked crisis she was in practically the entire time she was in the locker room. Thankfully she had a few cute dress options she kept stowed away in her locker but she couldn't decide what to wear. The entire time she could only think about how badly she wanted this date to go well. Not only was Jake gorgeous but he was a nice funny guy and Lorelai looked forward to getting to know him better.

“Anyways,” Lorelai turned and started to head towards the door with Jake. “Did you drive here today?” Jake nodded and she smiled. “Good. Because I walked here this morning so you can drive!”

“Lorelai!!!” The woman cringed when she heard Adam yelling her name. “Wait!”

Adam ran up to Lorelai and Jake right as they were about to walk out the door. “Sorry, but I need you to sign a few papers back at the front desk for me,” Adam tugged her away from Jake, and smiled at the large man. “I'm gonna need her for just a minute. Very important gym stuff. Top secret.”

Lorelai practically growled as she was being dragged away from her dream guy. When they got to the front desk she crossed her arms over her chest and sighed.

“Now what exactly do you need me for now?”

“Well, one, I actually do need you to sign off on this order form for the supplies you need for your class,” Adam pointed to a paper down on the desk. “And two...” He leaned in close to Lorelai and whispered. “I wanted to make sure you were okay and not being pestered by that guy.”

“No Adam, I'm fine,” Lorelai rolled her eyes as she furiously scribbled her signature on the paper. “His name is Jake and...” She paused for a moment, not sure what exactly to say. “And we're going on a date,” She said proudly.

“A date???” Adam asked incredulously. “Honey, you don't have to do this if you don't want to. It's weird, usually you kick guys butts who pester you and try to ask you out. Is it because you feel bad for him since he's so big?” Her friend asked with a frown. “I know he's not your type so please don't lower your standards just because you feel sorry for him.”

“I do not feel sorry for him,” Lorelai said through gritted teeth. She had her fist balled up in anger down by her side.

She was about two seconds away from going off on Adam but then thought for a second. There wasn't a look of disgust in her friends eyes, but concern. To be fair, Adam had only ever see her go out with guys who had chiseled abs... Lorelai took a breath and decided to explain.

“No, Jake is not like any of the guys I've gone out with recently,” She glanced over at Jake and smiled warmly. “But I think that's a good thing. He's very sweet and cute and I'm looking forward to tonight.”

“Well, you know best,” Adam shrugged. “And I guess he does have a cute face... All right, I just wanted to make sure you weren't being dragged out of her against your will!”

“Trust me, I'm definitely not,” Lorelai laughed.

“Maybe you're right,” Adam agreed. “Maybe someone who's not like the typical guy you date will be good for you. In case anything goes wrong just give me a call okay?”

Lorelai promised to let Adam know if everything around her went up in flames and she hurried back over to Jake. Together they walked out of the gym both with giant grins plastered on their faces.

“So where exactly do you want to go?” Jake asked as they walked towards his car.

“Wherever is fine with me,” Lorelai shrugged. “There's a place down the road from here... Tony's I think it's called? I went there once and they had a pretty decent happy hour menu!”

Lorelai had been there before and one of her favorite things about it was how large the portions were that they served. Not for herself, she was usually barely able to eat 1/3rd of her order, but she was interested to see how Jake liked this place.

“Yeah, I think I know which place you're talking about. Sounds good to me!”

When they arrived at Jake's car, a very large but nice looking pick up truck, he walked over to the driver's side and opened the door for Lorelai.

“M'lady,” He gestured for her to get in.

“Why thank you kind sir,” Lorelai giggled and faced the car. She paused for a moment. This car was enormous. There was no way she would be able to get into it by herself.

“Umm Jake?” The man looked down at the woman with a puzzled look on his face. “I think I might need a hand here?”

Jake took a moment and noticed just how short Lorelai was. Especially next to his truck.

“Oh man, I'm so sorry,” Jake apologized and stepped over to Lorelai. “I'm so tall and I'm the only one who drives this thing I forget not everyone has my height advantage,” He chuckled.

Jake stood behind Lorelai and hesitated for a moment, not sure if he should touch her, but then remembered she was the one who asked for help! He placed his large hands on her waist and lifted her up into the truck with ease. She was as light as a feather to him. Jake definitely appreciated getting to feel the curves of her body and putting his hands on her tiny waist.

On the other hand, Lorelai was very happy the truck was too tall for her. She loved feeling Jake's large hands on her. Even better, When he lifted her up into the car she felt his belly brush up against her back. It was absolute heaven.

“Thank you,” Lorelai said quietly and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

They stood there for a moment just gazing into each others eyes, until eventually Jake was brought back to reality by his stomach growling which he unsuccessfully tried to cover up with a cough.

“Well then, let's get going!”


Aug 1, 2018
Thanks for sticking with me with my short updates! I'm glad to hear you want more! :)

Tbh I'm just making this up as I go along so not really sure where this is headed. But I definitely plan on continuing for as long as I can!


Aug 1, 2018
About ten minutes later Lorelai and Jake walked into Tony's. It was an old 1950's style diner. On the way over Lorelai explained to Jake that she loved kitschy vintage style places like this.

What she happened to leave out was that she knew Tony's served very large portions. Lorelai felt bad for suggesting a place like that for their first date but she couldn't help herself.

“Welcome to Tony's!” The waitress at the front greeted them with a chipper smile. “Is it just the two of yall?” When they nodded yes the woman continued. “Okie dokie and would you prefer a booth or a table?”

“Booth please!” Lorelai spoke up without missing a beat and the waitress led them over to their spot.

Jake cringed. It was too late to say he preferred a table and he didn't necessarily want to admit to this fit and trim beauty that his big fat ass wasn't that comfortable in booths because he didn't always fit in them. So, Jake grinned and beared it and squeezed into the, thankfully roomier than most normal, booth.

The waitress handed them two menus and took their drink orders before hurrying away to grab them. The two started to look over their options, but first Lorelai had to get something out of the way.

“Now I just have to warn you,” Lorelai set down her menu and gave Jake a stern look. “If you order a salad or some sort of rabbit diet food I won't be happy.”

Jake shot her a very confused look. That was not something he was expecting to hear from someone so fit.

“See, ever since I started my career working at the gym lots of times when I go out with people they feel obligated to order some sad looking salad or something,” The woman shook her head and sighed. “If that cesar salad is truly calling your name then by all means, go ahead and order it. But if it's not,” She looked up at Jake and smiled. “Don't feel pressured to try and “impress” me by ordering some health food.”

Jake could feel himself turning red. It was like she was a mind reader or something. His exact plan was to order a salad and probably just eat something heartier when he returned home later. He didn't want to seem like a pig in front of her.

“I promise I won't,” Jake held up his hand and crossed his heart. He paused for a moment and looked over at Lorelai thoughtfully. “Only if you promise that you won't make me feel bad by ordering a plain old salad for yourself.”

“Deal!” Lorelai nodded with a grin. “Don't tell anyone at the gym but I hate salads anyway. I think they're gross,” She stuck out her tongue and made a face, which caused Jake to laugh. “Besides, I had an intense workout early this morning and taught a few classes today so I'm in the mood for something other than plain old greens!”

A short silence fell over the two as they looked at their menus trying to decide what to get. Jake still was unsure about what he should order so when they waitress came by he gestured to Lorelai for her to order first.

“Yes, I will have the...” Lorelai glanced down at her menu. “Bacon cheeseburger with a side of curly fries.”

The waitress nodded and turned to Jake.

“And I'll have the cesa-” Jake stopped mid sentence when he felt Lorelai's eyes glaring at him. He didn't want to order what he truly wanted in front of Lorelai but decided the hell with it. This angel told him to get whatever he wanted so he decided to go with it.

“Um, I'm gonna go with the uh, fried chicken dinner.”

“That comes with two sides sweety. What'll ya have?”

“I'll have the loaded mac and cheese and the mashed potatoes with gravy.”

“Okie dokie!” The waitress chirped. “I'll put those orders in right away for ya!”

A moment of silence passed between the two of them before Jake spoke up.

“I must say I'm impressed,” Jake folded his arms across his chest and smiled approvingly. “I can't think of many girls that would order something like a bacon cheeseburger.”

“I like what I like,” Lorelai shrugged. “I always do things in moderation. I used to be so obsessed with calories and dieting...” The woman frowned. “But then I realized if I'm burning over 1,000 calories at work in one day then I can afford to enjoy the finer, albeit greasy, things in life every now and then.”

Although I certainly hope you don't take things in moderation. I can't wait to see you dig in to this meal big boy, Lorelai devilishly thought to herself.

“So how long have you been working at that gym?” Jake asked as his hands fiddled with the straw wrapper on the table below.

“About three years. It feels like I just started yesterday! I'm lucky thought because I love what I do for work. The exhilaration that comes from working out and teaching a class, helping people... There's nothing better,” She beamed.

“Believe it or not I can relate to you a bit on that note. Back in college I used to play football. As much as I hated every single second of cardio my coach made me endure,” Jake chuckled. “I loved the sport and the sense of power and pride that came with playing the game.”

“One of these days you'll have to explain that whole football thing to me. I have like zero knowledge about what goes on during a game!”

“That sounds like a plan,” Jake smiled, happy that Lorelai was already alluding to wanting to spend more time with him in the future.


Aug 1, 2018
Just then the waitress arrived with their orders and sat them down in front of the two of them.

“Wow, this smells amazing!” Lorelai commented to Jake after the waitress left. She eyed the portions and was very pleased to see that they were a substantial size.

Jake had to keep himself from actually drooling. This was the best looking fried chicken he had ever seen. He reminded himself to go slow and even though he wanted to tear into this chicken like a ravenous lion, to remember his table manners.

As Jake started in on his meal, Lorelai pretended to stare down at the table and take a sip of her soda. As soon as he looked down at his plate she watched him like a hawk. The look on that mans face as he bit into the piece of crispy fried chicken was... hot. He seemed like a man who enjoyed his food. She swore she even heard him moan in pleasure a little bit as the flavor of the juicy chicken hit his tongue.

Both Lorelai and Jake made some small talk as they ate. Lorelai got to hear more about what Jake did for work, and they also discussed tv/movie preferences.

As Jake was nearing the end of his meal Lorelai started to pick at her half eaten burger and half serving of fries left. To be honest, she was pretty full as the portion sizes there were ginormous, but she also wanted to test something out...

Jake finished up the last bite of his mashed potatoes and leaned back in the booth with a contented sigh. God, was he full. There was a lot of food on that plate and he had to go and eat every last bite. He kept telling himself he should stop and leave something behind on his plate to not seem like so much of a glutton, but he just couldn't stop.

“Is something wrong?” Jake asked as he noticed Lorelai still had half her entree left. “Did you not like your burger?”

“No, I did! It was delicious! I'm just getting a little full...” Lorelai held her breath. She debated if she should ask, but after considering for a moment went ahead anyways. “It's like the best burger ever though! Did... did you want any?”

Jake was very conflicted. On one hand he was already so full, but on the other hand that burger did smell goddamn amazing.

His brain was telling him, “No you idiot. You just ate a massive meal. You are on a date with a girl who has a perfectly in shape body. You do not need more food. She doesn't need to think you're more of a glutton than you already are.”

“Oh, I don't know,” Jake said shyly as he looked up at Lorelai. “I don't really think I should...”

Time to pour on the charm. Lorelai picked up a curly fry off her plate and took a bite while giving Jake, what she called, her bedroom eyes.

“Mmmm, but it's so good! Here, just try one fry!”

The woman reached across the booth and held a fry up to Jake's mouth. He hesitated for a few moments but ended up eating the fry out of her hand. When he did Lorelai felt a wave of pleasure run down her spine.

“Yeah, it is pretty good,” Jake reluctantly admitted. Once again, against his better judgment, his stomach won over his brain.

Lorelai pushed her plate of unfinished food over to Jake. She had to try hard not to squirm around in her seat. Here she was with a very attractive guy who hit all her points for good relationship material and he was willing to eat for her. She had tried the trick of “I'm full can you finish my leftovers” with boyfriends in the past, but every time they declined. But not Jake.

The two continued to talk, Lorelai making sure that she kept the conversation flowing so Jake had less time to focus on how full he was probably getting. Jake hadn't even noticed how much of Lorelai's food he had eaten till he reached down to grab another fry but was met with an empty plate.

Jake was full. Very full. Like, definitely more full than he should be. Full enough that he felt completely embarrassed that he made such a fat pig out of himself in front of the hot fitness instructor who, for whatever crazy reason, had agreed to go out with him in the first place.

Lorelai tried to keep the conversation going but good god... She couldn't help herself from staring down at Jake's belly. It was so sexy. Like a siren it called to her. All she wanted to do was grab handfuls of fat from his plush middle and squeeze... Jiggle his large belly around and give it a slap... Bite down onto all that soft padding around his belly button while she held onto his love handles...

The young woman was brought back to reality by Jake clearing his throat.

“Earth to Lorelai!” He waved his hands around. Thankfully for Lorelai he thought she had just been spaced out staring down at the table. “Did you hear me? What do you think?”

“Huh?” Lorelai shook her head, trying to comeback from her sexy daydream. “Sorry, I spaced out there for a second... Just a little tired after work today.”

“Oh...” Jake frowned. “Well if you're tired I guess you don't want to head over to the theater to catch a movie then?”

Damn. Jake really wanted to spend more time with Lorelai before he woke up from this dream he must currently be in. A movie would be perfect. A nice dark theater was perfect! Lorelai couldn't see his overly stuffed belly. Plus sitting next to him she would be able to feel his powerful arms that were still very muscular from all his weight training.

“Oh my gosh no!” Lorelai shook her head rapidly. “A movie sounds great! I'd really love the chance to get to spend some more time with you,” She blushed.

“Perfect,” Jake smiled warmly, feeling himself blush a little as well. “I'll run up to the counter and pay the bill and you go ahead and check what's playing over at the theater.”

Lorelai agreed. She took out her phone and started to look up show times, but every few seconds glanced over at the counter behind their booth so she could get a good look at Jake's butt packed nice and tight into his jeans that were perhaps just a tad too small.


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Dec 23, 2018
Thank you for this new chapter! " “Booth please!” Lorelai spoke up" - Did you have her do that so she could see Jake's juicy body squeezed into a small space? ;)
Now I feel a little hungry... and even though I eat healthy and am, in fact, a vegetarian, I hate salads, too :D


Aug 1, 2018
Thank you for this new chapter! " “Booth please!” Lorelai spoke up" - Did you have her do that so she could see Jake's juicy body squeezed into a small space? ;)

Well thank you for reading!! And you caught me! Of course Lorelai wanted to see her big guy squeeze into a tiny booth! Who wouldn't, right? ;)

Now I feel a little hungry... and even though I eat healthy and am, in fact, a vegetarian, I hate salads, too :D

So Lorelai is, for the most part, based on me in real life. I teach kickboxing classes myself and I've always been in good shape... But I cannot stand salads. To be honest I hate most veggies if they're not mashed or in the form of soup lol So yay for us salad haters!! :D

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