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Luna: Larger than Life - by Dr-Black-Jack (SSBBW, Fantasy, Liquid Inflation, XXWG)

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Jan 16, 2008
SSBBW, Fantasy, Liquid Inflation, XXWG - A captive fairy becomes addicted to a special type of heavy water.
Luna: Larger than Life

by Dr-Black-Jack

Based on the original character ‘Lunaliel Songwind’

Lunaliel Songwind © ThePervertWithin

Lunaliel Songwind groaned. Her mind was adrift in a cloudy sea. The flickering rays of light from above hurting her eyes as she gently attempted to blink them open, but that was no match to the throbbing which arched across the side of her head. The world around her had become a swirl of confusion, colours and lines blending together like distortions across a rippling pond. Water? Why did she think of water first? Where was she? Why couldn’t she remember anything except the sound of crashing waves? The young elf girl tried her best to think back, pushing past the unforgettable pounding which made it difficult to open her eyes all the way. She needed to concentrate. She needed to think.

The blue-haired beauty was a songstress by profession, a traveling minstrel who wished to experience the glory of nature in all its varied splendour and then transcribe it as best she could into words. Her most recent journey had taken her from her homeland to the north to a place known as Silverwood Springs, a lush forest grove known for its rich tapestry of legends and beliefs.

The tall canopies of her homeland vegetation were different to the sprawling oaks and pines of Silverwood, wispy shafts of light carried high on the tropics replaced instead by gnarled paths of gigantic brambles and ancient roots. This forest was as old as antiquity itself, and just as majestic. The last images she recalled showed her more sparkling vegetation, a rocky outcrop, a deep basin and everything tied together by the distant rumble of liquid rushing by the gallons. All she could taste was water. All she could feel against her body was ice. All she could see was silver.

Her eyes immediately shot open. The twinkling lights above her which she had mistaken for the forest ceiling were in fact the glow of fireflies far off in the distance. She was not in the forest at all but some kind of underground cavern. The gray slated walls looked worn by water, aeons of natural mining to pound out this secret cave. Slowly picking herself up, she looked to the left and she looked to the right only to be met by a seemingly endless darkness in all directions. For now there was only herself, the corridors, and a stream.

A stream! If there was water flowing in, there must also be water flowing out. With this she could surely find her way. All she would have to do was follow the watery trail from one end of the cave to the other and hopefully that would be able to lead her back to the surface. The elven lass slowly picked herself off the cold, stone floor and gingerly crawled over to the water’s edge.

Without even the slightest hesitation, Luna immediately immersed her arms into the flowing liquid. Her dainty hands cupped themselves together as she immediately began to splash her face, hoping that the soothing effects of nature’s underground water veins would restore her vitality and help her deal with her still throbbing head. It was only after a number of wild splashes that she was sufficiently awake to open her eyes all the way and gaze into the flowing mirror which streamed over her submerged fingertips. It was only then that she noticed something unusual.

The water beneath her was glowing. Water wasn’t supposed to do that, at least not any water that she had ever seen. Though clear and cool and refreshing to the touch, it contained a silvery sheen on its surface as it continued to trail over her submerged hands. Its shimmering film allowed her to see her lightly bronze-coloured reflection gazing back at her clear as day.

Her arms rose out from the glowing moat like narrow citadels, the tone and texture of her skin growing progressively lighter as her eyes followed the trail up towards her petite shoulders. She had always possessed a rather slender build, one so perfect and flawlessly sculpted in the mould beyond standard beauty for wood-elf kind. Her stomach was flat, her thighs were toned and her breasts were perky if not on a little the small side. Everywhere her vision roamed she could see that she was at least intact, without any hint of bruises or signs of a scuffle to suggest that she had been forcibly dragged to this strange location against her will. Her eyes grew wide. That full body exploration was only possible because she had been sitting naked the entire time.

Luna gasped and cupped her hands over her exposed nipples. She then gasped again as she moved one arm to cover both her naked breasts and shifted her free hand down to cover-up her equally naked crotch. Why on earth was she in such an indecent state?! Looking frantically from side to side, she searched for any sign of her misplaced clothing, a long sleeved green tank-top, a pair of leather-skin leggings and a leaf-shaped pendant that she had always worn since she was a child. It was the misplacement of that last item in particular which mattered to her the most, bringing a twinge of pain to pierce her normally merry heart.

Instantly forgetting that she was still in her birthday suit, the young elf girl dropped her hands and started to look about the dimly lit cavern. With only the light of the glowing stream to guide her way, she began to grope about through the narrow cave corridor in search of any hint of her lost belongings. Her palms came up empty, finding only smooth stones and damp in all directions.

Alone, she was completely and utterly alone. The echoing cave she was in suddenly seemed much larger and scarier than she had initially realised, the towering ceiling above her and the endless walls stretching ahead to give the entire place a warped fish-bowl shape. Fearfully curling up against the stony floor beneath her, Luna hugged her knees to her chest. The warmth of her breasts padded against her thighs as the shock of the moment finally set in. Her eyes grew heavy with fatigue, she was just so tired. The soothing glow of the glowing stream was the last thing she saw before she was finally asleep.

There was no way of knowing just how long she had slept. Time was impossible to tell in the dankness of the cave as it was still as dark as it was when she opened her eyes. Days, weeks, maybe even months could have past and she would never have known the difference. Before Luna’s wild imagination could drive her into a frenzy of worry, the growl of her empty stomach interceded to calm her fears. Judging by how hungry she was, she had probably only been unconscious for only a couple of hours.

Quietly rising from her awkward position, the kink in her neck from lying against a limestone bed reminded her of her current situation. She was still naked, in the middle of a cave, next to a strange glowing stream. She was less shocked to find herself in the same situation, but more concerned about the growling of her empty stomach as it echoed through the narrow cave. It hurt from hunger, her trim physique giving little in the way of extra padding aside from her pert rump and humble breasts. Luna bit her lip and chewed it thoughtfully as she looked around the cave in hopes of finding something to eat. She was starving.

Stones and rocks were all she could find, a dish more appealing to the rock golems of the high north hill but definitely not for the delicate pallet elf-girl like herself. She needed something, anything to fill her up but at the same time that was not going to break her teeth. A quick search around was again rewarded with only nothing, nothing that was except for the glowing stream.

Luna crawled back towards the shimmering pool. The sleek mirror-shine tide was as clear as it had ever been, the stream continuing to flow before her like a shining underground dragon. There was something so majestic and pure about that lovely water, its calmly flowing stream seeming to serve as her both her light and protection her at her darkest hour. It was so refreshing, so inviting, a liquid magnet drawing her ever closer as she was enamoured by its otherworldly glow. Nature on the surface had always provided for her in the past so why should underground rivers prove to be any different despite slight differences in their radiance.

Whether it was by her hunger’s force of will, or her complete and utter trust in all things natural, she cupped her hands together and scooped up some of the limpid liquid. It trickled and flowed through her dainty fingertips as she expected, with fine droplets of silvery shine falling back like a rippling summer rain. The thought of such things made her happy, assuring her of the look, feel and odourless fluid which she held in her hands. All that was left was to be assured of its taste.

Before she could stop herself, she brought the bowl-shaped scoop of her hands towards her parched lips. She managed to catch a good mouthful of the silvery slurry and was rewarded with a taste so delicious she could not help but moan. It was fantastic! That rich texture, that sweet flavour, her mouth was filled with a perfect tang of what she could only describe as the perfect spring.

Somewhere in the back of her mind a small voice screamed its hardest, trying desperately to tell her that something so addictive had to be wrong. A second mouthful of that silvery deluge was all it took to silence it. Luna didn’t care about anything else, only wishing to scoop handful after handful to fill her empty stomach with the wondrous stream. Her cheeks bulged as she greedily sucked and swallowed, acting almost as though the stream would disappear were she to ever stop. The clear-mirror’s edge kept track of her progress as she continued to help herself.

By this point Luna was slurping quite audibly, no longer concerned with keeping up her usually polite demeanour. What need was there for her to do so as she was the only one in cavern aside from the aurora of fireflies from above? Flecks of silver had managed to splatter onto her short, sky-blue locks, her face equally covered with rolling droplets down her cheeks. It was wet, cool and oh so sweet and tasty, just like…like…Her mind drew a blank as her tongue darted out to catch the falling trails dripping from her wrist to her forearm. She couldn’t be bothered to think, it was distracting her from her meal. If only she could drink it all faster! Only now did she realise just how hungry she was, her slim stomach practically drained from starvation. Slowly but surely, her stomach began to grow tighter as a pounding feeling took over her mind. Drink. More drink. She NEEDED more to drink.

So enamoured was she with the sugary silver that she did not realize the effects taking hold on her elven system. Her belly was paunching out slowly as she took in far more than she realized. By this point she had probably consumed more than several litres of the stuff, knocking it back like the water she had anticipated it to be. Her stomach slid down over her thighs steadily as it continued to expand, folding over itself around her small navel as a result of the kneeling position of her body. Constantly bending over like that would eventually inhibit her from being able to drink to her heart’s content. Two more handfuls would see her reach the point of drinking beyond any amount she had ever taken in before, everything she swallowed put towards dealing with her ravenous appetite. Slowly but surely her legs and hips continued to ripen like hanging fruit, gradually stretching out as her chest and waist started to sag. Even her face began to round out, her chin beginning to round out a little more with each and every sip.

Out of the corner of her eye she spied something different emerging from the lip of her growing belly. The silvery glow of what she was filling up on could just barely be seen illuminating her from the inside. Luna was quite surprised by this unusual development, her now chubby cheeks framing her inquisitive eyes. Still, she was unable to keep her hands out of the sugary silver nectar, lowering her head right down in order to try and slurp it straight from the source and fill her gluttonous jaw. A meaty slap of her weighty belly as it landed heavily against the cold stone echoed throughout the hollow gloom, the seismic jiggling carrying right through to her meaty ankles as amplified by her rump as it spread across the floor. All the while she was none the wiser as to just how much fatter she was becoming.

Time would pass. Luna burped loudly as she finally raised her head from the glistening pool, her belly now full to exploding with drink. She was a little dizzy from having taken in so much so soon. One of her hands settled instinctively upon her stomach, her pudgy digits rubbing gently upon her swollen middle. It was so soft and ice cold, a gentle glow illuminating from within. She imagined that she had gained anywhere within the vicinity of seventy or eighty pounds from that little session, her belly sloshing quite heavily as she leaned back. That annoying little voice she thought she had suppressed pipped back up once more, screeching that what all this unnatural weight was wrong and that she had just made the biggest mistake of her life by taking in so much of an unknown substance, but still she quelled its protests. She loved the way her thighs brushed against one another, how thick her body felt and how soft her cheeks had become.

As her hands trailed up and over her new found curves, she felt and squeezed every inch of her now extremely chubby body. Reaching up to her much heavier chest, she cupped each swollen boob in an open hand. Before they had just been slightly less than a handful, and sparked her jealousy of the larger girls in her home town. Now she could barely cover her nipples, their soft pink edges of her areolae and puffy pale bronze teats sticking out like a pair of bloated thumbs. She moaned again, quite loudly this time, as she heaved her melon-sized mammaries to feel their weight moulding through the gaps at her fingers, all the while cooing softly as she teased at her super sensitive mounds. Though Luna knew she had become quite fat, she could not help but enjoy it.

The twinkling of fireflies from above was the only witnesses to Luna’s stunning transformation, the shameless elf continuing to grow bigger as the water she had so willing glutted herself with took its toll. She continued to grow bigger, her neck thickening to match her plump chin, her formerly slender fingers becoming plump and everything else moulding like bronze clay to spread the weight of her stomach uniformly across the rest of her body. Right down to the bare feet which she had used to tread for miles across grassy plains, her athletic calves and thighs began to plump and grow fatter and fatter by the second. She pushed her belly’s bloated water skin to watch the tantalizing transformation, her eyes cloudy and empty as she giggled madly at her steady expansion.

As her meaty thighs swelled to provide her a more comfortable seat, so too did her stomach surge and sag to form a prominent overhang which swallowed up any sign of her waist. She was entirely oblivious to the rapid changes taking hold of her, too lost to the feeling of fullness as her stomach, as the rest of her body became swollen with fat.

Her perky tits could only hold up against gravity so long before another few cup sizes brought them to rest, each rounded orb of feminine flab supported by the gargantuan gut she was now forming more and more by the minute. Her soft, high-pitched voice was becoming slightly deeper as the gentle vocalizations of her constant pleasure moans were changed by her body’s accumulation of fatty rolls.

She opened her eyes and looked down at herself, feeling immensely pleased with what she saw. She smacked her belly playfully to watch it wobble, her pursed lips cracking into a gentle smile. If only she had known that being so big would have been this pleasurable, she’d have given up her low fat diet of berries and fruit for something more filling, preferably coated with a greasy layer of marinate and sauce. This feeling she felt of growing so big was right in every way. Luna had become less of an elf and more of a hefty beast of the bulge, a fat cow, or even a greedy oinker in every sense of the aspect. If a few sips could make her grow this large and beautiful so quickly, she could only imagine what she’d be like if she immersed herself the liquid pool.

In that moment of food-induced madness, Luna had made her decision. Both breasts and belly wobbled precariously as she picked herself up, her once vibrant purple eyes as glazed and mirror-like as the stream in front of her as she calmly approached the water’s edge. The voice within was no longer trying to stop her, instead it urged her to do it and see what would happen were she to carry on. The last threads of reason had given way to instinct and that was all the support she needed. She dipped her toes into the water and waded towards the centre of the glowing liquid.

The pool was much deeper than she had originally anticipated, her flabby form already submerged at the breasts after only moving in a few steps. It was cold and clean, a feeling of pleasure rippling across her body as she felt herself immersed in that sparkling liquid. All that added fat would not float her as she would have liked however, as she found herself slowly sinking the further in she went. Even so, she had to go on. She had to fulfill the yearning inside of her which had now taken over any final inhibitions to tell her that what she was doing was both dangerous and wrong. The last of her powder-blue locks disappeared completely by the time she reached the middle, a trail of bubbles underneath the only sign of her immersion.

Seconds ticked past. Luna had always been good at holding her breath but she had never done so for this long. The water-like liquid she had immersed herself in was becoming thicker and creamier all around her, forming somewhat of a sucking motion as she still continued to walk further towards its depths. Trotting along the surface was all she could do without the ability to swim or float as she had anticipated. She tried to open her eyes to look upon the silvery sheen of her surroundings but was immediately stung by a sharp pain, much like when a citrus rind was being squeezed directly over her face. The motion caused her to gag reflexively, the remaining air within her chubby cheeks immediately released into the shining lake. She had run out of air. She needed to get back to the surface!

Using what little reserves that were still in her lungs, the flabby elf girl laboriously turned on her heels and tried to run back in the direction she thought she came. Why oh why did she ever try such a dangerous feat in the first place? It had taken her at least 20 paces to get to where she was and without the ability to swim it would take her just the same to get back. Her flabby legs and arms pumped in unison as she flailed backwards, landing with a time-delayed underwater slam onto her overinflated backside. That was it; this underground river would be her tomb. In one last desperate struggle for air Luna opened her mouth wide and took a breath.

The water did not flow in. Rather than sampling the sweet silver syrup as her last meal, she was instead met with a surge of life-giving air. Luna opened her eyes to find herself sitting quite comfortably with her head above the water’s skin and her twin breasts bobbing playfully in front of her like a pair of harbour buoys. Somehow, some way, she had managed to avoid the ghastly fate of drowning. She smiled happily to herself as she uttered a silent thanks to the aurora of twinkling lights above her before looking over her shoulder to see just how quickly she had been able to make it back to shore.

The water’s edge was still a long way away. Surely this was just a trick played upon her eyes by the droplets of silver which stung her when she had them open. Waddling a little further out of the stream, she dried her hands as best she could against her breasts and belly before gently rubbing her eyes. The distance between her and the shore still remained the same. This just couldn’t be right, for a girl of her petite stature she should have still been fully submerged to at least one head’s distance beneath the silvery waves. Her great thighs jostled and bounced against one another as she quickly picked herself up, splitting the surface of the stream as her titanic belly and hips breached into the musty cave air. She watched the rolling silver which coated her body begin to fall back down like droplets precipitation down a cold glass of ale on a sweltering summer’s day.

As a point of curiosity she tracked a particularly fat droplet pool at the make-shift basin atop her bountiful breasts. The heavy silver slid down the curving cleavage of her perky double-Ds, its brilliant shimmer lighting the deepened gulley which ran beneath her ponderous chest mounds. Luna shivered a little as the droplet continued to trail, picking up more and more droplets surrounding the top of her great, wobbling belly which was still aglow with the water within. She lost sight of it temporarily as it dipped into the cavernous reaches of her indented bellybutton before emerging out again to run across the rim of her belly overhang lip. It would take a total of ten seconds for the droplet to traverse the broadened expanses of her bulging stomach before landing with a splash back into the pool. This was far longer than she had originally anticipated, which had meant only one thing. Luna had grown again.

The elf girl fell back into the water once more, startled with surprise. Her belly full of liquid sloshed about wildly as her butt made contact with the submerged stone beneath her feet as she landed with an unceremonious splash. Rather than being submerged to her breasts like she had been minutes before, she found that the surface of the stream barely covered the tops of her blubbery thighs. A few seconds later, she could actually see knees slowly rising towards her as her chunky ass began to lift her sitting form out of the pool. It was as though the water around her was being sucked through the very pores of her skin, both fattening her up and making her taller by the second.

Luna knew that had to escape. She had to get out of there before she got far too big. Try as she might to lift herself back up, she found that the growing blimp of her buttocks was constantly moving the floor she sat upon further and further away from her grip. The gain she experience in both height and weight seemed to speed up at the parts which were still in contact with the stream, her wide birthing hips and soft, flabby ass now more than double their original size and enclosing upon triple as they continued to flourish beneath the waves. One misplaced attempt to try and get back on her feet was met by a face full of the expansion inducing liquid as she fell flat onto her belly and breasts as she clumsily tried to turn.

In retrospect, Luna would take this point in time to reflect on the idea that keeping her mouth shut would have been a far better move than to reflexively squeal as more of the silver liquid was swallowed. The fattening and height increasing properties it induced seemed to have been amplified even more when her whole body was submerged than when she was slurping it down along the shoreline. Her desperate cries were quickly quieted to little more than a muffled moan as she rolled herself onto her back and tried to raise her head to the surface. The grip of her hands around her overly bloated belly loosened as feelings of pleasure quickly overtook panic. She stopped trying to press her belly back down to its former flatness to instead just gently caress the swollen, water-filled orb as she continued to grow.

Fatter and taller with each passing moment, the elf girl now more than doubled her original size. The once petite woodland denizen could now stand perfectly at the very centre of the underground river’s deepest point with only the lip of her prominent overhang just skimming the water’s surface. A bright blush of pink and red spread upon her face as she tried her best to cover her breasts and belly, leaving her sagging forefront to shield her bare crotch. Her butt and hips were now the most massive things about her, having taken in the largest exposure to the water’s fattening effect. Fortunately her steady bulk was constantly being counterbalanced by her increase in height to ensure that she was never wider than she was tall. Waves of pleasure overtook her mind.

After spending a good twenty minutes submerged in the stuff, her copper coloured belly was now far too large for her wrap both her arms around as the hemisphere continued to bloat out before her. That gigantic belly of hers was made even larger in comparison to her former height as she realized that she would have easily weighed over 900 pounds at this point, immobilized with all of that crushing mass. By this point Luna was now more than four times her original height, almost as tall as the cavern’s jagged stalagmites, the only way she could have possibly sustained so much weight for her size and still have a degree of mobility. Her massive breasts were lifted upwards by the bulk of her belly as her fat nipples turned to point in opposing directions as a result of her competing cleavage. Despite her hugely thick hips and thighs, now packed and squashed so tightly together to appoint where they were almost trying to push each other apart, Luna felt weak at the folds above her knees. The realization that she was growing so big from all aspects numbed her mind with pleasure as her rapid breathing and moaning filled the cool cave air.

More time would pass. It wasn’t long before a sharp jab knocked her from her growth-induced orgy as reason finally returned. Opening her eyes with a start she looked up to see that the unwelcome prod had originated from a hanging stalactite which had crumbled as a result of her head knocking into it. Rubbing her head slightly, she looked back down to see herself and was shocked by just what she saw.

to be continued

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