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Mar 11, 2006
Too lazy to hit up MAC forums this early on a Sunday figured I would throw my problem out to the world here....for any insight.

SO MY CUTE FURRBALL loves to get attention from me while i am using my MacBook, and afore mentioned cat knocked 1/4 of my coffee RIGHT ONTO THE KEYBOARD. (of course less then a week ago i saw the keypad cover and ordered one and its not here yet).....It didn't look to penetrate too fast or deep. IMMEDIATELY SOAKED IT ALL UP AND used hair dryer on it...knowing something would happen.....

well now I can't turn it on without it being plugged in :(
any solutions or ideas what is corrupt...or what needs to be replaced?
it works COMPLETELY NORMALLY if it is attached to electric source...but thats sorta the reason i have a laptop......:doh: