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    ~BHM/~FFA, ~MWG - a guy learns to live with a new kind of numbers game

    by Barazion

    Manuel sat up in bed and once again pondered the protuberance resting in his lap.

    Manuel had been a jock all through high school and college. Growing up in South Texas, football is a religion, and Manuel had been one of the high priests. Despite his Latino sounding name, Manuel is 6'4" tall and graduated from High School weighing 215 pounds.

    His mother Rosa, and father Gregory, went to all his high school games. Manuel was the outstanding running back/wide receiver. If he got the ball he usually got at least the first down. As to catching passes, Manuel had very soft hands that never dropped or bobbled a pass. His speed was enough that few tacklers could catch him.

    His Mother Rosa was a Latina, but his father Gregory was German. The blending in this case produced Manuel. He has the darker skin of his mother, but the height and the muscularity of his father. The other cultural blend is that he grew up speaking English, Spanish, and German.

    Manuel started college and was immediately swept up into the Division 1A football training program. At 215 pounds he was told he was too light. He needed to be at least 225 before he would see any playing time, and closer to 235 would be better.

    Manuel was not averse to gaining some weight. His father Gregory, is not a “light man”. Gregory was 6’3” tall and weighs around 325 pounds. Rosa seems to like her man fat and happy.

    That first year of university, Manuel had no playing time. He lifted, ate, and studied. His priorities were about in that order. Manuel’s sophomore year saw him getting some playing time. He was second string, but after receiving two touchdown passes, his playing time each game increased.

    The tradition of the pregame tailgate parties was not lost on Rosa and Gregory. Having a son that was actually playing, and scoring points raised their stock at the revelers, and resulted in enough free food that Gregory was well over 340 pounds by the end of the season.

    Manuel, was no dumb jock. He wanted to exit the university with a degree that would help him. No basket weaving or physical education major for him. Business management, not the toughest major, but still no cakewalk. Between the football and the college courses, there was little time for Manuel to have much of a social life.

    During his junior season, Manuel made the first string. He was still alternating between running back and wide receiver. Posing a double threat to the opposing defense, block him as a running back, or try and catch him as a receiver?

    Rosa and Gregory’s credit for the tailgate parties was raised another notch. Rosa and Gregory met a couple that seemed to be at all the games. Gabriela and Mateo had one of the more elaborate setups. They always seemed to have about ten to fifteen people at their spot, and the food was great.

    Rosa and Gregory always wore replicas of Manuel’s jersey. Manuel Hartmann, a seeming contradiction within his name. They were inevitably asked if there was any connection to the player, and they of course proudly told people that Manuel was their son.

    There was soon a standing invitation for Rosa and Gregory to tailgate with Gabriela and Mateo for each home game. Gregory offered to help defray the cost of the food, but Mateo wouldn’t hear of it.

    “We do this for my employees, I’ve got a plant that produces Tex-Mex frozen entries, and snacks. As you can see I take the quality control very seriously.” Mateo said while gently smacking his large belly, “We offer these outings as a perk for the employees. I’ve got a corporate box that can seat eight, but we bring about fifteen to the pregame. Great morale booster.”

    Needless to say the Hartmanns and the Gutierrezs became good friends over the course of that season. At the end of the season, 6’3” Gregory was pushing 360 pounds, but was still the smaller than the 5’8” tall, Mateo who weighed over 415 pounds.

    The two couples went to the bowl game using Manuel’s family tickets. Manuel’s team won, and he scored three touchdowns.

    During the spring semester in his business law class, Manuel noticed a striking woman. He decided to sit next to her and strike up a conversation. Maybe some mutual study time?

    Isabella made it perfectly clear that the study time would be studying the business law, not her. Manuel as a bit miffed, here he is a BMOC, and this girl is blowing his advances off. Didn’t she realize who he was? He hasn’t been living a monastic life, but he hasn’t been running the field either.

    He took her up on the study offer.

    It took until the fourth study date before any petting. Isabella was adamant no sex. Necking and petting were fine, but anything more needed to be after marriage.

    In any event, Isabella and Manuel were soon an item.

    Spring break that year Manuel went on vacation with his parents. They went in on a house rental on the Gulf with Gabriela and Mateo. Manuel was back in training for the Spring scrimmages. His body was holding at a 4.5% body fat level. He was buff and ready to have some fun on the break, even if he was with his parents.

    When the Hartmanns arrived at the beach house the Gutierrezs were already there. Manuel was surprised to see Isabella. It was a bit of a shock for all involved.

    Lying out on the beach the men were a contrast in build and stature. Manuel at 6’4” 240 pounds, Gregory 6’3” and now weighing 365 pounds, and the Mateo, 5’8” tall and 425 pounds. Gregory carried most of his weight in a generally fattened muscular frame. Mateo in contrast had a very respectable belly. A 64” almost spherical belly that was only now beginning to hang lower.

    Rosa, Gabriella, and Isabella were much smaller than the men, but not waif thin. Isabella weighed the least at 145 pounds, but Gabriella and Rosa were almost equally matched at 170 pounds . Gabriella carried a lot more weight in her breasts, a cup size G, compared to Rosa more modest D cups. Isabella had the smallest breasts C cups. The wives were very attentive to their husband’s needs, and Gregory and Mateo were seldom without a beverage and/or snack close at hand.

    Manuel refrained from the almost constant snacking, and kept to his training schedule. Isabella joined him in some of his shorter runs, but refused to do any of the interval training. Over the course of spring break, Manuel and Isabella got to know each other much better. Although their explorations progressed, the line was still there and not crossed.

    Mateo offered Manuel an internship at his plant for the beginning of the summer. Manuel would work six weeks at the beginning of the summer and then return for his final year of football and school. This was a fantastic opportunity for Manuel. Upon the competition of the internship he could basically count on having a job when he graduated. He didn’t fool himself with the prospects of going into professional football after college. Too many players and too few openings. While he played well, and was quick, there are too many other players trying for the same positions. Not to mention the prospect of being injured.

    While a first string player, he was not at the top of the wide receivers/ running backs in the group that are available for the draft next year. Not only that, but Isabella was giving him some very clear signals that she didn’t want to share him with a team. She was ready to wed, and waiting only for their graduation from the university, and ready to form their lives together after that momentous occasion.

    That spring break marked a change in Isabella and Manuel’s relationship. Isabella had impressed Rosa. That week Rosa reconciled to losing her little boy, and to gaining a daughter-in-law. While the men lazed out in the sun and surf, Isabella received some very practical and explicit information about courting and winning of the college jock. Gabriella and Rosa knew how to accomplish this, as both Mateo and Gregory had been jocks in college.

    Mateo wrestled in the 125 pound division, and Gabriella remembered the figure he cut in his singlet, which conformed to him like a second skin. Incidentally showing that he had two hefty testes, was uncut, and dressed right.

    Gregory had been a first string forward on the universities soccer team. As is usual most of the team went commando, and Gregory’s shorts had a noticeable bulge through the material. His jersey showed that he didn’t neglect his upper body. Rosa met Gregory when he came to the states to work for one of the larger oil companies. He had majored in petroleum engineering in Germany.

    Bolstered with this knowledge and implicit permission of her mother and soon to be mother-in-law, Isabella returned back to college after spring break with a definite purpose and strategy in mind. Manuel didn’t stand a chance, even if he had wanted to resist Isabella’s advances.

    Through the remainder of the semester Isabella and Manuel became the item. No one on the football doubted that Manuel was totally out of circulation to any of the eager co-eds and followed the team. There were quite a few jabs at Manuel for being very, very relaxed following a study date with Isabella. Isabella was now in two of his classes, and was planning on being in more of them next year.

    Since Mateo and Gabriella lived about 150 miles from Gregory and Rosa, Manuel needed housing for the internship. Manuel could rent a room for the six weeks, but that would cut into his available funds to purchase Isabella an engagement ring.

    Manuel took over the spare bedroom at Gabriella and Mateo’s. This bedroom “just happened” to share a bath with Isabella’s room, and was semi isolated from the master suite. Mateo and Manuel shared a ride into the plant most mornings. While they went into the plant, Isabella received advanced coaching from Gabriella.

    Before the end of the internship, Manuel purchased an engagement ring, asked and received permission to wed from Mateo and from Isabella as well. While Manuel went back to the university for the last year of football practice, Gabriella and Isabella called Rosa and the wedding planning began in earnest.

    Manuel found out one of the problems inherent to working in the plant. During the six weeks he interned he gained ten pounds. Not a lot on a 240 pound college jock, but there was now a softness to his frame that wasn’t there before working at the plant.

    He knew he was going to have to work off the poundage. His mobility and effectiveness didn’t allow for any excess weight. He did have a bit of a strange reaction when he pinched a nascent love handle, he got really hard. Like aching boner hard.

    Isabella, when she saw Manuel’s lightly padded body also went for the beginner love handles, and his lightly softening pecs. Stroking, squeezing, pinching and lightly biting them caused an instant boner for Manuel. She gently teased his with her attentions to his softening form for about 15 minutes. During this time, she was expertly giving him head. She was teasing him and bringing him to the brink, but never allowing him to go over the precipice.

    She finally allowed him to cum while pinching and pulling on his nipples. He flooded her mouth with his semen. She then “coaxed” him into stimulating her using only his tongue and mouth. Isabella herself had gained about five pounds since “Spring Break”. She went to the gym five times a week, and worked on aerobic exercise. She was very toned, but her breasts had gained another cup size. She was now a “D” cup.

    Although she purchased new bras to reflect the change in size, she always wore an old bra when she went to Manuel’s room at night. It excited him to see the breast flesh barely being contained in the smaller bra. He loved to titty screw Isabella, and seeing that she was growing larger breasts excited him.

    At training camp Manuel was told that he could stay at 250 pounds, but he needed to lose 8 pounds of fat and replace it with 8 pounds of muscle. No starvation diet, but he had a lot of interval training, weight training, and practice runs to make. Being young and in already very good shape it took him less than three weeks to cut back down.

    Manuel’s official playing weight was now 250 pounds. In one of his nightly calls to Isabella he told her about this development. “Fantastic, you’re going to be an eight. Daddy is almost to a four, and your father is a 5.3. Way to go I can hardly wait for the wedding.”

    Ok, Manuel is a college jock, but he also is a business major. What was this numbering system? After much prodding, he got Isabella to explain. Manuel was now an eighth of a ton, Mateo was almost to a fourth, and Gregory was just under a fifth of a ton. This was a system used by the women in Isabella’s family for several generations. The lowest male number was a 2.25, achieved by Isabella’s great uncle almost twenty years ago.

    Manuel thought very little about this numbering system and its implications for his future life. Football and classes were what was important to him now.

    With the beginning of football season, the tailgating season began again. Everyone at the plant knew about Isabella and Manuel’s impending nuptials. The completion for tickets to the company box, and the pregame tailgate were even more intense this year. There were seven home games, and all fifty of the plant employees were able to come and see Manuel play his senior year.

    Several times Gabriella and Mateo used Gregory and Rosa’s extra tickets. The company box was full with no room for the owner and his wife. Mateo used these occasions increase the camaraderie within the plant. That he would give up seats in the company box to sit in the stands raised his status as a great employer even higher. Mind you, the players family tickets were just behind the bench, and about on the fifty yard line. So it wasn’t that much of a sacrifice.

    While Manuel got four tickets, Isabella had wheedled and cajoled a ticket from one of the other tight ends that had tickets right next to Manuel’s so she sat with her parents and future in-laws at all the games.

    By the end of the season, Mateo was a 3.75 and Gregory was a 5.

    Spring break Manuel’s senior year was an extended bachelor party. The seniors on the football team all went to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate their winning season. Strictly a stag group and a lot of drinking, partying, and carousing while they were there. One of the major topics was who was going to go to the combine this year and the NFL draft.

    Only five players were going to try for the professionals. The rest like Manuel knew that they didn’t want to continue training and working out. Manuel’s wedding day was less than nine weeks out.

    Manuel asked a linebacker friend to be his best man at the wedding.

    “Heyl, I’ve followed your butt as you’ve blocked for me for the past four years, having you there will be great.” He also wanted to see Isabella’s reaction Stewart was easily a 5.7 up from his playing weight of a 6. Manuel wanted to see Isabella’s reaction to Stewart.

    Graduation came and Isabella and Manuel sat through the interminable ceremony. Yea, yea the future is there for each person to grasp etc. the only redeeming feature is that the ceremony is held inside. Manuel didn’t want to think about what it would be like in the black robes in the hot Texas sun.

    The wedding was scheduled for one week after the graduation. Gregory took Manuel shopping for a revamp of his wardrobe from the basic college jock to corporate business casual, and more formal. Although Manuel woukl be joining a smaller company, he remembered how he needed to fit into the corporate culture. He also remembered that after marrying Rosa he gained 35 pounds during that first year. He bought the clothing for Manuel just a little larger than necessary. He knew Manuel would soon need the room.

    Mateo, with the prompting of Gabriella decided to give the couple a honeymoon trip. A 21 day cruise of the eastern Mediterranean. They fly out of Dallas to Venice, and spend the next three weeks cursing the Italy, Greece and other ports of call. They were not on a behemoth of a cruise liner, but one with only three decks of rooms. The Seabourn Spirit would be their home for three weeks.

    Manuel’s new wardrobe was needed as t-shirts and flip flops were not acceptable at the dinner table on board ship. Manuel needed a tuxedo, and at minimum jacket with tie for dinner, or sweater and chinos at lunch. Casual attire around the pool or on excursions was perfectly acceptable.

    Manuel took Italian in college as his foreign language. Growing up speaking English, or at least Texas English, Spanish, and German, Italian was not too hard for him to add. Isabella took French. They had no problem with language during the trip. Even in Greece they could find a language to talk with other people. The trips ashore to see the Venetian and Grecian historical empires were fantastic. Lazing around the deck also added to their deep golden skin tone.

    Even with all the activity, on shore, on the deck, and in the suite, Manuel gained about 15 pounds during the trip. Isabella put a few pounds on herself. Having three meals plus additional refreshment opportunities throughout the day made the gains very easy. Having the valet for the suite mark and alter Manuel’s clothing to fit his lightly expanded frame covered the expansion well.

    Manuel came back from the trip and started in the Accounting department of the holding company “Buena Comida Ahora” which owned Mateo’s plant. Isabella started in the Human Resources Department of the holding company as well. The holding company was family owned, and served to make money available to relatives who wanted to start, expand, or buy any food related opportunities.

    Mateo owned 65% of his own plant and has a 10% share of the holding company. Isabella received a 5% share in the holding company when she started. Manuel received a 5% share that would vest after he is with the holding company for five years, and remains married to Isabella.

    That fall Mateo and Gabriella maintained the tailgating tradition, but Rosa and Gregory only attended two of the games. Isabella and Manuel were too busy starting up their lives together to attend any games. Mateo attained a 3.25 that year.

    In no small part this was because of the announcement at Thanksgiving that Isabella was pregnant. Manuel continued his gains and Isabella told him that when he reached a seven, she would go off contraception and they would start their family.

    He ate through the fall with additional vigor. By October, he was 285 pounds. On his 6’4” frame he looked stocky. Clothed he looked the prosperous corporate executive, naked as Isabella saw him, he looked plumped. Love handles, softening pecs, abs covered is a thin layer of padding, and thighs that have grown to support the increased weight, were there for Isabella’s exploration. Manuel loved how Isabella caressed his body, and bit and sucked at every expanding part.

    Isabella was also adding some additional padding, and Manuel was not negligent is appreciating his wife’s body. Their lovemaking was frequent and also intense.

    When Isabella told Manuel that she tested positive, she had him tied to the bed and she was feeding him some cheesecake while riding his rampant penis. Food had already entered their sex life.

    Isabella told Manuel that by the time their baby was born he needed to be a six. This struck home with Manuel as they had talked about having several children. They were both only children and they wanted at least three children. If Isabella expected him to drop an integer for each child he would be a four by the time the third child was born.

    He couldn’t help thinking that that was huge, but he had an example in Mateo. Mateo was large and still active.

    So sitting on the edge of the bed Manuel once again pondered the protuberance resting in his lap. At twenty eight his third child was born last night, and Isabella and he were thinking about a fourth.

    Tonight Isabella will be home from the hospital and she will lay Jorge, on Manuel’s belly just like she laid Consuela, and Gregor.

    At 500 pounds Manuel is still active and plays with the kids, but he wonders if that will still be possible when he is a three. Is he ready to weigh the number of the beast?

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