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Oct 11, 2005
Yahoo has got a new thing called "Yahoo Answers," and it's become my latest Internet "addiction."

First off, if you want to see just HOW eye-rollingly stupid and semi-literate and unquestioningly devoted to "their side" of the religio-political spectrum that the majority of populace has become, then that's the place to go. The questions these folks pose! And the answers! Yikes! It boggles the mind!:doh: (Granted, there ARE some intelligent people there. I cannot harbor the Narcissistic delusion that I can singlehandedly "save" the ignorant and the stupid with my "wisdom"...and if mind-numbing stupidity were ALL that was to be found on Yahoo Answers, then I just Would Not Go There.) Also, it seems to me that if the vast majority of folks in the USA were truly THAT stupid, then I'd be seeing similar level of idiocy HERE, and I'm not seeing it. So there IS some hope...but that's not what this particular post is about.

Specifically, what this post is about is that a nice young lady, who is the exact size and age that I was when I started on my disasterous dieting rollercoaster ride, wrote in to ask how to lose a large amount of weight in a month's time. And I wrote back to her that that wasn't a good idea, why it wasn't a good idea, and what had happened to me when I tried to do that.

I didn't expect her to find my thoughts to be worthwhile, and I figured that she'd surely choose some of the bad advice that had been given to her query as "the best answer."

Instead, she chose my answer.

It's really nice to know that not everything that I say against dieting is falling on deaf ears.;_ylt=AmEsz7FRiFam8FmTnmLS4kjsy6IX?qid=20060627145932AAjApkB