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Dec 14, 2012
As this is a board where the mod team will be working with other members quite a lot I think it might be a good idea for us to introduce ourselves.

Name: loopytheone
Role: Admin
Primary board moderated: -
Usually found: Library, BHM/FFA board, Paysite boards

Contact me for: Any issues relating to model content/the paysite, any issues relating to account problems/infraction glitches, general help and advice.

About me: I am currently one of two admins on Dims and the one most likely to be online/easily contactable at any time. I am the person to contact if you want model access or if you have any problems with the site in general. I'm also the person that moderates new users to try and stop the great spambot flood of 2016. I'm generally friendly and don't bite so please don't be afraid to message me for anything.


Library Girl
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Library Mod
Jun 21, 2008
Name: agouderia

Role: see subtitle - Library Girl

Primary board moderated: Library

Usually found: Library, BHM/FFA board

Contact me for: Anything related to writing and editing stories

About me: Long-time lurker turned into BHM/FFA story-writer and for some inexplicable reason now moderator. Being fully literate in several languages – but technically semi-illiterate.

I work in international civic education programs and have very old-fashioned interests like reading, cooking, baking, everything history related, politics and traveling.
As a life-long non-slim person (not sure whether I really qualify as fat by Dims standards) I always hoped there was a way out of the skinny-monoculture-dictatorship under which we all live today – so I stumbled upon Dims as an appropriate niche.


Ahem Prema
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Apr 28, 2017
New York Hudson Valley
Name: DragonFly

Role: Moderator at Large (or very large moderator) I am one of the supersize sisters of Dimensions

Primary board moderated: I jump in where needed

Usually found: general forums, BBW, BHM/FFA, Market Place, Lounge...

Contact me for: General questions, a friendly hello, and any time you feel you need moderator support.

About me: I am a supersized cis-female that has been hanging around dimensions since before the forums were in this format. This handle is a new one for me. I was a moderator previously and then life happened. I'm back now after a pretty rough time. I met the love of my life and was swept away, our time together was much too short. He passed unexpectedly last October. I found that I really missed this community. I've met some terrific people here and am excited to be back.

My career background is in executive operations management. I have a degree in group/systems psychology and quite a bit of graduate work as well. My business career took over and that became my focus. I'm also a trained mediator. From battling the corporate structure and big scale people management as a super fatty I know the struggle and have fought against the stereotyping. I'm not working presently but my hopes are to get back out there and live it large.

I'm a big foodee, love cooking and dining ( comfort food to 5 star ). I read a ridiculous amount, mostly urban fantasy and paranormal fiction. My hobbies change constantly, I get a lot of satisfaction from dabbling in creative things-sewing to sculpting and most recently water colors.

I'm always open to messages if you have any questions. You will find my style to be very direct, I prefer to reach out in a DM about issues when I can. communication makes this whole process easier.


I am NOT in the mood!
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Global Moderator
May 22, 2017
Name: BigElectricKat

Role: Global Moderator in Training

Primary board moderated: I’m all over the place!

Usually found: BBW/FA, BHM/FFA, Fat Sexuality, Daily Living, Health Forum

Contact me for: Questions, answers, or anytime you need a verbal hug.

About me: I am a heftier than average male (duh) who is still learning about what being FA means to me, personally. I came to Dimensions a couple of years ago and found the atmosphere to be warm and inviting. I left for a little while but came back because of the open and accepting community.

I spent over 25 years in the United States Air Force with background in meteorology. I have an AS in Weather Technology and a BS in Management. I hope to start on a Masters In Leadership & Management with an emphasis on Project Management in the fall. Since retiring from military service I have worked at a major Midwestern hospital in the Public Safety department. Currently, I work as a Security Systems Analyst.

I like to write in my spare time and wouldn’t mind corresponding with some dims members as it gives me ideas that I can plant in my writings.

Having traveled to some other countries during my time in the service, I’ve had the opportunity to sample foods from different cultures, my favorites being: German, Spanish (Spain), and Polynesian foods.

I also love languages and accents. I'm especially fond of British (to include Cockney), Irish and Scottish brogues, Welsh, Celtic and Gaelic, Afrikaans, Swahili, and French languages.

Please message me if you have a question or just want to say “Hi!”.
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