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Oct 5, 2007
~BHM, ~Sex, Romance - An attraction develops in the college cafeteria.

Melanie's Muse
by Molly

Part One

Melanie rushed through the university towards the cafeteria commons. A quick glance at her watch told her she was only running a minute or two late and there was still plenty of time to gossip with her best friend Lanna whom she was meeting for lunch. Hurrying through the university she raced into the cafeteria commons and scanned the crowd of hungry lunch-goers looking for familiar faces. At the back of the hall her friends Lanna and Tim were waving her down.

In a short time the three of them were laughing and gossiping like three old women. It was good to see her friend again, they shared a lot together and there is nothing like an old friend to laugh with. Lanna was Melanie's best friend throughout high school and they maintained a strong friendship even though they attended different universities.

The big news this week was Tim's new boyfriend and it was all he wanted to talk about. Lanna and Tim were excitedly discussing Tim's new love-life when Melanie's attention fluttered away.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a large man walking towards their table and stole a quick glance. He was carrying a tray of food while ambling awkwardly through the maze of tables. Melanie watched him idly noting his handsome features as he carefully settled at a table in the corner of the cafeteria at a perfect angle for her to gain a better view. He carried a book bag over one shoulder which he swung onto the table as he plopped down onto one of the precariously small chairs.

"Mel! Melanie? You even listening?!" Tim said frantically while waving his hand in front of Melanie's face.

Startled out of her big-man-induced stupor Melanie jumped. "Huh? What?"

"You are staring off into space, I was asking you which movie I should go see with Marcus tonight," said Tim impatiently.

"She was probably staring at some guy," Lanna teased, peering around at the tables near ours.

"So where is he then?"

"I wasn't looking at anyone," Melanie replied lamely, turning red. She tried to ask Tim what choices of movie he was considering but he was already interested in Lanna's mission to find the mystery man. Luckily, Tim and Lanna had not noticed the big man sit down, and from their angle, he was directly out of their line of sight. Lanna looked around once more but didn't see anyone particularly interesting so she continued on topic of good movies to see on a date with Tim. Melanie sighed a breath of relief and joined in the conversation, happy to have the attention shifted away from her once more.

Trying to stay engaged in the conversation was proving to be difficult for Melanie as she had a full view of the handsome guy sitting behind her friends. He was quite tall and had a devilishly soft round face. He had medium-short dark hair framing his face and curling around his ears. His cheeks were covered with a couple days worth of stubble which hid his plump round cheeks. He appeared deeply engaged in a book while absently taking mouthfuls of pasta.

In between bites he licked his lips and unconsciously bit his upper lip. While watching him she noticed that he was eating a very large lunch: a sandwich, bowl of pasta, soup and a side salad. She marveled how he planned to eat all of that, but judging from his figure, this was something he did often enough. He had to be somewhere between 350 to 380lbs... it was a difficult guess, he seemed quite tall.

Meanwhile Lanna was asking Melanie what she was doing on the weekend and received no reply. Lanna continued to talk about some new straight-friendly gay bar where Tim and her where planning to go dancing...

"Hmmmm.... I wonder what book he is reading?" Melanie thought. She had long since drifted away from her friends' chatter. She wondered what program he was enrolled in and if she'd likely see him around the university again. She definitely wanted to see more of him. So... hot... This guy was delicious to watch.

Dark hair, dark eyes. Round chin, broad shoulders... ample girth.

Just then his eyes glanced up as though he sensed he was being watched and he looked straight into Melanie's eyes. His eyes flashed straight back to his book which he propped upright and hid behind.


She hadn't wanted him to notice. She had been enjoying watching him eat. How long was she staring? Melanie went back to her friends' conversation, vowing to ignore him for the remainder of the lunch.

"What are you guys laughing at?" Melanie asked curiously. Tim and Lanna snickered quietly to each other while throwing amused looks at Melanie.

"So you figure it's some guy sitting behind us, eh Tim?" Lanna said with a smirk on her face.

"Yeah, who could it be?" Tim chimed in. Lanna surveyed the cafeteria once more, pointing and guessing while Tim snickered.

"You two are like a pair of 8th graders!" Melanie protested. "Honestly! How old are you? Snickering like a couple of kids!"

Then Lanna's eyes stopped and Melanie knew she had noticed him as well.

"Of course!" she said aloud.

"What?! Would you quiet down!?"

Lanna waved at her friend and made the 'shush' face while turning to Tim and whispering in his ear.

They were making sport of this. Great.

After some more whispering and pointing Tim replied in a hushed voice, "What? No.... show me again!..."

"Stop acting like kids! Why do I hang out with you two?"

Lanna's finger pointed to the large guy sitting behind him and Melanie watched as Tim's eyes settled on him as well. He quickly spun around and looked Melanie in the eyes. Melanie was a bright shade of red.

"What?!" she said indignantly.

"You're joking." Tim turned to Lanna.

"No way, I am sure of it. That's Mel's 'type' all right," Lanna confirmed.

"That's who you've been staring at all lunch hour, Mel?" Tim asked, pointing at the large guy behind him.

"I wasn't staring at anyone!"

"The fatty?"

Melanie's eyes flashed when he said the "f" word. She was mortified now.

"So you going to go talk to him?" Lanna asked knowingly.

"No!" Melanie replied frantically. "Stop it already, he's going to notice!" The last thing she wanted was to draw his attention again.

"Then you admit it," Tim stated.

"Admit what?" Melanie asked, she glanced back at the large man. He looked distracted and pissed off and was packing up his books quickly.

"Well, I gotta go," Tim said "Class at 1:00"

"Well, what movie are you going to see?" Lanna asked as he began to get up to leave.

"Love Song," said Tim.

"That is really gay, Tim," Lanna teased.

Tim replied "And...?" to which he received laughter from Lanna and a gentle smirk from Melanie, who was still distracted by the fact that the big guy was about to leave too. Lanna and Tim both got up to leave and Lanna hugged Melanie goodbye.

"Go say hi to him," Lanna said encouragingly.

Melanie shrugged and waved them goodbye. She watched her friends leave and then looked back at the handsome guy she had been staring at. He glared in her direction and quickly walked out of the hall.

What was that for?

The next day Melanie went back to the cafeteria commons after a long discussion with one of her professors about an upcoming project. She was stressed. When she glanced down at her watch and noticed that fifteen minuted of her break had already been wasted she rolled her eyes and sighed. She walked aimlessly around the busy cafeteria hall and found herself walking to the back corner she had sat in yesterday. While heading to an empty table she noticed the big cutie from the day before sitting nearby.

Melanie's mood instantly improved. She had been planning to pull out her sketchbook and doodle during the lunch break but now she had her muse. She settled into a good viewing position and got to work.

He was involved in another hearty lunch, head in a book. It was perfect and was he ever beautiful. From her angle Melanie could see nearly his whole body. He was wearing a red long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve button-up shirt over top and a nice pair of bluejeans. He sat hunched forward, leaning heavily on the table, his legs parted widely, lazily sprawled under the table. His wide bottom took more than the seat, extending off in every available direction making the chair look tiny. He looked very soft and comfortable, his softened chest pressed up against the table and his ample belly extended onto his lap below the table edge. He was resting his head on one hand, holding his fork with the other and concentrating on his text book very deeply.

Melanie set to work quickly tracing his rough shape out first and then drooling over the details as she penciled in his fine form. First she roughly rounded him out, broad soft lines rounding over the harsh angles of the little chair. The lines developed into the quick beginnings of a human form, fat and full. She quickly mapped out the folds of cloth and rolls of plump, delicious man that lay just beneath those constricting layers. Next she moved to his face, for if he chose to switch positions, this would be most crucial. His soft chin, his round little nose, his full lips and the expression in his eyes.

His face was by far the most difficult to master as he kept taking bites of ravioli every few minutes and she'd have to wait for him to stop chewing. His eyes were thoughtful and involved, his dark brow line was furrowed in concentration. His cheek was pushed up on one side where he rested his head. The pudge of his cheek looked so soft and adorable. He still had not shaved and his messy hair hung around his face in dark curls. She shaded some rounded angles around his cheeks and then sketched a mess of curly lines that would become his hair.

Melanie could feel herself getting excited as she worked, for sketching a man like this was like getting as close to touching his every curve as she could without even approaching him. She worked away at his arms.... gorgeous, big brawny and shapely. As were his legs, well padded but not without some definition. Clearly, to carry around this heavy man his legs would indeed be quite shapely. Then she came to detail her favorite part, his bulging soft mid-section. His large soft belly extended onto his lap, amply fattened and comfy.

Overall he is amazing, well proportioned and well rounded. Her pencil did what her hands wanted to, following every curve. He was concentrating so intently on his textbook that he had barely moved for a good twenty minutes, which was more than enough to get a fairly well detailed sketch started.Oh how he was gorgeous... Melanie mused the idea of going to talk to him.

She was nearly finished her sketch when she remembered her sandwich. She was so involved in the process that she had forgotten to eat her lunch.

It was then that her muse suddenly shifted his position and glanced around.

"No! I hope he didn't notice!" she thought nervously. Her sketch was safe, she could work out the details without him but her muse had become restless and was now quickly finishing his lunch.

Curiously, he had focused his attention on something different and was frowning. Melanie glanced around wondering what had distracted him when she noticed the mirrored pillar off to the left of his seat. In that reflection, his round face was glaring at her.

He'd noticed.

(continued in post 7 of this thread)


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Feb 8, 2007
Very enjoyable. I loved the way the sketching was proxy caressing - and then to end with the trick of the reflection! Clever stuff.
Looking forward to the follow up.


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
Really lovely! I love how the sketching scene is used to describe him in detail and reveal her thoughts on his various parts.


Aug 25, 2006
Yes, yes, the sketching scene is such a clever way to describe his body, nice work :)

Please more, PLEASE? :eat2:


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Oct 5, 2007
Melanie's Muse: Part 2​

Melanie's heart pounded into her throat. Instantly she looked away, hoping it would be enough to stop him from paying attention to her. She shifted her books around and slipped her sketchbook back into her backpack. As she was easing her other books into her backpack to make her escape she quickly stole another glance at him and saw that he was walking towards her looking angry. She pretended not to notice, but sure enough he came right up to the table and leaned over the other side of it, staring Melanie right in the eye.

"It's rude to stare at people." he said flatly. He had a deep, heavy voice, and he spoke slow and plainly while staring at Melanie, then, glaring, he turned to leave.

"Oh, tell your little friends from yesterday that too" he added as he angrily stormed out of the cafeteria hall.

"Bu--" Melanie was stupefied. "Hey!" Her voice was weak and deflated... he was already out of earshot.

She didn't know what to think. The moment had come and gone in a flash and left her wounded and shaken. She made a gesture as though she intended to leave, but instead sat down frozen to her seat feeling terrible. What had made him so mad?


Rob stormed out of the cafeteria feeling his ears reddening and a lump in his throat rising. He had been rash and poor tempered with the girl.

Well hey! She shouldn't have been gawking anyways! What was that about?

It was stupid of him to start using the Cafeteria Commons for his noon break anyhow. He knew about the snickers and stares that he occasionally got... and from educated adults no less. Pfff, educated... hardly. The dribble that gathered in that hall were comprised of mindless idiots. Rather keen on socializing instead of studying. All the same he couldn't believe that someone would openly gawk at him like that. I mean, we're not all made the same, we're not all slender. That girl wasn't at all hard to look at though, was she? But that doesn't give someone the right to make other people feel like zoo animals.

Why did she stare at him so?

He glanced at his watch, 1:20 already, he'd missed a good portion of his afternoon class already since he was stalking through the university corridors brooding. Well, that was a waste... better to head home than loose much more time idling here. He stalked off towards the front exit, swinging his jacket on as he walked. It was nice that the housing was mere blocks off campus... soon he'd be back in his own room with a cold beer and some music. Then he could study for a few hours in peace... forget about that weird girl in the cafeteria.

The shoes by the door indicated that Thomas was the only one home.

Good. Quiet.

He threw his bag down and leaned against the door to pull off his shoes feeling sweaty and hot. A minute of struggling later he tore his jacket off, grabbed his pack and headed to his bedroom upstairs.


Melanie felt like a villain... a terrible mean-spirited person, that must be how he felt towards her. All she had wanted was to sketch his beautiful body and instead she had made him angry. Her afternoon classes dragged on mercilessly. She could only think about this guy... somewhere out there. If only she knew where to find him she'd apologize. She'd just have to keep her eyes open and see him again. Melanie skipped her last class and headed home. It was pointless to try and concentrate, she just wanted to see him again.

Back at her apartment she paced back and forth from room to room, not bothering to flick the lights on, though the evening was getting dark. She was feeling sorry for herself... her thoughts strayed to the past. Things never seemed to work out for her with men.

Melanie was, by nature, an introvert. She'd known that she was attracted to bigger boys ever since she'd started to show an interest in boys at all. When her girlfriends were gushing over the latest cute actor in the teeny-bopper magazines, she was wondering what the big deal was. When her friends were off pursuing the jocks and pretty boys, she'd be staring at the shy chubby boy in her art class.

Melanie was pretty, slim and had nice curves. She got enough looks but didn't like to flaunt what she had. Being stared at always made her feel uncomfortable because she never wanted attention from the boys that gave it to her. Her girlfriends always bugged her about getting a boyfriend, but the boys Melanie liked never seemed to ask her out, and she was too shy to be direct with them.

Now, at twenty-three years old she'd only ever had two serious boyfriends in her whole life, and was now feeling a strong urge to be with someone. Her last boyfriend was a very heavy guy named Joe. They dated for two years and it wasn't long into their relationship that Melanie became open with him about her feelings about big men. Joe became something of a tool of change... a mind-altering experience.

Through Joe, she became very aware of herself and her needs, she learned what she loved about fat men, and had someone she could be open with and share the experience with. It was a great time with Joe. She felt the thrill of satisfaction with him, the sideways glances when they were in public and the looks of curiousity from strangers. Most of all she felt like she was saying 'Yes, this is me, this is what I like.'

But although they had a very strong physical bond, Joe and Melanie eventually split up, as their lust and pleasure could not make up for their lack of other common interests. He had hurt her, and she had hurt him, but there were times when Melanie missed the good times they had and thought about him often when she felt strong pangs of lust.

Now Melanie could pace around no longer. Looking deep into her memories made her feel even more alone. She reached for the phone and called Lanna, the one person who could connect her back to reality.

"Hey" Melanie said when Lanna cheerfully answered.

"Oh hey Hon, how you doing?"

Silence, and then, a deep sigh.

"Whats wrong honey?"

Thats why Melanie loved Lanna, she knew. "Hey... remember yesterday... that big dude in the cafeteria?"

She felt her voice falter.

"Yeah, why? Did you talk to him?" Lanna asked.

"Not exactly..." Melanie explained what had happened, going through the details and her embarrassment afterwards. Lanna held onto every word.

"Hey Mel, it's ok, alright? A misunderstanding is all. You'll see him again and he'll understand"

"I just don't understand what set him off. Surely it isn't illegal to be looking at someone? What was his problem? And the way he said I could tell my 'little friends' to get lost was really harsh. I didn't do anything to him!"

Lanna sighed and listened to her friend pour out her feelings.

"I think I know what set him off. It was Tim."

Melanie nearly dropped the phone. "What happened!!?"

"Well," Lanna began slowly, "Tim and I were standing outside the cafeteria saying goodbye when he walked out. I gestured for Tim to shut up for a second and instead of being discreet, Tim turns around and gives the guy the full up and down appraisal (you know how Tim is), well, the guy gave Tim a disgusted look and then stormed off. Tim started laughing as he walked away and I bet your guy heard."

"What?! Lanna!"

"What was I supposed to do? Tim is Tim. I don't think he meant it maliciously but he is sometimes oblivious to how people will perceive things."

Melanie groaned and whacked the phone against her couch. "Well how the else would the guy react?! Why did he laugh?"

"Ah, I dunno Mel. He's a flake. When the guy was further off he said he thought you were so cute to be gushing over a big fat bear like that. He couldn't stop himself from laughing."

"Stupid Tim! No wonder he seemed so mad when he saw me today!"

"Don't worry, I'll call Tim and raise hell."

"Smack him in the head for me tomorrow" Melanie added.

"Consider him smacked."

"Thanks Lan."

"So, do you think you'll see this guy again?"

"I hope so. He was so gorgeous Lanny.... I want a man like that... but without the attitude. I'm a little afraid to see him again. What if he laughs at me? What if he's got a girlfriend and she beats me up?"

"Don't be crazy. No guy is going to get his lady to beat you up for looking at him. And besides, when you explain, he'll have no reason to be mad."

"Yeah... yeah your right..."

"Oh Mel, what are we going to do with you? Well, I hope you get your chance with him."

The next day Melanie went back to the cafeteria at lunch and kept her eye out for him. He didn't show up. Nor did he the day after, nor the day after that. In fact, a week went by and still she didn't see him. She was getting discouraged that she'd ever lay eyes on him again. In the mean time however, Melanie worked on the sketch of her stranger, perfecting the details. By the end of the week it was fully shaded and all the rougher lines had been cleaned up. There was now detail on the table and chairs and some additional background added for effect. Melanie added the date of the event to the left lower corner and called it finished.

She kept looking for him but it wasn't until the following week on a Friday evening that she saw him again.

Melanie was up studying in the university library later in the day when she decided to fulfill her craving for a hot coffee. She took a break and gathered her belongings and headed down to the cafeteria commons.

And then... there he was, off in the corner of the cafeteria typing away on a laptop while eating a donut and sipping coffee. Melanie's heart pounded.

Now was her chance.


Rob was staying late that Friday to get some privacy. His roommates were throwing a party and he knew that he'd get no peace in that house. Sure, he didn't need to study tonight, but it was an excuse to avoid the party... he didn't really hang out with his roommates much and would rather save the embarrassment of being shy and awkward with stranger in his own home.

His hallway wanderings lead him to the Cafeteria Commons that evening. He knew that it would be quiet at this hour and he could spread out his books on the big round tables. The delicious scent of baked goods and brewed coffee made his stomach rumble.

What the heck...

He knew it was this attitude that got him to the size he was in the first place. A guy's gotta eat though, right? The cafeteria had become a security blanket to him, whenever he felt lonely or down he headed here and got something warm inside him. It reminded him of home.

Mom always had fresh baking around. And by dinner time, some sort of delicious steaming hot pasta was on the table. He remembered when he was younger and he was feeling troubled, his mom would get him a few cookies and a glass of milk and he'd sit and talk with her for hours. He was homesick. He hadn't visited them in eight months, and the twenty hour drive was too much for a weekend visit.

He took a bite of his donut.


Melanie stood a distance away, where he could not see her. She tried to think about how she would do it.

'Hi I'm Melanie, we met two weeks ago when you yelled at me....' No, she thought. That wouldn't do.

How did she expect to do this?

He looked so content sitting there, she dreaded the look he'd give her when he noticed her. What to do? She had to say something. Suddenly it struck her, she pulled out her sketchbook and a pencil and quickly wrote down a note. She ripped the paper out of her sketchbook and folded it in half. Then, she pulled up her courage and walked right up to him and tapped him on the shoulder from behind.

He sat up and swung around, startled. His expression went blank and he said nothing.

"Hi. Um... can I talk to you for a minute?" she asked timidly.

"Yes." he said plainly, staring at Melanie.

Oh no, what was I thinking? Melanie's heart pounded in her chest. It was so loud she was afraid he'd hear it.

"Ok. I just wanted to say... " she was stammering " I never meant to offend you the other day."

"Ok. Fine."

The way he said it was so final. Melanie swallowed and felt her throat go dry. He just stared, unnerved. Melanie shuffled her books in her arms, she had planned this out perfectly but it all had gone blank.

"And?" he said impatiently.

"And, uh... I ...."

"Look." He interrupted. "You, and your little friends had a laugh on my behalf, and I called you on it. I am not blind or stupid. Ok? Now you are trying to make yourself feel better by attempting to apologize for it. Just forget it, alright?"

Melanie's eyes met his and she saw this beautiful man looking back at her. His face was round and fair and his eyes were dark and sad, though he didn't falter in his expression. He was clearly hurt but his sadness was blanketed with an angry glare. He'd be so handsome without that angry glare...

Melanie felt numb and cold suddenly. She wanted to say so much more, but her lips wouldn't let her. She knew she had just made a complete idiot out of herself and decided to cut her losses and run.

She stared down at her hands. "I'm sorry... I'll go. This is for you."

She dropped the folded piece of sketchbook paper down in front of his laptop, "I won't bother you again."

She quickly made for the door.


He shook his head in confusion as he watched her leave. What was this girl's problem? After she had walked off he unfolded the paper and felt his jaw drop. In his hands he held a sketch that was clearly of himself reading a book. It was flawless and detailed. Scribbled in the corner was the date, two weeks earlier than the current date. He remembered that day vividly suddenly, as though reliving the moment.

Across from the date in very small print were the words "sometimes we are not what strangers think we are."

Under these words was the name "Melanie" and a phone number. He sat shocked and dumbfounded. His eyes shot back to the doors to the cafeteria but no one was there.

Now what?

Melanie raced down the hallway towards the exit, not stopping to throw her jacket on, just needing to find a deserted corner to be out of sight. Her heart raced and her mind was flooded. Did she just do that? Slipping into a dark corridor near the exit she sunk to the floor against the wall and took a deep breath. She didn't think she'd feel worse after apologizing.

Seconds later her cellphone rang and she absently answered it.

"Hello?" she said quietly, only just realizing who might be on the other end.

"Hi... are you Melanie?" said a deep voice.

It was him!
"Hello?" he said again hesitantly.

"Yeah... hi, this is Melanie" she replied after a silence.

"Can I talk to you?" he asked in a low voice.

"Yeah, I guess."

"I mean here... can I talk to you here? Would you come back.... please?" His voice decreased in volume, sounded small.

"Where? The cafeteria?" Melanie asked.

"Yeah, can I meet you there? You'll come back?" He said.

"Yeah." she replied.


Rob, you idiot, you dumb idiot! That girl, Melanie, was drawing your portrait. She was sketching. She drew YOUR picture and you pretty much told her off.


Confusion, excitement, embarrassment. He sure had a way with women.


Melanie hung up and slowly walked back to the cafeteria, her mind flooded with thoughts. Her feet felt as though they were not accustomed to knowing how to walk. He was standing in the cafeteria doors with his bag slung over one shoulder and her sketch held tightly in his left hand.

Melanie stopped twenty feet from him,and waited. He approached hesitantly and as he did so Melanie avoided looking him in the eye. Standing in front of her now, he was a good foot and a half taller than her. She opted to stare square in the middle of his chest instead of looking at his face.

"You drew this." he said quietly. It was neither a question or a statement.

"Yeah" She didn't look at him.

"I am sorry."

Melanie shrugged, and looked him in the eyes.

"Hey... uh. Why were you drawing a picture of me anyways?"

"I like to draw people."

"Oh." He paused. "Why me?"

Melanie shrugged "You got my attention."

"I don't understand" he replied.

Melanie paused and tried to say what she was thinking... without saying what she was thinking.

"Have you ever had a hard time looking away from someone?" she asked.

He didn't answer.

"Wanna go somewhere?" she asked, looking him in the eye. "Somewhere else... to talk?"

"What did you have in mind?" He asked.


Rob was now walking behind a nice looking young woman, feeling like an ogre. Albeit a confused ogre. He still didn't know what the purpose of drawing his picture was, but he was going to find out. Man, she seemed so small, leading him down the hall, her long, soft, brown hair swishing back and forth on her slender back.

She was pretty cute, he wondered what his chances that she'd find him appealing were. Low most likely.

But what was her game?

They went up to the library. Up into its quiet tucked away corners, into a deserted study nook. He followed behind her up a spiral flight of stairs to a quiet lounging space. It was only maybe twenty stairs but he could feel his breath quicken, he forced himself to try and breath slow and even. It was embarrassing to show weakness so early on when meeting a new person, especially one as lovely as she. Rob now felt uncomfortably self-conscious of his weight.


She could feel his enormous presence behind her, she could hear his breathing get heavier as they climbed the stairs. His closeness was evident, she could feel warmth emanating from him as he followed closely on the stairs. His aroma was sweet and moist... of perspiration and spicy cologne. The sudden scent of this Adonis sent to her images of the dampness of his plush chest, the gathering of moisture in the valley between his softened pectorals. She took it in and tried to remain cool.

In the corner of the study space, some 70's style furniture provided a place for them to sit and talk. The space had retro cubed furniture that hadn't been changed since the building was built. He sat across from her on a pleather-covered square of foam, placing his bag next to a wooden cube table that matched the set.

Melanie made a comment about the tacky furniture and he cracked a smile, which faded back to a shy look of embarrassment as the conversation died. After a minute or so he spoke up and told her his name was Rob.

"Look. I am sorry I took my anger out on you." Rob said suddenly. " I was being a dick. I assumed the wrong thing I guess."

"What did you assume I was doing?" She asked him quietly.

Rob looked around and his ears turned red. "I thought you were having a laugh at me. I saw you looking at me the first day and you just kept looking over at me, and then your friends started to laugh."

"It wasn't what you thought"

"I guess not. But your friends... I mean, I know I get looks a lot, especially around places like the cafeteria. People snicker at me behind my back from time to time. I know. I'm fat... but fat people need to eat just like everyone else. When your friends outright laughed at me it was too much."

Rob looked embarrassed and Melanie felt terrible. She didn't know how it felt to be stared at negatively like that. After all, she hated the positive attention she received. Imagine how much worse she would feel? She wanted to tell him that she was checking him out... but didn't know how to say it. He was just so gorgeous, but how could she say that she was ogling his body because she thought he was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen? He'd think she was a freak. But of course, to be a subject of art, that seemed different. To express an imagine before ones eyes as a thing of beauty on paper... that she could speak of.

"They didn't mean anything by it" Melanie tried to explain.

He shrugged. "Its ok."

"I didn't laugh at you you know." She said to him.

He nodded and changed the subject. He put the drawing down on the table in front of them. "This is really good you know. You an art student or something?"

Melanie shook her head. "I just draw at school sometimes. You see so many interesting people."

"Interesting people." He repeated. She was nodding.

"You got my attention and I had to draw you." Melanie smiled at him. "I hope you don't mind."

"Does that make me interesting?" He asked, turning red. "What would make you want to draw me?"

"I guess I just liked the way you looked" Melanie answered. "You... looked.... interesting. Like... the way you were reading your book, with your head leaning on your arm like that. It was a good pose."

Yes... that sounded reasonable enough.

Rob nodded but didn't further breach the subject. He seemed to rather just accept it and avoided the subject further than try to understand what she was trying to get across. Melanie figured the subject of being a model embarrassed him. He was smiling at her now, looking away when she met his gaze for too long, but looking back at her with gentle, calculating eyes.

Melanie asked him what courses he was taking and they talked about school for a bit. He had just moved to the city for the science program and didn't live very far from the university. Just a couple of blocks from her apartment in the dorm housing.

"How is it that I haven't seen you around?" Melanie asked him, happy that he was starting to open up to her.

"I don't go out much. I got a couple of cousins in town but I haven't really met too many people yet. I am just getting to know my roommates a bit."

"And now you know me too" Melanie said.

Rob smiled and his face warmed up. His eyes were dark brown and he had a very expressive smile. Once he had warmed up to her they talked for hours about all sorts of things and Melanie was completely smitten with him. The way he talked and joked was so joyful, she could feel her face unable to stop smiling. He asked about her classes and where she grew up and about her interests. It seemed that they both liked a lot of the same things and agreed that it was so funny that they didn't see each other around the university.

The conversation came back to her art and he asked her what other kinds of art she did. Melanie shrugged and said "everything. I like to to paint and all sorts of stuff, but I usually just draw a lot."

"Do you draw people much?"

"I like to draw people in the cafeteria sometimes, there are always neat looking people to draw."

"Can I see some others?" Rob asked her.

Melanie shook her head shyly.

"I don't like to show off my stuff. Most of it is just unfinished scribbles anyways." Melanie answered, trying to avoid pulling out her sketchbook.

"Its probably really good".

"Maybe, but its just too personal to be showing people. I mean, my drawings are a connection to my innermost thoughts."

Rob put up his hands to show he was backing off.

"I didn't know it was a serious subject for you. I won't push my luck." He smiled at her.

Holding up the drawing of himself Rob assessed it closely.

"You did a very good likeness I guess" Rob replied, scratching his head.

"What do you mean by 'I guess'? Did I miss something?"

"Well, I just think you would of done me a favor to take off a few pounds and make me look more distinguished," he said sarcastically. Melanie smiled at him and took the drawing to assess more closely.

Her eyes surveyed the piece and she looked at it gently, remembering every line and every little expression it held. She said "It looks like you... I'd be missing the point if I turned you into someone else."

Rob shrugged and smiled to himself. Then he looked into her eyes again as though he was about to ask her a question that had been nagging the back of his mind for hours. Melanie leaned in slightly, sensing that he was beginning to come around when...



Rob felt like the biggest ass for giving this girl the cold shoulder two weeks ago. She was so sweet, and friendly. It didn't take long for them to start talking about themselves and laughing. His thoughts wandered back to the party at his dorm house and he thought of what would happen if he never stayed at school this evening. Might not have seen her again.

Then it dawned on him. She found him there, the first time he'd seen her in two weeks and she came to talk to him. What if she was looking for him to come back to the Cafeteria Commons for those 14 days? She was so eager to apologize to him and share her talent with him. Was she seeking him? He had to know if this was so.

Maybe he'd ask her out. Yeah... No. But they could hang out again, right? He had to see her again. She was gazing at him with those hazel eyes... eagerly. She was leaning towards him, he felt the chemical energy flowing hypnotically between their bodies. Yeah. He was going to ask her out.


Then suddenly they both turned to listen to the footsteps heading up the stairs into the study nook. A librarian poked her head in and said "We're closing in ten minutes, time to pack up."

They turned and looked at each other with sheepish grins and began to pack up their possessions.

As they got up to leave there was tension in the air. She wanted to keep talking to him and could tell he felt the same. He looked awkwardly at her and she could feel his obvious attraction to her.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Melanie... I'm really glad we met."

"Yeah, same here"

He picked up the drawing "Did you want this back?"

Melanie did. She felt a tender closeness to all her works, it was sad to see one go.

"No, you keep it, I gave it to you. Besides it has my number on it."

"Ok, thanks" He was trying to figure that one out.

"Well, I guess maybe I'll see you around campus" he said.

"Yeah." As she watched him start to walk away she called out, "Hey Rob!"

He swung around and smiled "Yeah?"

"Did you wanna maybe go out for drinks or something tomorrow?" She desperately wanted to see him again soon and shocked herself by the bluntness of her statement.

"Huh, drinks?" Rob stammered, clearly delighted with the notion.

"Yeah, I mean, if your not too busy."

"Yeah, definitely!"

"Great, call me tomorrow evening then. You won't lose my number will ya?"

"Of course not!"

"Great, I guess I'll talk to you tomorrow then"

(Continued in post 16 of this thread)

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Mar 27, 2008
I love the first parts, and all your work!

Can't wait for the next part!


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**flops back fanning her face theatrically**

I love it!! It's not often a story catches my interest this much. I can read an average size novel in an hour and a half but this story makes me want to slow down and catch every juicy detail.

Please don't keep us waiting long!!


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So I pretty much love this story. You can tell that you're an awesome artist by your incredible visual descriptions. I do hope you're planning to write more, because I've been checking this thread almost every day for the past week...


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Part 3

Rob hung up the phone and couldn't stop smiling. They agreed to meet at 8:30 at "The Knight Life", a nice little English pub not too far from campus. Melanie sounded so happy when he called. Through his end of the phone he could hear some music playing under their conversation, some sort of sweet female voices and a melodious tune that gave him the impression that her home was very feminine and clean.

He imagined that she was in the middle of tidying up when he rang her, she sounded as though she had raced for the phone. She was a bit breathless and very cheerful. He'd laughed three times in the four minutes he had talked to her. Man, she soubnded like the cutest little thing he'd ever met.

So things were on. He was going to meet Melanie for drinks in a little over three hours.

Now he was nervous.

Better go downstairs and get something to eat.


By the time Rob had called Melanie that evening she'd already tried on nearly eighty different outfits trying to decide what to wear. Time flew by even though she'd already spent an absurd amount of time getting ready. She was between preparing dinner, cleaning her apartment and changing her outfit every ten minutes for the past two hours. Melanie multi-tasked when she was nervous. Whenever she had a big paper to write, a scary appointment to go to or something of that nature, she cleaned like mad. It calmed her nerves for some reason, and... well... might as well have positive results instead of just sitting and worrying!

Maybe I'm a bit neurotic... She thought as she scrubbed the last light switch in her apartment clean. Hmmmm. Maybe.

It wasn't everyday she had a date with a super-fine man though.


After Rob finished dinner, he sat behind his laptop in his bedroom staring absently at the screen. What was he looking at? It didn't matter, his mind was elsewhere anyways. He leaned back against the chair at his desk and stretched, the chair squeaking it's disapproval. He glanced at the little digital time display in the bottom right hand corner of the monitor.


He thought about his "date" with the bewildering woman, Melanie. Blast... it'd be easier to decide how to play it tonight if he knew where he stood in her books. Chances are she wanted to be friends and was inviting him out to socialize, yeah... and why not? He was nice, friendly. Why wouldn't she invite him out for drinks. People go out for drinks all the time. But what if she was interested in... ? No. No, that was unlikely. But still...

Regardless, he'd have to find something to wear. Something clean. Something that screamed Hey, I'm single and I am a fun, interesting guy if you gave me a chance.

Yeeaahh... Maybe something that hinted I'm not as fat as I look under certain light conditions, have another drink, it'll make me seem thinner.

He filed through his closet, pulling each shirt forward and rejecting it. Everything seemed too... Huh. Un-sexy. Then again, nothing ever looked sexy on him, so was there really a point to using sexy as a scale of measurement? Oh man... what if he showed up and it looked like he was trying to look sexy and she just laughed at him? Why was he even going?!?

He reached for a black shirt that he thought might look decent. He thought he remembered reading somewhere that that black was a 'slimming' color... whatever that meant. He slipped it over his shoulders and pulled the to halves towards each other, testing the fit of the garment. He sucked in his tummy slightly and started to button it up, noticing it was a little tight around the middle. He probably hadn't worn the thing since last fall when he went to his cousin's wedding and he recalled that it was comfortably suited to his shape at the time.

As he buttoned, he walked over to the mirror and checked himself out. He leaned in to inspect the damage... his reflection smiled and straightened its collar. This actually was a pretty nice shirt... why didn't he wear it more? Oh yeah, because he didn't get asked out. Right.

He gave himself another crooked grin as he tried to suck in his soft, plump overhanging belly. He rubbed his hand down his soft cheek. He'd shave before he went out, other than that, this would have to do.

Man, he felt like a loser.

Glancing at the clock, he still had an hour and a half before he had to go. He stripped off the shirt he had just chosen and pulled off his shorts. Grabbing a clean towel from the top of his dresser and peeped his head out of his bedroom door. Silence. The top floor was empty, he could hear the television down in the common area and a couple voices far below. He partially covered up with the towel and quickly headed for the bathroom.

Rob leaned into the hot stream and let the water run down his back. Man, he was getting pretty nervous. He hadn't been on a date in a while... he wanted to make a good impression. But how? It was an odd enough meeting to begin with. Usually he'd meet a girl and get to know her as friends before he'd ask her out. They'd already know he was a good guy and they'd kind of ignore the fact that he was as big as he was. Some girls said that they didn't care about a guy's weight so much as their personality... those were the ones that didn't call him back.

He had one weird date where the girl refused to acknowledge any notion of his appearance, but otherwise was a pretty nice person. Her lack of spirit with him physically ended up disturbing him so much that he broke it off. How can you be in a relationship with someone who can connect with you mentally but has divorced you physically?

Rob had his share of strange dates. He was excited and nervous about this one. He had a good feeling about this girl. Melanie... Melanie the artist. What was he going to say? What would they talk about? What do you even say to someone who you met because they were staring at you intimately for hours? She did. That Melanie had been staring at him for hours, hadn't she? She would of had to in order to finish all that detail... right? He pondered this as he rinsed his hair and shut off the taps.

Melanie created an image of him. She wanted to, nobody told her to. He was toweling off now, absently following his soft curves under his belly and under his chest. He glanced at his reflection while repeating she stared at you for hours to himself and suddenly felt very, very naked. The lean bathroom mirror didn't even fit his full reflection.

It was worse than he thought. Much worse.


When she had finally deemed herself respectable, Melanie threw on her red coat and took one last glance in the mirror. She winked and then giggled to herself about how ridiculous it was to wink at one's self and then locked the door and headed out into the cool evening.

It was a short walk, yet she found her feet racing to get there faster. Soon. She'd see him soon.

Melanie quickly noticed that Rob had already arrived when she pushed open the heavy wooden doors. She was, of course, already attuned to noticing the biggest men in the room first, and picked him out easily among the fair number of people milling about. He was there, seated in the corner by the window. Off came her coat, and she walked through the room to meet him noticing eyes following her as she strode confidently towards his table.

She chose her outfit carefully.

A sleek olive green velvety halter top (the one that complemented her hazel eyes) and a knee-length black skirt with her favorite black boots. Around her neck she wore her "lucky" polished red stone necklace, it hung just above her cleavage. Melanie smiled to herself knowing that the only person she wanted to impress in that room was the big cuddly gentleman who was staring wide-eyed watching her cross the room.


Rob arrived early and ordered a beer so he'd have something to concentrate on while he waited. He was so nervous about meeting Melanie. Did he look ok? What if she decided not to show? He'd get wasted alone, is what he'd do, he thought.

He sat in the corner and watched out the window. The bar was slowly starting to fill. Every time the door opened he perked up, but no. Not yet. The atmosphere in the bar was what one would call 'relaxed'. A few patrons where standing near the bar, and a couple were throwing darts. Some guys just started a game of pool and a few attractive young women were giggling as they headed off to the staircase in the corner. It would be a relaxing atmosphere... if not for the thumping of his heart.

Then he saw her and his heart immediately stopped. From the window onto the street he saw her walking quickly up the sidewalk wearing a mid-length jacket and leather boots. She looked sexy and confident. His heart commenced beating rapidly. Seconds later she emerged around the corner and quickly took her jacket off.

She looked fantastic, he could scarcely believe that she could look any better. He noticed a couple men at the bar check her out as she made her way to his table.


Rob looked hot, hot, hot. She approved of the dark grey pair of cargo pants and tucked-in soft black button-up shirt that, by the look of it, was just slightly too small around his belly. The top two buttons were undone and just a hint of his big soft chest was visible. He was freshly showered, his hair was damp and he smelled very sexy. His arms were folded around his beer, his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, showing off his large, rather shapely forearms. He had a ruggedly strong look about him, underneath his soft, oh-so-sexy chub. His soft pudgy cheeks were freshly shaven, showing off his soft round chin. When he saw Melanie enter he developed a great big smile.

She grabbed the seat next to him and threw her jacket onto the other empty seat.

"Hey, you been waiting long?" she asked.

"No, I just got here five minutes ago." He gestured to his beer (A dark amber ale) and asked if she wanted a drink.

"Yeah, I'd like a beer too, if your getting."

"Hmmm... a beer drinker." Rob ventured playfully. "What will it be?"

"Um... I dunno, something dark. Um... a Guinness?"

Rob smiled at this and raised an eyebrow as he stood up. "Thats a heavy beer for such a little lady, I took you as a Lager girl."

"I like 'em full bodied, they taste better."

Rob looked intrigued as he smiled and walked over to the bar.

That was a good start, she figured... get him thinking. She enjoyed watching him walk to the counter. It was much nicer staring at him knowing he was coming back to sit with her. He had a nice sway to his walk and a pleasant little jiggle about his hips that made Melanie feel weak. She figured he must be hitting around the 380 lb mark, and it all looked good on him.

As he walked back to the table with two beers Melanie noticed a few patrons staring goggle-eyed at him now... one of the guys snorted to his buddy. She realized that there was a good reason he was so easily upset by it.

But oh forget them... there was something absurdly sexy about the fact that his button-up shirt barely contained his tubbiness. It looked like he was holding some of it in as he walked because his buttons were under a considerable amount of pressure when he sat back down. Melanie smiled and thanked him for the beer. He was so handsome, looking at her with his big dark brown eyes.

"This really beats studying" he said setting the glasses in front of them. "I've never been here before."

"I forget that you're new to the city. This place is awesome. Upstairs, they have a Celtic band playing on Saturdays. They are so much fun."

"This place has an upstairs too?"

"After this beer we'll go check it out. It's louder up stairs, I'd just as well sit down here and talk with you while we have the chance. It's still early anyways."

"Oh. What do you mean 'while we have the chance'?"

"I mean we should get a good seat by the dance floor upstairs before the band starts."

Rob was confused. "By the dance floor?"

"So we can see the band... its your first time, we gotta be up close so we can get up and dance!"

This news disturbed Rob. "I don't dance."

"Well that won't do, will it?" She smiled. "At least one song? We can get you good and drunk first if you like."

Rob smirked. "If I dance, it will look like a train wreck."

"Awww, come on. If you don't, who'll I dance with? Some other guy might try to dance with me, but I don't want any little creeper bugging me. You wouldn't let that happen, would you?" she teased.

"Ok, you got me there, one dance." By the look on his face he was about ready to take ballet lessons.

Like last time, conversation came easily as they went through the first of many beers to come.

After their first beer Melanie escorted him up the stairs and showed him around. He followed her closely and they found a seat near the stage and watched the band set up.

Things felt like they were going well. Rob seemed to be having a good time, and she was enjoying the effect she seemed to have on him but was confused. She had been flirting with him mildly all evening and he hadn't so much as put one finger out of line. His eyes clearly showed that he was very interested in her but everything he said and did was neutral. Maybe he was just shy.


Rob was surprised at how well things seemed to be going. Melanie was a lot of fun and she seemed to be having a good time with him. She looked so sexy, he was having a hard time thinking about anything else. He kept expecting an angry boyfriend to show up and ask why Rob was hitting on his girl. Why didn't she have a boyfriend?

He kept wanting to do something, get closer... touch her or something. He kept wanting to say something flirtatious or sexy but it always sounded so awkward. She seemed to like him... but he really was starting to like her and didn't want to risk embarrassment. If only he could just be someone else for a change.

It was times like this that he wanted to be a better looking guy. He was a nice guy, but fat nice guys are always great friends, not lovers... to most girls anyways. He could be as great of a guy as he could... but he would never be sexy to a woman. Sometimes... it would be nice to be leered at in a sexual manner. To have someone undress you with their eyes. Other guys could accomplish that with a woman, but not him. Behaving seductively with a woman made him feel uncomfortable. It didn't feel natural.

They were working on their third and fifth beer respectively, he having had a couple more, and things were really starting to loosen up. Melanie was beginning to get more giggly, and he could feel himself wanting to say what he was thinking a lot more urgently. She was getting closer to him, touching him when she talked. He wanted to kiss her.

By 10:30 the band began ripping out insane Celtic beats, screaming fiddle and heavy thumping bass. The band was pretty good, Melanie was right, it was hard not to at least tap your foot to the beat. It was very loud, however. They were happily sitting closer together to be able to here each other speak.

Melanie was leaning heavily on his shoulder to tell him something... she smelled so good. Like fruit and vanilla. She was smiling a lot, and touching his neck. Her breath on his neck was so, so good. Rob was tempted to just turn his head and kiss her but thought better of it. It was as though she was trying to ... tempt him into it.

A while later a certain song began, one that was apparently Melanie's favorite. She became very excited and pulled his arm.

"Nows your chance, we gotta dance." She said to him.

"I don't feel like it yet" he pleaded, but it was not in his power to deny her. She grabbed him off his seat and coaxed him. He dragged his feet as much as he could, but was forced to participate by her excited smile. She immediately began to shake her hips and kick up her feet along with the other members of the dancing brigade.

Rob kinda stood near the edge and watched, but she grabbed his arms and made him give her a spin. At least this Celtic stuff was a good deal of hopping around and not much coordination. He was starting to get the hang of it, although he felt like an enormous fool.

The song wound down, and the singer's rough voice announced, "This one is for the lovers" and immediately started a slow ballad.

Melanie grabbed him and said into his ear "hey, this one's easy, just hold onto me."

He obeyed.

Melanie put her arms around his neck, but he was a bit too tall for her to do this, her hands slid down around his waist and hugged him close. Rob held her by the hips, feeling how small she felt... almost frail compared with his own bulk. Her waist curved deliciously, he enjoyed the sensation of slowly running his hands down back, just stopping short of cupping her bottom in his big hands. He put his cheek against her head and they swayed slowly. Her arms didn't reach around him, and he felt her hands exploring his pant line, pushing her fingers into his belt loops, though there wasn't much room to spare. As the song neared completion she ran her hands up to his neck again and put her face up to the curve of his chin. Her breath was hot... her lips, ever so gently brushed his softened jawline and met with his neck, moist and warm.

The song ended.

"We're gonna take a short break" the singer announced.

Melanie grinned and Rob gave her a dopey smile, she took his hand and escorted him back to the booth.

He didn't know what to say. Melanie giggled and said, "hey you said you couldn't dance!" She shook a finger at him. "You lied."

He shrugged, "you did everything, I just followed."

She gave him a devilish look and took a sip of her beer. She touched his arm, stroking his soft arm hair and smiling. In his ear she whispered "then why didn't you kiss me back?"

As Rob was about to speak, a couple of rowdy young men approached the table.

The taller one pointed at Rob and said "Heeey!"

The other nodded and said "Hows it going?"

"Whoa, hey man I though you never left the house except for class! Seems you've been holding out on us!"

The taller one leaned on the table as he spoke.

"Melanie, these are two of my roommates: Allen and Ben."

He pointed to the pair who where laughing and trying to maintain balance when the shorter of the pair, Ben, said "Melanie eh? Robby boy! You on a date man? Dude, we gotta hang out with this guy, he's a hot chick magnet."

"Dude... teach me. You must be mad in the sack or like a sex guru or something! Your lady friend is hot, how did you manage that?!" Allen slurred.

Rob thought he was going to die of embarrassment when Melanie threw her arm around him and said "Wouldn't you boys like to know. If you fellas would excuse us, I want some quality time with my man here!"

Allen put up his arms and said "Yeah, no problem, we just leavin' anyways."

The two stumbled off snickering.

"I am so sorry." Rob said, looking extremely uncomfortable. "They were really drunk... you didn't have to--"

"That was so rude! Are your roommates always that repulsive?"

"Eh, they just had too much to drink... honestly they are normally pretty good guys. I guess they are surprised that a girl like you is hanging out with a guy like me." Rob tried to laugh, but it didn't feel genuine.

Melanie raised her eyebrows at him.

"Frankly... I am a bit surprised too." Rob finished. He just blurted it out (ooh that alcohol...) and was now watching her reaction, not sure what to expect.

Her face was a mixture of curiosity and amusement.
"So it is not evident that I really enjoy your company?" She asked calmly. "What about me is confusing you?" She paused and leaned towards him dramatically.

"Hmmm... is it my interest in getting to know you? Is it the way I seem to enjoy talking to you?"

She leaned closer.

"Or is it this?"

She reached out kissed him openly on his mouth, slightly sucking his lower lip.... ohhh, it was delicious. As she kissed him her hands found his face and as one reached out and ran her fingers through his soft, sweaty hair as the other traced down his neck line and touched his big, bare chest. She quivered as he intook a breath quickly... his lips on hers, she could sense the desire on his breath.

(Continued in post 25 of this thread)

Author's footnote: Alright... now should I continue? I am still in the air about what angle to take with this. (Rob tells me he wants to see Mel's apartment... and Mel tells me she's dying to draw him in the nude... yes, my characters sometimes talk to me... :) ) I'm still thinking of what to write next. Thanks for all the positive feedback though!!! You folks are awesome!

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