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Molecular gastronomy

Dimensions Magazine

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My aim is true.
Oct 2, 2007
Any thoughts? Kind of the opposite of the slow food movement, but intriguing nonetheless. Has anyone here even been to a restaurant that specializes in this, and what were your experiences? I'm going to WD50, and I'm hoping there will be some interesting things on the menu. Wylie Dufresne loves to experiment with odd temperatures and consistencies, and I hear that he rarely disappoints!


Some definitions of molecular gastronomy:

* The application of scientific principles to the understanding and improvement of domestic and gastronomic food preparation. (Peter Barham)
* The art and science of choosing, preparing and eating good food. (Thorvald Pedersen)
* The scientific study of deliciousness. (Harold McGee)
* Combining the 'know how' of cooks with the 'know why' of scientists


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