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Dr. Bitchcraft
Jan 4, 2007
West Coast
Can I just say that this guy's cute? Not big enough for my tastes, but adorable none the less.

And I will not watch this show, because I don't watch tv. And even if I did, the crying girls irritated me. It seems like they are just trying to portray bigger girls as desperate because no one else likes them. Uh, I respect big women, and I think that they are all stunningly beautiful, but I don't think that this is furthering the positive message that needs to be out there about fat people.

The skinny chicks that go on reality shows are bad enough.
I wish these women could understand that they are not doing anything to make people respect them by being on this show. If anything, they are just furthering negative stereotypes.

The networks are just exploiting them. It pisses me off.

Maybe right basic idea, wrong execution?

End rant.

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