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My belly rolls remind me of...

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Jul 25, 2008
I was looking at myself, last night, after taking a long bubble bath. I had a thought, one of those thoughts that come up, you don't know from where... I told myself that the idea I had would be a cute thread! :p
I must like my belly rolls if I can see them take all sorts of shapes that make me smile... :happy:

My belly rolls reminded me of the ripples of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona. Yes, call me crazy! After that I saw a soft serve ice cream cone... I guess it's the same thing as when you look at the clouds and see images or at the water full of bubbles that take weird shapes in the bath tub.

Do you think it's madness? Hahahah! ;)
What do your belly rolls or ripples remind you of? (Or am I the only one:eek:?)

View attachment IM-71742-Antelope-Canyon-Reserve-Navajo-pres-de-Page-AZ.b.jpg

View attachment images.b.jpg

View attachment SoftServe.b.jpg

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